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277 HE.SWORE.BY.HIMSELF JEFF.IN V-26 N-11 54-1212

Aren't you glad that we've received Him? God, I'm so happy. I'm so happy to know that a endless eternity will I spend with each one of you. This will just be... Oh, what's a little shadow of this old briar patch we're going through? What that little hill mean yonder? Nothing. Let's take it. Let's not be like dumb, driven cattle now. Let's be heroes. Let's get out and get some of our fellow men that don't know Jesus. Go out and look at the barrooms this morning. They're crowded. Look at every place of amusement. It's crowded. The theaters will be packed out this afternoon with joy and pleasure-seeking crowds, that know not God, yet go to church every day.


Now, to hurry straight to the point. Now, if the man by his intellects will finally grieve this... The Holy Spirit keeps saying, "You should."

And you say, "Well, I'm too young. Well if I... Well I--I belong to church." But you should be born again. "Well, if I get that kind of experience, I won't be able to do this or do that, or I can't go to this and do that."

Well, you see, the devil will tell you that you're going to lose some good time. You're going to lose some privileges. But he's a lying to you, especially you young people. Oh, my. You don't have to drink. You don't have to smoke. You don't have to run around in these places of amusement. Why, the Holy Spirit is a million times better than all the devil could even offer you.


So when that real faith had set in her heart to see if that was the truth or not, she didn't care what the price was, she was determined to see whether it was the truth or not. I like that.

If this rumor of this meeting in Indianapolis had only a setup a creation of people to come and see whether this bunch of people has the real Holy Spirit or not, to see whether there is such a thing as the baptism of the Holy Spirit... And they would've done it, if they hadn't of choked their life out with some church creed or some worldly amusement. And they're satisfying that thirst with those things, when Christ ought to have the place. That's right.


Blessed heavenly Father, as we humbly approach Thy throne in behalf of the people that Thou has given us tonight, there may be some here, Lord, who's run from one church to another, and from one place of amusement to the other.


But yet, in these grounds here you have gambling, you have just everything; and that's the way you find it. If you go into a place of amusement, you find that type of Spirit there. You go into a place of gambling, you find that type of Spirit. And when we go into a place of worship, we want to worship and have a Spirit of worship. And that's what I want you to do, is with prayer to help me to press away from all the indifference, because it'll--it'll show a greater affect among the sick people.

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