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Love should govern the home. Love is the greatest force that was ever put into the power of man. A--a home that's not disciplined by love is not much of a home. If the husband and wife doesn't solemnly love each other, they cannot trust each other. That's why I think that instead of resting our faith upon some emotion (which is all right) or some gift (which is all right), like shouting, speaking with tongues, or with other things that we take for--saying that we have the Holy Spirit when we do this... Those things are all right. But if we would come back to the principle, love first, and then those things, I think our church would progress a lot faster, if we would get God first; and God is love.


We've got to be disciplined first. God could not trust this power with the church. It's hard to tell what you would do.

How could a father trust his--his business with a boy that might simply pollute his whole inheritance? He couldn't do it. The church has got to come to a place to where it's disciplined. God's on that work right now: discipline.


And now many people might misunderstand it. Love--love is--is disciplined. You must discipline people, if you love them. If your little girl was sitting out in the road (as I said this morning) making mud cakes, if you really love her, you'd get her off that road.

What if your wife said, "John, somebody (whatever your name is)--you know a--a..." You just let her run out with some other man, because you said, "Bless her little heart, she wants to do it, and I just love her so much; I'm going to let her do it." You'd be a poor excuse of a husband. She ought to get rid of you and get somebody that loves her, that will take care of her, I didn't mean it that way, 'cause you can't do that.


_ Others will not listen to anything we say, especially the children.

The children are supposed to know discipline; they should get it at home. But even if it's mine, my kids get in here at anytime, they get disorderly, I don't want you to draw one string; Sarah, Rebekah, Joseph, Billy, or whoever it might be. You tell me; I'll see to it. If they can't behave, then they'll stay away from church till they do learn to behave. This is not an arena; this is a house of God. This is not a place to play, and skate, and write notes, and laugh, and cut up; this is the house of God, and is to be carried out godly.

You come here to worship, not even to visit. This is not a--this is not a picnic ground; this is not a visitation place; this is the visitation place of the Holy Spirit, listen to what He has to say, not to one another. We don't come here to--to fellowship with one another; we come here to fellowship with Christ. This is the house of worship. And children must be disciplined, and if they are of their parents. Let it be known, that if these deacons... If these parents of the children will not listen to what these deacons said, then this parent should be corrected themselves.



Not long ago when Captain Al Farrar, one of the head of the FBI's was converted in my meeting after following for two years, taken it down in the great dungeon and so forth and showed me those young ladies and so forth in a revolving pens in around.

He said, "Reverend Branham, made a remark not long ago about education." Said, "It's the truth ninety percent of them in there is out a fine educated people." They get so smart they think they can outdo the law. But just a common old boy, he's afraid of the law and he brings him to discipline.

People get to a place that they can figure all about it, and God ain't got nothing do with it. They think they can get by with anything. But he that feareth the Lord shall learn righteousness.


All right. When little Isaac come along, God fulfilled His promise to Abraham. Then he got to be about sixteen or eighteen years old, lovely, little boy; and here was Abraham and Sarah enjoying the blessings. Then God said--give Abraham some testing. Do you believe that children of God have testings and trials? "Every son that cometh to God must first be tried, chastened."

Chastised, did you ever have any of it, child-training, bringing you up, giving you a little protaplasma stimulation once in a while by the Gospel, making you, correction...? My daddy was awful good at that. Yes, sir. He believed in the golden rule. It laid up over the door, had all the ten commandments out on it, a hickory stick about that long, brush on the end of it. I tell you, that made discipline in the Branham home. But we love him. What would we have been if he hadn't have did it? That's the way God is; He brings discipline to His children, trying them, whipping them when they're wrong. I'm happy that my heavenly Father gives whippings to those who are wrong, and corrects me when I'm wrong, gives me whippings, makes me straighten up, walk like you should walk.


What it is then, when the minister comes to town to preach the Gospel in the fulness of the power of the resurrection, and the people walk the street and walk by and make fun of the Word of God. And the Holy Spirit has to bring that before the Father and say, "They even make fun. They won't listen; they are stiff-necked people. They're starchy; they're know-it-alls. They won't listen." And if the Holy Spirit (Here it is.), if the Holy Spirit would teach anything, it'll be out of that Bible, for He said, "When the Holy Ghost is come He will bring these things that I've taught to you, to your memory, and will show you things to come." That's the kind of Tutor we got, the Holy Spirit to reveal and to bring the discipline book of the Father, and reveal to you what God's plan is. Then when we step across them boundaries and turn away from it with a stiff neck, what does the Holy Spirit think when He stands before the Father to bring our character to Him. Can you see, brother, sister, why we're not progressing like we ought to? It's our own character that's a tearing us down. Now, we're children. Don't forget that. When you're borned again you're a child of God. We're children, but disobedient children.


God has set in the church first apostles, missionaries, secondarily prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors. Is that right? God has set in the church... How our teaching was this morning up there in that room, blue room, what they call it up there to Washington Hotel, that brother who preached the "Keys To The Church." How right that was. How true it was when Brother Winston's teaching this morning on the discipline of the church. How that you... We misrepresent things, how can you build a foundation on something when you're misrepresenting it? There's nothing to build on.


Now, you say, "Brother Branham, you're really beating us women." All right. Here you men are. Any man that'll let his wife smoke cigarettes and wear clothes like that, it shows what he's made out of. He's not much man to him, a man that would do that. God give us old-fashion, borned again, sainted, godly homes. Juvenile delinquency will be no more. It isn't juvenile delinquency; it's parent delinquency. They had the old wood shed and the big hickory limb laying over the door. That's discipline in our home.


Nothing's been wrong with me, nothing wrong with Leo; it's the Devil got between us. That's right. Get the thing straightened out. Go to him. Then if he won't listen, or I won't listen, which ever way it is, then tell it to the church. If he don't come be reconciled to that church in thirty days, then he's brought from under the protection of Jesus. We loose him. That's exactly right. Then watch what takes place. Let God do the discipline then. You got your hands off. You done the best you could. Then let God have him for a little bit. He'll turn him over to the Devil. He will come then. If he don't, his life is just a short span.


We believe in an apostolic Church, teaching apostolic blessing for people of this day. We believe in the full Gospel, and believe that all of the signs and the wonders that was spoken of by our Lord Jesus Christ, would accompany His Church until He returned. We believe in those things, and believe that they are to be set in order, that the Church has its order. And each church has its doctrine, and order, and discipline.


Therefore, what if God let the devil put a sickness on you to bring you to discipline, and then some gift comes around, and pours some oil on you, and casts that thing away from you. Then he's in trouble with God. See?


Now, you that's in the prayer line, if you've got any unconfessed sin your life, just be it known unto you, that God will never heal you as long as you got unconfessed sin in your life.

And that's why I take that line real slow, the old line, for the Holy Spirit would reveal to me. And all you are witness of that, how sin's been called out of people, told them, and this woman here in adultery with this man setting up here. You know how those things has been. And that's the reason I comb the case real close, before I pray a prayer of faith for them. `Cause what if God put--let the devil put that sickness on them to bring them to discipline, and here I come around with a Divine gift with faith and took it off of them? See, I'm in trouble with God, like Moses who smote the rock instead of speaking to it.


But now, remember, if God has permitted sickness to come on you to bring you to discipline, and you refuse to discipline yourself before God, then step out of the line. Don't come in there, because you... It might make you worse. If you're sinful, and you got unconfessed sin, make it right with God before you come to God for prayer.


When the enemy comes in to a church, he puts their eyes out to the real facts that the Holy Spirit is the One Who rules and governs the church. All discipline is brought by the Holy Spirit. Amen. Oh, I wished I could say the words that would make it go home to the right place (See?), that it never would leave, clinch in there. God gave the Holy Spirit to rule and govern the church: the Holy Spirit.


And now, last evening we were speaking on discipline in the church. And I think, if we could just get the church in a real spiritual attitude, then there will be a--a revival really and it'll be so much better for our prayers for the sick. As long as our--our--our conditions are slumping, then we--we just don't seem to pick it up like we should. But when everybody is just prayed up, and keyed high, and a great expectations, I've walked to the platform, and many times, be five and six, seven thousand people and not be one feeble person left just as soon as you walked out on the platform. Every one get up out of wheelchairs, and cots, and stretchers, and everything, walk right away, because they just... You're under such expectations.

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