This is to evaluate what you’ve learned in Director Program. ( A Re-test)
Copy the questions and answer them in a Blue Book.

The media elements in a Director project interact on a rectangular area where the movie plays. It is called the ____________.
1. The __________ keeps track of the media and the sprites within the Director File.
2. A ___________ is the term used for a multimedia project you create with Director.
3. You specify the movie properties such as qualities, including stage size, position, color and much more in the _______________.
4. Director organizes and controls a movie content over time in layers also knows as ___________..
5. _________ is a built-in program in Director that allows users to do pixel-based graphic compositing
6. Director uses its own action scripts which is popularly known as _______.
7. _________ is a built-in program in Director than will allow the user to draw vector-based graphic materials.
8. _________ is a built-in resource in Director whereby drag-and-drop scripts are loaded
9. __________ is a type of Sound format accepted in Director.
10. Director identifies specific sprite locations in the Score by placing _____________.
11. The ____________ displays all the media that make up a movie, such as images, text, sounds, digital video.
12. _________ is a director file extension name when you export a director file to the web
13. The __________ is the 'screen' on which Director movies are projected. It is used to determine where all the visible media in a movie appears.
14. The _____________ provides a set of controls similar to those on a VCR.
15. _____________ is a behavior whereby lets a mouse pointer change its appearance
16. __________ are rows in the Score that contain effects such as timing controls, transitions, sounds and visual media.
17. ___________ is a Flash animation format that can imported and played in Director
18. A ___________ is a cast member already placed on the Score.
19. ___________ is a panel in Director whereby you see all the cast members in it.
20. ___________ is a type of Video format accepted in Director.
21. ___________ is a behavior whereby it can program two button images to roll-over upon each other
22. ___________ are the numbered columns in the Score like that in a traditional film sequence
23. The ___________ shows which frame is currently displayed on the Stage. By clicking any frame in the Score, it will move to that location in the movie.
24. ___________ is a type of Image format accepted in Director.
25. ___________ is the characteristic of a director movie whereby it gives the user a chance to choose which button to click.
26. ___________ is the Default Format of a raw Director Movie
28. ___________ is a link to where the creators of the Movie are named and acknowledged.
29. ___________is a “drag-and-drop” navigation behavior do you use for “stopping” a director movie
30. The media elements in a Director project are called the ___________.
31. _______ is an application file format outputted in Director.
PART 2. Identify the parts labeled A to G.

Property Inspector/ Movie / Hold on Current Frame/ Cast Members/ Stage / Control Panel / Frames / Score/ Sprite / Cast Window / Lingo/ Cursor Change / Script Channel / Vector / Library / Channels / .Dir / Behaviour / Interactivity / Credits / Sprites / Sound Channel / Projector.Exe / Playback Head / Marker / Wav / Member Change / Tempo Channel / DCR / Script / Paint / SWF / Transition Channel / AVI / Palette Channel / Jpeg / Sprite Channel /