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10-4 WHY.CRY.SPEAK JEFF.IN V-2 N-26 63-0714M

I think no church in its practice, no matter how intellectual and fundamental it might be, that church cannot thrive until the supernatural is made known among that people, and they see it, something that they can talk to that'll talk back to them that a-vindicates this written Word.


"I was burning trash in a hole I'd dug, near a deformed tree that was shaped like a chair. I could sit on it and I liked it a lot. The tree had grown out nearer to the hole than I had noticed, until I'd started the fire.

Then I felt bad and said, 'Lord, I'm sorry for burning that nice tree, the edges'. (The Prophet said that as soon as you feel bad, God forgives you).

Something started saying, 'The earth [is] the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.' (Not knowing at the time, that this was Psalms 24:1).

I started realizing the Lord was talking to me, and then He said, 'I'm going to show you how to have faith!'

As I wondered at this, I continued to gather up this old rotten wood to put in the fire. I pushed the wheel barrel near the hole to dump it.

I thought, 'I'd better not make it worse!'

He said, 'Where is your faith? Dump it!' So I did.

Now, at this time, there was no wind, the fire went straight up and was catching the edge of the tree.

Then He asked, 'Which way do you want the wind to blow the fire?'

I thought, "Toward the back of my neighbor's house, and I pointed.' (See, this still small voice talks to your mind).

Then He asked, 'Which way would it have to come from?'

I looked this other way, at some high trees off in the distance.

He said, 'Look again!' I did, still no movement, no wind.

Just then, something was laughing, down low to the ground, it asked, 'You don't believe that, do you?' (a demon, I believe).

I thought, 'Yes I do. God can do anything!'

So, then, I started getting more scrap wood, and was on my knees loading up and I heard a whirling, buzzing sound. I looked over about 20 feet away and there was a three foot high whirlwind churning. As I looked at it, it came at me, brushed my head, as it turned and went into the fire! This made the wind blow in the direction I had pointed.

I thought, 'Lord, why would you do such an odd thing?' (Now this sounds strange).

Just then, it seemed, He almost materialized right there, standing on my left side, about two feet off the ground.

He said, 'In My Word it says, without faith it is impossible to please me.'

I said, 'Yes, I've read that, but why?'

He said, 'This is the way I want my people to have faith every day!'

Like I said, I could barely see something, as He moved on up and away. What a reality we have, that a mighty Creator would come and talk to us.' (From Bro. Winters, Louisiana, USA)



"This is the testimony of George, my youngest son, when he was about 10-12 years old. He's 18 now.

He came to me in the kitchen and said, 'Dad, why aren't those warts gone?'(He had three or four big ones, like pencil erasers on his knees).

He said, 'You prayed, and why didn't God make them go away?'

I was stumped. I didn't know what to say. I thought, Lord help me, what can I say?

Before I knew what was happening, these words were coming out of my mouth! 'Do you believe?'

He said, 'Yes!'

I said, 'When?'

He said, 'Right now!'

I said, 'That's it. That's fine.'

As I remember, he came back to me the next day and said, 'Dad, look they're all, gone!'

I said, 'What?'

He said, 'My warts, they're gone!

I was amazed, and praised God. (Bro. Dolph Winters, Homer, Louisiana, USA)

"A testiomy of Timothy, my 3rd. youngest son. He was about 17 years old. He's 23 now.

He had a friend, William, visiting. (William was killed 3 or 4 years later). Tim came to me and said, 'This syst (or whatever it was), this thing on the side of my foot is really hurting me.'

It was 1/2" X 2"long.

He asked, 'Would you pray for me?'

I thought, we have prayed before for this with no results. We'll have to take him to the doctor soon. Now, he's putting me on the spot. I thought, Lord help us.

I started to pray; not knowing how or what to say. It came out, 'Lord, let my hands be your hands as I touch this thing. I rebuke it in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that it go.'

His friend, William, watched as Tim put his sock and shoe on.

An hour or so later, William asked, 'Tim, how is, your foot?'

I was watching; Tim took his shoe and sock off. As I looked, all I could see was a smoothe pink spot and no more pain. I was so amazed, and shocked, I had to close my mouth so as to not show my unbelief.

As our Prophet said, 'Unbelief does not hinder the Lord!' (Bro. Dolph Winters, Homer, Louisiana, USA)




But a few moments ago, I was thinking of the testimony at the Indian Reservation. I shall never forget that. There was many thousands of the Apache Indians gathered out at San Carlos. And when I begin to the speak through an interpreter, why there was not many seemed to believe.

An Indian is a person who is very strange. He just believes when he's convinced, and then he's convinced forever. And so I was speaking to them, and many seemed that they just listened, but

never noticed very much what was going on.

In their reservation that night when this woman was told of her disease of what she had, she looked at me so strangely when the interpreter told her what I said. Why, she wonder how I knew that. And he... she tried to tell her about... of what the... it was. And the woman was healed.

And next coming through was a man. He had glaucoma of the eyes which is very popular amongst the Indians. And he was healed.

And the next coming by was a little girl. And at that time, I did not see the visions like I do now. It was in the early part of my ministry, four years ago. I took hold of the little girl's hand. There was nothing to move. And I--I said, "I do not know what's wrong with her. It's not a germ disease, because it doesn't... it doesn't... I don't feel the reaction of a... the presence of another... a germ besides the germ of life."

And so, she asked the lady. And the lady told her, said, "Her deaf, dumb. (See?) Fever many years make her that way."

And so I took the little thing in my arms, and I prayed, "God give me favor now. Do something that these people will understand."

And when I got through, I--I knew she was healed, and I tried to get her to say something. She started mumbling off something. And I said to the interpreter... She was smiling. I said, "Oh, she'll speak better."

Said, "Her speak heap good now." So... And then they begin notice.

And the next one come through was a little boy. And you know how...

Now, if there's an Indian setting here, I'm not saying this... No, my grandmother come off the Oklahoma reservations herself.

So then, I... Their hair course. And I said, "What's the matter with him?" I... And she caught him by the top of the head, rough you know. She pulled his little head back, and his little old eyes were setting right in like that, crossed. And I looked at the little fellow, and I took him up in my arms, and I laid his little head over on my shoulder, and I started praying. After I felt the Holy Spirit had healed him, I ask them to raise their head. And I turn him around, and his little old eyes were just as perfect. I had him rolling his eye.

And oh, the people begin screaming. And looked like a great dust storm coming up. And like a stampede. And they put their hands around like this, and I had a prayer line then. Oh, my. And they was just standing everywhere.

And coming to me was a... somebody, an old woman with crutches and made out of broom sticks. And she was trying to get to me. And they was a--some young people trying to get ahead of her. And Brother Moore and many of them was trying to put them back. After while, she got to where I was. And I let her come up. She had real wrinkled face, and her hair hanging down, leather plated in it. And when she finally got up to me, arthritis. And she was standing like that. And she looked up at me, poor old thing. The tears running down them big wrinkles like that. She looked at me just so pitiful. Took one crutch in her hand, took the other and handed them to me, straightened up, walked right on off the platform. Just... Now, that's all she needed. Simple faith.

And then, oh, great things was taking place. It was almost daylight. And I was just barely holding up. And these Indians came through wet, plumb up around their waist. And I asked the interpreter, I said, "What's the matter with them?"

She said, "They thought you were fake first." Said, "They see that take place; they run out into the deserts and getting their loved ones. The ford is twenty miles below here." Said, "They just walking right through the river, coming on over." And wading the river...

And there stood a great big fellow, great strapping looking fellow. His lips was blue, and he's a shivering. It was cold on that desert. And--and he was a shivering like that. It's right near the mountains. You know where San Carlos is, perhaps. And--and I looked and he had a board. They didn't have stretchers and things like we have. But he had a board, and there was an old man laying on there. And he had a cross-piece this way and one this. And he had his hands and his legs laying across. And he was shaking with palsy. He was old, turning gray.

And I said to this big fellow, I said, "You speak English?"

And he said, "Little."

And I said, "Aren't you afraid you'd get pneumonia?" I said, "Well, wet like that?"

He said, "Jesus Christ is take care of me. I bring my daddy."

And I said, "Oh." I said, "You believe if I'll ask Him, Jesus, to heal your daddy, He will heal him?"


I said, "Pass him through."

He went by, and I just laid my hand on him. I said, "God bless you, my brother, and heal you." Passed right on through, and I called another. In a few moments I--I heard an awful scream going on. I looked, and the old man had the board on his own shoulder, waving at everybody, going along like that, just as... What was it? Simple child-like faith to believe.



Bro. Tayactac, from the Philippines sends this testimony.

There was a young man, 22 years old years old, who was a drug addict victim. He was completely healed after hands were laid on him and he was baptized. God can deliver the drug addict and make him a new creation in Christ.


Bro. Jacob from Nigeria gives us this testimony of a young girl who was kidnapped by some cult members. The parents disclosed the situation with a brother of the Message Assembly who felt this girl was in the hands of evil men, but that she was not dead. This brother and his wife got to praying for the girl that God would deliver her from the hands of these evil men.

These evil men were killing the young people. But when they came to her, the leader said, "Who brought this one here?"

He immediately ordered them to release this girl. So, they dropped her off somewhere, and she managed to find her way home.


Bro. Samuel, from Nigeria, shares the following testimony.

"A young two-year-old boy walked into a grass fire and was severely burnt. The parents took him to the hospital, but instead of one leg healing, it was decaying due to the severity of the fire. Bro. Samuel prayed for the young boy, and believed that God would do a miracle.

At the next Sunday service the young boy came to church walking on both legs. He is the same God of miracles today."


"A sister that had just come into this Message, had a husband that was backslidden. Their little boy fell off a two story building and landed on his head. He died instantly from the crash on his head. The doctor examined him, but he was already dead. It was only a formailty to take him to the hospital.

The sister requested that she would be left alone in the room with the boy. She closed the door, knelt down and cried. She prayed that others may know that she was on the right road. She started to call out Scriptures pertaining to this Message. While she was quoting Scriptures, her son came to life.

It baffled the doctor, nurses and the father. Our God is to be praised!"

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