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Brother Branham believed that Jesus Christ is God Himself:

"JESUS was GOD in the form of a man. That's hard for people to swallow.. He wasn't nothing less than God. He was GOD manifested in FLESH. He was the Creator in His own creation."
(God's Gift Always Find Their Places/63-1222)

"I believe HIM to be GOD: Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever. That He wasn't just a prophet, that He wasn't just a man, that He wasn't just a teacher or a good man, HE was the DIVINE JEHOVAH GOD living in a BODY of Flesh."

(Who Is This?/59-1004)
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Brother Branham believed that the BODY of JESUS was GOD:

"That's exactly what HE was. "We handled God," the Bible said. 1 Timothy 3:16, "Without controversy, great is the MYSTERY of Godliness, GOD was manifest in the FLESH." We handled HIM with our hands. THAT BODY WAS GOD. Certainly was. He was GOD all over, in the form of a human being."
(The Token/64-0308)
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Brother Branham believed that JESUS is the very PERSON of GOD:

"So you see, JESUS was GOD. He was not NO third person, fourth person, second person, HE was THE PERSON, HE was GOD, see? He was GOD Immanuel, God come down from glory, revealed Himself."
(God's Gift Always Find Their Places/63-1222)
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Brother Branham believed that GOD DIED in His SONSHIP FORM:

"GOD veiled in JESUS to do the work of REDEMPTION at the cross... GOD could NOT DIE in the SPIRIT; He's ETERNAL. But HE had to put on a MASK and ACT the part of death. HE DID DIE, but He couldn't do it in His God FORM. He had to do it in SON form, as a Son of Man on earth."
(Unveiling of God/ 64-0614m)

"Your BODY has to LIVE by DEAD SUBSTANCE for natural life, then you've got to have something DIE SPIRITUALLY to SAVE your SPIRITUAL LIFE. And GOD BECAME MATERIAL, FLESH, and DIED that WE MIGHT LIVE."
(Sir, We Would See Jesus / 62-0724)

"Hereby perceive we the LOVE [of GOD], because HE laid down HIS LIFE for us."
1 JOHN 3:16

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Brother Branham believed that GOD had NO BODY until HE became JESUS:

"GOD is a SPIRIT. He had no hands till HE become JESUS. He had no feet, arms, legs and so forth, till He become JESUS... HE come to a stable, borned over a manure pile. And Little JEHOVAH crying in a manger, little JEHOVAH playing as a boy, little JEHOVAH toiling as a man, He crossed His cast with us. GOD BECOME HUMAN. When JESUS CHRIST was born, GOD was HUMAN on earth... He toiled and labored and felt for the teen-ager. HE went through every temptation that we go through. GOD DID IT, that He might do His own judgment justice."
(Show us the Father/ 60-0731)
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"It come to a place that HE was TRANSFORMED. See? That means HE CHANGED His way. HE was GOD Jehovah. And God JEHOVAH changed Himself FROM a SPIRIT and BECAME A MAN. He's the SAME JEHOVAH GOD living in a BODY of FLESH."
(Let Your Light Shine Before Men/ 64-0614m)
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Brother Branham believed in ONE GOD, NOT THREE:

"There is NO three or four Gods. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD. There is THREE ATTRIBUTES of GOD: Father, Son and Holy Ghost, BUT they're NOT THREE GODS. GOD the Father was in the wilderness, as a PILLAR of FIRE. All right. GOD The SON: GOD the FATHER CREATED a BODY which was GOD THE SON, and LIVED in the SON. See?"
(A Court Trial / pp. 31)

"If there were THREE Gods, you might as well baptize for a FATHER, and a SON, and a HOLY GHOST. But the REVELATION given to John was that there is ONE GOD and His NAME - LORD JESUS CHRIST, and you baptize for ONE GOD and only ONE... If JESUS is BOTH LORD and CHRIST, then HE (Jesus) is, and cannot be else but "Father, Son and Holy Ghost" in ONE PERSON manifested in FLESH. It is NOT "GOD in THREE persons, Blessed Trinity," BUT ONE GOD, ONE PERSON with THREE MAJOR TITLES, with THREE OFFICES manifesting those TITLES. HEAR IT ONCE MORE - This SAME JESUS is "BOTH LORD and CHRIST". LORD (Father) and CHRIST (Holy Spirit) are JESUS, for HE (Jesus) is BOTH OF THEM (LORD AND CHRIST). If that doesn't SHOW us the TRUE REVELATION of the GODHEAD, NOTHING WILL. LORD is NOT another ONE; CHRIST is NOT another ONE. THis JESUS is LORD JESUS CHRIST - ONE GOD."
(Seven Church Age Book/ pp. 29)
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Brother Branham believed that GOD is the Soul, Spirit and Body of  JESUS:

"But the first thing YOU ARE a TRIUNE BEING, just like Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Father, Son and Holy Ghost is THREE TITLES going to ONE PERSON, which is JESUS CHRIST. And YOU'RE soul, body and spirit. But it takes THOSE THREE to MAKE YOU. With just ONE of them, you're NOT YOU. IT takes THREE to make YOU.. YOU'RE living in a HOUSE - SOUL, BODY and SPIRIT. THAT'S THE WAY GOD LIVED in JESUS CHRIST, both SOUL, BODY and SPIRIT."
(Inner Veil/ 56-0121)
"Now in my HOME, I'm THREE different PEOPLE. In my home my wife has claims on me as HUSBAND. My daughter out there, she doesn't have any claims on me as HUSBAND; I am her FATHER. And my little grandson there, I'm GRANDFATHER to him; so he has no rights to call me FATHER. I am his grandfather, BUT I'm still the SAME MAN."
(Mighty God Unveiled / 64-0629)

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Brother Branham believed that JESUS is JEHOVAH even from BIRTH:

"You know, HE was once a BABY HIMSELF. Talk about a SIGN, Isaiah 9... When they asked for a SIGN, God gave them a SUPERSIGN: "A virgin shall conceive and bear a child. His NAME shall be called Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty GOD, the everlasting FATHER. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN STRIKING - JEHOVAH, a BABY; JEHOVAH GOD, a BABY crying in a MANGER. It ought to have been striking: JEHOVAH, a TEENAGE BOY playing; JEHOVAH, driving nails as a carpenter. Oh, my! And ABOVE ALL: JEHOVAH NAILED TO A CROSS TO SAVE SINNERS, it should have been striking!"
(Unbelief Does Not Hinder God/ 62-0128)
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Brother Branham believed that JESUS is the Creator:

"And that great CREATOR BECAME my SAVIOUR, come down to a little BLOOD CELL, NOT through a man, but come virgin to a woman; and took thils little pollen from the woman, and FORMED HIMSELF A LITTLE HOUSE and LIVED IN IT. Oh, it - it ought to be striking. JEHOVAH over a pile of manure in a barn, crying: JEHOVAH in a MANGER of straw. That's an EVERLASTING SIGN."
(Smyrnean Church Age/ 60-1206)
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Brother Branham believed that MELCHISEDEC was JESUS Himself:

"Now, MELCHISEDEC, the King of Salem, the Priest of the Most High, the King of Peace, which was NONE OTHER THAN THE FOREPART of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and when HE met Abraham, He fed Abraham the COMMUNION and blessed him.. WHO WAS THIS PRIEST? NONE OTHER THAN THE INCARNATED LORD JESUS CHRIST. In His magnificent power He was the same ONE a LITTLE LATER ON, after HE met Abraham, and gave him, as being a COVENANT PEOPLE, the COMMUNION."
(Melchisedec the Great Prince/ 55-0109m)
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Brother Branham said that you have to believe these things to get the REVELATION of WHO GOD really is:

"If people CAN'T SEE the TRUTH of the GODHEAD, but FIGHT it; they can't ever see the rest of the TRUTH because the REVELATION is JESUS CHRIST in HIS CHURCH and HIS works in the MIDST of the Church Ages."
(Seven Church Age Book/ pp. 309)
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