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WEDNESDAY_ 61-0215

E-9 That sixth sense will--will--will defy any of the other five. We do with the five's all right as long as they agree with the sixth. But men wasn't given to live by the five senses; he was--to let the five senses guide him. He was given, prone to, born here to be led by the sixth sense. That's what God gave him the sixth sense for. That's God's place in the heart to lead us. So we are led by the sixth sense, if we'll just let it. Now, if the sixth sense says that the--the Word is wrong, then don't--you're not in the sixth sense. See? That's the five senses. But the sixth sense will believe things that the five senses doesn't clare--declare. It's kind of complicated but it--it's true (See?), that the sixth sense is what we're guided by.


58 And the five senses does not control the sixth sense, but the sixth sense controls the five senses. The super sense controls the natural senses. And the--the five senses is see, taste, feel, smell, hear. And the super sense is something that'll make you believe God's Word, for that's the only thing it'll speak about. And it'll make you believe for things that you can't see, taste, feel, smell, or hear, 'cause it'll take God's Word. And it will deliver that Word to you, and make you walk contrary to any other thing there is but God's Word. By faith, faith does it.


55 Now, I would not say that because that we receive the sixth sense that the five senses are no good no more. Yes, they are. Those five senses were given to you by God, and they are to be used. But when the five senses act contrary to the Word of God, then they are lying.

Now, the sixth sense cannot lie. It's a super sense. And that's what I want to speak about. This morning I spoke on: "A Super Sign," and tonight on "A Super Sense."


57 And the super Sense is the Holy Spirit, the faith of God that dwells in you. And if you'll let the five senses be yielded to the sixth sense, it'll guide you and bring all the other five senses under control of that super sense. For it's so far above the natural sense, as the spiritual man is above the natural; it's as far and as high as the heavens is above the natural man and his five senses. It makes you believe things that you cannot see. It makes you act where you do not think the five senses would ever think about it. The devil can get into these five senses and lie to you, but he cannot touch that super sense. That's far beyond his reach. That come from God. It's called faith. Faith is that great thing.

REV.CHAP.4.PT.2.24.ELDERS_ JEFF.IN ROJC 585-643 SUNDAY_ 61-0101

268 It's got three gates. What are we doing? We're breaking now; don't miss it. Coming from the flesh, the five senses; to the next, the soul, the inner courts; but now you come into the heart. See?

Now, there's where you good Pilgrim Holiness and Methodist stayed on that altar out there. See, you're in the courts, you Lutherans and so forth back in the flesh, back there with the five senses, what the eye can see and make out... See?

REV.CHAP.4.PT.2.24.ELDERS_ JEFF.IN ROJC 585-643 SUNDAY_ 61-0101

266 Now, if you're drawing it out, I want to mark now there's five gates that goes into the flesh, that controls the flesh. You know that is in there, that's the five senses. How many senses control the body? Five: see, taste, feel, smell, hear. Is that right? That's the flesh, the outer courts; that's the things you can't depend on because it's flesh.

The inner courts then, we have the inner courts, which is the next altar. And the next altar comes in, and it comes in with--with conscience, imaginations, memories, passions, and affections. That's the five senses that control the inner courts. That's the soul. Senses of affections, that's the soul, love, and so forth. And then the next in this sensor in here, there would also be memory, and conscience, and mercy, and so forth, and--and imagination. You set down and imagine things, what do you do it? You don't do it with your flesh; your senses don't imagine. It's an inner court inside of you.


8-4 And I said, "Again the Scripture said this, that the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him. So in another world where the five senses does not declare... The five senses only contacts this world. If you had no feeling, you couldn't feel nothing. Feeling wouldn't mean nothing to you; that'd be another world. If you had no sight, what you look at would be another world to you; you'd know nothing about it. So these five senses is the only thing that God let us loose to. Now, there is another one called faith. But by faith you walk up a ladder, and finally you can get so high until you break into another world, which is visions. There you can see; just like if you never knowed what this was you was feeling, with your sense of feeling, never seen it, then your eyes come open, you could see it. It'd be all mystery to that person who never could see. It'd be a mystery to him. But yet, that's it."


62 "What is the sixth sense to do then, Brother Branham? Why do the sixth sense come? The sixth sense come for this reason. Now, the sixth sense is the faith, the super sense. Now, if... The sixth sense come for this reason only; that was to make the five senses in you deny anything that's contrary to God's Word. That's what the sixth sense is for. The Scripture speaks of casting down reasonings.

The--the s--fi--five senses will... You can reason, "Well, now, why should this man, and why should..."

But the sixth sense doesn't see that at all. It's so far beyond it; it's so much higher than it is, until it don't even have any reasonings at all with it. "We believe it." It's far beyond anything that the five senses would have to say about it. Now, get ready for a healing service. See? We believe it. You walk by that sixth sense; you talk by that sixth sense; you live by that sixth sense; you die by that sixth sense, and rise by that sixth sense: that super sense, something that's in you, that's different from what the natural man is.


E-57 So let me take faith. If the doctor says you're going to die with a cancer, that's all he knows about. Have faith, and it will change the situation for you. If he says you'll never walk again, the man's telling the truth; that's all he knows. That's what he can look at, what he can... He can only go by his senses: feel, smell, taste, hear.

But you see, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you don't feel, taste, smell, or hear. It's faith. You believe it. It's a sixth sense beyond the five senses.


E-57 Now, there is the five senses of the body. Now, they're positive, aren't they? You know when they happen. You know. Now, you're looking at a audience. You know you're looking at me.

Well, then friends, faith... Here it is. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. It's positive. You know it. There's no need of anybody telling you anything more about it. It's just as much declared as any of these other five senses of the body. You know what I mean? How many has a general understanding now of what I mean? Let's see your hands. See, see?


E-14 Now, hope is one thing and faith is another. Faith is a positive sense. It's not a guess work; you don't just imagine it. It's just as real as any other sense of your body, just the same as sight is. Sight is real. Hearing is real. See, taste, feel, smell, and hear, the five senses of the body that control the body, they're real faculties to you if none of them's injured. And then, faith is just as real as any of the other five senses, and more real, because it'll go in and above those five senses.

Now, the first and fundamental cause of Divine healing is because God said so in His Bible. That's the only... That's the sure foundation, is the Word of God.


E-15 Now, these spirits that you see moving, anything today, just like a government, a church or anything, it--it's controlled by a spirit. Organizations are controlled by a spirit. Church organizations are controlled by a spirit. Churches are controlled by spirits. Individuals are controlled by spirits. Nations are controlled by spirits. And spirit was made, before the cosmic matters and life, that were made. God made man in His own image before He put him in the five senses. We all are acquainted with that. God's first man was made in His image, which was a spirit man, not flesh.

And He created He them, male and female. And in the book of Genesis everything starts out. And in the book of Revelations it ends: beautiful picture, if you'll get down studying it.


E-60 But we call ourself Abraham's seed and can't trust Him out the door. We take a hold of God's promise; it's eternal. We got a sense inside of us that denies all the five senses. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you don't see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. It's something that you believe that God has put in there; it's the Holy Spirit. And God's Holy Spirit will say, "Amen" to every word that's in the Bible, for It wrote the Bible.

Now, Jesus promised that He would come in the last days, and perform and do among the Gentiles their last sign, just before His coming, as it was in the days of Sodom. Let us bow our heads just a moment.


E-34 That's true. See, the mental attitude you take towards it will bring... Now, the mind won't do it, but if you give that attitude towards something's got life in it, then that life comes down and does it. Not your mental attitude that only brings you in the Presence of Him. That's what you do. Your mind... The five senses is all right as long as they don't deny God. But when they go to denying God, then you leave them alone. God controls them. That's the Creator.

Now, what a security, as I said, sailing this treacherous sea, knowing that He's laying right in the boat. There's something them disciples was that night like we are tonight, they were enjoying the effects of a meeting, after the revival, feasting on the results of the revival.


92 Yeah, He rebuked him for not knowing. "Thou art a master in Israel and know not these things? You must be borned again."

Now, the natural man, I want you to notice something here, "You must be born again." Now, natural life, if we have natural life in order to be active in this natural life, in natural things, we have to have a natural birth. They don't just jerk you off of a tree somewhere (See?), stick you out some way. They tried it, but it didn't work. It's got to be an actual birth, natural birth, to make you active so you can have the five senses, walk, talk, see, taste, feel, smell, hear, move around, so forth, because you're then a human being, and you're--you're subject to all these things, because they go into the natural life.


347-2 {94} As Congressman Upshaw used to say, "You can't be something that you hain't," and that's just about right. See? And then if you're born a seer, now (You see?), to do that those both consciouses has to be right together--not one here with five senses active, and the other one out here when you're asleep with the five senses are not active. But you see, when both of them--you're born--right together, you don't go to sleep. You just go from one to the other one like that--you don't go to sleep. There's not enough room to go to sleep, and you can't make yourself that way. So gifts and callings are predestinated of God. They are--they are God's gifts and callings, even without repentance, the Bible said. See? They were ordained before the foundation of the world. See?


E-42 Well, I knowed I wasn't up against no little boy. And he chewed that tobacco, you know, and spit down like that. And I said, "Well, don't spit on my foot, sir."

And so, he said, "Well. See?" Said, "Well, you are all tied up here, aren't you?" He said, "You never did see Him, feeled Him, taste Him, smell Him, or hear Him. And therefore, if none of the five senses won't declare Him. Then there's no such a thing, and quit your nonsense around here, deceiving the people."

I thought, "Oh, my."

He said, "Now, if He is a human God," said, "you believe that He was human?"

I said, "Yes, sir. I believe that Jesus Christ was human."

"And He rose from the dead and He is among man to..."

"Yes, sir. I believe that."

"He rose from that body?"

"Yes, sir. That's--that's right."

"All right. Now, let me see Him. Let me see one of the senses declare Him."


E-68 "Well, now look. We have fine physicians," we say today. "Why do we need Divine healing?" Look what that fine doctor said awhile ago. He comes to the end of his road, then he trusts God. There you are. That's it. Science is all right as long as you climb on the tree. And when you get as far that you can't go no further, step over on the tree of faith and just keep on walking (See?), because it--it has no end to it. "All things are possible to them that believe." See, see?

Science is all right as far as it goes. Your five senses is fine and dandy as long as it agrees with the Word. But when the five senses condemn the Word, then get away from it. No. I wouldn't believe my feeling, wouldn't believe my hearing, wouldn't believe my seeing, nothing else, if it's contrary to the Word. I would say, I...


E-21 That's the way it is on the ear. It never died all over the body. Why did it die right in the ear? Why did it die right on the vocal cord? What made it die? There's no... You can't explain it, that's beyond... See? I can't tell you, because the doctor can only work with the five senses, what he can see or feel. That's the only way our--our medical professions could--can work on the senses, anything that they can see or feel. Outside of that, they can't see it, feel it, they don't know what to work on.

Now, then if there is a truth, here's the person deaf and dumb. And there's no--no--nothing laying against that, or stop that, or... Then what caused it? Now, here's what it is, friends, in the light of God's Word. There is an unseen force, the devil, which comes out, and himself... Just the x-ray won't show him, but it cut off the energy. It's a supernatural being setting there that's cut off the energy from that eardrum.


14-5 Now, if you'll set down when you get home and draw three little rings, you'll find out that the outside body has five senses it's contacted by, and that is see, taste, feel, smell, hear; that's the five senses that control the human body. Inside of the body is a soul, and that soul is controlled by imaginations, conscience, memory, reasons, and affections; that's the thing that controls the soul. But the spirit, its only has one sense--the spirit. Oh, let's get it! The spirit has one sense, and that sense is--either dominates it, is faith or doubt. That's exactly. And there's only one avenue to it, that's free moral agency. You can accept doubt or you can accept faith, either one you want to work on.

Therefore, Satan begin at the principal part to cause the spirit of man to doubt God's Word. God begin at the principal part to lay His Word in that spirit. There you are, that's what does it.


56 Now, we find also, in this, that when a man is born to be a seer, or see visions, you--you're--you have to be called of that, by God.

Notice, here is your subconscious natural, and here is your first conscious. Now, you have to go out of your senses, five senses, into sleep to go into the subconscious, then come back to it. That's a dream.

But a seer, both consciouses are right together. You don't go out of this five senses; you're still in the five senses, stand right straight and look what's taking place. See, you never leave your senses. You're right there, know where you're at and what you're doing, speaking your words. Now, that is a--a predestinated gift. "Gifts and callings are without repentance." See, God does that. You do not go to sleep; you're standing with both eyes open, looking right straight and seeing what you're looking at. See? And what a--a vision is, is of God, of course.

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