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My, my. We will be ready to shout in here directly, sure enough, won't we? When I think of it, the Blood... Under the Blood, it all looks sons and daughters to Him, as long as they're confessed under the Blood. So if you've done wrong, get under the Blood today and confess your sins. For if we fall from grace, we have an Advocate to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Every morning at nine o'clock, put your hand over your heart, put it on prayerfully, the cloth first, get it over your heart on the inside of your garment, put your hand over your heart and pray at nine o'clock, twelve o'clock, and at three o'clock in the afternoon. Confess all your faults one to another; call in the neighbors and pray and have prayer meetings. You'll get well. See?

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But what I'm trying to do, tonight, is--is to get you to see what I mean. Then when you come here, and delivered, stand right on that Word. He--He's the High Priest of your confession. God can't do nothing to you till first you confess that He is. Then when you confess it, then believe it, act upon it and stay with it, and God will bring you out.


But, God never respects any different denomination, He just respects the faith that's in the individual. "I can, if ye believe," He said.

And then He said, "Go and sin no more, or a worse thing will come upon you." So therefore, in order to obtain your healing, you will have to become a Christian after you're healed. And I believe, I would say this, talking of the dual atonement, when you are healed, your sins are forgiven you. Didn't hear very many amens on that, but it's the truth.

"Confess your faults one to another, and pray ye one for another, that you may be healed."


And so, I believe in James 5:14, said, "If any among you are sick, let them call the elders of the church; let them anoint them in oil and pray over them. The prayer of faith shall save the sick, if they've done any sin, it shall be forgiven them. Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed."


Now, if Jesus Christ, the Spirit of God that was upon Him, and if you... If I confess to be a Christian, and profess that His Spirit is upon me to do as He did, would It produce the same thing?


Now, remember friends, if you've got open sin, you confess it before you come up here if--if you don't want the public to know about it, because it certainly tells everything right out.


Somebody says, "How does Divine healing... Is it... Does it last all the time?" It lasts just as long as faith lasts. And salvation lasts the same way, just as long as faith lasts. When you feel that you're not saved anymore, you're not saved. For it's by faith are you saved through grace. Is that right?

When you come to the altar, what do you do? You confess your sins and ask God to forgive you. And then, in your heart... Now get it! In your heart, you have to believe that He has forgiven you. Is that right? You have to believe that.

Then you walk away from the platform. And then you have to confess it first, that you are saved. You can't just keep it under a bushel; you'll lose it right now. You've got to confess it and tell everyone that you're glad.


Now, notice. He's the High Priest of your confession. Get what I mean? What you confess you are, that's what you are. Any man will never live any farther, or any higher, than what he believes he's a living.


You'd never live any higher than you confess that you are. It's your confession that saves you. He that confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father and the holy Angels. When you say you're sick, you're sick. Now, that... I'm not preaching Christian Science now. I'm preaching the power of God, and the Holy Spirit bears record of it. See?

But here's what it is. You accept Him because that you feel that He saved you. And you go telling people, testifying of it, and believing your testimony, and it works righteousness. It'll do the same thing for healing.


When I had stomach trouble, so bad even the doctors at Mayo's had sent for me. That was Mayo's, too. I accepted Him upon this Scripture. He's the High Priest of my confession. I said, "I refuse to testify any more, nothing but what God says. I believe His Word."

Jesus died to heal us. Every one of you is healed. Every one of you is healed right now. Jesus has already healed you; you just have to confess it and believe it. That's right. By His stripes you were (past tense) healed. That's when He did it at Calvary. That's when He overcome all sickness and sin and all, at Calvary, for you. Just like a table set, it's there. Only thing you have to do is believe. You have to accept it, believe it in your heart, and confess it. And He's the High Priest of your confession.


And when the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is here to inspire you, remember, God will make your body come into your confession. If you say you're a drunkard, and want a drink. Don't worry, you'll soon be one. If you say you're a sinner, and want to sin, you'll be right into it.

If you say you're a Christian and believe it all along, God will bring... Your testimony will bring you right into it. If you believe in healing, and believe that God has healed you, confess it, and God will make your body obey your confession, for He's the High Priest of your confession; setting at the right-hand of the Father now with His own Blood to make intercessions for any confession upon anything that He died for.

And He died to rid sin. And sickness is the result of sin. "He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we are healed." Remember that. Have faith. Don't waiver. Stand on it.


Some men's sins go before them and some follow. Let's confess ours now, so it'll go on before us. And Christ met our judgment. And God, in the garden of Eden, when He pronounced death upon the human race, "The day you eat thereof, that day ye shall die," every human being. And death means separation. That's the reason we call it death for one another. We just separate from one another.


But one Scripture, that's Hebrews 3:1... I seen that. That He is the High Priest of our confession. He's setting at the right hand of the Father to make good anything that we confess that He has done. But He cannot do nothing for us until first we confess that He has done it, and act upon it...For He's the High Priest to make intercessions for your confessions. And He cannot heal you until first you confess He has.


But you could stay there and repent until year after year, and you'd never be saved until you believe in your heart that He has saved you, and raised up and confess it. If you confess Me before men, I will confess you before My Father and the holy Angels. Is that true?


I couldn't go to heaven in my righteousness. There'd be people there...?... in your righteousness. God wouldn't receive it. But He will receive the righteousness of His Son. And if we believe on Him, as the Scripture says, believe that He is, and will confess Him, He will work the righteousness in us.

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But Adam went and hid himself. And it was just like the first meeting, the Father's calling, "Son, son, where art thou?" See how man would try to justify themself. He will try to stand behind someone. Instead of coming right out and saying what it is and confess these sins before God, he will try to hide behind a stump.


Now, I am just trying to speak of this Angel of the Lord. I do not worship that Angel...I realize that there are false angels. But every spirit that's not of God does not confess to Jesus has come in the flesh is of the wrong spirit. That's right. And I know there's been false angels. But when they testify of God, and prove to be of God, then we believe those.


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