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LEADERSHIP.FOLLOW.ME_ PRESCOTT.AZ V-17 N-2 SUNDAY_ 65-1031A, 66 After while, you'll have a choice of what girl you are going to marry, what boy you're going to marry. toYou have a choice everywhere in life. And then you've got a choice again to whether you want live after this life, or just be a good popular person, a movie star, or a dancer, or something another.

And look at these little girls here with that pretty voice, awhile ago singing, that child have to cultivate that voice, and she'd--she'd be an opera singer, or some singer. I hear these little boys' voices, these boys; you could be like an Elvis Presley, selling your birthright. See? You don't want that. See, it's a talent God gave you, and you've got to choose (See?) whether you're going to use that talent for God, or whether you're going to use it for the Devil. See?

WHY.ARE.PEOPLE.SO.TOSSED.ABOUT_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-14 SUNDAY_ 56-0101, 16-2 People go to church, and they'll shake your hand in church, and laugh and calling you a brother. Outside of the church, they'd pull a little business deal that wouldn't be just exactly straight for personal gain. I wouldn't say them people are here in the Tabernacle, but I say there is. There's things that people would do, and they get different. A least little thing will bring that old temper back again, that selfishness, open up an ear to hear gossip, or do something of that type. That person has never entered into this pot in here.

BLUSHING.PROPHET_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 56-1125E, E-24 Seeing it among the Christians, among the elect, they've sold their birthrights out for popularity. The minister has swapped the Gospel for a social calling. He swapped the old fashion, Blood washed Gospel for a intellectual with the people, to preach intellect, talk of societies, and misuse the Gospel. Many of them has went out into the fields of preaching and used the Gospel for personal gain, to make money. Many of them has got big farms and cars and things that they never would've had, personal gain. Not all, I'm thankful that there's still a remnant.


68 I want to call another fellow here, see about him. What about Judas, what he has to remember Him by? We're talking about remembering the Lord. Judas tonight and, all--until he's no more, will have to remember that he sold his birthrights. He sold Jesus for personal gain. We ridicule Judas--Judas. We say he was a filthy, a--a--a bad guy; he's not fit for no place or no society; he isn't fit for heaven. Why? He sold his Lord, after he had the opportunity to even to be a--a disciple, to be an apostle, the highest calling in the Bible, higher than a prophet. He had the opportunity to be a--an apostle, and sold that right for a personal gain. And now he has to remember that. That's how he remembers Jesus: personal gain.

And I wonder how many of them tonight yet stand in the pulpit, yet wear the robe of the choir, set in the seat of the deacon, or take the place of the treasurer, trustee, or whatever it might be, his position in church, or the minister at the pulpit, and still selling his opportunity for personal praise, "Doctor, Bishop So-and-so," for personal praise, personal gain.


191-159 The Bible said: "Come out of them; be ye separated," saith God. See, you're not of that. And when that new nature comes into you, you don't have to be pulled out; you don't want to go back like Lot's wife. You're just borned out of it. And you're in another dimension. And that looks trashy to you. And this, the great, fabulous America that we live in, has become one big chaos of it. Everything is lust and women. And women the way they're dressing, the men the way they're acting, and--and the things they're doing, and then call themselves Christians...

For instance, this Elvis Presley, going join the Pentecostal church now, 'course that's where... Judas got thirty pieces of silver; Elvis got a fleet of Cadillacs and a--and a few million dollars for selling his birthright. Arthur Godfrey... Look at that.


70 A man said to me once, "I believe that's the Truth. But if I preached that, I'd be begging there in the street."

Do you remember the rich man and Lazarus, what their last and their eternal stage stood at? Though one had--was a beggar, and the other was a rich man, but the picture changed one day and both of them could remember. So people tonight holler about Judas that sold Him for personal gain, and so many do the same thing today, sell Him for personal gain.


E-59 What about Judas Iscariot? He's got something to remember too. Judas has got something he's remembering tonight. Certainly is. And he'll always remember it. Certainly. Why? He sold the Lord Jesus for personal gain.

I wonder tonight, if there isn't many doing that same thing today, selling your birthrights for personal gain, when you should be on fire for Christ. When you should be doing something for Him, working for Him or something, you go join somewhere where you can live any way you want to, and still claim to be a Christian.


E-86 All right, notice. Now, modern Pentecostals... Now, now, we've talked to the Presbyterian, the Catholic, but I'm going to talk about Pentecostals now, 'cause we're going over here to represent something (See?), Pentecost. Isn't it a strange thing that the Pentecostals in this modern age, that the Bible predicts will be like the Laodicea... Laodicea... There's a Greek teacher setting here listening at me. The "Laodicea" means "a woman." Laodicea is a woman's name in Greek. None of the rest of the church is represented by that name. But now it's a woman, a Jezebel. That's right.

And we got rich. We have need of nothing, but don't know that we're naked, blind, miserable, walked out of the way. What have we done? We've picked up some treasures maybe, like Judas did. See? And then we didn't walk with it no more: sold out for personal gain. So many people do that. So many denominations compromise upon the Word in order to get more members, personal gain. Do anything...

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