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"I didn't know I was going to be here tonight...I haven't been feeling good in my body, but because of Calvary," said Billy...

Billy prays, "Lord, I count it an honor to stand before this portion of the Bride of Christ tonight, to greet them, to speak to them, to testify to them, for the things I've seen and heard. Father, I know that this meeting is ordained of you, and I know Lord, that you're going to do great and mighty works."...

"As you lead, so we will do. And I know that you're here. I feel you. Lord, I know you're here! Your Word said you'd be here.

Father, I thank you for it. Bless us and be with us now, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

"I'm not a minister, but I have a testimony," said Billy. Bro. Branham said, "A Christian prays and reads his Bible every day." "How many prayed today? How many read your Bible today?" asked Billy Paul...Billy reads:



To him that rideth upon the heavens of heavens, [which were] of old; lo, he doth send out his voice, [and that] a mighty voice.

Bro. Branham said, "He will speak out." (He's talking about Mal. 4). "He will speak out, and those who receive that prophet in his own name will receive the beneficent effect of that prophet's ministry. And they that hear him will be blessed and become part of that bride of the last day who are mentioned in Revelation 22:17."

...Bro.Branham said, "And here's a point that I want to drive home. May the Holy Spirit take it to every heart of you believers. Just because you are a believer... Certainly you have Everlasting Life. God said so. But would you want to just get in as Job said, `by the skin of your teeth?' Would you just want to come before the Father and THE TALENT THAT HE'S GIVE EVERY ONE OF YOU, AS BEING NEGLIGENT, YOU JUST DIDN'T USE IT, or you let something else stand in your way? You let little PETTY THINGS that meant nothing to you, after all little FUSSES, and STEWS, and ARGUMENTS and CHURCH DIFFERENCES take the MEEKNESS and GENTLENESS from your life. Would you want to stand before the Father like that? I don't believe you would. I don't believe that you would do it, neither would I."

"How I want Him to say, 'It was well done.' Not by the skin of my teeth, but, 'It was well done, My good and faithful servant. Enter into the joys of the Lord, for you did well with what you had to do.'"

Billy Paul said, "I like the way you worship the Lord, in the freedom of the Spirit. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."..."We have something to be happy about. We're the Bride of Jesus Christ."...

"They'll become part of that Word, Rev. 22:17. That's who we are tonight," said Billy Paul...

Billy testifying, "I was coming down here. I got into a little situation. Don't ever fly with me, because it's going to be a shaky experience to be on my plane that I'm in. So, I got to Atlanta. So, I got to the airport and they didn't have no seat assigned."

And I said, "Lord, I know that you want me to go." And I get in there and I said, "How come I don't have any seat assigned?"

"Oh, we just didn't assign. You'll pick it up in Atlanta," he said.

I got in Atlanta. I stood in line, and got up there and took my ticket out, and the lady said, "You don't have a seat?"

"No," I said, "Give me an isle seat."

She said, "O.K." She said, "We don't have an isle seat."

I said, "Give me a window."

She said, "We don't have no window."

I said, "Give me a middle seat."

She said, "Sir, I gotta be honest with you."

I said, "Yes, mam."

She said, "We're 36 seats over booked."

"I know why I didn't get no seat assignment," thought Billy.

She said, "Sir, you're way down on the list." She said, "I doubt you're going to go. I doubt if you're going to Jacksonville today."

"Yes, mam, I'm going to Jacksonville," said Billy.

And she said, "Well, I don't know sir. I'll have to keep your ticket, and we'll put you on 'stand by.'"

"No, I don't want to be on 'stand-by,' I want to be on 'confirmed,'" said, Billy.

"I know you're on 'confirmed,' but we over sold you. It's not your fault, but we're not going to have those people get off that airplane," she said.

Billy said, "I'm still going to Jacksonville."

So that went on. Thirty minutes passed by. They got on the announcement, he said, "Everybody in first class."

"I wasn't in first class," said Billy.

"Everybody in first class, that's got any tickets, that want to give up you seat," he announced.

Fifteen minutes came by and he said, "We've got one ticket open in first class."

So any way, this went on for a little bit. Then he started down through, calling off names. They called off about three names.

The flight was already five minutes late. I go up to the counter and I looked and my name was that far down the list.

I heard a little phone ringing and they picked up a little red phone and he said, "I'll get the plane off as soon as I can."

And she said, "We've got thirty something people."

He said, "We are just about filled up in here."

So they kept calling out a couple more names and I think I was about twelve or fourteen to go before it was my name.

I said, "Lord, if you want me to go, open up the gate." I said, "Lord, I'm writing my check. I write my check. I need a seat to go to Jacksonville, now!"

People were getting madder by the minute. "I was trying to be a Christian," said Billy Paul. "I didn't say I was. I was trying to be."..."My faith was beginning to weaken a bit."

Then they just turned around out of a clear blue sky and he said, "Billy Branham."

I said, "Right here." That's not all of the story.

He said, "Give me your ticket. I believe I can get you on there. There's one more seat left and we ain't got time to go through everybody's name."...

I said, "I don't have my ticket. That lady over there took it."

He said, "I ain't got time, the planes pulling out now. If you want to go, go get on it."

Billy said, "I don't have no ticket."

And I don't think, she's a Christian. She says, "Where's your ticket?"

I said, "I ain't got none. It's up at the counter."

She said, "You've got to have it."

I said, "That man, told me to get on that plane! I'll see you later."

So down the ramp I went. I knew she's going to be coming after me...

She said, "Where you setting?"

I said, "The only seat I can find."

She said, "That guy in first class didn't show."

My God. My God. My God. My, God, He can do anything!



So I've been making my prayer grounds up around Mount Rainier, up here, going back into the bush. And there's something about getting out where nature is, you find God. Just--just get alone by yourself. And I had little Joseph with me, my little boy, and something said, "Pull off the the side of the road here and stop, because it's a... Why don't you let the little boy watch the fisherman?" Well, they fished for about ten minutes and left, so Joseph, I was setting there. Well, I thought, "Well, we'll drive on up then to the prayer grounds, and then I'll let Joseph play around while I read and pray, then we'll come back down." I eat that, once a day, so...

Something wouldn't let me go. And I thought, "Well, Joseph, I got a rag beneath the seat, let's just wash the--the mats in the church's car. I'm driving their car." So I thought, "I'd just want to take care of it." And I... Washing the floor mats, and I thought, "That's fine."

And I had the door open. Joseph, he was doing his on the wheel down there, you know, that little fellow kindy entertaining hisself. And all at once, a car stopped, started backing up. Someone thought that somebody in need. And then, when I come to find out, in this car was a woman dying with cancer, a minister's wife. And they had led very strangely. They had went to the place where I stay, and I was gone. They left a handkerchief to be prayed for, and started over another pass that they was supposed to go, and something told them, "Turn and go back."

And they went around this a way, was going down, said, "Isn't this strange why we would be coming this a way?" And just then, said, "Wonder if them people's--something's wrong with them, there in the car?"

And at the same time, I was on the inside of the car, head down, scrubbing up-and-down, like that. And I was going to leave within a couple of more minutes; I'd been pulling on out to the prayer place, and there laid a woman in the back of the car, dying with cancer. How God poured His Spirit out in there.

Isn't it wonderful how He works, how mysteriously He will lead us from place to place, just make every corner meet just as... it... That's just not coincidental; that's spiritually led. You believe that, don't you? Sons and daughters of God are led by the Spirit of God.


"Like I said, don't ever fly with me. If anything happens, it happens when I'm on the plane," said, Billy Paul.

But before the Lord, I've never seen such a storm in my life.

The storm come up and I've never been so scared in my life. There was two pilots there...They literally stood up in the isles and was looking out at the storm, and that planes was going in any direction you could think of...My heart was going bump, bump, bump. The storm kept on and on and on. I was trying to smile.

The pilot said, "I'm sorry, we can't land in Greenville." ...Anyways, we left Charlotte and he said, "We can't land, it's just too severe" He said, "We are going to circle for a little bit." The more we circled, the worst it got.

Then he come back in. He said, "We don't have enough gas to get back"..."So what we're going to do is circle one more time, then we're going to try to make it to Atlanta."

"I didn't want to go to Atlanta. I had a service in Greenville, in Anderson," thought Billy Paul.

The pilot come back in, put that plane down through that storm and landed. When I got off the plane, the people stood and applauded...Not a person left that plane until the pilot got off...We got off that plane...

The next day, I was scared to death. I said, "I'm walking home!"

The next day, they come to pick me up. I don't mean this jokingly...And the Pastor there, he come to pick me up the next morning at the motel. And when he did, his Mother-in-law was in the back. Bless her heart, I don't believe she had a tooth in her head. She said, "How do you do ya?" She said, "Are you Billy Paul?"

I said, "Yes, mam."

She said, "I live up in a."...She said, "I'm brother so and so's Mother-in-law. I heard you were going to be here, and I wanted to see ya."

I said, "Thank you, sister."

And she says, "Can I ask you a question?'

"Why sure," said Billy.

She said, "Was you in that storm?'

I said, "Yes, sir."...

She said, "I never saw such a storm!"...She said, "Honey, I never saw nothing like that! And the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and said, 'My Prophet's son is on that plane.'" She said, "I went to my knees and asked God to deliver you safe."

That's why I like to testify. MY GOD CAN DO ANYTHING!




I see something I don't like. They like to get together and argue.

I don't know whether Becky is here or not. I'm sure she is. But Becky said, and I and Joe, man, we'd get in a fight in the house. Man, it wasn't peaceful!

We'd come and say, "Daddy, Becky done that, man, she. Sarah bit him again! Joe, daddy, ooh." You know how it is.

Daddy'd say, "What trouble?" He wouldn't say, "Billy, you're right. Sarah, you're right. Becky, you're right."

He'd say, "Let's go in the living room. Let's gather round the foot stool. Let's lay our hands on one another and daddy's going to pray for you."

It didn't make any difference who was right. That's what it took was that PERFECT LOVE. It's all simplicity.



Just like all of you. Joe, he's not here...He come in one day, next door. He came in, and the lady next door just wasn't a Christian...

She was mad! She wasn't upset, she was mad! She says, "Mrs. Branham, is Rev. Branham here?"

She says, "Yeah, he's back in the study."

She said, "Would you get him please?"

So she said, "Sure, so come on."

"Hi Mrs. May," said Bro. Branham.

"Hi, Bro. Branham. Bro. Branham, I want to ask you a question."

He said, "Sure."

She said, "Did you call me a witch?"

Daddy said, "Excuse me."

She said, "Did you call me a witch?"

He said, "Absolutely not, Mrs. May."

She said, "Joe said you did."

Daddy said, "My little Joseph said I called you a witch?"

She said, "He did!"

He said, "Mom, go get him."

So she got Joseph and brought him in.

Daddy said, "Now you tell Mrs. May, or Mrs. May, you tell what he said."

She said, "Joseph, you was over the other day, and you said, my daddy, your daddy called me a witch."

He said, "You did!"

Daddy said, "Joseph, aren't you ashamed. You know I never done such a thing like that."

He said, "When you was preaching Sunday, you said that a woman that dressed like that, and acted like that was nothing but a witch!"

He said, "Yes, mam, Mrs. May, I said that!"

So you see, we was all just like you.


But my dad told me, said, "I want you to work with me."

I started traveling with my dad when I was fourteen years old, but before that time, I was about nine years old.

I know you've heard this testimony, but every time I give it, somebody always meets me at the door and says, "Would you tell it again?" So, I'm happy to tell it again.

We was staying at a little cheap hotel in Vandalia, IL. Daddy had a tent, and he was going there. I had a little old apron on, worked with Donny, his brother. We used to sell threee little books called, of, "Jesus Christ, the Same Yesterday To Day and For Ever," "I Was Not Disobedient to the Heavenly Vision," and, "Divine Healing in the Branham Campaigns."

And I took that nail apron on, them dimes and quarters, and I thought I was something. And, I'd go down through that tent and sell them.

My uncle, Donny, he'd always tell me about the angel of the Lord. Then, one night, in this hotel room, wasn't even, didn't have a bath room in it. Just had a little wash basin over in the corner. The bath room was way down the end of the hall. Donny was laying here, and I was laying here, and my daddy was here.

Daddy woke me up about two o'clock in the morning. He had a pillow across my face. He said, "Billy."

I said, "Yes, sir."

He said, "You know that angel that daddy talks about?"

I said, "Yeah."

He said, "He visited me last night. He told me some things that's going to happen. I asked him, 'Before you leave, sir, could I wake my brother and my son and let them see you?'"

He said, "The angel said, 'You can wake Billy.'"

("That don't make me nothing, or anybody else, but what a privilege!" said Billy Paul).

Bro. Branham said, "You know where the wash basin is over in the room?"

I said, "Yes, sir."

He said, "Daddy takee the cover from your eyes," he said, "you look over that room, on that corner," he said, "that angel will be standing there."

Billy Paul Said, "I'm a witness to you tonight, in Arizona, again, when he took that pillow from my eyes, over in that corner stood a man. I thought it'd be something flying, I don't know. There in that corner stood a man with his arms folded, dressed in white, hair down to his shoulders, dark complexion."

"It scared me to death," Bro. Werts. "I grabbed ahold of my daddy. I'd never forget this."

He said, "Billy, he won't hurt you. He's sent from the presence of Almighty God."

He stood there in that thing...And he went from that image to like a midst, a light, and went out of the room. And a rainbow come in and hung in that room for hours.

I asked daddy, "Why did that happen?"

He said, "Because God called you to work with me, Billy."

Billy said, "It doesn't make me no great man, but what a privilege! I don't care whether I was in Africa, India, no matter where I was, I could tell when an angel was near. When all you've got to do is humble yourself. Humble yourself. Speak about our Lord Jesus and He'll come near. For He's the same, yesterday to day and for ever."


God so loved this Prophet, that He spoke about him in this Word. He spoke of him at his birth. He loved him so much, He had His picture taken with him.

He loved him so much, that when he was baptizing the 17th. person on the Ohio River, He said, "As John the Baptist was sent to fore run my first coming, you will fore run my 2nd. coming."

He met him in a cave. He loved him so much He said, "If you can get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayers. You'll pray for kings, monarks and potentates."

...God loved him so much that he wrote his name on a mountain, put his face on a rock, put his Word in your heart.

Can you look beyond the curtain of time? "All that you love and that loved you, God has given you."...

Man loved him so much...That he said, "Just let me touch is clothes, and I'll be healed!"


Billy Paul said, "He lost his suitcase one time," Bro. Pearry, "down in Shreveport."

I said, "What if we don't find it?"

They said, "If drunks find it, you ain't going to get it back."

He said, "Yeah, I will, because I only got one suit."

They said, "If other people find it, they'll sell it."

They said, "If Christians find it, they'll cut it up and make prayer cloths out of it."

He said, "But God's got a suit."

And the next day, here come a man and said, "I found your

suit case Bro. Branham, and I'm bringing it back to you."

Why? Because God called a Prophet to bring us the Word.



I said, "God loved him so much and men loved him so much. Man loved him so much that a little blind with, with Memphis. When she's standing there, couldn't see to find her daddy. He walked up to her and says. You know the story.

He says, "Do you believe?"

She said, "I do."

He said, "Do you think that's real?"

She said, "Sure it's real," she said, "I lost my daddy, and I've been here for days, and can't find him."

Bro. Branham said, "Do you really believe that man, if he prayed for you?"

She said, "Sir, I tell you what," she said, "you're a white man ain't you?"

Daddy said, "Yeah."

She said, "I'm a black one," she said, "but, if you'll just get me to where he is, you don't have to worry about finding no bus. I'll find my daddy and the bus."

Daddy said, "Maybe, I'm the one you're looking for?"

She said, "Oh, don't pass me by."

Daddy said, "Jesus heal them eyes."

Them eyes, while she's moving said. "Is them lights?"

She was healed because God sent a humble Prophet. God keeps His promise.



A woman come to him one time. She says, "Can I see your daddy?"

I said, "Sister, he's not here."

She said, "I'm dying." She said, "That's O.K."

She says, "Can you take me to his church?"

I said, "Sure."

She said, "If you just let me walk and put my foot where he walked, I'll be healed!"


"Healings, I could tell you all night," said Billy Paul. "I seen. I seen people with goiters like this, stick out like that. Hung, you seen them in the early days, I know, Bro. McHughes. Hung like that!"

Daddy just lay his hand on them, said, "Jesus, you sent me to pray for them. Swallow, sister."

I seen cancers like that, hanging on people's face. He'd walk up, like Bro. McConda, and touch them like that, and they'd fall off, and roll on the floor.

You're sent to pray for sick people...

Listen careful, "The angel said, if you can get the people to believe...Get the people to believe YOU! Nothing will stand before your prayer, not even cancer."

But they had to believe him first. You've got to believe this first...


I told some one the other day. I said. I won't get into that. I said, "I've seen legs that would be, used to having those little old shoes on. I don't know if they still make them or not, them old wooden shoes, about that tall. People's legs be that much shorter than the other."

He'd just reach up, pray for them, put a little chair out there. He'd take one leg, and hold it out, and this other leg would be that much shorter. He just walked up. He just take that leg, and he'd take that leg, and he'd hold it out, pulled this leg back up.

He'd take this leg, like this here, and he's say, "Do you believe?"

Said, "Yes."

"In the name of Jesus, let this leg come forth."

Them legs would be perfect!


I've seen him bring little crossed-eyed babies to the platform...I always watched daddy. I don't know if I ever told this or not, but I just feel I'm going to tell it tonight.

I've seen him put his hands like this when he prayed for that child. Then he'd take his hands and say, "Be well, in Jesus Name."

I said, "Daddy, I noticed you crossing your hands when you pray for cross-eyed children." I said, "Why do you do that?"

He said, "I'm glad you're observant, Billy." He said, "When your little sister was dying. Her little eyes crossed. I couldn't stand that Paul."

He said, "But he told me, "If I get the people to believe me, nothing will stand before my prayer." He said, "When I cross my arms, that represents the crossed-eyes." "And," he said, "when I uncross them, their eyes come open."





And I remember a lovely little boy was born into our home. I call him Billy Paul. I want him to be with me in the next meetings at Carlsbad, as soon as I leave Arkansas here. And so, he's fourteen years old now.


I wanted to call her a Bible name. I called my little boy Billy Paul after me and after Saint Paul.

E-17 AT.THY.WORD LA.CA 51-0506

Has anybody found out where the boy is at yet? We have to kinda put a bell around him, won't we? Whew. Did someone wake him up? His face turning red now, he--he's an Irishman too, although his mother was a German.

His... He was borned on Friday the thirteenth at three o'clock in the evening. We was going to call him jinx. But I... We don't believe in that, do we, son. No, we... His mother was a German, and I was Irish, so instead, we call him Hiney Michaels. But God had us to call him Billy Paul from his father and the great Saint Paul the Apostle.


I remember the first time that I went then... We were real happy, she was working at a shirt factory, and we were trying to get enough money together to get us some furniture. And we'd been married, oh, several months. After about a year, little Billy Paul come on the scene. Oh, she almost died. And how I walked up-and-down the floors when the little fellow was being borned. And just as soon as he was born, I heard him cry, and I screamed; I said, "Thank You, Lord, it's a boy, and his name shall be called Billy Paul."


All right, Billy Paul, I don't... You know him, of course, my boy. Where you at, Billy? He's around here somewhere. He has that hard job of giving out prayer cards. We've had... That's the hardest job there is at campaign, caused three or four different men to have breakdowns. And then Billy's trying to take that place. Just as a lad in his sixteen years, but kind of a hard work for him, but he returns back from Africa, if the good Lord willing, with me, and he enters Bob Jones College then to finish his education, whatever God has chose for him to do in life's journey. I hope that God gives him a calling then.


So I remember then very well, we went ahead. And after while, God gave us one of the greatest little gifts about a year after we were married. My, poor little boy, which is standing in the back of the building now, he--little Billy Paul, he came into the world.


Well, I went into the room. And we all went into different room. I went to my room to pray. Billy, my boy, back there, was sleeping with me. We had a couple little beds, off one side. Brother Jackson, I guess you stayed at Brother Faree's knowed where the beds are; sets next out by the road.

And Billy and I went in. We went to praying. When we went in, Billy, my boy, put his hand on my shoulder. He said, "Daddy, don't you listen to that bunch of preachers. You listen to what God is telling you, and not that bunch of preachers." If I ever got wisdom from my son, was then, or...?... That's right.


Well, I went in to pray. And Billy Paul went in with me, my boy, the little fellow that gives out the prayer cards here. And when we went in the room, I shall never forget. He put his arm around me, as we walked in the door, said, "Daddy, you listen to God. Don't you listen to them preachers out there." Said, "I'm with you." Said, "If we have to swim home." See? Said, "I will stay right with you, daddy. You better listen to God."

It might have been a million times better off if I'd have listen to the boy, too. Now, I say that with respect. He's just a kid, but he's certainly... God was with him.

4 GOD'S.WAY.MADE.FOR.US JEFF.IN V-25 N-3 52-0900

Thank You, Lord, for Billy Paul tonight, my poor, little, motherless boy, tossed about. Thank you, Lord, for giving him the Holy Spirit as the assurance now, some glorious day we'll see mommy again, all things will be all right. O God, let the Angels let her know today. She cried so at her death, that, "Serve God... someday Billy Paul would be a man and receive the Holy Ghost." Prayers are answered. God, bless the boy now. May he follow along in the footsteps of the Master. How his little voice was trembling when he said, "Daddy, I've just received the Holy Ghost. I'm so happy."


240 GOD'S.WAY.MADE.FOR.US JEFF.IN V-25 N-3 52-0900

I remember poor little Billy Paul, that You filled with the Holy Ghost a few hours ago, coming down to her grave there that morning, to put an Easter flower on it, and he started crying; I put my arm around the little fellow and said, "God has provided a Lamb, a sin offering. Someday this little grave will open; mommy will come out; so will little sister. God has a provided Lamb."


She said, "Bill, it's the most glorious thing in the world to die with the baptism of the Holy Ghost." She said, "I don't mind." Said, "I hate to leave you." Said, "But take care of Billy Paul." That's my boy setting right there. Said, "Take care of him and raise him a Christian."


I went out of the car and started walking down the street. I said, "Excuse me, brethren." I walked down the street. He said, "Return home as fast as you can. Something has happened to Billy." And that quick we, wife come down; we jumped in the car and took out home.

When I got to the porch there my mother-in-law was standing on the porch screaming, saying, "Billy Paul come up by Dr. Adair's and had a sore throat, and he give him a shot of penicillin; his heart stopped on him. He's in the hospital now. The ambulance has been here. They got him wrapped; they got specialist from Louisville. And he's unconscious, laying there dying," said, "even his toes is that big."


Billy Paul was giving out prayer cards here sometime ago down there to the Indians. I told him, I said, "Billy, don't give those prayer cards to somebody with a headache. Listen, we got one more night." And I said, "Give it to people that's dying with cancer, and something another, they can get them up there, let them be prayed for." I said, "They got to have a pick up in faith right away."


 39. I have two boys; (one's two and one, five), and they have been sprinkled. Should they be baptized by immersing?

Well, now, sister or brother, whoever you are, that's up to you. I've got a little girl... My little boy, Billy Paul, was sixteen years old, and I baptized him in the Name of the Lord Jesus right here. My little girl was eight years old; she come to me, and got up on my lap, and she said, "Daddy, I want to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and I--I want to be baptized." And I baptized the little girl at eight. When--if them little kiddies wants to be baptized, baptize them. If they're not, why, if they're... Just go ahead; that's up to you, whatever the Lord said.


I was missing Billy Paul, I... You know you could--you feel the spirits of people. That--that's all right wherever he's at. But you can feel the spirit of people, and if I'm feeling his--his out of moving of the spirit channel. Brother Baxter, I can know he's here, and you're acquainted. That's the reason, I don't have people around me. See? Someone look, unless it's solid perfect. You can tell it. See? It interferes. All right.


So then we... They got me anyhow. I was going on down the road to a little place. And I said, "Well..." Brother Baxter said, he was in the cars behind. Bother Bosworth, Brother Schoeman and I were going on in front. I said, "Brother Schoeman, you got to stop this car; I just can't go on." I said, "The Lord don't want me to do it." Only one sticking with me, and that's my boy, Billy Paul. And I said, "I--I just can't do it; that's all. I've got to--got to stop now."


Next day, a beautiful, clear, warm day... Just about time it come for me to go, it come a blizzard through there like to froze everybody to death. I said, "I told you." See? I said, "Tomorrow night we'll have an earthquake, perhaps."

And they said, "Well, you mean we'll have an earthquake?"

I--I said, "I don't know whether your going to have an earthquake, but we're out of the will of the Lord."

And that night while we was in prayer in there... They said, "Permissive will then, wonder if God will permit us?"

And little Billy Paul come in; he said, "Daddy, don't you listen to them preachers. You do what God tells you to do."


I don't see how I ever got five nights in. If it hadn't been for my boy back there, Billy Paul, and the help of God, I don't know how I'd have ever made it. Billy stuck by me. And he--he taken me through, tried to get me through. And them people, you know, that's... They're just... They're very timid. They don't want to hurt nothing, or nothing. And you just have to go over (See?), 'cause you'd get mashed down under the crowd, and we--we wouldn't know, you know. It'd just tramp you to death. You see, just have to get through it.


Just someone I'm missing. It's Billy Paul. I don't know where he went, but I--I--I know his spirit. I know what's wrong with him. And I--I miss his spirit.


I am doubly happy tonight to be here at the auditorium. I see we got some letters here. Some of you give them to Billy Paul, and he always gives them to me. And then we appreciate it.


One night when Billy Paul, here, my boy, he was a little, bitty fellow. And we was living in a little, two-roomed cabin. And my wife had put this floor wax on the linoleum, on the floor, and it was real slick on the floor, and we had an old bucket out in the other room, the kitchen: had two rooms. And we were sleeping in the front room, and the next room was the kitchen. And the bucket of water set out there, the dipper. And so he woke up, and he said, "Daddy?"

And I said, "What?" A little, bitty fellow.

He said, "I want a drink."

And I said, "Well," oh, I was so tired, and my, I'd walked through the patrolling. I said, "Honey, could you go get a drink there? It's just--just inside the door."

He said, "Daddy, come, go with me."

And I said, "Oh, there's nothing will hurt you, honey; just go inside the door."

He said, "Daddy, I'm afraid to go 'less you go with me."


I went out; I didn't know what to do. I put her in her mother's arms and put her down in the ground. A few Easters ago I took--I took my little--my Billy Paul and a little flower to the grave, went early one morning. And the little fellow coming up to the grave, we took off our hats, and he started crying. And he caught me by the hand. He said, "Daddy, you've been mother and daddy both to me. Is my mother down there?"

I said, "No, son. Way beyond the river, her soul is in the Presence of God, and your little sister's there too. And in Jerusalem, there's a empty tomb. And she was in Christ, and she'll come forth too some morning." And I held him up to my bosom; the little fellow was crying. And I said, "Honey, daddy's got to preach the Gospel. I get lots of persecutions, but someday, you and I, we'll meet Mommy in peace with God."


Now, if you brethren will, I don't see Billy Paul here. But don't let me... Don't let him... Don't let me stay too long, because I've got another service and going to Germany.


A dose of medicine almost killed my boy, Billy Paul. About two years, three years ago, Billy Paul got into a habit, got running around there, and that's the reason I had to send him to Waxahatchee, to the school. Our public school, with the bunch of little boys and things, all smoking cigarettes and things. And Billy come up home one day and said, "How you getting along, daddy?"

I seen a vision pop over him. I said, "Come here a minute, talk to you."

He said, "What is it, Daddy?"

I said, "What are you doing smoking cigarettes?"

He said, "I'm not."

I said, "Don't you lie to me, Billy." He commenced to crying.

Well, he said, "I--I won't do it no more, daddy." And he went on out. He kept on doing it. He wasn't hiding it; he can't hide it, no, no. So--and I seen a vision, and the Lord showed me that Billy, had disobeyed me, and had jumped through a window, and was going laughing, head over heels, like that, down, on through eternity, turning over and over. And when I come out of the vision, I was screaming to the top of my voice, "Oh, God, don't take my boy. Only boy I have, don't take him, Lord." And I was screaming to the top of my voice. I told Billy.


And so, Billy, that day, he went fishing. Been hanging down on the river a lot. There was a man from India, there to see me, and some more ministers. And we went down into New Albany with my wife. She had to go down there to get something another. And so, we went down, and I was setting talking to the ministers, and all at once, something said to me, "Get out of the--here, right quick." I thought that was just my imagination.

And I--I said, "Well now, brethren, we're fixing to go to India as soon as we possibly can."

Something said, "Get out of here, and get to yourself."

And I got out of the car, and I said, "Excuse me, brethren, just a minute, I want to go around the corner."

And I went around there, and I looked, nobody was looking, I said, "Father, what is it?"

Said, "Go to Billy Paul at once."


Billy Paul, where are you? Don't always get right behind me; I can't see you. What... K, all right, let's begin from number 1 then, K, number 1.


And I run back real quick, and Meda was coming up the street, my wife, and I said, "Hurry honey, hurry. Something's wrong with Billy." And we run, jumped in a car, and took out to Jeffersonville, about five or six miles. When I went into the yard, my mother-in-law, standing in the yard, screaming top of her voice, said, "Billy's dying, got him in the hospital."

So I said, "What happened?"

Said, "Well, he come up down there, and he had a sore throat. And he was afraid you was going to catch him with that sore throat, and tell him, he was still smoking cigarettes. And he went down, and your good friend," the best doctor there is in the nation, one of the best, "Dr. Sam Adair, give him a shot of penicillin, and he swelled up that big, in just about three minutes. And he run up there, and they wrapped him in blankets, and rushed him to the hospital."


And I run out real quick, here come the doctor down like that, took off his hat, said, "Bill, I've killed your boy."

And I said, "Oh, Doc, surely not." And I run into the room; they had oxygen over him and everything, and pumping, and giving him adrenalin over his heart. And his just heart going on down, And so he just walked out of the room. I knelt down, put my hands upon him; I said, "Dear God, please. Hasn't my heart been broke enough in my days? Please, Jesus, oh, God, give the boy another chance. Don't... Lord, please, I ask you with all my heart, as Your servant, if You'll spare the life of my boy. He's so good to me, and helps in the meeting, and he's so loyal to me. I need him. God, please don't take him. I--I ask You not."


And I looked, and I saw a vision of him falling like that, turning over and over, like it was a couple nights before that, when I seen him in the vision. And I seen two big arms come out and catch him, like this, and start bearing him right back up, going right back up, like that. I raised up, and Billy turned around, just as black as he could be. And his lips swelled way out, and his eyes turned real red, and turned back.

He said, "Daddy, where are you. Where are you, daddy?"

I said, "I'm standing right here, honey. It's all over now." Amen.


Now, the Lord be graciously to you. Now, I will hurry, and pray for just... Now, I will ask you something, and my beloved brother and sister... And Brother Wood, and you all here that's helping, or where's Billy, ever where it is, you... Brother Boze, you watch, don't--don't let me stay too long (See?), 'cause I want to finish out the week. And now, you just set real still for a few minutes. Will you do that for me? Just set still, and be reverent and pray. Just pray for me, and I won't take very long. We will let you out just in a few minutes.

All right, where--where'd Billy Paul go? What say? Oh, it's Brother Wood, yes, okay. I... people... Reason on a platform, I know Billy's spirit. I know everything's wrong with him. And when the anointing strikes me, I can feel things coming to me, and I--I--I feel for Billy, where he's at. See? And I--I can't find him.


Something happened over here in the corner just then. Have faith. Don't doubt. I missed it now. Now, really believe with all your heart. It might've been Billy Paul, my boy, going down there. I thought... I know everything that's wrong with Billy. I know Brother Jack and them. That's the reason I don't let others around, 'cause see their faith moves It, and I got to get someone close to me. It's hard to catch a vision out there, 'cause there's too many now believing and pulling. That might've been why I--It went to the corner. But something went that way. It might've been following Billy. But It left the woman here and went that way.


But when I get in under this anointing of the Spirit, I stay there and pray till I get to the platform. And in service, when we leave... If you had to put up with me like the manager and Billy Paul and them does, you don't even know where you're at sometimes. You become beside yourself. You don't know you... Why? It's visions, and everybody you start to talk to, there's a vision again. And you just have to wait till you get out of it.


Don't lay it onto my kid; it's not my kid. He stays with me like, sticks closer than anything I've ever had in my life. He knows just exactly what to move. If it wasn't for him, I'd be in the insane institution, 'cause they let me stay.

I've trusted it to preachers one time, and you heared that I was off the field and never got over it for two or three years. And my boy is loyal to me, and I appreciate that. And so he--he sticks right by me. And so he stands on the platform and watches me, and he sees me get a little white around the mouth, and he says, "Daddy, I don't care if there's fifty thousand there. If you don't come, I'm going to put you across my shoulder and you will come." So that's what his mommy tells him to do.

She won't let me go to the meeting hardly without him. She said, "Billy, you go. I know what'll happen to daddy. He will come back in all tore up and everything. So you go right there, no matter who's there or not, when you see he's got enough, get him off the platform right then." So I appreciate that, my son, Billy Paul.


Your little boy has got a rupture. Is that right? I've never seen you in my life as I know of. We're strangers to one another. I want to tell you something: You named that baby after my boy. His name is Billy Paul, isn't it? You believe me to be God's prophet? Then receive what you've asked for in Christ's Name.


It wouldn't take very much of a preacher or I couldn't do the preaching, but of an audience like you who are praying and support the Word with your prayers, it's easy for anybody to preach in a place like this. I really believe that Billy Paul could preach right here. Ha. Where you at, son? Ha-ha-ha. And he's so bashful, he keeps his head down when he's talking to me, almost. But it's a... I believe he could do it. It's very easy, because it's the Holy Spirit.


Now, listen. When Paul was dying, he said, "Who is dying? You or I? Raise them shades and sing me some snappy Gospel songs." So when he went to singing, Paul said, "Where's Luke?" Luke and Paul stuck together about like Billy Paul, my boy, and I. They were together. They were brothers. They called Luke. Luke was in the next room. He didn't want to see his brother die. So he said, "Where you at, Luke?" Luke come over, and he took hold of Paul's hand. Paul said, "Luke, we've come a long ways together, brother. But think of it: In five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness," and squeezed Luke's hand and went to meet God.


Billy, where--where is Billy Paul? And I want Gene Goad to come here just a moment. I want Billy to stand down here and Gene over here to remove the people when they're prayed for.


That afternoon, here come a boy. Billy Paul, my son, and them helped lead him to the platform with a chain around his neck, not even mentally right.

I said, "Look at that poor creature. If course, if I could help him, I'd do it. I can't do it. But his life cannot be hid, because the Angel of the Lord is here."


You notice, usually Brother Vayle, usually watches me, and Billy Paul, my boy, Mr. Goad setting here, and Mr. Mercier, they watch me. I don't know when the anointing strikes, I don't know how tired I am, but they've been with me so long, they know when I've got enough; they run in and pat me on the side. That's to let me know that I've gone far enough.

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