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E-18 Now, you've got to create an atmosphere, and your faith will do it. They were all in the upper room with one accord, when suddenly there came from heaven as a sound of a rushing mighty wind; the atmosphere was right. It takes a atmosphere to do anything.

You know, the regular procedure to hatch chickens is to put them under the hen. But get the egg in the right atmosphere, it'll hatch anyhow. Listen, brother, if a man loves God, and the right kind of an atmosphere he could get into, it'll produce a new born babe just as certain as I am here. It's the atmosphere that counts. Let this little handful of people setting here tonight, get in the perfect atmosphere, watch what takes place. There will not be a feeble among a--one in our midst. The cripples will walk; the blind will see; the deaf will hear; the dumb will speak without prayer or anything. It's the atmosphere.

That's how twenty-five thousand was healed at one prayer in Africa. When they seen the Lord do something, it created a atmosphere, and they stepped into it. That's the pool when the waters in running right.


E-19 O God, is my prayer, wake up the church again to old fashion, all night prayer meetings. Wake the people up to a--a spiritual atmosphere. Oh, it--it takes that to bring children into the Kingdom. It takes the atmosphere.

Right this night while we're sitting here, if this right atmosphere would take place, this entire group would be refilled with the Holy Ghost, every sick person would be made well. It's the atmosphere that does it.

You can take a hen egg and put it in a incubator and keep the atmosphere right it'll hatch out a chicken not an incubator. See? Because that it's the atmosphere that counts. Put a chicken egg under a--a dog. It'll hatch a chicken. It's the atmosphere. And that's what it takes in the church today, not so much starchy creed and theology, but the Spirit of the living God pouring down upon His people to bring a spiritual atmosphere.

Not one saying, "I believe it's this," and another one, "I believe it's that." It's hard for the Holy Spirit to work.


E-22 Go over and... Say we're going to a dance. One man standing up and saying, "Well now..." He--he don't know about whether he wants to dance or not. And this girl over, and she this, that... And the music playing, "Nearer, My God, To Thee," huh, what an atmosphere for a dance. Well, that's not any different than what a lot of atmospheres... you go into church for a service of God, just that contrary. Right.

The only thing to bring the right atmosphere then for the dance is to put on your old music that makes dances, and everybody get thinking what a good time they're going to have dancing and so forth, and they'll be having a big whoop-uping time. Put the right kind of a music on the piano, the organ, and everybody in the atmosphere that Jesus Christ is there and going to meet everything that they have need of, something will go to taking place: atmosphere. But that's the hardest thing there is to do. And that is to get people in that atmosphere, the atmosphere of worship, the atmosphere of believing.


E-2 I want to ask now, the report, on how many was reported a definitely condition from last night. Brother Bosworth, would you have the report of what happened last night? And it's to be left at the book stand. If someone will give me that report right away. Would you get it for me, Brother Bosworth? At the book stand, at the book stand, the report... Someone, or one of the ushers, if they would, get a report from the book stand, and find out just how many reported tonight, from last night's meeting, what happened in last night's meeting. I've been very interested in it today.

How good our Lord is to us. We got two more nights, Christian friends, of the meeting. This morning, we really had a time of fellowship at that ministerial breakfast: such a lovely bunch of ministers, all setting around with one heart and one accord. Usually, I mention something in the breakfast about different denominations. That's one of my great things to mention. Brother Baxter was wondering, I guess, why I didn't mention it. It just seemed like there was such a heavenly atmosphere, there wasn't any difference in it. It was just... See?


E-39 And you're not from this city. You come from Michigan. Is that right? Now, you believe with all your heart, God will grant you your--your request. I pray... There's only one thing you can do: That's believe on the Lord. And then you go and... I'd advise you one thing to do. Go, receive the baptism of the Spirit, live for God all your life, and everything will work just right.

Now, if God can tell me what is your--what was your trouble, and what is your trouble now, He can surely tell me the way out of it. Is that right? That's your avenue. Will you receive it? Come here.

Lord, be merciful to this woman. Grant unto her that she may receive the Holy Spirit and may all of her troubles leave. Grant it, Father. I bless her for this purpose in Jesus Christ's Name, that the baby be raised in a Christian atmosphere and both father and mother filled with the Spirit. Grant it, Lord, in Jesus' Name. Amen.


E-64 Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal the woman. Let her go from here tonight and be made well. Grant it, everlasting God, in the Name of Thy Son of Jesus. Amen. God bless you, lady. Now, go thanking God, being happy, and God will grant it.

You having faith? Now, remember friends, it's your faith. There's nothing that a man can do to heal you. A Man has already healed you. You just got to believe what He's done for you. See?

You believe, lady? All right. Let's you and I talk just a moment then. If you're a believer, I--I believe that is truth. You have a wonderful atmosphere. But you're suffering. You have--you've had... Your trouble is bad enough to you as just... you've been to a doctor. And I see him doing something, writing on a... Oh, it's a heart trouble. You have heart trouble, don't you? And he had something around your arm; it's a blood pressure. And it's very seriously, about three hundred. Is that right? I see him shake his head and walk away. He thinks you're going to have a stroke at any time. That's what he said to you. See?

Now, who was in the room there to hear him say that and come back and let me see it right here before me now? Jesus Christ. Is that right? Then He's interested in you, isn't He? You believe you'll never have a stroke now, will you? God bless her now. May her faith be confirmed in Jesus' Name. Amen. Go, believing with all your heart. Amen.


E-28 We cannot have a healing service here until people gets in the Spirit of a healing service. We cannot have a filling of the Holy Ghost until people gets in that kind of a atmosphere. And the people was in the atmosphere in that day to bring judgment upon the earth. And they're in the same atmosphere today: eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, and all this kind of a thing like that. And the glory of God is being preached and demonstrated in the power of the Holy Ghost setting forth a--an example of the resurrection of Jesus Christ that's going to take the Church into glory, just as certain as I'm standing here. That's right. And men are ignoring it, paying no attention to it, walking away from it. Because they're in the spirit of the last day.


E-86 A man one day, when he lost his little daughter. Jesus the provided way, come laid His hands on the girl. She got well.

There was a little blind man one day, by the name of Bartimaeus, touched the hem of His garment, as it was. And so, called for Him. And he accepted God's provided way and was made well. Do you believe that?

Look. Hallelujah. Brother, I feel good. Now you're getting into the atmosphere. Now you're getting things right...?... mind then your hearts. Say, "God I accept it. I believe it with all my heart."

God's got a way now to make every person well. You believe that? It's God's provided way. That woman with that little baby, just when she started out wondering in her mind, she got all...?... What was the matter? God had a provided way. That's right.


E-92 I see a man setting there, just out of the--somewhere in there, just a minute. The man's got arthritis; he's got--got hemorrhoids too. That's it. That's your wife setting next to you, isn't it? Is that right? Stand up, lady. I seen that same lady stand in a vision. Just a moment. Reverent. I believe... Yes, sir, you have a gall bladder trouble. And you got something like, in your nose, something cause your nose to run; it's--it's hay fever. Isn't that right? Say, don't... Isn't your name Joe, don't they call you Joe, or something like that? Or Joe Stone, or something on that order? Isn't that right? I thought I heard that when I heard that doctor was examining you. God home, sir, you're from Miami too, aren't you? Never seen you in my life, but isn't that the truth? Isn't that right? Put your hand over on your wife, wife put your hand on your husband. And you all accept your healing 'cause you go home well. Hallelujah.

You might think I'm crazy man, I know what I'm speaking of. The baptism of the Holy Ghost is here for every man. Healing's here for every person. Amen. You think I'm besides myself; I'm not. I know what I feel. You're in the right atmosphere right now to go look and be healed. Will you believe it?


E-12 You, would you like to know what I think the greatest need of the church today? Would you like... What I think... Where I think the lacking is? Is a no soul travail. The people are not broke up enough. They're... There--there's no burden seemingly. And you give me someone that's just so tore up about lost souls that they just cry and are--are wanting a revival so bad till they can hardly eat, just simply can't...

If you'll read the history of the world and the religious history, you'll find out it always taken that kind of a spirit to bring a revival. That's right. See? When Zion travailed or traveled (I think's a better word), why the--then she brought forth children. See? You--you have to be tore up. It's the atmosphere of anything.


E-13 You get around where there's arguments; you get into that type of atmosphere. If there's something in the church, someone who's disobedient, and very ugly acting in the church and causing trouble, you'll never be able to have a revival as long as that kind of an atmosphere is around. And so, you have to have everybody...

If you'll notice when the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost, they were all in one place and in one accord (Is that right?) and waiting for a promise. And when we get like that, Brother Boze, the revival will be here then. That--that's right.


E-28 And as I read it, now keep these things on mind what I've told you. See? Keep them on mind (See?), that if you... Jesus passed by a tree. He looked on it. There was no fruit on it, and He said, "No man eat off of you from henceforth." Went on up to Jerusalem, of course they was fussing at Him up there, and He couldn't stand that. That was the wrong kind of atmosphere for Him, so He moved out, went on back down, come off the mountain the next morning.

And as they passed by, about eleven o'clock in the day I suppose, Peter looked at that tree. He said, "Say, notice," said, "You just said that yesterday, and that tree is dead from the roots." See? It dried up.


E-61 Let their faith just meet that condition and it will be, for Thou hast said, "As thou has believed in thy heart, so shall it be." And I pray that You'll grant that tonight. And make the whole atmosphere here, Lord, a creative atmosphere of--of one soul, one mind, one accord, one purpose... Grant it, Lord. Hear my prayer. I--I pray this that You'll grant it to us in the Name of Jesus Christ Thy beloved Son. Amen.

My heart so hungers to see that atmosphere. See? See, the atmosphere is what brings it. See? The atmosphere would bring... If every person here would get in one perfect harmony, it would be settled. See, like the natural way for a egg to hatch is put it under the hen, and it'll hatch, because it's the atmosphere. It's warm. But you just wrap it in a--a blanket, keep it warm, it'll hatch anyhow. Put it in a incubator, it'd hatch anyhow. See? It's the atmosphere that brings forth the results.


E-62 And if we can just get all the doubt away from us now, push everything out of the way... Now, there's dying people here, no doubt. Some of them with heart trouble or something, and heart trouble is one thing we haven't found to do much with yet. So, let's just pray, God, and be in one accord and say, "Heavenly Father..." Now just let that glorious atmosphere just settle down and the Holy Spirit will come right in and just do marvelous things for us. May He grant it.


E-82 Merciful Father, I pray for Divine deliverance from my sister. May she be given deliverance tonight from this horrible disease. Your servants the doctors can do nothing about this now, but Thou can do it, Lord. And as You now have promised to be in us and said that we... If we be in Your image, made in Your likeness... You was a Creator, and by Your great power, You created things and no one could do things like You. But You give us the Spirit by measure, Him the Spirit without measure. And then if You here Who can create vision, and bring it to pass by this heavenly atmosphere of the Holy Ghost that's here present now... I also as God's servant ask for a recreation of this bone structure, and may the tumor in this bone go out just now as I lay my hands upon the woman, acting in a representative way of the Son of God. Cursed be the disease, and may the Creator bring forth and produce to this, our sister, a healthy body in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

Now, sister, now don't you fear. Just go on, and then you write me your testimony tomorrow. God bless you. All right.


E-95 Now, anything, just right now if every person in here believed just at one time, everything would happen just right now, has to. It's the atmosphere of the thing. See? It'd all take place right now. See? Oh, if we could just see it enough to believe and have faith, what our heavenly Father would do. How wonderful.

You're praying, sister, that God would heal of that spinal trouble, setting there, if you'd just believe and accept with all your heart. You believe He has? You do? Raise up your hand if you accept it. All right. You can go away, be made well now. God bless you. Just don't doubt. Have faith.

What you praying for, sir, you want to get rid of that rheumatism, setting out there at the end... You want to get rid of it? He healed you just then. Stand up; you're well. He's made you... God bless you now. God's peace upon you. Just believe.


E-28 God speaking here to Moses, and telling him that, "I'll send My Angel before thee to keep thee in the way." Now, I just to change the atmosphere from speaking of events that's passed, I'd just like to bring it back to this upon God's Word, before we call the healing line, just for a few moments.

Now, God had made a promise to the children of Israel, that He was going... He made it to Abraham many, many years. Four hundred and twenty years beforehand, God promised Abraham, or He said his seed would sojourn in a strange land for four hundred years and He would bring them out by a strong hand and would give them the land where Abraham dwelt in then.


E-35 And we ought to get ourself in that kind of an atmosphere. Create... Each one of you is a creator. Did you know that? Each one of you people that's borned again is a creator. We must create an atmosphere as I said the other night.

Sometimes when I'm in the home, and the wife is all--the people in and out, and just going all the time... I'd go in, and wife standing in there wiping her eyes crying, she said, "Bill, the children hasn't even had a bite to eat today; the house is packed and jammed." There little Sarah, my little two year old girl setting in there, she's crying. Rebekah's come in from school. Why? My wife, all nervous, has got that atmosphere there. See? That's what it is. Well, I don't tell her. She's not here tonight, so she don't know it.

So I go and I say, "Well, I tell you, honey; that's true." I said, "Oh, I have to come home once in a while, you know." But I say, "Sweetheart," you know to kindly get her quietened. Then I, in my heart, I say, "Lord, I am giving my love of God into my wife. Now, Lord, You help me, now here, and I want Your Spirit. Now, Satan would get us all confused, but I--I want You to help me." And I say, "Say, dear, I'll--I'll help you wash the dishes." And I--I get on there, and I say, "You just start with the children like say something there." And I'm standing there all the time praying, "Now, Lord, send Your Holy Spirit; I know it's quieting them right now. And I'm sending it in this home, my home, in the Name of Your Son Jesus."

The first thing you know, the wife says, "I'll..." She'd be interested in talking about something. The baby's got blocks a playing in there, going on. It's all over. See, see?


E-36 It's the atmosphere. You got to get away from it. See? From that old confusion, "Oh, am I going to be..." You're scared. That what's the matter. You'll be frying your meat of a morning for breakfast, and--and the first thing you know, you're filled with the Holy Spirit. Now, I'm going to shock you a little bit. You don't mind, do you? All right. For instance, the meat's a frying, and all at once the grease pops out on your hand. Now, if you'll just shake it off and go on frying meat, it wouldn't bother you. Now, I know you didn't get that just right. Look. The first thing, "Oh, where the Ungantene?" Something... You see, grab you hand. See, see? It scares you to death. That's what does it. It's fear.

Peter walking on the water. He was walking all right, till he seen the waves contrary and he got scared. Jesus said, "Why'd you fear?" That's what's the matter with the Holy Ghost people today. They've got a lot afraid...


E-49 Now, if you'll just love God with all your heart. And if you've done something to you neighbor or somebody, just say in your heart now, "I love them too." See? "And I love God will all my heart, and I have... Brother Branham, I have criticized you a little bit, but I love you anyhow." See? All right. Now, just let that take place like that, and just get that whole atmosphere in here of love, then watch the law of God go to work just on that. See? That's--that's how it's... Just the same as it made the hornets go back, as it stopped the bull in the field, and oh, my, of the things that I could tell you...


E-21 Now, we want to leave without debts owing, everybody feeling wonderful and fine, and glorifying God. We try to keep that standard everywhere. And all the ministers, and the people here...

If you're here and you don't belong to a church, why don't you join with these brother's church, if you live near them. You believe in this type of ministry, well, join the churches that believe in that. Go and join the churches that backs that up, that believe in that. See? And you come over and get healed, and go back into a bunch of people where that atmosphere is, that doesn't believe in Divine healing and things, why, you'll be just as bad off as you ever was. See? That's right. Yoke yourself right up among unbelievers. That's what the Bible said. Is that right? But believers... And so, I wish you could do that. And I pray that you will.


E-59 Just as you expect, that's what you get. But you come to the meeting expecting to see the glory of God moving, the power of God, sinners being saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, sickness being healed, then watch what God shows you. Yes, sir.

See, you are a creator in yourself. If you're... How many's borned-again say, "Amen?" [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Do you know each one of you is a creator? You are a part of God; you're a son of God, an offspring of God, a daughter of God. Is that right? Then you are a creator.

Now, did you ever see people, they were nice people (I ain't saying this for any back now.), nice people but you just couldn't hardly stand to be around them. You know that. Nice people, it's their atmosphere they're in. Then you've seen other people that you just long to be with them, is that right? It's that atmosphere that's around them all the time.

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