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And it just works through like that. See? And it could pass right... It's just a flow of the... I believe, that even the Holy Spirit and Angels, and all are just attributes of God; it's just a part of God. It's His make-up; it's part of it that went off, His Spirit and so forth, that He created to be His helpers around in His great office of glory. And I believe they're just like secretaries and so forth, to--to help carry on the Master's work, and they come to the earth for us earthly people, and--and they... certain times and certain...

I believe that we must be born for these things; I--I do that. I believe that we're all baptized with the Holy Spirit and brought into the Body. And then we become sons. But then after sons, there's a placing of sons, or the adoption of sons.


E-17 And God still has Angels. And if they visit the people... Not a worship of Angels. But Angelic Beings Who are attributes of God, sent forth to minister to the Church, through the people. Oh, my. How short we are of the real apostolic Church today.

We people who claim to be there, who claim to have kissed the blessings of the rims of the cup of blessing, how short we come. How we bubble dance on top of the suds, and know not what the bottom is. That's true.

Now, friends, when I stand back here, I'm responsible, not to the audience, but to God. That's right. And my words must be... I know that I got many millions of people that listen and watch every word you say, so I must be, with all my heart, just as true to God as I can be. And I say today, that we've never scratched the surface. That's right. The Church ought to get down. My. We was reading... It's like reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Notice. Now, this Angel came, He was Gabriel. Now, God sends minor Angels (That's right.), perhaps the One comes here. And some people will actually puff their mind up with Angels and things, who they think they have seen, and things like that. That's just the counterfeit.


E-10 You see, if a man does not have the Holy Spirit, he cannot believe those things. Because when a man is borned of the Spirit of God, he becomes a son of God. And his nature is likened unto God. That's the reason Jesus said, "Did not it say in your laws, ye are gods?" Because you're an attributes of God.

And then God Himself... All things are possible. God made the very world that we're sitting on tonight. This world, this world that we now are living on the crust of it, is nothing in the world but one Word of God made manifest. God spoke the world into existence. How many believes that?

This is the Word of God made manifest. This pulpit, this wood, just everything in here, everything that the eye sees was made manifest because God spoke it into existence.


17 Now, notice this sin. And how God, being just, and He could do nothing else but be just, for He is the resource of all justice, then there would be nothing else for Him to do but to place the penalty for this transgression. And the penalty was death, for He said, "The day you eat thereof, that day thou shall surely die." Now, it's a dark picture we have here.

But then if we go back just a little further, and find out the very attributes of God, the Bible plainly tells us that God is love. But yet, being love, He has to be just. So love does not mean just a thing that can be petted and played with. Love is the justice of God.


80 Now, you see, when God began in... There's seven Spirits of God, just like the seven colors in the rainbow. And did you ever notice, a three cornered piece of glass reflects seven perfect colors? Did you ever try that? Set a three cornered piece of glass--yet it's only one piece of glass, but in three corners will reflect seven colors. That's how Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, being One, yet reflect the seven spiritual attributes of God.


E-56 Someone said, "Well, if He's so great, why did He let sin happen?"

Listen. Listen close now. Which is the greatest, a sinner or a Saviour? Why, a Saviour if He can save from sin. Which is the greatest, the sickness or a Healer? Which was first? Why, a Healer, of course. Why did He permit it? God... If He... God... The attributes of God is a Saviour. If there'd had never been no sin, His display could never have been displayed of a Saviour. If there had never... He is a Healer; that's the nature of God. And if He hadn't permitted sickness, they'd never--He'd never been a healer. Because He permitted sickness and--and sin to come, makes Him a Saviour and a Healer. But His own purpose is working out just exactly the way He promised it. Got to be, to the children of Abraham, the one who has the promise.


113 Oh, hallelujah, the voice of the sign... God told Moses, "If they won't hear the voice, the voice of the first sign, then they'll hear the voice of the second sign." Not so much the sign, but the voice went with it.

See that Jew, he knowed what he was talking about. He said, "I've seen discernments; I've seen signs, wonders, the blind being made well, and all kinds of different signs, but I wondered, but now I see the voice behind it will not cut God in three parts, and saying He's one God the Father, and next the Son." He said, "God is God: three attributes of God, three offices of God." Said, "That confirms it."

Oh, brother, we got a message. "Go tell My disciples. I wasn't one that died, and another one that's pretty near dead, and the other one is alive; I am He that Was, which Is, and Shall Come; the Root and Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star." Yes.


230 And I know that I'm talking in here even to trinitarian ministers. And my brethren, I do not say this; I do not say this to hurt. I'm a trinitarian too; I believe in the trinity, the--the three attributes of God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, but not three Gods. See? I believe there to be three attributes, absolutely; I do that with all my heart: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but they are not three Gods. They're just three attribute. Or other, three offices of God. God lived once in the Fatherhood, Sonship, and now the Holy Ghost. It's the same God in three offices. And they have...

And Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, is not no Name of God. God has one Name, and His Name is Jesus. The Bible said the family in heaven is named Jesus, and the family in earth is named Jesus. That's right. So God had one Name, human Name. He was--had a name called Jehovah-Jireh, Jehovah-Rapha, that was His titles of Deity. But He had one Name, Jesus. That's Him.

And truly, my brethren, if you disagree with me, remember, I--I--I'll meet you over there, anyhow. See? I'll--I'll be there with you. And God bless you. And I love you.


210 Well, brother dear, I want you to show me one Scripture where any man... I've offered this for thirty-one years of ministry around the world before bishops and so forth, where one person, one person was ever baptized any other way than but in the Name of Jesus Christ. And everyone that wasn't baptized in Jesus' Name, had to come and be baptized over again in the Name.

God only had one Name, and His Name is Jesus. That was His Son; He took the Name of His Son. God... Now, Jesus, the body was a man. We know that. That was the Son of God that was overshadowed. Now, we do not believe in--in a oneness type, the people that says God's like your finger. We believe there's three attribute--attributes of God, three attributes of God, God manifested in. But there's one God. See? That's right. We do not believe... We believe in the--in a...

Let me make it like this, we believe that God lived in three offices. He had an office on earth one time.


110 God always likes to work through men. It's God's program to work through men. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] God works through men. He made man His helper on earth. He made man a lesser god than Himself.

Now, we've been through that in the teaching lately of Genesis 1:26, when He was El, Elah, Elohim, the all-sufficient, the self-existing One. And then in Him was attributes of Father, Son, Holy Spirit: not three gods, three offices in Him that He was to live in those dispensations. He was a Saviour; He was a King; He was a God. All these things displayed theirself. It's the attributes of God (See?), but in that, in Him at the beginning...


E-49 Now, how many tribes are there of the earth? Three. Ham, Shem, and Japheth's people. Now, that's Jew, Gentile and Samaritan, see. All right. They all sprung up from them three sons, if... God forgive me saying, "If the Bible's right." 'Cause that was... All the earth was destroyed but them three boys. That's exactly where our generation sprang from.

Now, three wise men came to see Jesus. The astronomy says that they followed three different stars, and these three stars came together and made the one star. You see? And the three are one, always See?

Now, the three attributes of God makes one God, It's now God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. It isn't three gods. Jesus... Philip asked that question, said, 'Lord, show us the Father and it sufficeth." John 14.

He said, "I've been so long with you, Philip, and you don't know Me?" He said, "When you have seen Me, you've seen the Father."

REV.CHAP.5.PART.2_ JEFF.IN ROJC 747-793 SUNDAY_ 61-0618

86 Our lost inheritance this chapter reveals. Our lost inheritance has been reclaimed by our gracious, precious Kinsman Redeemer. How God came down and become--changed His cast from God and was made man in order to be human, to become a human Kinsman Redeemer to redeem back a natural world to a natural people. Amen. How that God the Supernatural became natural to become a Kinsman, because He could not defy His own laws. He had to come by the kinsman redeemership because that's the way He--that's His plan. That's the way He did it.

God knowing that man would fall, yet He could not make man fall... God knowing man would be lost, though He did not want anybody lost... But to order that the great display of the attributes of God might be manifested to all men, that He could be a Redeemer, He could be a Saviour, man had to fall. It was in him to fall, but it was in God to redeem him again. That's the reason we have to have nighttime to make daytime right. We have to have sickness to make us enjoy health. Everything, a pro and con... Now, and our Kinsman Redeemer...


E-45 Now, in God... He wasn't God yet, because God is an object of worship, and there was nothing to worship Him. He was God, but He wasn't God in that manner. Then He must've created Angels. Then they begin to worship Him. Next, He had a attribute to be a Father. Next thing He had a attribute to be--to be a Son. Next thing He had a attribute to be a Healer, next thing, attribute to be a Saviour. See? And all these things had to display themselves. See? And God to make a man sin, so He could punish him? No. And He put him on the basis of free moral agency, and man sinned himself. And so therefore, God became a Saviour then. See?

So it's just only the attributes of God displaying themselves that we see, and everything is perfectly on time. Every gift, everything's moving just exactly according to the tick of the watch. She--she's right there.


E-46 Now, Jesus in His time, He came to display the attributes of God. In Him God was manifested in Him. Notice. Now, He'd showed this Messiahic sign. It was... unbelieving... And God in all ages has had signs to the people. And now, when the people believe that sign, it was a golden age to the people. But when they disbelieved it, it was chaos to the people. Right. Now, let me quote that again, 'cause I'm only going to take just a few minutes now.

Look. When God sends a gift, and the people believe it, it's a glorious time for the people. But when God sends a gift and the people turns it down, that generation goes into destruction. Now, notice. What if the world today would receive God's gift?


E-27 Don't think Satan's putting anything over on Him. Oh, no. Oh, no. It's just all working out to display His attributes, is all. How could the great infinite God Who knowed everything, and let everything... It's just the attributes of God being displayed. And you're displaying your life to one side or the other. And that's the reason our systems come in. And they can accept anything that's of the way of system. It's just because that they get away from the original created way that God made for them to do it. His way of--of sending things sometimes don't meet our taste. Wonder today... If God answered our cry for our Messiah that we cry today for, I wonder if we would do the same thing that they did back there?


E-43 And the trinity of God--the trinity of the attributes of God as being Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, was represented in that one Man, Jesus Christ. So there He was the Word. And He was the Transmitter that said, "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Eternal Life." See? "Verily I say unto you, he that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Eternal Life."

Now that Word's went out from a transmitter. He said one day, "Verily I say unto you, if you say to this mountain, 'Be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you have said will come to pass; you can have what you said."

Now, if you can just be the station to pick that up, by the--some control inside of you by faith, it'll move you right into the cycle of God to the new birth and be born again. Then you'll always be in contact to hear that voice that'll always warn you when danger's along. When things are wrong, going wrong, it'll always be a warning to you. And then, instead of someday being like that rich young boy that we're speaking of, be a man like apostle Peter, Paul, or somebody that won souls for Jesus Christ. You do that, kids. Can we pray?


E-97 What is it? What is it, brethren? It's a bunch of nonsense. God has to have some standard. If I had to join a church, which one would I join? There's only one, and you don't join that. I've been in the Branham family fifty-four years and I never did join the family. I was borned a Branham. I'm a Branham because my father's a Branham. And I'm a Christian because my Fathers a--is God. Amen. We're Christians upon that basis. We are Christians. We're borned of His Spirit.

And the Spirit of my Father in me, I have the attributes of God in me, and they display theirself like they did in His Son Jesus Christ. There you are. "Upon this rock I build My church. Not by... Flesh and blood, hasn't revealed it to you, but My Father which is in heaven has revealed it." Upon this rock I build My church.


209 O God, it's Your Word. Make It manifest tonight. You are the Word. And let the Words that You have promised be spoken tonight, Lord, and may the sign that the Messiah is on the earth, and we're at the end time... As the wise men saw the three stars line up to be one; and as we see today, Lord, the three attributes of God has finally come into the channel, we know they're one. And we see all these great signs upon the earth that's appearing, and the identification of the Son of God, dealing in the flesh of His Church, to carry on His work. God, may human hearts quiver. May sinners quake. And may there be a repentance, and may there be a--such a healing tonight of both soul and body, that men and women everywhere will come out from unbelief, separate themselves, and believe on the living God.


17 All of His compound redemptive names was represented in Jesus Christ, and there's where they were brought out and magnified what God was. Where the great attributes of God before He even was God, before there was... God's an object of worship. Before He ever become that, He was still God. He's Eternal, and these attributes was in Him. And they just display themselves, as being a Father, and the Son, and--and a Saviour, and a Healer. That's just God's attributes displaying themselves. So we're grateful that we have the privilege of enjoying this fine time of fellowship and the assurance of our salvation, through the attributes of God, Who is the Saviour. May His Name be praised.


21-5 Jesus claimed that He done nothing until the Father showed Him, and the Father is the Holy Spirit; we realize that. It's just an office of God. If it isn't, then which one of them is the Father of Jesus Christ? Jesus said God was His Father, and the Bible said the Holy Ghost was His Father. Now, you can't make Him be an illegitimate child; so the Holy Ghost is God. So is Jesus God. So God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is just a... That's three offices of one God. It's three attributes; the same God. You're a part of God, and I'm a part of God; but I'm not all of God, and neither are you all of God. See, see? It's attributes of God upon us, as sons adopted by Jesus Christ, which God Himself become flesh to die for us.


58 But see, all that is, it's displaying, showing by type like the whole Bible, God coming together with a redeemed wife, a bride, that God had in His mind before the foundation of the world, that was the attributes of God being displayed. And now, to make a Character that could redeem this woman, it had to be something greater than her to redeem her. And did you ever notice... I--I... This may be...

Now, as some of my Arminian brothers are of doctrine, or that is legalists, would disagree, just let me... Just--just pardon me for a minute; I might project this.


73 Now, we find out that in the great turmoil of the day, the people, about understanding God, God in three persons. God, it's three attributes of God, like three offices: God above us in the Holy Spirit up there in a Pillar of Fire; God made flesh and dwelled among us, a Man that we could touch and handle; now God's in the church: God above you, God with you, God in you (See?), the same God in three different manifestations, but the same God all the time.


15 This, just the display, now it shows what's being done. Like God becoming God when He created Angels. He become Son when He created Christ Jesus. He become Saviour when Jesus died. He becomes Healer when "He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we were healed." See?

All these things are attributes of God, just so that in the--the end, the Bible said, Jesus said, "You will know that I am in the Father, the Father in Me; I in you, and you in Me. It's God becoming tangible. Your own wife, you and your husband, is just a shadow, a negative of God and His Wife, the Church. See, it's just God's attribute being displayed in shadows and types, like the Old Testament was to the New. See? Then in the end, it's all winds up, God tangible. God in Christ, tangible, made flesh, dwelled among us. And in that great Millennium to come, God in the form of Christ, sets upon the throne of David; and the Church, His Bride, Husband and Wife together...

Why, it's the most... It's enough to set the heart of a believer on fire in these great hours that we're living, when all hopes, and nations, and everything else is crumbling on us--under us, we've got a Kingdom. We are baptized into this Kingdom.


E-75 Now, what did the Bible say? Let me read it again. A strange thing, it just fell open to the place. I believe the Lord wants us to read that again. See?

Afterwards He appeared unto the eleven...

He did us the same way this afternoon; He's here. How many believes that Christ and the Holy Ghost is--that the Spirit of Christ is the Holy Ghost? Of course it is. There's no three or four gods. There's only one God. There's three attributes of God: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, but they're not three gods. That's heathen. See, there's only one God, and that's attributes. God, the Father, was in the wilderness as a Pillar of Fire. All right. God, the Son... God, the Father, created a body which was God, the Son, and lived in the Son. See? God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. You believe that? If you're a Christian you believe it.


24-7 Oh, make known by His prophets all of His manifestations, because it's His attributes of His thoughts expressed. Now, here it was in this little woman; she was one of His attributes. See?

And there was a priest representing the Light: he had learned it from the Bible; he had learned that God was God; he had learned that holiness was right; he was learned that there was a law of God; he'd learned it because of intellectual conception. And he was born of the right lineage: he was a Levite; but he only knowed it by intellectual conception. And when the Light of the hour... See, he learned it by what had happened; not what was happening, what had happened. And when he found what was happening, his denomination said nothing about it; therefore, he had no representation of it. But here was a Redeemer on earth at that time to redeem those attributes of God, and she received it.


76-4 Now, put your hands on one another and you are this part of Christ. You pray for the person you got your hands on, just the way you want to.

Lord Jesus, we recognize You here; You're our King. You identify Yourself among us. We thank You for this Presence. And Lord, You said, "If you say to this mountain 'Be moved,' don't doubt it, believe what you said will come to pass, you can have it. You can have what you said." Then in obedience to this commandment, in obedience to the Word of God Which cannot fail, we as Your delegates from fifteen hundred miles square, like the City, we say to Satan, the defeated devil, "Your end is to be burned. We are the delegation from the City that's foursquare, the City where the Lamb is the Light. We are the expressed attributes of God Almighty, who Jesus Christ has redeemed by His grace." Satan, come out and leave every sick person that's in here in the Name of Jesus Christ. Holy hands that's been redeemed, because they believe the Word and are attributes of God's thoughts, now, them hands is upon each other. You cannot hold them any longer. Come out, in the Name of Jesus Christ.


33 It's an old familiar text that many of your pastors has used down through your time. It's been used since It was written. But yet, one thing about the Word of God, It never grows old, because It's God. It never grows old. Through every generation now for pretty near, about twenty-eight hundred years or better, this Word of God has been read by men, priests, and so forth, and never does It grow old. I've been reading It myself for some thirty-five years. And each time I read It, I find something new that I looked over the first time. Because It is inspired. It is God in letter form. See, It's the attributes of God speaking fore--forth and is placed on paper.


33 It's an old familiar text that many of your pastors has used down through your time. It's been used since It was written. But yet, one thing about the Word of God, It never grows old, because It's God. It never grows old. Through every generation now for pretty near, about twenty-eight hundred years or better, this Word of God has been read by men, priests, and so forth, and never does It grow old. I've been reading It myself for some thirty-five years. And each time I read It, I find something new that I looked over the first time. Because It is inspired. It is God in letter form. See, It's the attributes of God speaking fore--forth and is placed on paper.


32a Now, then if it was, Jesus was the Fullness of God manifested. He was the Fullness of the Godhead bodily; therefore, when He came to the earth and was manifested in flesh, you were here in Him then, because He was the Word.

In the beginning was the Word,... the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

And the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us,...

The Word was made flesh; therefore, you walked with Him, when... You were in Him when He was on earth. You suffered with Him, and you died with Him; you was buried with Him, and now you're risen with Him and manifested attributes of God, setting in heavenly places, already raised, resurrected to new life and setting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Oh, that means so much nowdays, church. That means so much to us to see ourself positionally placed in Jesus Christ.

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