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30 ISRAEL.AT.THE.RED.SEA.1 JEFF.IN IC 35-64 53-0326

In Romans 8:1, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, that walk not after the flesh, but the Spirit." And a man that's in Christ Jesus walks after spiritual things. To the world, its carnal mind; it's foolishness. But to them that believe, it's Everlasting Life. Amen. There you are. Oh, how marvelous. Then what can harm you? You're in Christ. And just as sure as God raised Jesus from the dead, we'll come in Christ. Amen. Yes, we've got to; God's done promised it. For just as sure as that Body goes up, I'm in that Body. I have to go with It.


And how quick the carnal mind would pick this up. God told Moses, "Go, speak to the rock."

"Speak to the rock? Why that's the driest place of all the dry places." See? How foolish the carnal mind would think. "Speak to the rock? Why, that's the driest thing. That rock laying there is drier than all the rest of the desert. And if we've been everywhere and can't find water, what do you mean, that we get water out of that rock?"


Believe God; take Him at His Word. "At Thy Word, Lord, I will let down the net." And that's what he did and caught the multitude of fishes.

Unbelief, the first thing you know, would've caught that when he said, "Let down the net and take up the draught," where they been fishing through. How foolish to the carnal mind. "Well," they said, "there's no fish there."

But God had put fish there for His Word, `cause He'd already spoke, "Let down the net for the draught," and if--if there's nothing there to work on, God will put something there to work on if He said so. If you believe Him, take Him at His Word.


Watch. Why, to the carnal mind that was the most foolish thing that could've been said. Just like talking about the baptism of the Holy Ghost today, to the carnal mind, "Why, that bunch of people's crazy. Why, it's a--it's the craziest thing you ever heard of. If your doctor has done said you was going to die, what in the world can be done otherwise?"


I can see Noah out there building away on this ark, setting out in the middle of a big dry field, where there'd never been a drop of rain fall from heaven. Never had there been anything come out of the heavens as rain, never been a cloud in the skies. And yet, Noah, out there building away on ark, could you imagine how silly that looked? Why, to the carnal mind that man was insane.

I can hear the people coming home from the work in the afternoon, down in--in the city, saying, "Say, you believe that rain story they're telling out there? What do you think about that old crank? Why, isn't that the craziest guy you ever seen? Out there building away on a--on a ark, saying that water's going to fall down from heaven, why, the man's crazy. There's nothing up there. God's always watered through irrigation, down here on... like this. There's no such a thing."


Moses, when he turned aside, looked at the bush, God was going to send him, but before Moses knew, he said, "Show me Your glory." You know, sometimes when God does things, He does it in such a funny way, an odd way, peculiar way to the people of this world, it seems foolish to the carnal mind. How that God does things so--so simple, it just confuses the carnal mind.

For instance, the virgin birth, and many things that's yet got the carnal mind all broke up. They don't know what to think about it. But God does it.

Just like when John the Baptist came. Why, the Scripture said, when the inauguration of Jesus down there, at the river that day, that the... "All the high places would be made low and the low places brought high. And the--the leaves all clapped their hands, and the mountains skipped like little lambs." Just think of it. And what was it? An old woodsman type of a preacher, with the beard out over his face, like a fuzzy worm, and a big piece of sheepskin wrapped around him, standing on the muddy banks of Jordan, preaching repentance. Amen. (No fine, dressed lace, silks, and satins and whatever it was.)


He just makes the carnal mind foolish in His sight and brings to pass and to naught, those things which seems to be so real to the carnal mind. And He takes those things which seems foolish to the carnal mind and makes then real. "Right out in the middle of that desert now, start digging ditches."


You've got to be borned again of the Spirit of God or you'll never be able to come on fellowship grounds with the God Almighty, Himself. For it's only upon the basis of the shed Blood does He receive any believer. How can you believe when there's nothing there to believe with, just a carnal mind through mental conception. You can't do it. That's the reason people don't believe in Divine healing, because they've never walked into that Blood stream to the fellowship of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Now, the duty was--was... That looked ridiculous to the carnal mind. "Well, Elisha, surely, if you want us to get some water, you'd tell us to drill around here somewhere, your pump some where."

But he said, "Go out there, the driest place there is, and start digging some ditches." See? Ain't no water yet, ain't going be able to throw sand out. But you're making ready for water. Amen. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. 'Cause the Word of God said it, believe it anyhow. No matter what takes place, what your mind tries to say, if God said it, let the mind that was in the One that said it be in you. Amen. Get ready.


Notice. And in there they misunderstood it. They didn't understand what that meant. It blinded their eyes. His miracles and things blinded their eyes.

And so is it today. The same things will blind the eyes of the carnal mind, because it can't understand the things of God. It's against God. It's a enemy of God's. The human mind is a enemy to God. You've got to get out of your own human mind and be borned anew by the Holy Spirit, and get the mind of God in you. Then you can believe those things. Then it becomes a reality. Amen.


Isn't that just the modern Christian today? Oh, let the healing take place, and they're shouting the victory. Let the power of the Holy Spirit fall, and they're shouting the victory. And those who are really filled with the Holy Ghost, remains that way down through life's journey. But the man that's still walking with the carnal mind, let a little discouragement come up, something go wrong, and they go away, saying, "Well, I thought it was all right, but, oh, my, look at it now. I thought that little church would never fail. I thought this person..." You got your mind on the wrong thing. See? Put your mind on Him that can't fail. Let your conversation not be about your church, but about your Lord. That's the One. Not about your neighbor, but about your Lord, let your conversations be of Him.


A good man wouldn't give you a check with no money in the bank; an honest man wouldn't. Well, God wouldn't give you His check for your salvation or healing, 'less there was a deposit for it. God has prepared it. He told Abraham that he was going to have the child. That settled it.

He told Noah; He said, "Noah, I want you to build Me an ark. Build to the saving of your house, an ark." And Noah... Isn't it good in God? Before these great disasters happen, God always gives a warning and makes a way of escape. He prepares it. He said, "Now... Noah, look at it. I want you to build an ark." Why, they'd had no water on the earth, just little springs. It never did rain. There was no rain up in the skies. And how foolish sometimes it seems to the carnal mind, when God gives a person a promise, how the world can't understand it.


Notice quickly, when they entered into a place like that where the supernatural is introduced, Naaman at once sent to his king. And he wrote a letter over to the other king; he said, "Surely, now if there's a great thing like that going on over there in that country, the king should know about it. If there's a prophet in the land the king would know about it." Sure, the higher-ups should know about it. See, that's still the carnal mind.

The little girl never said a word about the king; she spoke about the prophet. Amen. Oh, I hope you see it. My, she spoke of the prophet. Maybe she'd never seen a case of leprosy healed, but she knowed where someone lived under that atmosphere of the supernatural. Said, "If you'll go over there, something will take place."


Here He says, "The fountain's free for everybody, and no man will come except My Father calls him first." And then when a [Brother Branham knocking on the pulpit--Ed.] knock comes, and said, "I'm inviting you to come, sup with Me. Children, come on," how could you turn that down? That would look to me like mental deficiency to--to turn an invitation down like that, after the kind, heavenly Father... Not just to have fellowship here, but to be saved forever, to live with Him in the bountiful of His--the boundaries of His mercy and in His glory; to swap this old carnal mind for a pure, holy, sanctified one; and to swap this old, frail body that's dwindling away; and swap it for a immortal one which will never fail; and receive a crown that'll never fade away; and swap death for Life; to swap hell for heaven; to swap gloom for happiness, oh, my, and bid ye "come." How could you turn it down? See, how could you turn it down? It's--it's terrible to think of the very thought of turning it down. Isn't it?


Now, by inspiration that Word was spoke by God. By inspirations the prophets brought It. And by inspiration we have to receive It. It's not a material. It's not a natural thing. It's not a... The carnal mind... Listen. The man in his carnal conditions can never understand it, no way at all. It's impossible. For the spiritual things to the carnal mind is foolish, says the Scripture, and vice-versa. Now, we must be spiritual minded.


Going down to take over, eighty years old, whiskers blowing to one side, leading a mule with a wife with a child on each hip, jogging along the road... "Where are you going?"

"Down to Egypt to take over." But the beautiful thing, he did it, because God said so. That settles it. No matter how ridiculous it looks to you, if God said so, that settles it. That's all.

No matter if it seems strange. You say that they act strange; they look strange and peculiar... Sometimes God's people are peculiar. He said they were. You see? And they act peculiar to the carnal mind. But one time come into the Presence of that same Angel of the burning bush and you'll act the same way. You'll--you'll have a peculiar look-out on things. You'll say, "I ought to have seen that before. I ought to have knowed it." But it's got to be a con--converted mind.

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