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Baguio City is known worldwide to be the summer capital of the Philippines because of it's fair and cold weather. Our church is located at this city located at the peak of the mountains of Northern Luzon connecting the Sierra Madre mountains.

God in his foreknowledge saw that there will be some predistinated seeds that will respond to the End Time Message Gospel of this generation and so he placed in our hearts the burden to start the work of evangelization many years ago. The ministry was pioneered mainly by Bro. Enrico "Henry" Rance and Bro.Danner Bulalin in 1987. With the support of some brethren who backed us up through prayers and love offerings, the work here was established with about 70 believers attending regularly.

Though financially bereft, the growth of our church was not hindered by any of these constraints. By reaching out to more souls outside the city proper, by the grace of God, we are able to establish four new different churches at different regions in the north. We are also associated with different message churches. We help them out in their ministry through the gift that God has given us by means of singing and preaching. Brother Danner has formed a group of young people that has that gift of singing and playing of musical instruments and use these believers for the ministry. Brother Danner believes that young people ought to use their talents before the devil gets them and pervert these God-given talents fro worldly use.

Brother Danner constantly encourage pastors to send their young people on the field to surrender their talents for the use of propagating the work of the mininstry. Most young people discover their talents and find themselves enjoying in serving God as time goes on.


Brother Danner is able to produce two singing tape albums. The first carrier album has a carrier title "Renegade Preacher" while the second one is titled "Hillbilly from Kentucky". His second album were mostly written and composed by Bro. Danner himself. They are available now in cassette tapes and CD's for anyone to listen and to place an order. They were written and English and has a western country style. Every purchase of these tapes means a lot to their ministry for a portion of their sales goes to supporting the minsitry funds and campaigns. They consider it as a love offering for anyone who is able to buy these music.


Bro. Danner Bulalin is a native from the mountainous regions of the northern part of Luzon, the largest Island of the Philippines. He is married to Sis. Hayde Bulalin and they have children of two Boys - Zoe, the eldest (8 yrs.old) and Michael, the youngest (5 years old).


We believe in the Bible as the infallible Word of God. And we believe in an endtime prophet that God sent to restore the faith of the believers back to the apostolic fathers. For more information concerning God's messenger William Marrion Branham and about the marvelous light from the message for this end time, e-mail us at this addres or or visit us and have fellowship with us,
or visit our Philippine Bride of Christ Site. Thank you for your visit!

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