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TAKE.THE.ROD.GATHER.PEOPLE_ CLEVELAND.OH SUNDAY_ 50-0827E, E-18 Can we bow our heads. Heavenly Father, it's kinda hard for me to say "good bye" to this lovely audience of people: been so kind to me now for three weeks, constantly blessing me and giving me this...?... portion of Gospel, standing by me in the hours when we needed...?... and prayed, and called on God. We're so thankful for them. And now, Sunday night, as far as this meeting is concerned, the ministers and them, the last time in this meeting. I've tried to do all that You showed. And I pray, God, tonight that You'll send the Angel Who'll... down into our midst, that He might move by the Holy Spirit up-and-down through these aisles everywhere. May faith just be great, and many, many, many people tonight might be healed, brought closer to God since this day, for the great altar call, and those needy and poor seeking. You said, "Seek and ye shall find, knock and it'll be opened, ask and it'll be given." Every one that knocked, it's opened. And every one that's seeking life... Create such a hunger and thirst in their heart. No one will have rest until he has found Christ. Speak to their hearts while the Spirit is drawing. Tell us now, tonight, in our hearts.


214 Someone say then, "Brother Bill, remember me, that my life will be closer to God. I--I don't want to be, live this halfway life and this lukewarm condition. I want to, really, my heart be burning on fire. Pray for me." God bless you. God bless you, you, you. That's fine. That's good. God bless you. I see your hands going up.

DEMONOLOGY.2.RELIGIOUS_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609, 115 No matter how much teaching you got, you can drum that into you. God's not in big words; God's in a honest heart. You might sing or speak big words, like I don't know what; that doesn't bring you closer to God. You can stand and practice how to repeat your sermon and say these things; that don't get you closer to God. You could learn dictionaries till you sleep with one, and it still wouldn't get you closer to God. A humble, submitted heart, in the simplicity, is what brings you to God. That's true. Amen. A humble heart, God loves. Now, no matter if you don't know your abc's, that don't make any difference. Just a humble heart, God dwells in a humble heart, not in education, it's not in schools, not in theology, seminaries, not in all these other different places, not in big words, or not in classical places. God dwells in human hearts. And the lower you can break yourself down, the more simple, you can become greater in the sight of God.


198 There's more. God bless you, lady. That's right. Poor mother holding her little baby, trying to get up, tears in her eyes. Won't you come? Stand up again. God bless you, lady, elderly lady stood up there, and real elderly, knowing that she's got to face God one of these days. God bless you. Who will stand up next now, say, "I'll stand." Just remain standing for the prayer.

Someone else? I just feel like that someone else wants to stand. Maybe you just want to get a little closer. Don't put it off anymore. Just stand. Will you do it, you ones that wants to be closer to God? God bless you. That's right. Would somebody... God bless you, lady. Yes, sir.

There's at least three more people, I'm looking right straight at, ought to be standing up, 'cause there stands the Angel of the God. God bless you, lady. That's right. Now, all right, brother, what about it? All right. Angel of the Lord standing, I know. I see It, and I know that someone should stand right now. I'll wait just a minute longer. May God... You know He's pressing at your heart. He's standing there, my friend. That's Him that's telling you to stand up. Won't you do it? Just stand and accept Him, just now. All right.

Are you sure now? If God would call you tonight in this meeting, this sermon, this invitation's going to meet you yonder when you die. What have you done about it? If you're not positive sure, stand now, so that He will see you want to accept, to walk in the Light.

GOD.PERFECTING.HIS.CHURCH_ BINGHAMTON.NY SATURDAY_ 54-1204, E-37 Brother, and the message that's been preached across this United States... If you spurn love, there's only one thing left; that's judgment. No wonder you're shivering and quivering because of atomic bombs. No wonder we see this great civilization that we live in a crumbling and falling. It's because they have blasphemed and walked over the principles of the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And they set up great big, cold formal churches. Walk into them, the spiritual thermometer goes seventy below zero. Somebody say, "Amen," they stretch their neck around like it was a gander somewhere dying, and look around. And they don't know no more about God than a rabbit knows about snowshoes.

And they get out there and claim to be something with a D.D.D. double L., Ph.D. on the back of their name. Why brother, that don't mean you're any closer to God. I'd rather have an old plow boy couldn't say his ABC's, teaching my children the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, than all the D.D.'s in the world that knows nothing about God. Nothing to your theology...

SIR.WE.WOULD.SEE.JESUS_ BINGHAMTON.NY SUNDAY_ 54-1205, E-4 But I'm here because that I felt that God wanted me to come to Binghamton, New York. And I'm here to do all that I can, to help everybody I can. For I realize that there's no persons here, or nowhere, that would want to be lost. And that every Christian wants to get closer to God. And more we know of God, or see of God, the more we love Him, and the more we believe Him.

INTER.VEIL_ STURGIS.MI SATURDAY_ 56-0121, E-35, ...Now, notice. []... call yourself the seed of Abraham? You need just a little bit closer to God; that's what it is. You need to die out to the old intellectuals.

THIRSTING.FOR.LIFE_ TACOMA.WA SUNDAY_ 57-0728, E-88 Now, a strong thing struck the platform then. Stop that. See? Now, we're not in this dimension of... If you scientists here, this is not the three dimensions we live in. It's another dimension which is closer to God. See? Just go down. You believe that God will give you the desire of your heart? All right. You seen Him heal your boy. You seen Him heal others. You believe that He will heal? All right. Now, you look this a way then. Just to contact your spirit, and believing that God will do it. Humbly I ask Him to do it.

LED.BY.THE.SPIRIT_ LA.CA TUESDAY_ 59-0407, E-13 In other words, like this, before there can be a creation, there has to be a Creator to create the creation. And if you're thirsting tonight for the healing power of God, there's got to be a fountain open somewhere, or you'd never thirst for it. How many longs for a deeper walk with God. Every hand up. Well, there's a deeper walk somewhere, or you'd never thirst for it.

Something has created in you a desire to walk closer to God. Something has created in you a desire to be healed by God. Well, before that could be created in your body, in your spirit, there has to be a Creator of that. And that Creator is the Holy Spirit. That's why you're here tonight, is because the Holy Spirit has led you here.


E-44 We think we have it hard. And sometimes trials comes. I think of this woman in the wheelchair and these children. You out there with heart trouble, may be dead in a week from now, eat up with cancer, it may look awful dark, but if we'll just keep coming closer to God to find out His purpose, it's the Angels of God, ready to rejoice for a victory that God wants to give. Sometimes it's in disguisement.


E-45 It looks dark like it did for the little woman. But if you'll just take God's promise now, that "whosoever will, let him come and drink from the Waters of Life, the Fountains of Life freely..." Drink the Water freely. It's for whosoever will. That might have been put upon you. You might have done that evil. You may feel condemned in your heart, you Christians now, on what I said a while ago, because something, iniquity lays in your heart.

Maybe it happened for a purpose to get you closer to God. That happened to me. My life has been different since I seen that. I thought I was just living fine. But I found out that let that God raise His hand one time, and Satan's got me. We're mortal. And it was just a blessing in disguisement. It makes me appreciate Him more now to know that He's loving, and willing to take us back.


E-4 Tonight being Monday night, I tell you I didn't expect one third of these people here. That's right. I didn't think there would be over a couple of hundred, or three. Usually on Monday nights in the east, well, the meetings are pretty slow. But I believe there's more here tonight then was yesterday afternoon.

And so I told--said yesterday afternoon that tonight I wanted to give a--a night more, I would like to call it a consecration night. I would like to--to just get inside and let you know a little about the dealings of the Holy Spirit in my own life. And I--I hope in doing so that it'll let you prosper, get closer to God yourself. And on speaking of a Divine gift that's now in the making of coming to the church... And I'm sure that all of us are interested in anything that God's going to do, and the promises of God being fulfilled. So it's only been told once and so that was at my own tabernacle in Indiana.

CONFERENCE.WITH.GOD_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 59-1220M, E-16 So you see, beyond any controversy, God is in His people. Then we ought to respect one another. We ought to love one another. Beyond our denominational barriers, we ought to love one another anyhow, no matter if we cannot agree.

Maybe the apostles, they couldn't agree. They wanted to know who's going to be the greatest, and many things. John, Mark, and--and Paul there, they had a... Peter and Paul had a disagreement.

But the bonds of love... That's what we're trying to contend for today. To all Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Lutheran, whatever it is, we're all together as a Christian unit.

Now, we're trying to get filled with the Spirit to move up closer to God. That's the vision.

LAODICEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 493-550 SUNDAY_ 60-1211E, 22, Wednesday night is a midweek prayer meeting. Now, to you people that's here around home; you folks gather in here; have prayer meeting. Don't miss that; stay right with it (See?) and pray, seek closer to God.


E-79 Now, while we bow our heads for prayer, if you feel led to come a little closer to God, if you'd like for us to pray with you, if you watch and you'll see in the healing services while... He knows the hearts of the people, makes the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, gives salvation. He's the same God tonight. Will you walk up here at the altar? Could you walk up here and say, "Brother Branham, I now accept Him, the greatest thing that could be done. I want to accept Christ as my Saviour," while we pray.

CHURCH.CHOOSING.LAW.FOR.GRACE_ MIDDLETOWN.OH THURSDAY_ 61-0316, E-28 And when men and women get to a place... "Well, I really ought to stay at home and see this good play tonight and... But I--I'll tell you; they'll think I'm backslid if I don't go on down to church." And you set there and sleep anyhow. You might as well stayed home and looked at something you'd enjoy more. But when your joy becomes the Lord, and the Lord is your joy, you can't stay away from church, then you're getting somewhere. The church was in better shape forty years ago for the coming of the Lord Jesus than it is tonight, way better. They were closer to God. They had more God among them; they had more Spirit among them than they got tonight.

QA.GOD.BEING.MISUNDERSTOOD_ JEFF.IN COD SUNDAY_ 61-0723E, 624-149 My, these may be a hundred miles long. I hope I've answered them...?... throwed just a little bit of Light. I kind of know what's on your minds now anyhow. And I'll tell you what. A little later on I want to ask pastor here if he'll come and help me to--maybe come down and get all the people together that's got the Spirit of God upon them in the form of gifts, let's talk about it a little while. Maybe I can help you to climb the ladder just a little bit higher and get a little closer to God with it and set it more in order in the church. I've been watching along; it seems wonderful to me. And I just love to see it move on and on and on, and on and on and on.

And as we're coming up, don't let Satan creep in now. Boy, he's smart. Hmm. Don't outwit him; don't try to, because you can't. You just depend on God and just keep walking humbly; God will do it, and you'll find out that God will use you more and more and more like that. The Lord bless you.

GABRIEL'S.INSTRUCT.TO.DANIEL_ JEFF.IN DA 1-44 SUNDAY_ 61-0730M, 46 The great Pentecostal revival is now ceasing. We see it everywhere, the last great move. The Message has went forth. Everything's ready now, waiting. The Church is sealed away. The wicked are doing more wicked. Churches are becoming more churchy. The saints are coming closer to God. The gifts of the Spirit are begin to multiply in the little groups. We're at the end time.

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