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GOD.KEEPS.HIS.WORD_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0120E, E-29 And among our Protestant brethren, I have notice many times... After my message this morning on the new spirit, and then God's Spirit, in... How many was here this morning? All right. In the new spirit and God's Spirit, so many with the new spirit without God's Spirit... I want this to be understood.

Today we find a great moving of confusion among the Protestant people. And when I go into their churches, it is very much upsetting sometime. And now, please pardon this expression, but as the Holy Spirit...

As I talked to my little wife back there the other day, when I seen my cousins laying there, both looking and faced to each other, as their life had been claimed, one with a prayer bead in his hand as a Catholic, and the other one a Baptist on the other side: both my cousins... And I looked at them, and I said, "O great God, how can these things be? Have I failed? Has there been something?"

WHY_ CHATAUQUA.OH THURSDAY_ 59-0813, E-38 Now, when we see Him inoculating, seeing the signs that He did returning back, it shows they're inoculated with the same thing.

Brother, if the Holy Spirit will work the same in the members of the Church that Christ has saved, then they'll raise up from the dead just the same as He did. No wonder we can say, "Death, where is your sting; and grave, where is your victory."

If It healed the sick in that day, the same inoculation will do for you today. If It was a--an antidote to sin an antidote to sickness, It's the same thing today.

Then brother, sister, upon those basis, let me ask you this final question--is this: Why is there so much confusion among us? Why is there so much sin in our midst? What's the matter? Is it because there is no Balm in Gilead? Is it because there is no Holy Ghost? Why, then, is the church in this shape? Why, then, is it because there's no Physician?

Oh, yes there is. There is. But you'll die on his steps under his ministry, not knowing God or either being healed, unless you'll take the prescription that's been wrote out for you. "I'm the Lord that heals all thy diseases." Can you believe it? May the Lord bless you as we think about it while you bow your heads.


500-138 Now. Oh, my. Look over there that day when the enemy was coming in on David. And he give them all the flagging of wine and--and a--a good piece of meat and bread, And--and when the enemy was coming, they didn't know what to do; and they gathered out there; and all of Israel gathered together under circumcision. (Now, this is under the old Jewish circumcision.) And they lifted up their hands and said, "God, You are our God. You have protected us. You brought Moses the prophet, and You brought the children of Israel out of Egypt. You brought them up through the desert. When they were laying there, no one feared to touc--everyone feared to touch them, no one come near Your heritage. They was a-scared to." Yet they were in the minority, but everybody left hands off of them. For everything that got onto them, they got stung back. He said, "Oh, what a great God You are. And now, Lord, if we've sinned... Here's our wives; here's our little children; and we're in distress at this hour." Said, "Oh, what can we do? The enemy's a-coming." He said, "What can we do?"

And while they were praying the Spirit fell upon one out there in the audience, and he prophesied, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you'll not fight; stand still. (Amen.) Go down by a certain way and meet them there." And He caused confusion among them, and they killed one another.

There you are. Predestinated to be chosen in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the world. Now.

QUEEN.OF.SHEBA_ TULSA.OK FRIDAY_ 60-0401E, E-23 There wouldn't be any confusion among us. We'd all be rallying around. And nations, Russia... Oh, Russia is just as hungry for it as we are. And Finland, when that little boy was raised from the dead that night, being killed in that automobile accident, as you all know, and... In the books it's printed. And the little boy, I'd seen him two or three years before, in a vision. Wrote, I had the people to write it in their Bibles, that it would come to pass.

When that little boy was raised from the dead that afternoon, that night when I went down to the "Messuhalli," there were thousands of Russians standing there. And them soldiers standing there with that Russian salute, the tears running off their cheeks, said, "We will receive a God like that." Sure. They come to find God, and you give them a bunch of creeds. They want something real that they can take a hold of. I don't blame them.

SEEING.GOD_ S.PINES.NC SATURDAY_ 62-0609M, E-9 And I appreciate you, Brother Parker and his great love, and at inviting me to come here to his convention, and the privilege of turning me loose on the platform to say whatever God would put on my heart to say. I appreciate a godly man. And, brother, sisters, I thought this morning just talk to you from my heart. There's not too many doors open for me. And I... Not holding this against my brethren, not at all, but I believe sometimes that... It's just like I said. The people take the wrong attitude and lean this way and that way with it, and it causes confusion among the brethren. And I can see they're shepherds, and can understand it. 'Course, I've been expecting it, and I believed that it would. And I have convictions of my own, as every minister does. I try not, amongst congregations, to try to sow a discord, because that's one thing God hates, is discord among brethren.

SUPER.SIGN_ S.GATE.CA SUNDAY_ 62-0624, E-89 Lord, at the close of this five-day meeting, I realize here today the sincerity of the people. And I realize that the hustle and bustle, and the strain... Satan would throw that confusion among them to keep them from having faith. But we're asking You, Lord, to hold him back. Let the Spirit of Christ reign him out of here. And let the people as they pass over the platform remember they're following just exactly what the Scripture said do. "These signs shall follow them that believe."

Surely, with five straight services, confirmation of Your Presence by speaking with tongues, by interpretation of tongues, by healing the people, bringing them out of wheelchairs, and around over the place, and diseases, and--and things has been spoken and told the people. And then, seeing the power of God save them, seeing all these things happen, surely they believe. Make known the hearts, the secret even in the heart, and the people that they're praying for, their loved ones and so forth. Surely they can see it's the lovely Lord Jesus.

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