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124 I know it's a long ways around, but I wanted to get this picture to you, so you'll never forget it. No matter where you're at, if you're in the pool room, if you're in a gambling hall, there's Somebody invisible watching you; if you're standing persecutions for the Name of the Lord's sake. No matter what it is, mark anyone you wish to, and watch; the man will reap what he sows every time. If he's doing wrong, he will never get by with it. If he's doing right, he's got to come into glory with it. You just can't beat it; It's God. He's here. He here. He knows the very depths of your heart. He knows who you are and everything you've done.


E-28 May the Lord add His blessings to these Words. Now, we're all familiar with the Scripture that I've just read, all reads the Bible. It was a time of the judges, when there was a--well, kind of a time between... From the kings, God had judges. And there had been several judges. And every time that God the--would get the people straightened out, they'd all try to go to--to doing right after He'd send judgment or something. And then the first thing you know, they'd fall away again. It's just natural for people to do that. It's just human for them to do it: fall away. And--and as soon as they fall away, then God's judgment comes right in again. See? You cannot do wrong and get by, 'cause God is just.


318 Notice, He never walked out with her. She put Him out, the Word, rejected Him. Now, this is a pitiful sight, when we get to the end.

Just like it was in Babylon, man won't stop at anything he's trying to achieve himself. He just won't stop. Like in the days of Noah, no matter how much Noah preached and warned, didn't do a bit of good. In the days when Ahab, he must make his own bread to send his ownself to hell. That's exactly. He has to make his bread so the link will break, so it'll send his ownself to hell. Just like Ahab and Jezebel, they... But the thing of it is, they didn't think they were sinning. They thought they were doing right.


E-53 Brother Roberts is praying for people the way God told him to do it. I'm doing the way God told me to do. See? So it's just slow, but I--I want to know what I'm doing. And before I condemn a Satanic spirit and so forth, I want to know first whether that's in God's legal plan. It is God's... As Brother Bosworth says, "Jesus died for everyone." That's right. Then if you're living in above that reproach and doing right, then Satan has to turn loose of you. But if there's anything back behind there, maybe something that you ought to have done, maybe you're living clean and pure; but God told you something to do and you neglected to do it, and God holds that right on you until you go back and make that thing right again, whether it's something you should've done of should not have done. Do you see what I mean?


162 But instead of that, He goes down and gets a bunch of people that didn't hardly know right hand from left (That's right.), and put them in the upper room, and poured out His Spirit (O God) upon a bunch of people like that. Instead of taking the Sanhedrin Council, He took fishermen. Isn't it strange that He didn't use their educations? It pleased God.

It seems to please God to make His own Church a paradox. The same thing He's doing right now, making a paradox out of His Church, bypassing all the great highfaluting, and all this stuff there that's so-called church. And He'll... Anybody that He can get into His hand, that'll open their eyes and see what's Truth, and test it with the Word of God in the time that we're living, and place them into the Body... A paradox. God chooses such. He makes His Church a paradox, odd people, strange people.


26-4 Remember all other times what He's done. He's always had to take a man and make him a prisoner to Him. Forsake his own, he had to forsake everything that he knowed, forget all of his training and everything in order to know the will of God and to follow God. He can't follow anything that man's got to do and God, the same time. It's too contrary, one to another.

You can't be going east and west at the same time; you can't be going right and left at the same time; you can't be doing right and wrong at the same time; you can't be following man and God at the same time. No, sir, you're either following God or following man.

Now, then if you're following God and have submitted yourself to God, then you become a prisoner to that God, to that Word, to that will. No matter what anything else is, you become a prisoner to it.


E-2 One time, I, in my home church I'd been preaching just as hard as I could and trying to do something for the Lord. And I went out. Someone said, "I appreciated that message tonight, Brother Branham."

I said, "Thank you. Thank you kindly."

Someone, lady walked up, said, "Say, that was a marvelous message, Brother Branham."

I said, "Thank you. Thank you."

And somebody else said something and went down. There was a minister visiting there. He said, "Well," he said, "I don't like for people to brag on me."

I said, "Well, there's just one difference." I said, "I do." And he said... And I said, "I always like if somebody tells me whether I'm doing right or wrong. I like to know where I'm standing."

He said, "Well, I wouldn't want nobody telling me that I'd done good."

I said, "I do." And I said, "I believe there's just one difference between me and you."

He said, "What's that?"

I said, "I'm telling the truth; you're not."


E-34 There was another one down there named Daniel: Abraham's seed. What happened to it? He stayed true to God. He knowed that he was the seed of Abraham. He knowed he was doing right. They throwed him into the lion's den. And a supernatural Light (a animal is afraid of light, you know) so, a supernatural Light, a supernatural Angel came down by a man that believed in supernatural. And supernatural delivered him. And he stayed all night in the lion's den, and was supernaturally brought out the next morning, because he believed and trusted in a supernatural God. And he possessed the gate of the lion's den. Yeah.


Anybody likes... If you take a little child, brag on him a little, he'll do a better job (See?)...?... See? And God, always, He likes to tell His children when he does right. And He likes to tell them when they're doing wrong, so why not tell them when they're doing right? See?


E-15 And I went over there, and I knelt down. Did you ever feel like, you know, the briars stuck you, and the floor was too hard? Did you ever have that? That's the time to press on. That's the Devil trying to keep you from it. Move right on. As long as you're doing right, you can't be doing wrong. See? You can't go this way, when you're going this way. And I know it's right to pray. And I just kept on praying; the--the wind blew, and a sticker hit me in the face. I just said, "Thank You, Lord." And kept on praying.

And after while, I got lost in the Spirit. Did you ever get lost in the Spirit? Excuse me for talking fast like a bush on fire, but I'm trying to hurry up. But I just got lost in the Spirit. I didn't hardly know where I was at. I heard that bell ring, but I was having too good a time with God then to think about supper. And the bell rang and rang. And I knowed it was getting dark. And I was just praying. I said, "Thank You, Lord, for Your goodness."


They said, "Now, wait a minute. We got Abraham to our father." He said... "Our fathers eat manna in the wilderness."

And--and Jesus said, "They're all dead."

"We drank water from the smitten rock."

"And they're all dead." He said, "But I'm that Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven. And it isn't Me that speaks; it's My Father that dwells in Me. He is the Interpreter of that Divine Word. And He proves in here that He is God, because He's doing right with Me what He said He would do." Amen. That's the Scripture. That's the message to get to people, not a cradle, not a manger.


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