2D Animation Diploma
Course Descriptions


FREDRAW (3 unit lecture and freehand drawing course)
Basic Freehand Drawing

Fredraw is a fundamental course on drawing. This is in an introductory learning experience consisting of gestures and detailed sketching. Students will learn basic anatomy and the principles behind character design. By the end of the course, students are expected to create their own cartoon character/s. Students will learn how to make a character model sheets consisting of character turnaround and action poses.

2DPREP (3 unit lecture and computer laboratory course)
Basics of 2D Animation

This course will serve as the first in a series of 2D animation courses that aims to train students to create their own animated cartoons the professional way. This course will focus on the rules of the trade, the fundamental principles of character animation. Students will learn how professional animators animate a scene by using these basic principles.

SCRPWRT (3 unit lecture course)
Scriptwriting for Animation

This course will teach students the techniques in writing creatively for animation. Writing styles seen in multimedia productions will be reviewed and evaluated to see emerging styles in the new media. Students will use these writing styles in various animation projects.

DESPREL (3 unit lecture and freehand drawing course)
Design Principles

Desprel is an art foundation course, which focus on the principles of design and composition. Students will learn to create different background designs like landscape, seascape and interiors.


ILLUSTRA (3 unit lecture and freehand drawing course)
Storyboard and Layout Illustration

Illustra will focus on the basics of storyboarding and layouting. Students will learn how to make their own storyboard. The second part of the course will teach students how to transform their storyboards into background and character layout in preparation for actual animation.

2D-PROD (3 unit lecture and freehand animation/drawing course)
2D Animation Production

2D-PROD will focus on applying all the fundamental principles, which were taught in 2D-PREP, to specific action scenes. Series of exercises will be given to clearly teach a particular movement in a given situation. More animation exercises and fewer lectures are expected from this course.

DIGIANI (3 unit lecture and computer laboratory course)
Digital Ink and Pain

It is a computer laboratory course, which aims to teach students the digital side of 2D animation. This course will focus on the process of digital ink and paint, as well as background painting. Other post-production processes, such as compositing or rendering will also be discussed in this course.

AUDIOPRO (3 unit lecture and computer laboratory course)
Audio Production

Audiopro provides students lectures and techniques in live location sound, digital recording, sequencing and mixing. This course will focus on creating sounds for animation which comprises sound effects, dialogue and musical score.


ANICART (3 unit animation/drawing and computer laboratory course)
Cartoon Animation

Actual 2D animation production thesis (part 1)

2D-POST (3 unit computer laboratory course)
2D Animation Post Production Using US Animation

Actual 2D animation post-production thesis (part 2)

2DSEMI (3 unit lecture course)
Seminar Forum on 2D Animation

This course focuses on current trends in the 2DAnimation Industry. With the collaboration of industry professionals and partners, the graduating student is updated on the general direction of the industry; the emerging opportunities, as well as the new tools, equipment and techniques that could further strengthen their professional qualifications.

2DEDIT (3 unit lecture and computer laboratory course)
2D Animation Editing

This course will focus on the other post-production processes such as editing, sound mixing and transferring of animated projects into different formats like video, web and film.


EXHIBIT (3 Unit Lecture Course)
Exhibition Planning and Management

Focus is on the graduating class portfolio exhibition; students will organize their publicity campaign and solicit sponsors.

PORTFOLIO (3 unit lecture course)
Portfolio Production

Portfolio production focuses on the development of a comprehensive portfolio and resume on CD-ROM and a compilation of concepts and printed projects. This prepares a student in presenting to prospective employers and clients.

2D-OJT (3 units)
Practicum for 2D Animation

A part-time practicum internship related to 2D Animation production work. Requirement: 240 hours.