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It is most worthy of note that the very name Thyatira means, "Dominating Female." Thus this age is characterized by a dominant force, a force that ruthlessly invades all, conquers all and despotically controls. Now a dominating female is the greatest curse in the world. The wisest man the world ever saw was Solomon, and he said, "I applied my heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness; and I find more BITTER THAN DEATH THE WOMAN, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the SINNER shall be taken by her. Behold, this I have found, saith the preacher, counting one by one to find out the account; which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not. One man amongst a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found." Ecclesiastes 7:25-28. Paul said, "I suffer not a woman to teach or to USURP authority." From the Garden of Eden onward, woman has constantly and successfully tried to take control over the man, and right today it is a woman's world with the goddess of America being a naked female. As the female idol falling out of the skies (remember her arms were iron bars) characterized the first or Ephesian Age, so her power has grown until she has gained absolute authority, such authority being usurped by her iron disposition.


Now a woman is not meant to have an iron disposition. She is, according to the Holy Scripture, to be submissive to the male. That is commanded of her. Woman who is truly female, all female, will be of that disposition. Not a door mat. No real male makes a female a door mat. But she will want to be under authority and not rule over the male, for he is the head of the house. If she breaks that image that God made for her, she is perverted. Any male that lets the woman take authority has also broken that image and he is perverted. That is why a woman CANNOT WEAR THAT WHICH PERTAINETH TO A MAN OR CUT HER HAIR. She is never to wear garments that pertain to a male or cut her hair. When she does she is intruding into the male domain taking authority and perverting herself. And when a woman invades the pulpit which it is COMMANDED SHE MUST NOT DO, she shows what spirit she is of. Being a dominating female is antichrist and the seeds of the Roman Catholic Church are in her though she may deny this ever so vehemently. But when it COMES TO THE WORD, Let God be true and every man's word a lie. Amen.


And in this Thyatirean Church age she is a DOMINATING FEMALE. She is Mystery Babylon. She is the great whore. She is Jezebel the false prophetess. WHY? Because the true female is submissive to God. Christ is her head. She has no word but His, no thoughts but His, no leadership but His. But what about this church? She has cast out the Word, destroyed the Bibles and worthy essays of the godly. She has slain those who would preach the truth. She has taken over kings, princes and nations-- controls armies and insists that she is the true body of Christ and that her popes are the vicars of Christ. She is entirely seduced by the devil until she in turn has become the seducer of others. She is the bride of Satan and has produced his bastard-child religions


426-6 {246} Now, watch. Now, he was ousted from his people. Now, it's a type of the Jew now. He's a money snatcher. I don't care how he gets it; he will get it. He will skin you alive to get it. You know that. He's a little shyster; that's all. Boy, don't deal with him. He--he will get you, boy. Yes, sir. Why? He's got to be that. That's the kind of a spirit that's dominating.


E-29 I wonder today, if it is today that we seek comfort. We've just lost--left some holidays. People go out and get drunk on those holidays. They're Sunday school teachers, church members, choir members. Go out and drink and carouse, they gamble. And--and the people live just the way they want to, and yet they belong to the highest churches there is in the city, some of the highest order of this intellectual ecclesiastical system that's dominating this country that there is.


80 Now, and I notice this, that in there this doctrine become, first thing you know, it broke up into a bunch of isms, then the Romans got converted. Now, the Roman empire, since the days of--of Rome first taken over and won the Gentile world over from the Greece after the fall of Alexander the Great, has been the predominating nation of the world: the Roman people, the Gentile age. Daniel said so in the vision. We'll get to it in a--in a few minutes. But it's always had the dominating power over the world; the Roman.

And then we find out there then, that they organized a church. A bunch of people got together, about 606, and called themselves "the early fathers," the fathers of the church. Groups of men come together and held council of what they must do, and they set up an organization.


E-8 Now see, Brother Roberts' is the gift of healing. He prays and lays hands on the sick, like that. And got a real, dominating, hard (as we call it), bulldog faith, just stands up there with his eyes closed and believe that--that he does--that God will do it if he ask, and just lays his hands on the people as they pass by. That's good. That's what the Bible said do; "Lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

I can't do that. Just as soon as I touch a person, there it begins to break. I can't let the person go, unless somebody snatches him through the line. And there comes a vision. Firstly, before I ever... No one ever heard me guilty of ever trying to cast out an evil spirit, till first I knew what I was doing.


E-46 Notice. But this must be said. How that the Holy Spirit was made Tutor over the house of God, not some dominating bishop, not some overpowering organization, not some of these manmade theories. The child of God is to listen to the Holy Spirit, the writing of the Word: the real child of God, the real son of Abraham. Now, here's where the separating time comes. Notice.


And notice, God never sent an Angel down to find His child; He come Hisself. That was the real... The reason I think today... that today when they try in this day of modernistic religion, this day when social religion is dominating the country, creeping into all different denominations... They try to take the divinity off of Jesus Christ and make Him just a man.



E-13 Listen, if... Listen to this; mark it down. If God doesn't do something and send judgment to these nations right away, He will have to resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize to them. That's right. We're at the end of the road. And He's just, and He can't let us get by with the things they're getting by with now, and be just. He'd have to apologize to those who He did destroy in the days gone by. So we're at the end of the road.

It behooves you to check your spiritual conditions every hour of the day and be ready, for you don't know what time it's coming. God has made a way. He's sending everything, the preaching of the Word, signs, wonders. He gives one the message of preaching, another the sign message, another, everything, not willing that any should perish, setting His gifts in order in the Church, and so forth; and still people continually wade right on through and just like they didn't even pay any attention to it.

If they only realized, that in their soul was a spirit of the Devil that was dominating their life, then it can't be nothing else.


33 Now, Christ is the Head of this; Christ is the Head of this Messianic Kingdom. And you cannot organize a Kingdom of which Christ is the Head. You cannot denominate a Kingdom which Christ is the Head. Because Christ is King, and you cannot take the intellectuals of a man and make an organization to which Christ will govern. Therefore, any companies, any peoples, any groups of men, that tries to organize the Kingdom of God is going contrary to the King. And if they're going contrary to the King, it would be against the King. So if it's against the King, it would be an antichrist. That's pretty rough. If I had just a little more voice, we'd make that clear. It is a antichrist. And if you'll bear with me a few minutes, I'll prove that.

An antichrist spirit tries to take a--a people and call them from organization to organization, organizing them together, which never was the will of God. People has always fussed at me because I struck so hard at organizations. It isn't the people in there that I'm striking at; it's that dominating spirit that makes the people think that "We are the people."


E-7 The reading of the Scriptures, tonight... We have read just a portion of the infallible Word of the Eternal God. And Jesus had just been up braiding them because of their hardness of their heart, because they had not believed him. Then we find, that He, back in the former part of the Scriptures, they'd had--in this same text, or--or chapter, they had called Him, Beelzebub, because He was doing the supernatural signs.

And if anyone knew that God always dwells in supernatural, because God, Himself, is supernatural. And His children, which are His offspring, is the nature of their Father. They also believe in the supernatural. So if they cannot believe in the supernatural, then the Spirit of God is not in them, dominating their life.


254 If we'd take the history, and go right back and show it, where the kings had fallen in Rome, since the Babylon kingdom.

... one is... (Nero)... and one is to come;... and he must continue a short space... (about six months when he comes.)

And the beast... (Oh. Look at this. Now, the power is going to take the pagan place.) And the beast that was, and is not, even... is the eighth,... (now watch)... and is of the seventh.

You all know what a terrible king he was. He hate... He hooked his mother to a single tree of a horse and drug her through the streets, and set the city a fire, and fiddled up on the hill. That's the same kind of a spirit that's dominating the church that sets in the place of pagan. "The eighth, which is of the seventh. And then he is, and is not; and is, and is not; and is, and is not," on down.

... and goeth into perdition.


259 In other words, this woman setting here, the church, is going to give out her doctrine to every people, multitude, and tongue. There she is. She has rule over them. She's setting over them, the power dominating them. She's setting on seven hills, clothed in scarlet, decked the richest in the world. There she is.

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