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FUNDAMENTAL.FOUNDATION.FOR.FAITH_ CHICAGO.IL THURSDAY_ 55-0113, E-45 Jesus had some power; let's just say it that way. Jesus, this--the Redeemer to redeem us back to what we was before Adam's transgression... When He was here on earth as an example Son of God from the first indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


What's your body made out of? Potash, calcium, a little petroleum, cosmic light, atoms. Well, God just gathered them together, and (Whew) blowed in them and that was it. That was all of it. There you were (see?), and you just turned back to what you was before you was in form like you are now, till the resurrection's just calling back, and then He give you a beautiful thing, some of you that's getting old like I am. See?


E-27 You take violets and cross breed them, and let them alone, they'll go back to their original violet. And you know, some of you stock raisers, you breed a mare to--to a mule; a mule can't breed back again; has to go back to its original again. That's the way it'll be in the resurrection, we'll go back to the original, go back to what man was when God made him in His image in the garden of Eden. He will be a man; she'll be a woman. And she won't need Max Factors to make her look pretty; she'll be pretty to begin with.


E-66 I hope I'm not fanatically, but it just seems to me now, just like I go into my room, pull the door together, enter into a secret closet and close the door. I just close off all the audience from around now. See? "And pray to your Father, Who seeth in secret, and He that seeth in secret shall reward you openly. Ask and it shall be given; seek, ye shall find; knock and it'll be open. For every one that seeth findeth." Imagine Him here now, that you see on the picture there, the Light, the Halo. It isn't far. It's the discerner of the thoughts. It's Christ. "A little while... I come from God, and I will return to God." He did, went right back to what He was. When He comes again, He will be in a corporal body, like He was the Lord Jesus.


14-8 Now, there's where we lose our position. If we don't watch, we try to look back to what we was; and as long as we look back to what we was, the sacrifice means nothing to us. Oh, can't you see it, church? I would no... I would not try the job; I can't, and neither can you. There's no need of trying. You're lost to begin with, as long as you look to what you've done. But don't look to what you've done, look what that day on Calvary did to you.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 23-2 So we're all condemned by human beings under representation. Adam represented us before God as sinners, unbelievers in His Word. We're carried on that base, unbelievers of His Word.

"Oh, God said so, but I--I know God's a good God. He won't do that."

I hear so much of that. God is a good God, but God is a God of judgment. God is a God of holiness. God is a God of--of righteousness. God is a God of anger. We'll stand before Him when He's angry. The Bible said so. And His very Presence will be a consuming fire. That's right. Don't try to judge God by our own feeling. We got to judge God by His Word, what He said. Don't go off on what some tantrum, "This is a great church. It's weathered a lot of storms, and this is that." Come back to what God said.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 25-5 Oh God, if people could only see that, if I could only pound that into the people. Jesus died that He might take people away from this hybrid church stuff, that He might bring your minds and faith away from what man has said, back to what God said, not a hybrid faith: "Well, maybe the days of miracles is past. Maybe that won't happen."


SEVENTY.WEEKS.OF.DANIEL_ JEFF.IN DA 89-141 SUNDAY_ 61-0806, 224 Back to the Message. Back to the beginning. Back to what Paul taught. Back to the baptism he baptized with. He seen people baptized the other way; he told them to come be baptized over again. He said if a Angel come from heaven preached anything else, let him be accursed. So it's back to the Message again, friends. It's evening time.


31-3 They thought because they had an alliance... Now, here we'll get in just a moment on the governmental affairs. Our nation has turned down the Word of God just like Israel did. They turned down the Word of God, and their people, their priests, and prophets, and so forth are prophesying good to them, and they... What can we do but prophesy wrong, because it's contrary to the Word. She's doomed, our great, beloved nation based upon the--our--experience of our forefathers, then get back to what they had. That's right.


E-41 "Oh, you say, "I went down there, and there's a lot of power. Brother, the whole floor was dancing in the Spirit," and not enough faith to heal a toothache. You call that power? That's not power. That's blessings. There's a lot of difference between blessings and power. God makes His blessings upon the righteous and unrighteous. The sun shines and... See? We got to get back to truth, friends. We got to come back to what God means. What He says, He means. See? And He refused their... Once hid His face from their prayers...


Now, watch, my brethren. Be careful there. Because, no matter how much God has filled you with His Spirit, and how much that you have done, and how well that you been blessed, you stay with the calling of God. Don't get off on some traditions, and organizational schemes, and so forth. You better come back to the path, better come back to what God laid down at the beginning.


E-62 Like they say today... I know; I heard a minister awhile ago read Acts 2:38. But he missed out. Then He said, "And Peter said that they must be baptized and then--then they would receive the Holy Ghost," failed to read the rest of it. Why? See, organizations fought the very thing. Now, you get the idea? See, why do you do that? What makes you bypass those things? If the Bible says that, read It right down the way It says it, and say the same thing the Bible says. That's when you've got your focus back right. See? Come back to what the Word says. Now, we find out that the... You get your... You're--you're out of focus there.


20-3 Now, you realize that any of these places here you could take a text, and it's just hard for a preacher to hold his peace. He look like he want to keep going with it, but you got to get back to what we're teaching on.

He is the principle theme of the Bible. He was in the prophets; He was in the Psalms; He was in the history of the Bible. The Bible is a prophetic Book; It's a historical Book; It's a Book of love. It's a Book of--of songs; It's a Book of Life, and in there you find Christ. He was in the prophets; He was in the Psalms; He was in the history; and He also in the Bible is the things that is to come. So He was before and for after. What does that make Him then? The same yesterday, today, and forever.


116, You know it's promised to come again in the last days? That's right. Gather the people again and attract their attention, their hearts back to the fathers, beginning. Take all these here creeds and things, and get rid of it, and go back to what the Bible said, back to the faith of the fathers, vindicating God promised to do.


E-50 You can't see these things without... I don't know what you think about them. I'm only responsible for reading them and talking about it. It's up to you. If you can believe the sign, then believe the voice that follows the sign. Oh, my.

Look, Moses, the type of going out now. He was to tell those people about a promise that had been given to the fathers. "I remember My promise to their fathers." And now, what--what's Moses to do? To turn the hearts of the people back to what the fathers had said. And as Moses was then, so is Malachi 4 to turn the people back to the faith of the fathers. All these scruples of denominations, and so forth, get back to the Word.


Now it is not hard to stand up and keep true to a creed. It is easy, for the devil is right behind all that. But it is something else to be true to God's Word and go back to what the Word originally produced after Pentecost.


"He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches of each age." In every age it was the same cry. Hear what the Spirit says. If you are a Christian, you will get back to what the Spirit is teaching, that is, the Word of this age. Every messenger to every age will preach that Word. Every fresh and true revival will be because men have gotten back to the Word for their age. The cry of every age is the rebuke, "You have left the Word of God. Repent, and come back to the Word." From the first book in the Bible (Genesis) to the last book (Revelation) there is only one reason for God's displeasure--leaving the Word; and there is only one remedy to regain His favor--back to the Word.


Now then, the record of this wheat plant whose end is to reproduce the original seed in multiplied form is THE BOOK OF LIFE. I repeat: the history or record of this wheat plant is the Book of Life of which a part of the Book of Life is the RECORD OF ETERNAL LIFE. (A section of the Book of Life). This is convincingly seen by examining the wheat plant. A bare seed is sown. Soon a blade is seen. But that is not the wheat yet. Then it grows into a stalk. This is not yet wheat. Life is there, but not the wheat. Then at the end of the stalk is a little spike that sends out a tassel. Still a wheat plant but no wheat yet. Then the plant is pollenized, and we see the chaff grow. This looks mighty like the wheat but it is not yet seed. Then forms the wheat in the husk. It is now back to what it was originally. Now the ripened wheat is harvested.

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