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33 Now, if we are those attributes of God, we cannot live by creeds; we cannot live by denominationalism; we must live by the Word, because the Bride is a part of the Bridegroom like any wife is a part of her husband; therefore, we must be that Word Bride. And what is that Word Bride? The manifestation of this hour, the Bride, not a creed or denomination, but a living article of God, a living attribute of God displaying to the world the attributes of God in the formation of the Bride that's to be expressed in this hour that we're now living.

Martin Luther could not express the attributes that we express, because that that was in the beginning, the resurrection, like the corn of wheat that went into the earth.


17 All of His compound redemptive names was represented in Jesus Christ, and there's where they were brought out and magnified what God was. Where the great attributes of God before He even was God, before there was... God's an object of worship. Before He ever become that, He was still God. He's Eternal, and these attributes was in Him. And they just display themselves, as being a Father, and the Son, and--and a Saviour, and a Healer. That's just God's attributes displaying themselves. So we're grateful that we have the privilege of enjoying this fine time of fellowship and the assurance of our salvation, through the attributes of God, Who is the Saviour. May His Name be praised.


73 God is the Word; It was made flesh and dwelt among us, now, that He might bring forth the other attributes of God. The body, Jesus, was the body of God, an attribute. Moses seen Him pass, the back part of Him; no man had seen His face. But now we seen Him, we have beheld Him, see Him as the Sacrifice. Now, see, He was an attribute of God, being displayed, the Word. That's what He was.

And when any believer comes to God, he becomes God's attribute of His Word; he's used to manifest the Word that's promised for that day. See? That's right. God, rich in mercy, has never left us without a testimony. He's rich in mercy.


E-15 And You created Angels, then You became a God. And then from there You created man and so forth. Man fell, and the great attribute of God displays itself tonight as a Saviour.

When You created man You become a Father. And now men got sickness upon him from the fall, therefore the great attribute of God, which is to be a Healer, is now displaying itself upon the earth as Christ the Healer.


210 God only had one Name, and His Name is Jesus. That was His Son; He took the Name of His Son. God... Now, Jesus, the body was a man. We know that. That was the Son of God that was overshadowed. Now, we do not believe in--in a oneness type, the people that says God's like your finger. We believe there's three attribute--attributes of God, three attributes of God, God manifested in. But there's one God. See? That's right. We do not believe... We believe in the--in a...

Let me make it like this, we believe that God lived in three offices. He had an office on earth one time.


37-3 Notice now, how we go. After the world's fire baptism, all germs is gone; makes it a fit place then for heavens to dwell here on earth. Type now of setting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, passed from just dirty (like the little woman was) into the expressed attribute of God. Now we are the Sons of God, not we will be. We're the attributes of God's thinking. See?


80 Now, you see, when God began in... There's seven Spirits of God, just like the seven colors in the rainbow. And did you ever notice, a three cornered piece of glass reflects seven perfect colors? Did you ever try that? Set a three cornered piece of glass--yet it's only one piece of glass, but in three corners will reflect seven colors. That's how Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, being One, yet reflect the seven spiritual attributes of God.


73 Now, we find out that in the great turmoil of the day, the people, about understanding God, God in three persons. God, it's three attributes of God, like three offices: God above us in the Holy Spirit up there in a Pillar of Fire; God made flesh and dwelled among us, a Man that we could touch and handle; now God's in the church: God above you, God with you, God in you (See?), the same God in three different manifestations, but the same God all the time.


64-4 All right, you see how Satan got to Eve now. That's why death has reigned on earth ever since. And heavens, earth, beast, atmosphere is all cursed of God because of it. That's the curse, because Satan got to this first. Jesus came to redeem it back to the Father. In order to do this He became part of it (as I just went through), and from that very dust (the part Jesus was Himself) being redeemed, through Him all of the attributes of God are redeemed with the earth.


117 Now, a man could come up here with nail scars in his hand, blood and smoke, and every--oil running out of him. That wouldn't make it. Any hypocrite can do that. Certainly.

But what it is, is the manifestation of this promised Word. He was God's anointed Prophet. He was--He was the God-prophet. He was what all the prophets was, it was in Him, plus the rest of what God was. God was in Christ reconciling Himself to the world. He was God, Emmanuel, the Fulness of God made known to us in the Person of His Son Jesus Christ, the second attribute of God.


110 God always likes to work through men. It's God's program to work through men. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] God works through men. He made man His helper on earth. He made man a lesser god than Himself.

Now, we've been through that in the teaching lately of Genesis 1:26, when He was El, Elah, Elohim, the all-sufficient, the self-existing One. And then in Him was attributes of Father, Son, Holy Spirit: not three gods, three offices in Him that He was to live in those dispensations. He was a Saviour; He was a King; He was a God. All these things displayed theirself. It's the attributes of God (See?), but in that, in Him at the beginning...


E-56 She'd say, "It's not customary for the Jews to ask a Samaritan." See? He's just talking to her then, just to... See, you're a--you're a human. I'm a human. And we have two human spirits. Now, when this anointing comes on me, well, that's the Angel of--or a gift of God, which is a Messenger, an Angel sent from God. And now, it's a part of God, an attribute of God. And then It'll... And then they're spirit now, then we break from the natural into the supernatural. And then in between here, your spirit is speaking to me, I'm speaking back to you through mortal lips, but both two anointing. It's two... Now, if this Spirit here, that's on me to bless you... Not that I can bless you, It can bless you. See?


17 Now, notice this sin. And how God, being just, and He could do nothing else but be just, for He is the resource of all justice, then there would be nothing else for Him to do but to place the penalty for this transgression. And the penalty was death, for He said, "The day you eat thereof, that day thou shall surely die." Now, it's a dark picture we have here.

But then if we go back just a little further, and find out the very attributes of God, the Bible plainly tells us that God is love. But yet, being love, He has to be just. So love does not mean just a thing that can be petted and played with. Love is the justice of God.


E-46 Now, Jesus in His time, He came to display the attributes of God. In Him God was manifested in Him. Notice. Now, He'd showed this Messiahic sign. It was... unbelieving... And God in all ages has had signs to the people. And now, when the people believe that sign, it was a golden age to the people. But when they disbelieved it, it was chaos to the people. Right. Now, let me quote that again, 'cause I'm only going to take just a few minutes now.

Look. When God sends a gift, and the people believe it, it's a glorious time for the people. But when God sends a gift and the people turns it down, that generation goes into destruction. Now, notice. What if the world today would receive God's gift?


E-27 Don't think Satan's putting anything over on Him. Oh, no. Oh, no. It's just all working out to display His attributes, is all. How could the great infinite God Who knowed everything, and let everything... It's just the attributes of God being displayed. And you're displaying your life to one side or the other. And that's the reason our systems come in. And they can accept anything that's of the way of system. It's just because that they get away from the original created way that God made for them to do it. His way of--of sending things sometimes don't meet our taste. Wonder today... If God answered our cry for our Messiah that we cry today for, I wonder if we would do the same thing that they did back there?


33 It's an old familiar text that many of your pastors has used down through your time. It's been used since It was written. But yet, one thing about the Word of God, It never grows old, because It's God. It never grows old. Through every generation now for pretty near, about twenty-eight hundred years or better, this Word of God has been read by men, priests, and so forth, and never does It grow old. I've been reading It myself for some thirty-five years. And each time I read It, I find something new that I looked over the first time. Because It is inspired. It is God in letter form. See, It's the attributes of God speaking fore--forth and is placed on paper.


291 Don't stumble at the word "predestination." I've went through that. You see? I want to show you, Ephesians 1:5. You see? Just as you were... Look, just as you were in your father... As I said the other night, just as you was in your father at the beginning, if you wasn't, you wouldn't be here. But, you see, it had to go to a bedding ground in order to bring you forth. And now you're his son; you're his daughter. See, it's a seed. And then if you every...

If you are a Christian now, a genuine predestinated seed, you was in God before there was a... You always was in God. The germ of your life, which is a attribute of God, which was His thought...


85 Now, so were you in... If you've got Eternal Life, you were a--in God before there ever was a world. You are a part, a son of God, an attribute of God. He knowed the very age you were coming. He predestinated you to that age to take that place, and no one else can take it. Care how many impersonations and things, you've got to be there, because He knew you'd be there. Now, you are made manifest; now you can fellowship with Him, and that's what He wants. He's longing for fellowship, to be worshipped. But in--if your life did not always was as an attribute in God, you're just a mimic of Christianity. See? There'll be millions and billions of them that'll just be mimics of Christianity.


E-10 You see, if a man does not have the Holy Spirit, he cannot believe those things. Because when a man is borned of the Spirit of God, he becomes a son of God. And his nature is likened unto God. That's the reason Jesus said, "Did not it say in your laws, ye are gods?" Because you're an attributes of God.

And then God Himself... All things are possible. God made the very world that we're sitting on tonight. This world, this world that we now are living on the crust of it, is nothing in the world but one Word of God made manifest. God spoke the world into existence. How many believes that?

This is the Word of God made manifest. This pulpit, this wood, just everything in here, everything that the eye sees was made manifest because God spoke it into existence.


21-5 Jesus claimed that He done nothing until the Father showed Him, and the Father is the Holy Spirit; we realize that. It's just an office of God. If it isn't, then which one of them is the Father of Jesus Christ? Jesus said God was His Father, and the Bible said the Holy Ghost was His Father. Now, you can't make Him be an illegitimate child; so the Holy Ghost is God. So is Jesus God. So God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is just a... That's three offices of one God. It's three attributes; the same God. You're a part of God, and I'm a part of God; but I'm not all of God, and neither are you all of God. See, see? It's attributes of God upon us, as sons adopted by Jesus Christ, which God Himself become flesh to die for us.


62-2 So old man and old woman, don't you be discouraged. If you are a representation up here in this attribute of God--He's God... If you have... If you're represented here, you cannot--you're in the eternal. And if you cross from that seventh day into the eighth (you got into the eternal by the baptism of the Holy Spirit), you're included in this. Now, if you're just trusting upon a sensation or jumping up or down or, "I do this; I keep a seventh day; I don't eat meat"; and things like that, that's going to perish in the elect... See? But this is the eternal. This is the eternal, the feast after the Feast of Tabernacles. See? The Feast of Tabernacles was the last feast, the seventh feast. We're worshipping now under the Feast of the Tabernacles, the seventh church age.


38-3 He was that great attribute of God called, love. Whatever you are, you're servants of God. Whatever God wants you to do, where your place is... God placed in the church some apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors. He placed that by virtue of His own predestination. And you were that to begin with. Your first wedding was annulled. It was... You never done it in the first place, because there's only one thing could do it and that would be God come down, Himself, and took your place in a form of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and washed you by the Water,... of the washing of the Water by the Word. The Word, not the denomination, the Word washed you. But if you won't stand in the Water of the Word, how you going to be washed?

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