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18 GOD'S.WAY.MADE.FOR.US -- JEFF.IN -- V-25 N-3 -- 52-0900

Then He went right up to the wilderness, into the spring of Marah, "bitter" water. Isn't it strange that God would lead His children through bitter waters? But them all goes along the road. But when He was there, the remedy for the bitter waters was standing on the bank. Moses cut down a tree and throwed it in the water, and turned sweet again.

30 ISRAEL.AT.THE.RED.SEA.2 - JEFF.IN - IC 65-96 - 53-0327

And if a man's borned of the Spirit of God, it's automatically he lives the Life. As I said the other night, drinking, smoking, gambling, drink, cursing, swearing, that's not sin, it's the attributes of sin. It's because you are a sinner, the reason those things come forth. But if you're a believer, those things can't come forth, 'cause bitter and sweet water can't come from the same fountain. A cocklebur could. A corn of wheat couldn't bear cockleburs, because the nature of it is wheat. It's got to produce what it is. And if the Holy spirit's on the inside, it produces the Life of Christ. Amen. That's faith. Amen. All right.

147 ISRAEL.AT.THE.RED.SEA.2 - JEFF.IN - IC 65-96 - 53-0327

After the big song was over, and the big shout, and having a hallelujah, big time, they started through the wilderness, and led them right straight to bitter waters. Isn't that strange? Oh, my! Right into temptation right into where the waters was bitter and they couldn't drink. They had nothing to eat. Nothing to eat, and the waters was bitter. And, look, that stream of Marah, "bitter waters," laid right in God's path, He was leading His children. Isn't it strange? Looked like God would have by-passed that, but He led them right straight up to that water.

220 ISRAEL.AT.THE.RED.SEA.2 - JEFF.IN - IC 65-96 - 53-0327

Bless those, Lord, who are in the way, wayfaring men. Old men and women here who's fought to win the prize, and sailed through bloody seas, stood bitter persecution and domestic troubles, and everything, and still waving on. O Morning Star, lead on, Lord Jesus.


You've had quite a bit of strain, and upset, both of you. Nerve condition is what has caused your whole trouble for both. She has got a peptic ulcer in her stomach. Her food sours and she tastes it in her mouth bitter. When she lays down she had trouble with it, and everything. Isn't that right? If that's right... It just keeps moving. There's something about you, brother. God loves you. Now you go and believe, both of you, you're going to get all right. God bless you.


The Father Himself shut off the visions of Heaven, it turned midnight dark in the middle of the day, according to what the prophet said would take place. God said, "That's My beloved Son." Certainly, He did.

Look at that Pilate, that great fellow setting out there on the judgment seat. Got him out early in the morning, he was all stewed up in his mind, all bitter anyhow, kind a hated this fellow. They brought him out there and set him on the judgment seat, early in the morning to make a judgment. And they brought Him up and they wanted Him to do some miracles for him, to a please him some way.


And today if the people would only regard the Name of Jesus that was left in the Church. He said, "Whatever you ask the Father in My name, that will I do." I... He gave the Church His name to--to marry, bury, baptize, everything in the world that we do. "Whatever you do in word and deed, do it all in the Name of Jesus Christ."

But we lost he sacredness of that name. We use it in vain and jokes and ev... You can't put bitter and sweet water out of the same fountain, friend. You've got to get to a place till you reverence that name and believe it, and know it, and use it, just exactly right.



It was written, the book of Job, before Genesis was. But he was a priest, and a prince. And he loved the Lord. And God blessed him, made him a great man. And then satan came up... Now, here's what I want you to watch: satan come up with the sons of God, setting right among them, and began to speak to Job, or speak... God begin to speaking about the earth.

He said, "Satan," sa--he said, "Have you considered my servant Job, a perfect man, none like him in the earth?"

154 ISRAEL.IN.EGYPT -- JEFF.IN -- IC 1-34 -- 53-0325

Now watch, when everything heaped up in Joseph. What? A perfect man, the one who was born of his father, loved of his father, hated of his brother.

E-16 TO.SEE.JESUS -- CHICAGO.IL -- 54-0718.2E

He spoke directly to Job, because He--He believed Job, and Job believed God. And God said His servant was a perfect man. There was nothing wrong with Job, because he believed in His God.


They went on back down, and the Spirit just parted from Saul. He'd backslid and went so far away from God until the Spirit had left him and a evil spirit took His place, come on Saul. And Saul was all moody and in a bad humor, and--and kicking things around, and all out of sorts. Like some people gets on Monday morning. So they--he was out of sorts all the time. Did you know that's a evil spirit? Exactly.

45-3 STATURE.OF.A.PERFECT.MAN -- JEFF.IN - V-2 N-18 - 62-1014.1M

All right. Coming in to perfection now. All right. Then sixthly, let's add, the Bible said here, adding brotherly love--brotherly kindness. Now, that's a good one. Right here, the sixth one... Seventh. All right, adding brotherly kindness. All right. When we get to that, brotherly kindness, put yourself in his place on the matter. Now, you say, "My brother sinned against me," said Peter, "Shall I forgive him?" He said, "Seven times a day?"

He said, "Seventy times seven."

45-4 STATURE.OF.A.PERFECT.MAN -- JEFF.IN - V-2 N-18 - 62-1014.1M

See, brotherly kindness. Now, you see, if a brother's all out of tune, don't be impatient with him, see. No, see, be kind to him. Go anyhow.


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