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And poor old Brother Bosworth, I never seen him out of humor in my life. But he come back up to the house, he said, "Let's take a walk."

We went walking. He said, "Brother Branham, did you ever hear of such? It's ridiculous."

I said, "Of course, Brother Bosworth, that's the exceedingly, abundantly (You see?), that we..." I said, "We're out of the will of God."

Brother Bosworth said, "I just can't stand that preacher acting like that." And downtown he went on his own hook, went out there, and rented a great big stadium that seated them every one real nice, had the meeting. Went on down through Capetown, on the road coming back, coming out of Capetown, here the story starts. I got sick, started getting sicker. [Blank spot on tape--Ed.] By the time I got to Durban about two weeks later, I was really sick. I couldn't even hold my head up.

And I got to Durban, and their meeting there consisted of a nearly a hundred thousand people, where thirty thousand converts in one day's time. And they said, "We promised Brother So-and-so." Two thousand miles farther up in Rhodesia I should go, after about two or three days meeting in Durban: walk off and leave a hundred thousand natives that had toiled for as many as a hundreds of miles, and packing their loved ones on reeds through the jungles to be healed. That's the exceedingly, abundantly.

And there, the white and black could come together. They separated each tribe and so forth, but the only place in Africa that you could do it. Is that right, Brother Bosworth? The Holy Spirit knew that all the time, and we didn't.

So then, the rest of the meeting, I just barely lived to get home. And when I come home, come to find out, I had an African amoeba dysentery, blood just poured just as hard as it could. Nothing would stop it. They was going to throw me the pesthouse when I got to America. They took me in to a doctor and examined me. He said, "It's the worst case I ever saw in my life." He put me in a place, and he give me sixty-days treatment. God just turned His back on me, said, "Go ahead, take it. You wanted it."

I said, "O Lord, help me. Help me." And He just let me just go ahead and holler. And I just cried and begged and everything else. Didn't do no good. Months passed, just the same, never let up at all. Just kept on. The doctors give me everything they had. [Blank spot on tape--Ed.] And he straightly examined me, he said, "I only got one more treatment, and that's strict arsenic." He said, "I can't give you that very much." He give me seven doses of it, and I turned as yellow as a pumpkin. He examined me again, said, "Reverend, if I give you..." His father was a minister right here in Kentucky, Doctor Lucus, at Louisville, Kentucky, if you'd like to ask him: Doctor Lucus and Ryan. And so he, the best there is on--on amoeba in this country. And he said, "Reverend Branham, that's the worst type of amoeba." Said, "It's not a germ, it's a parasite. Gets into the stomach, and intestinal tract, and just set there and suck on the--on the intestinal tract till the mucus is gone, then gets in the blood stream, takes your life."

So then, and they're in little cones, and when you send medicine down, they just shut up and don't eat it. And I tell you, you never get over it hardly.

So then, I... There I was laying there dying. So then, he give me the that. And they give me examination after that. I had more amoeba than I had in the first place.

Now he said, "Reverend Branham, I don't want to alarm you." Said, "You're a married man, got a couple children, three?"

I said, "Yes, sir."

He said, "You return home now. There's nothing we can do for you." Said, "There's nothing in the line of medicine that can be done." He said, "Now, if those amoebas retire why they--you may go on all right, and have these breaks the rest of your life. He said, "If they go into the farther from the mucus gland into the blood stream, you'll start taking a real high fever. And if they gather on the liver, it'll push out a knot, and you'll get real heavy cramps here. And you let us know right at once, and we'll cut in there and drain that liver out. You'll get over it. But then, if it strikes the brain, or the heart, you'll live ten hours."

Well, that was a lot of encouragement. I went home. My poor little old wife setting there, and I told her. "Well, what am I going to do? My ministry's ended now. I got two little children to raise: one's seven and the other one two. Now what am I going to do?" That's the exceedingly, abundantly, not obeying God.

I walked up-and-down the floors. I've cried. I begged. I persuaded, back and forth, back and forth, got down to about a hundred and ten pounds, just walking back and forth, crying and praying, back and forth, and back and forth on the floor. Got so I couldn't rest at night. Just, every time, I thought I had a fever every five minutes. And--and I just knew the fever was coming. I was laying there, and the little girl and I was in one of the bedrooms sleeping. Wife and the other little girl was in the next bedroom. The hallway's between the bath, setting between the two beds. So in that room, I was laying there. I woke about two o'clock in the morning; I'd been sleeping about a half hour, and I put my hand back like this, and I said, "O God."

And I remembered Brother Bosworth when I left Africa. I put my arm around him when we got on the plane. I said, "Well, Brother Bosworth, I have fought a good fight. I've finished the course. I accept my fate--or the fate." He said... I said, "I guess my days are over."

He said, "Well, you're just a brand new Branham." He said, "You're just a boy." Said, "I was your..."

I said, "Well, I'm forty-two years old."

He said, "Well, I was forty years old, 'fore I started preaching here." Said, "Boy, you're just a child." Said, "Here I am, seventy, something," said, "I'm just going strong." Said, "I..." Said, "Well, you just got your education and diploma." Just going on like that, and I thought, "Oh, my."

So, I was thinking about what I told Brother Bosworth. I thought, "What if my future holds. I guess it won't be long now till I'll be gone." And I thought, "If fever strike me, ten hours, my wife will be here with two little children to raise, my boy. What will be the outcome of my life?" And was I laying there, I started crying. And I'm... place to the vision. I started crying.

And I looked up, and I thought, "God, what must I do?" I heard something going, "Wooooo." First time for months and months, I knew He was in the room. I looked around, I seen that Light standing over there by a--a chifforobe, whirling around. I got out on the floor, and I said, "O God, have You come with pardon for Your servant, or have You come to take me away?"

And just then, I looked coming right down in front of me, must've broke into a vision, here come a man walking to me, with typewriter paper, looked like, in his hands like that. And he walked up, and he said, "Insomuch as you was thinking about your future..."

I said, "Yes. I wonder what my future holds."

And I looked down on the floor, and something had been wrote on. And he took that typewriter paper like this, and he went... Threw it like that, and just one right after the other like that, and made a complete road up into heaven. And a great voice screamed from above that paper and said, "Your future is clear."

I come out of it. I begin crying. I said, "O God, if I could just ask Him." He never shows me over one thing at a time like that. And I thought, "Oh, if I'd have just ask Him if I was ever going to get over these things here, if I--if I was going to get over it, and what would it be." I thought, "Oh, if I could..." Here He come back again.

And I seen that time, when He come walking to me, I said, "Will I ever get over this fear, this..." Said, "I... Will I ever have it anymore?"

He said, "Not at all."

And when He left that time, I begin to rejoice. And I thought, "Oh, if I'd only asked Him about my meetings. If I'd asked Him about my meetings then. Everybody is telling me, `Brother Roberts prays for people faster than I do, and more people tends the meeting because more can get prayed for.'" I thought, "Well, what... If I'd just had asked Him that." And I thought, "The next time He does, maybe He's--He's... I know He loves me now. He's back talking to me again." And I said, "If He--if He'd tell me again, well then, ever come..." And just there, here He was again. And I said, "Lord, would--would my Lord let me know, it's always throwed up to me about how I pray for the people." I said, "Should... would You bless the people? You told me that--that the--the gift was to get the people to believe, and then if I be sincere when I prayed, do You want me to lay hands on the people, or just pray for the whole group like Brother Bosworth says, or just--or just one, just wherever I see the vision?"

He said, "Just as you're led."

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