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Believe with all your heart, that you... You're trying to believe. You're a woman weary, aren't you. That's right. You've been deeply depressed, haven't you. You've been having troubles, And you know what I'm speaking of. I won't say it. All right. May I have your hand. There's something else; oh, it's cancer, sister. That's too bad. But do you believe that Jesus Christ will heal you and will make you well? I'll... So that... See, you have had troubles and trials. 'Course now that strange feeling upon you; that's the Spirit of the Lord.


You have a--a--a nervous condition, a...?... which is due to the time of--it is with you. And among other things, it's... You got a stomach trouble. Is that right? That's right. And you're nervousness has caused the stomach trouble. This is an ulcer in the stomach that is souring and so forth, and it's souring, and sometimes fluttering of the heart. And--and your nervous conditions, and that. And you feel strung and upset all the time, depressed. Is that right?...?... Satan will tell you, you've passed over the line, and all those things. Is that right? But he's lying. He's lied. Jesus Christ has healed you. Can you believe that...?


And she's here for me to pray for her. And her trouble is a depressed, mental condition that's a bothering her. She's mentally upset. And she is also been real sick with the case of.


And you're nervous. That's right. And then one great thing that's a bothering you is demon oppression. You always feel depressed like the Devil's got you or something like that. You're having a spiritual battle, aren't you? Is that true? And especially you get that in afternoon, after the dinner or something like that in the afternoon. It's worse than it is in the fore morning. That's right, 'cause it makes you all upset. See?


The Bible said, "He ascended on high and give gifts unto men." There was a atmosphere hung over the earth of darkness, of gloom, of death, and weary. The prayers couldn't come up, because the atonement wasn't made, but He broke through that veil. He opened up the way. He broke the veil of sickness. He broke the veil of sin. He broke the veil of worry. He broke the veil of depressed. He broke every veil and made a highway for the wayfaring man walking up the King's highway. Oh, my, when He passed the moon and the stars, on and on...


Right back here, a lady setting there, Spanish looking, she has a red coat on. She's from Arizona. She has complications. That's right. Mrs. Fernandez... It's correct. You're nervous, have depressed feelings, nervous and tore up. Return home to your home. It's left you. Your faith has made you whole. See?


What about you, the white woman setting here? Got trouble with your head, and a nervous depressed feeling. That's right. You, setting right there... If that's right, raise up to your feet; claim your healing. I don't know you, do I, lady? All right, go home and receive your healing now.


Yesterday... People don't know what depressing times comes with this type of ministry. I got real depressed, and I said to the wife, "I wished I could just go on."

She said, "Why do you say that, Bill?"

I said, "Oh... Oh, here I have troubles and things."

And then seemed like the Holy Spirit said, "Are you trying to bypass them? Are you, are you trying to dodge them?" See?

"No," I said, "just let me stand right up in the face of all of it and face it out (See?), just..." See?

189 COMFORTER.THE JEFF.IN V-15 N-5 61-1001E

I pray that You will comfort every heart here, tonight. Comfort those people. Give them of Thy Spirit. Heal the sick and afflicted. Oh, take that depressed woman, that depressed man, boy or girl. And may they look away tonight, from their sin, may they look away from the things of the world, unto Jesus who promised that He would abide in us. And the works that He did, we would do also, because that He would come in the form of the Holy Spirit; to be the abiding Comforter, forever to be with us. Father, grant those blessings. Heal the sick, again I pray, Father. Many of them are afflicted and needy.


Then lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil; the evil of sickness, the evil of depressed. Heal everyone that's in the building this morning. Every sick person may be healed today, Lord. I speak these words in the Name of the Lord Jesus, that the mountains that lays before the people may they all be moved today. If it's sickness, if it's lust, if it's passions, if it's anything of the world, may it move out of the way and let the Word of God come in and be made manifest in their life. Deliver us from evil; for Thine is the Kingdom, Lord, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.



And year after year I'd still come to this same fountain, and it never did cease, winter or summer. They couldn't freeze it. You can't freeze an artesian well. Oh, no! Oh, no! I don't care how--how cold it gets, it ain't going to freeze that. It'll freeze the cistern, just a little frost will do that. See? But anything that's moving, got Life in it; it's a-moving around. And you can't freeze the artesian well out. No matter how depressed the spirit is around the place, this Well's always a-living. Live at that Well.

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