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E-53 And after while the devil drove him insane. And there the man was out there. He must of been a terrible character. He lived out there in those rough places. And they'd bind him with fetters. He was twice his strength. He could break them little old fetters and--and move out just like there was nothing holding him. Even the--the army or--or the officers that would bind him up, he'd just break them apart and go on. He was a real rough...

It wasn't his human strength; it was the devil's strength that was doing that. And the devil is powerful, but God is more powerful. And I thought, "If a man completely surrendered to the devil would have two or three times his strength, what would a man do that's laying so weak he can't get up, or crippled so bad that he can't get up, what will he do when the strength and power of God comes into Him?" How much more strength God has than the devil has.


E-40 He'd come all the way from glory tonight to manifest Hisself to heal any person that's in here. That's the loving heart of the Lord Jesus.

And when this maniac met Him, he run out there, I suppose, like he was going to kill Him. But He seen he was so completely... That boy was so completely surrendered to Satan till the Devil used his tongue.

You believe the Devil can use your tongue? Certainly he does: Make you say things that you don't want to say, make you lie, steal, make you tell things that's not right, say bad words that God don't want you to say. The Devil gets complete control of you.

Well, then if he gets all the way control of you, you don't know what you're going to say. You become a mad man. And a person... Do you believe your tongue can be used for Jesus Christ? Certainly it can.


E-41 Then you sing the Gospel, preach the Gospel, and--and speak good things, and talk good things, and say good words. Then you can--can come--become so completely surrendered to the Holy Spirit till He can speak a language that you know nothing about. That's right. He can.


E-46 Notice, Israel where ever they was, they had only one place of fellowship. That was under the blood. When a man come to be reconciled to God. The first he had to come into the tabernacle. That was a place where the bodies of the beast was slain. That's where the blood was on the altar and the only meeting place that Jehovah promised to meet the people, under the shed blood: the only place He ever did meet people, and the only place He ever will meet people.

Someone said thousands of times, "Brother Branham, what does it mean when you feel your own life move away from you and something sets in, takes its place?" Why it's a fellowship. It's marvelous. You know that you're not yourself any more. You've got yourself completely surrendered to God. And it's not you talking. It's Him talking. It's not you could do anything, but you're so happy to know that He is a doing it. And it's such a love about it, till you just can't contain your joy hardly. To know that God is doing something for the people.


E-23 I've seen them when they... you... haven't stood for ten years or more, little bitty limbs about that big, eat up with cancer. Where are people tonight? Because they rose in the strength of the Lord, God's strength.

Did you ever see a maniac? They got about five times the normal strength. In the insane institutions, they are terrible how fight, and they're twice to three or four times their strength. If the Devil can give you double strength, what could the Holy Ghost do, when you're completely surrendered to Him? You don't walk...

You say, "Oh, it's impossible. I can't do it. I can't raise up right." When you feel that way, then you're still... You--you haven't received the promise yet. But let it once get sunk down in your heart, and you take a hold of Jehovah as your Strength- giver, watch what takes place. You won't stay there very long. You'll come right out of it.

He said, "Abraham, I am Thy exceeding great reward." Oh, my, God testing Abraham... You believe God tests you? He's tested me a many time, and He will test every son that comes to Him, no matter who it is, not any exceptions. He will... Every one that comes must first be tested, child-trained, brought up. You know that's what makes a good child sometime, when you give him a little testing, you know. Papa used to give it to me with the--with the hickory switch, about this long, you know, with all the ten commandments wrote on it. When I... All of them, you know, that was the golden rule at home. And he sure knowed how to use it right too.


E-33 And she put her arms around me to hug me real tight. She said, "My daddy." And when she heard Sarah, her little sister coming, she turned and looked at Sarah. She said, "Sarah..." Sarah reminded me of this little church that just started. You know, it isn't very old. Sometimes it gets up in the air, and down on the ground, and flopping around, in and out. She said, "Sarah, I want you to know one thing: I was here first, and I've got all of daddy, and there's nothing left for you."

Little Sarah dropped her little lips down, here little brown eyes kinda watered. She turned to go away. I winked at her and motioned my finger, and stuck my other leg out. Here she come, all smiles and jumped upon that leg. She couldn't hold herself, she couldn't touch the ground.

You know, they get a little up-side topsy-turvy sometime when they get drunk on the Spirit, you know. They just... But as long as they're there.

So I just took both arms. I had to to hold her on my leg. She was too short; she hadn't growed enough. And I hugged her up close to me. And she rolled that little head around, them little black eyes stuck out and looked at Becky. She said," Rebekah, my sister, I want to tell you something too." Said, "It may be true that you got here first. And it may be true that you've got all of daddy. But I want you to know one thing: Daddy's got all of me."

So that's the way I feel about this religion. I don't know all the in's and outs maybe of the Bible. I know the--the Author of the Bible real well. And just as long as He's got all of me; that's all I care for. If I'm so completely surrendered to Him and to His will, that He can work His works, let the world say what they want to.


E-17 Mary, she didn't wait till she was positive. She didn't wait till she seen some physical sign. If I look for a physical sign for what I'm led for tonight, I'd look for every seat in here to be taken up, when the place is only about two-thirds full. But that doesn't matter. We don't have to have a overflowing crowd. There was a hundred and twenty in the upper room, but they were all in the hands of God. God started a revival with them hundred and twenty completely surrendered into His hands that's never ended, a fire that cannot be put out.

What could God do here tonight with these hundreds in His hands? It's just getting ready, believing, holding His promise before Him.


49 Then just like you, if you are a Christian. God don't make any halfway Christians; God makes complete Christians. God don't make halfway preachers, but the preacher can be halfway. And God makes His children Christians, but sometimes they're halfway Christians. But it's not God's intention for them to be that way. It's their own ways got mixed up with the plan of God for their life, and that's what makes them the way they are. God don't want them to be halfway Christians or halfway preachers, compromising on either side. Or, He wants them to completely stand in the breach.

Now, Moses, God had made him a complete prophet for a complete deliverance. And Moses was completely surrendered into the hands of God. That's the reason it made him what he was. He was so complete in God till God could trust him.


11 And to this little tabernacle, seeing that I believe that it is one of the finest people that I believe that's on earth, goes to this tabernacle... I never said all the finest people; I said some of the finest people on earth go to this tabernacle. But as day by day entering back from meeting to meeting, I see a great need of this tabernacle, a great need in it, and that's for a filling or a consecration, a deeper life, a closer walk with God. And I have promised them to do this, to have this messages for them. And we're glad to bring you in and fellowship with us around the Word of God, as we teach and try to bring out.

Now, the first three nights we will not be taking a subject to preach on, but a message to teach from the Word of God--and now--for I would not ask anyone to do anything that I would not do myself. And this week has been a complete Calvary for me. I've been so close to--to the blacking out, as I would place it, till I was almost beside myself. But I have completely surrendered every will and everything that I know of to the Lord.


35 Now, the Spirit of God working in men makes men act like God. No wonder Jesus said, "Is not it written, 'Ye are gods'? And if they called them God to whom the Spirit of God came to, how can you condemn Me then, when I am the Son of God?" If you could see the Spirit of God in Moses, which he was God. Moses was a god. Joseph was a god. The prophets were gods. The Bible said they were. They were gods because it--they had completely surrendered themselves to the Spirit of God, that they were working for the glory of God.

And when a man is so anointed with the Spirit... Now, let this go real deep under the fifth rib on the left side. When a man is anointed of the Spirit of God, his habits, his actions, and everything is God moving in him. Sometimes he's misjudged.


219 But when they completely surrendered and gave theirselves over to God, God gave them a Pentecostal reality. He led them up to Pentecost and give them the Holy Ghost. There where they there under the Spirit of God, making all kinds of foolish signs to the people, stammering, and stammering, and carrying on, and trying to... The Bible said. What was they on? They was on the highway.

The Bible said, "With stammering lips and other tongues will I speak to this people, and this is the rest of the soul. This is the thing that will come. Isaiah 28:18, read it. "With stammering lips and other tongues will I speak to this people. This is the rest." Not Sunday ain't the rest day. The Holy Spirit is the Rest day. You Advent brethren, not the seventh-day sabbath is the rest. The Holy Spirit is the Rest. "With stammering lips and other tongues will I speak to this people. And this is the Sabbath. This is..." "Sabbath" means "rest." This is the Rest to the soul; you have eternal Rest.


17-2 Oh, you feel that blessed Spirit, that life, "Not me that liveth," said Paul, "but Christ liveth in me." Just so automatic...

"Well, I tell you, Brother Branham. We are Christians here. We help these people. We help them people." Oh, my, shame on you. That's not Christianity. Christianity is just automatically got a--it's to be done. And you just forget about, all about... Go do it.

Christ just completely surrendered His Life to God. He gave Hisself as a public Servant to the people. He gave His Life freely. He didn't have to do it. He didn't begrudgingly do it. He didn't say, "Now, brother, you all ought to think a whole lot of Me, because I come to die for you." He never said a word about it. He died anyhow, because it was God in Him. It's God in you. It's God in me that makes us look at others.


E-16 And Jesus had left Galilee, over in the land that He came from, and crossed over the sea, feeling led, no doubt, to go over to Gadara for revival. No doubt, but what the Father had led Him over across the sea to Gadara. And we all know the story that there was only one person saved; that was a maniac, in Gadara. And he was out into the fields and the cemetery. He had went wild. And they put chains on him, and the demon power could break the chains, and--and... I've often thought, going around insane institutions, and watch a person who's been possessed with those evil powers, how strong they are. They take a policemen sometime to beat them down.

Remember down in Florida, one night a--a man that wouldn't have weighed over a hundred and twenty pound, whipped five policemen just as easy as you'd whip your child. And--and then when that evil spirit went off of him, why, there was nothing hardly. He was just as meek as he could be. But it was a evil spirit.

And I thought, "If a man possessed with an evil spirit could break chains, what could he do if he was completely surrendered to God, with the power of God possessing him like that?" He could straighten every crippled leg, and do great things, if he could just be so anointed with God's power, as the devil could completely get a hold of him.


E-17 Did you notice, that devil was so completely a hold of that man, until he--he even confessed Jesus: said, "We know who You are, the holy One of God. Why cometh to torment us before our time come?" See? He was so completely surrendered to the devil until the devil could use his tongue.

And you know, I like that. I hope this don't hurt nobody's feelings, but we can get so completely surrendered to God till He can use our tongue too to--to speak in other languages, and to preach the Gospel, to sing the Gospel, to speak visions that we're looking at, and the mysteries of God, if we just completely surrender to the power of God. That's all. And if the devil can get a man under His control, and do that, what can God--God do with one, get one under His control? See? So this maniac...

And you notice, when Jesus was crossing the sea, the devil knowed that He was on the road to a great, win a great victory for God. And he tried to drowned Him that night, caused a storm to come up and... But Jesus knowed that God had sent Him, because He did only what God led Him to do.


122 It was a paradox when Egypt had a great army that they had. The whole world was conquered. They had every nation under their hands. And when God decided to destroy that army, destroy that nation, looked like He would've raised up some Amorite army, or some great army somewhere, and would've sent them down there with better equipment; or put an consolidation of all the denominations together to go down and to fight together, so he'd get full cooperation. But God used a paradox. He took an old man eighty years old, and never put a sword in his hand, but an old crooked stick that sunk Egypt in the bottom of the dead sea. Incredible, what God can do, but that's the way He does it. He uses paradox to do it. See, He brings it to a paradox, a crooked stick of a shepherd instead of a marching army to defeat a--a nation that ruled the world.

Oh, the only thing God's waiting on now, I believe... Russia don't mean nothing to God. He wants to get one man. He don't have to have big organizations. He don't have to have big denominations. He wants to get one man that He can wrap His Spirit into him. That'll tell the rest of it; there will be another paradox. Until He can get someone completely surrendered, that will do that... That's the way God does His work; He uses paradoxes.


E-144 Down in their heart there is a desire. And Father, Satan wouldn't put a desire in their heart to do right; he would put a desire in their heart to do wrong, continue on. "Don't go up. Let it alone. Don't believe it." That's what he would say. Then how do we judge it? By the Word.

Like I said, St. Martin, Paul, all the early bishops of the church and elders, they judged the cases by the Word. And now, tonight they are judged by the Word. And when they're judged they are chastened, that they should not be condemned with the world.

So they have come now, Lord, to consecrate themselves to be set aside from the world, that they don't want nothing to do with the world. They want to be so completely surrendered to You, till their whole being reflects Christ; that when they walk, talk, dress, act, it's Christ's reflection constantly in their lives. And, heavenly Father, I pray that You'll grant that to them.


E-18 And we as ministers has got to let our lives be not in some organization. Them things are all right to keep brotherhood and so forth, I mean. But they have their place, but we ourselves must be completely surrendered in Christ, so the Holy Spirit can flow through us. See? And that brings forth the original fruit of Pentecost, which is... The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, you know, that real thing.


E-80 There was a maniac one day up in Gadara, who was cutting himself. And they bound him in chains, and his power of ten times an ordinary man could break the powers of them chains. I always thought, if he was so perfectly under the influence of the devil... When the devil takes a hold of a person insane, it takes men and men to hold him. He breaks them chains, completely surrendered to the devil. If he could break chains, how much more could we break, completely surrendered to God? How much more powerful is God's power than the devil's?

There he was, this poor maniac. And he was always out there in the graveyard, cutting himself with stones, and attacked everybody. But one day he met God. Things changed for him. After that he was clothed in his right mind. Why? He had met God.

A leper stood by the gate begging. One day Jesus of Nazareth passed by, and he said, "If Thou will, Thou can make me clean."

He said, "I will. Be thou clean." And from then on he was clean.


E-4 We see in the Bible, in the 19th chapter of Acts where Paul, passing through the upper coast, came to Ephesus. And there he found a church. That was the Ephesian church, which was the first in the church age considered in the Revelation of Christ. And in this church here there was twelve people, as recorded. Twelve people was the number.

But if this church only had twelve, or like that church did, and completely surrendered to God, He can do more with that twelve than He could with the rest of the world. It's the surrender that we have, where the truth of the Gospel not only goes from the platform, but finds its bed in the hearts of the people and reacts back. So I deem this a pleasure this morning.


E-37 And when this body had been made a sacrifice, the correct Lamb had been sacrificed, there was coming forth then... God came to His own Body, which was His Bride, and there'd been one hundred and twenty temples that God had created was ready for dedication, that had got all their unbelief beat out of them. And they gathered in the upper room and waited for ten days for dedicational service. Then when completely surrendered, God came down again in the Shekinah Glory, and filled all the house where they were setting.


298-6 {137} And we've tried education; we've tried dictatorship; we've tried psychology; we've tried denominationalism; we've tried everything to push everybody together, or love everybody together, and everything else. There's no other place of fellowship but under the Blood yet, the only ground that God meets man.

God always deals with one individual. Two men's got two ideas. There never was two major prophets on the earth prophesying the same time. Look back and see if there was. No, sir. Too much scrupled up. He's got to get one man completely surrendered and use that person. He searches for that person, but there will be one sometime, somebody who'll listen to Him word by word.


33 "And today, when I seen Him stand there, did you notice that look on His face? There was no doubt in His mind. I climbed over behind the rock, and watched Him as He took that bread and broke it, and hand it over to the--His ministers, us, to distribute it to the people. And then when He reached back to break again, that loaf was whole again. And He done that hundreds of times, until everyone was filled, and there were baskets full, taken up. I knowed that could been no less than Jehovah, because He acted like Jehovah did. Only Jehovah can create. And I know that that Man's not a faker. There's only one Creator, and that's Jehovah. And now, of all the things that I've seen, that satisfied me."

"I want you to know now that my heart is completely surrendered, and I believe completely that He's not merely a prophet. He is a prophet, but He's more than a prophet. He's nothing less than Jehovah God dwelling among us, because He created bread, and He had the habits of Jehovah. No wonder He could say, 'If I do not the works of My Father, then believe Me not; but if I do the works of My Father, and you can't believe Me, believe the works, for they testify of Me and tell Who I am.' Looked like people could've seen that easy."

And John was satisfied that He was the Messiah, the One that Isaiah said, "Unto us a Son is born, and His Name shall be called Counseller, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Everlasting Father." And John was satisfied because what he had seen. The young fellow giving his testimony...


125 There stood Moses by this burning bush and the Shekinah Glory. Standing there, anointed, he didn't know what he was doing hardly. He was just obeying what the Voice said do, "Stick your hand in your bosom. Pull it out. Take up that rod. Turn it into a serpent. Throw it back down again." No matter what anybody else said, he was doing it.

Said, "Lord, show me Your Glory, and I'm ready to go to Egypt. I'm not an eloquent man. I can't speak well. But You just let me see Your Glory." And He showed It to him. And he went down and took these same things. And to show that he was the anointed messiah, that man picked up dust off the earth and throwed it into the air, and flies and fleas flew out of that dust, and covered the earth. What could create, but God? Took water out of the river and poured it upon the bank; and every drop of water throughout Egypt turned to blood. What could do that, but God? What was it? He was so completely surrendered to God's anointed Word till he was the messiah.

The Egyptians tried to turn it down this way. The unbelievers tried to turn it down. The make-believers tried their scheme. But God's Word took them right straight on to the promised land. That's right. They were anointed. They were... He was the messiah.


167 He's got to humiliate you. See, that's what He comes in for. "You mean to tell me I have to go down there and--and act like the rest?" Well, you don't have to; that's one thing sure. "Well, I'll tell you, what do you think I'd do when I went to the business council the next time? What would I do if I met with my--my employer tomorrow? And that, I'd have to get that Spirit on me, and I'd jump up there in the middle of my work, and go to speaking in tongues, oh, that would humiliate me. No, stay out of there."

Oh, there you are. See? Yeah, you'll let Jesus come in; you'll join church and put your name on, accept Jesus as your Saviour; but what about being your Lord, when He's got full sway? When He's Lord, He's got--it all belongs to Him (See?), you, you're completely surrendered to Him now.

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