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GOD'S.CHOSEN.PLACE.WORSHIP_ JEFF.IN V-5 N-7 SATURDAY_ 65-0220, 71 My friends, I don't want to hurt feelings, but I'm responsible for a Message, and that Message is "Come out of this mess." And if I asked you to come out, where am I going to take you to? Would I take you to the Branham Tabernacle? It's as much fault as any of the rest of them. But there's one Place I can take you to, where you're safe and protected from death, that's in Jesus Christ, God's Place of worship. That's the Place I'm introducing to you tonight, where God put His Name, where He promised He'd meet every person that come in there; He'd worship with him and feast with him; that's in Christ. Not in no church, no tabernacle, but in Christ, He is God's Tabernacle. He is the place that God came Him into Himself and dwelt in Him: "This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am pleased to dwell in." There's where God tabernacled, brought His Name, and placed It upon, Jesus Christ.


FIVE.IDENTIFICATIONS_ JEFF.IN V-9 N-5 (60-0911 E) 33 Now, Christ is the Head of this; Christ is the Head of this Messianic Kingdom. And you cannot organize a Kingdom of which Christ is the Head. You cannot denominate a Kingdom which Christ is the Head. Because Christ is King, and you cannot take the intellectuals of a man and make an organization to which Christ will govern. Therefore, any companies, any peoples, any groups of men, that tries to organize the Kingdom of God is going contrary to the King. And if they're going contrary to the King, it would be against the King. So if it's against the King, it would be an antichrist. That's pretty rough. If I had just a little more voice, we'd make that clear. It is a antichrist. And if you'll bear with me a few minutes, I'll prove that.

An antichrist spirit tries to take a--a people and call them from organization to organization, organizing them together, which never was the will of God. People has always fussed at me because I struck so hard at organizations. It isn't the people in there that I'm striking at; it's that dominating spirit that makes the people think that "We are the people."

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