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E-16 May sinners just pour to the altar, be saved, and those who are without the Holy Spirit be filled, that all night prayer meetings will be in homes, and people being so hungry till meals will be set aside. And God give us an old fashion revival just once more before we see the coming of the Lord Jesus. Grant it, Lord, for we ask it in Jesus' Name, Thy Son. Amen.


E-44 Watch our churches a few years ago when they had the old fashion holiness churches, when they stood for God and righteous, when women dressed and act like ladies, when men dressed and act like men, when people went to church on Sunday morning, when they had all night prayer meetings; when they had the old fashion type, they had real revival. God blessed.

He cut off every enemy before them. They were journeying on, but when the wedge of Achan got in the camp, there was nothing left but destruction. We're on our... we're... God on our road... God keeps His Word.


E-19 Now, notice, this is not personally to anyone, just as the Holy Spirit will point it to you. But notice, now, it's just the Word. The people today, they don't want to open up their heart to those things, they don't want to believe it. Oh, they try to apply somewhere else or to somebody else, knowing not, that it's to you.

You say, "Well, now, wait a minute, Brother Branham, I spoke in tongues ten years ago." That was very fine. But what is Christ to you today? Are you still seeing His marvelous powers? Does He still bring the same thrill, does something go through you when you see His mighty hand begin to move and sinners be converted. Does it bring you to all night prayer? Does it bring you to fasting? Does it send you to the altar quickly to work with someone, to instruct them how to come through to the Holy Spirit? Does it warm your heart to go into the neighborhood and seek out the lost? Do you speak to the milkman, to the meter-man, to the man on the street? Those things they going to accompany that experience that you received long ago. Something's happened. You pushed Him out the door. God wants the heart.


E-17 So finally, one day she went to the meal barrel and there was just one handful of meal left. She goes over to the cruse to see how much oil, and just about a good tablespoonful. That stood between her and death. I suppose that night there was an all night prayer meeting. Isn't it strange how God lets us get right down to the end of the road? No doubt but she checked up. Said, "Lord God (something like this), I've served You. I've done all that I know how to do. I've met Your requirements. And here I've got one handful of meal and a spoonful of oil between death for my child and myself." All night long she must've prayed.

And when the little fellow would wake up, turn over, and say, "Mama, would you go back to the cupboard and see if there's just a little bit of that bread left?" She'd go back, cry a little, and then she would come back and give him a little water to drink. For she knew she could--just had this little bit, and it had to maybe make the next day. And the little fellow maybe couldn't sleep good because of hungry.

EL.SHADDAI_ LA.CA THURSDAY_ 59-0416, E- 66, Get back to God: all night prayer meeting, revival in your home, revival in your soul. Get back to believing God, acting on His Word, taking His Word and believing It. You're the seed of Abraham. God's give you the promise. God showed you the sign. Watch that Spirit.


E-31 It was the prophet Jacob who had done wrong and had lied to his blind daddy, because of a birthright. And one day his heart begin to yearn to go back to the homeland. And he must've thought all that time, it was covered up; but when he begin to get near home, he heard that Esau was coming out to meet him. Then he thought of his deceiving ways. And he prayed all night on the other side of the river. When he thought how he had deceived his brother, it called him to all night prayer. God knows that's what the Church needs.


E-32 I remember when the church used to call for a all night prayer meeting. And when the sermon went forth, there wasn't a dry eye the church. Everybody wept and cried out before God. And today it seems like it's so loose, that people just go on living any way they want to, and still say they are Christians. I wonder if we're not nearing home. We'd better think on our ways and turn our feet to His testimonies.


E-19 O God, is my prayer, wake up the church again to old fashion, all night prayer meetings. Wake the people up to a--a spiritual atmosphere. Oh, it--it takes that to bring children into the Kingdom. It takes the atmosphere.

Right this night while we're sitting here, if this right atmosphere would take place, this entire group would be refilled with the Holy Ghost, every sick person would be made well. It's the atmosphere that does it.

You can take a hen egg and put it in a incubator and keep the atmosphere right it'll hatch out a chicken not an incubator. See? Because that it's the atmosphere that counts. Put a chicken egg under a--a dog. It'll hatch a chicken. It's the atmosphere. And that's what it takes in the church today, not so much starchy creed and theology, but the Spirit of the living God pouring down upon His people to bring a spiritual atmosphere.


E-38 What Oklahoma needs here now, is a good old fashion revival, a breaking up. Our churches has become too much to the world, too starchy, too intellectual, too much of--too much, just style. We need the old fashion Pentecostal Gospel and the old Pentecostal revivals, all night prayer meetings, and... That's what we need, friends. Get back to God, where the church can receive its blessings and receive its...


E-13 And we pray tonight, Father God, that You'll put such a hunger in the hearts of the people until all up-and-down these river banks will be prayer meetings going on: Men seeking God in a desperate condition, knowing that they must find rest to their souls and receive the Holy Spirit, or here they'll plunge someday into eternity without knowing You. O God, be merciful to us. And as we see our churches and our own Full Gospel groups begin to cool down, and seem like there's no great crying for lost souls; there's no more of that sincere all night prayer and meditation in the Word. And it seems like that we have just drifted, Lord. Forgive us, O God, and let us renew ourselves tonight afresh in the Holy Spirit.

When we can think of the days gone by, in the age of the Methodists--when they prayed all night long and wept with bitter tears for the lost, and they had no peace. And tonight seems like that we can dress nice, and set down and listen, and go home unconcerned. O Lord, stir our hearts tonight; put a zeal in us for lost souls. May ministers and the laity, every person becoming a part of the Kingdom and with a burning desire that we'd canvass cities and everywhere and pull the lost out of the gutters and--and get them as firebrands for the Lord. Grant it, Father.


E-30 I think that's a great deal with the church today. God has shook every kind of a gift and things that He could before the church. And it just sets and stares in space. "Well, that was a very nice meeting. Brother Roberts had a fine meeting." "Brother Billy Graham has great speaking." But they don't move. What we need today is a soul stirring revival, something that would go down to cause all night prayer meetings, men and women getting right with God, and cities turning to God. Great signs and wonders would just keep accumulating.


E-55 O God, when we see the church cooling off, going after big buildings, and fancy things, and--and things of the world, having a form of godliness, no power, denying the power, getting away from it: even the Pentecostal Church cooling down, becoming to a place that just the joy is when the music's playing. God, where's the all night prayer meetings? Where is the great times of love for one another? How... What's happened, Lord? I pray that the Morning Star will reflect the Light so much tonight, until every soul here will see the Kingdom of God coming in power, and know that we're fixing to enter in to that. Grant it, Lord.


E-90 O God, never let nothing happen to... If I can't serve You, take me now. Let me go now. What a joy it is, and a privilege to serve God. Give it to these young people, Lord. They've got an awful battle. Look at them. Look at what they got. Look at their television: rotten and polluted. Look at the nation they're coming up in here: politics rotten to the core, the antichrist arising in seat and power. The world, American people, don't know what a struggle is. They don't know how to do without. They never had to miss a meal. O God, just look. Glamour and Hollywood, and it's even got into assembly line religion in the churches, and streamlined Hollywood. No more old fashion all night prayer meetings, and agonizing, and praying, and having fellowship around the things of God, No more praying through.


140 If God had that against this church, He's got it against that one too. "Because you left your first love, I've got it against you. I have something against you; that's My complaint. You once had a great time, but you let the world begin to creep in, and you got to acting a little formal. You still holding My Name, and you're still doing the things that's right, and you got a lot of patience and so forth, and you labor, and you're like a mule, you just labor and work." My, my, my.

See, you've left grace and faith and power to swap it for labor and works. "Well, I tell you, Brother Branham, I--I help every widow woman I can." Well, that's a good thing; I commend you for that. But where's that first love you once had? See? Where's that joy you used to have? As David once cried, "O Lord, restore to me the joy of my salvation." Where is them all night prayer meetings and tears on your cheeks? My, goodness, the Bible's even dusty and got cobwebs on It. You read old love stories, and news things, and things that oughtn't to even be allowed to be published and put out for a--a trash can, and we Pentecostal people pick them up and just loft over them like a bunch of flies on a garbage can. That's right.

Oh, mercy. What we need is: Back to our first love. Back to Pentecost. I'd better get away from there. All right. But you understand, "Leaving that first love..."

CHURCH.CHOOSING.LAW.FOR.GRACE_ MIDDLETOWN.OH THURSDAY_ 61-0316, E-25 Your job will never get done when you tell people the Lord is a coming, and to evangelize, and to go out on the streets and testify, and do something for God. How can you do it when they're dead? You got to get somewhere where there's life. A man's got to be born again. The church has got to come back to the principles of Christ, back to new birth, back to the Holy Ghost, back to all night prayer meetings, places on fire for God...?...


E-59 Oh, we could go on with the testimony, but I've got to hurry. Yes, I'm past time. Just let me wind up one more little statement. They were testifying. You know what? While them brothers was testifying, the devil happened to look over the banisters, over there somewhere over across the hill, and said, "Oh-oh. Oh-oh, I got them now. They went off without Him." And that's what the church has done today. We've had such big building programs, so much money, so much fashions, trying to pattern after the next people, till I'm afraid we've gone off without Him. Our lives prove it: gone off without Him.

Devil says, "Now, I can get them. So he begin to blow his poison breath. The sea begin to go plumb to the bottom, with big waves licking up. That's what he does today when he sees you go off without... A church just with a bunch of cold, formal, theology; an "Amen" would cause somebody to stretch their head around, wondering what happened: no spirit, no more all-night prayer meetings, no more burden for the sick, no more burden for the dying, no more burden for the sinners. Then he begins to blow his poison breath, saying, "And the days of miracles is past."


E-24 Search out and find out whether God's in it or not. Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Signs, wonders, miracles... And when we see our churches cooling down and those things not happening... You have to wait till you get some special evangelist into town or something, then beat a few tambourines and work up a little emotion. God isn't in that. No.

I'll tell you what we need today is a back to the old Bible again. Back to the old fashion Pentecostal teaching of the Bible. Back to the Holy Ghost. Back to the power of God. Back to all night prayer meetings. Where they're hungering and thirsting for God. That's what we need tonight in our churches, in our--to bring that into our systems.

GETTING.IN.THE.SPIRIT_ CHICAGO.IL FRIDAY_ 61-0428, E-28 You know, everybody wants a hilltop experience, and they never want to take the valley. Everybody, the Pentecostal church too. Every night, if you're not shouting, dancing, jumping up-and-down, speaking in tongues, and running around over the floor or something another, you didn't have any kind of a meeting.

Well, you know it's all right to be on the mountain top, that's good. But let me tell you; you--you're fruits will freeze up there at night. And when the cold spell comes, you'll lose all your fruit. That's what's happened now. We put too much on mountain-top experiences of dancing, and shaking, and jumping around, instead of all night prayer meetings, down in the valley of decision. Where you have to come down there and meet God and really pour out your life until something takes place.


E-15 Therefore, we weigh out our prayer to see if we're going to ask anything amiss, to see if we should be any wrong objective to our coming here, or our asking, or the motive we would have in asking for such things. So we pray, God, that You search our hearts. For we stand in Thy holy Presence in this tabernacle, knowing that we are eternity bound people, with our heads bowed to the dust from whence Thou hast taken us.

And we are solemnly trusting that someday You'll send Jesus. And we'll be lifted from this dust body to a body that's made like unto His own glorious body, where there will be no more praying for the sick. There will be no all night prayer meetings for the lost, but the redeemed shall be in the City and shall walk in the Light thereof forever.

PRESUMING_ CLEVELAND.TN SUNDAY_ 62-0408, E-14 Here they come back and said, "Why, there's... Why, we couldn't take them. Why, the Amalekites, and the Canaanites, and Perizzites, and what all kinds, their great walled cities, and some of them are so large, these people, until we look like grasshoppers to them." Oh, they were discouraged. We...

Now, isn't that just a type of the church today? "We--we just can't do it. We... Why, I tell you; it's--it's impossible. Now, we have become this, and we've got to be a little like this, and..." Where's the street meetings at anymore? [A brother answers, "No, there ain't very much, brother."--Ed.] That's true, young fellow. There's not very many no more. Where is the all-night prayer meetings we used to have? What's happened to it? Where's that deep sincerity and pressing on with God? What's the matter? We've been cut away from it. We just laid it, little by little...

Sin is so--so enticing. Oh, it's glamor. And it's got a very appetizing appeal, sin has. It's so innocent. Why, it looks so... it looks so innocent. Don't you listen to it.


E-14 I was thinking: at the beginning of the history of our nation, when a handful of soldiers on a cold winter day, and the odds all against them, them was American soldiers. When I read the history of our nation, it makes me cry in my heart. But their leader was a Christian. The Delaware was froze over, ice gorges in it. And I understand about half of the American soldiers didn't even have shoes on their feet, with stuff wrapped around their feet; them was American soldiers. And the--the obstacle was great; the odds was against them.

But yet, after all night prayer until he was wet up to his hips in snow where he had knelt and prayed, their great leader become perseverant, for he had assurance from God that he could cross that Delaware anyhow. He was perseverant, although three bullet holes was placed through his clothes, He had heard from God. And no matter what the odds was, he was still... He could be perseverant because he heard from God and believed that the God that was leading him to a victory for this great nation was with him. So therefore, the Delaware froze over meant nothing to him. No matter how much ice there was, or what the--the obstacles was, still he could be perseverant, because he felt he had God on his side.


E-57 You've got to take the Word. There's a let down somewhere. You've got to get back to the Gospel, back to Christ, back to the living Word, not bypass it for some something this way. You've got to believe it.

What if He'd go say, "They don't believe in healing anymore. Your stripes was in vain to them, 'cause they say days of miracles is past"? Oh, He must have to blush when He says that before the Father. Yes.

See, they don't--they don't believe it. They're getting away from it, day by day falling farther and farther away. You know that. You don't have to think about it. Some of you old people have been in this longer than I have. Look back a few years ago, what it was: all night prayer meetings.


48 Pentecost a few years ago, no more than fifty years ago, stood out. The people stood different. They come out of--of different groups of worldliness, because of their worldliness, and stood out as an example. And God has took that church, and today it's one of the most powerful churches in the world. But the thing that she's doing, she's turned right straight back around and went back into the same conglomeration that she was called out of. And when she begins to do that, her power is taken from her. Where do we get the all-night prayer meeting? Let the preacher preach till about one or two o'clock in the morning like they used to do, he'd be preaching to empty seats; they got to go home and see "We Love Susie" or somebody on certain television cast. Now, that's the truth. Why? "Where your treasures is, there your heart is also." Our treasures ought to be in the Word. The Arizona people are prospectors; you ought to go digging awhile, see what's for you.

But there stood Samson, defeated, stripped by a woman. All of his powers was taken from him because he surrendered himself and gave away his secret to a woman.

INVESTMENTS_ PHOENIX.AZ SATURDAY_ 63-0126, E- 49, Yes, I know. And you see it fail where there's impersonation. But when you see something genuine, it cannot fail, 'cause it's God. And God sets these things for an example that others might see. How is it--how does it come? By all night fasting? That's good. All night prayer meeting? That's still good, but obedience to the Word is where it comes--obeying the Word. See? All right. Now, it paid off by saving his life.

LORD.JUST.ONCE.MORE_ HOT.SPRINGS.AR V-20 N-10 FRIDAY_ 63-0628A, 62 They remembered of seeing the jawbone in his hands, and saying, "Who else wants some of this?" He was a man who could speak. He's a man who was anointed of God. God promised to bless him. He was in the strength of Jehovah.

Oh, no doubt there's many here can remember back when the church stood in that kind of strength, but now all broke up, all kinds of denominations, one fighting the other one. The old all night prayer meetings is not heard of no more. Street meetings is absolutely gone. They're obsolete. Yet we got our structure; we got the framework, but where is the God of miracles? Frankly, many deny it, even denying Divine healing, many.


46-3 Moses said, "It's just not me going; we're all going. We all got something to do. We've all got to be anointed." And they seen that apostle stand there, and seen him heal the sick man, and do the things he did, they knowed he couldn't get to them, so they never said, "Peter, come and--and offer prayer and wait now until you got THUS SAITH THE LORD and come tell me (See?), what the Lord said." They said, "If we can only lay in his shadow, because the very God that was in Jesus Christ is in him, and we see the same thing doing." So they touched the border of Jesus' garment and laid in his shadow, and Jesus was in this man. If that shadow can reflect upon them, they'd be healed. And the Bible said every one of them was healed. No all night prayer meetings. Said, "Lord, if I go lay in the shadows of this apostle..." Oh, no, they knew it. The Light had struck them. Their hearts was full; their faith was let loose. Amen. They believed it; they seen it. Paul's hankies, the same way. (Now, in closing.)

WORLD.AGAIN.FALLING.APART_ SHP.LA V-17 N-4 WEDNESDAY_ 63-1127, 59 Till our educational system, our denominational system, has took the place of the Holy Spirit leading in the church. Our great fine training of ministers and things has taken place of--of the all-night prayer meetings, and the old-time way we used to get to God. Now, instead of having preachers, we got lecturers, men knows the Word just as well, they can set there and put It together in such a way that it's astounding how they can do it. They know the mechanics, but that ain't the Dynamics. We want the Dynamics. I don't care about the mechanics; I want to know the Dynamics. What does It do?

I don't know how that car runs out there. It's got pistons and cylinders, and I don't know how much pressure it used. The only thing I know is the dynamics, put her out there and drive it.

That's what we know, God made the promise, "I'll pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; your sons and daughters shall prophesy." How is He going to do it? I can't tell you. I just want to know the Dynamics of God's system. That's the main thing.


E-90 Now, you got a bunch of Rickys in there that wants to come like the rest of them, like Israel did, wanted a--wanted a king of their own. You wanted to make your own. See? And now what you got? A bunch of educated Rickys. That's right. They got this intellectual... They want to be like the rest of them, Dr. so-and-so, and Dr. so-and-so. See? And where's it got you to? You're more prettier. That's right. You're better churches. But where's that spirit was in there? Where's them all-night prayer meetings for them sin in the city? Remember, the Holy Spirit said in the last days, "Go seal those only who cry and sigh for the abomination that's did in the city."

Now, I want you ministers to lay your hands upon that member of your church, you Pentecostal ministers. And then when you find this, then you come, and I'll apologize to you. You find that member of yours that can't rest day and night, for crying for the abomination of sin that's done in the city. Ninety percent of them stay home, and see "We Love Suzy," instead.

Oh, you speak with tongues, sure, jump up-and-down and shout. That's all right. Nothing against that. Nothing against your organization, either. But I'm trying to talk about life. Where's it at? Now, you show me that member. Look how worldly, how indifferent.

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