Teacher: Ronnie Millevo

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DIRECTIONS: Copy the questions and submit both answers and questions in a BLUE BOOK to your teacher.

(10 points each).

1. What relation has Web Development with Graphic Design? Explain the differences and similarities between these two fields of Advertising media.

2. What are the things regarding yourself that you need in order to publish through a Personal Home Page? How do you build your personality over the internet?

3. What are the important elements in a Corporate Web Site? Differentiate company "history" from a company "profile".

4. What are the things that you ask in an "Order Form"? What is the significance of an "order form" in an eCommerce Web Site?

5. How do you construct a "Framed Web Pages"? What's the difference between hyperlinking framed pages as compared with ordinary HTML Pages?

6. What are Java Scripts? How do Java Scripts help enhance your webpages?

7. What is an "Exchange Banner Program"? How does animated banners help in promoting a web site?

8. What is a "File Manager"? How do you upload your web site on the internet for the whole world to view?

9. How does Adobe Photoshop compress an image in order for the image to download faster on the internet? Explain the process both for Gif and Jpg formats.

10. In what manner has this subject on "Web Page Design" has helped you? Summarize the things that you've learned in this course.