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He will tell you the story of it. It was in a debate. Now, to say today, I do not debate. I don't argue with no one. It's... If God doesn't settle my points, then they're untrue. But if God says they're right, all right. I don't believe in arguing, debating, fussing about things. Let everybody have their own opinion. God will judge us all.


E-32 So he said, "You bring that healer forth, and let me see him heal somebody." And kept on like that.

Brother Bosworth said, "Now, Brother Branham takes his time praying." And said, "He don't argue with people, and he just... that's..." He said, "Now, however..." (at the end of the debate), he said, "Brother Branham is in the building. If he wants to come and dismiss the audience, all right. If he doesn't, why he's not--don't have to, but," said, "I know he's in the building somewhere," said, "for awhile ago, I seen them when they come in."

EARLY.SPIRITUAL.EXPERIENCES_ HAMMOND.IN SUNDAY_ 52-0713A, E-30 I said, "We don't argue with people. There's thousands down there to be prayed for, a big coliseum setting full of people," I said, "my goodness, what's the use of arguing with one critic out there? Let him alone while the rest of them is getting healing, let him go on."

Jesus said, "Let them go. The blind lead the blind, they'll all fall in the ditch."

GOD.TESTIFYING.OF.HIS.GIFTS_ HAMMOND.IN SUNDAY_ 52-0713E, E-29 The faith that taken away unbelief, will resurrect it again. When you take your stand for Jesus Christ, stay there and die by it. What God says is the truth, and don't you fear what... Satan hasn't got anything to do about it. Don't argue with him; don't fuss with him. Just ignore him and walk away. If you fuss with him, he will keep you fussing day and night. See? "Well," he will say, "You know you're not healed."


34 God's Word must every time be fulfilled. The cogs of God's prophecy grind slow, but sure. If you do wrong, you think you're getting by. But just remember, young man or woman, it's going to grind right up to your door one of these days. You'll wonder when and how, but it'll be there. You'll reap what you sow every time. God spoke it; it's got to be so. That, "Thy Word is settled in heaven forever." It's already said. They don't argue about It up there; it's already settled. We argue about It. But in glory It's settled. When God says anything, it's got to be. Well, isn't that wonderful?

JEHOVAH.JIREH_ PHOENIX.AZ TUESDAY_ 55-0222, E-39 Any seed of Abraham every hears the Word of God, that satisfies them. That's right. If God said so, don't argue about it. Just believe it. That's all. I love that, don't you? God, the Satisfier, how that we draw from Him and are satisfied, while we are drawing.


74 So just let them alone. Go on through. Don't argue with them. But we're passing to another land. They wasn't ordained to go with you. They won't walk with you. How can two walk unless they be agreed? But to those who love God, to those who go--called of God...


E-3, I love to fish. And I go way high in the mountain sometimes to fish. Now, I got a lot of brothers here, I know the same thing; I just looked at them watch one another then. So, sister, don't argue with him. Let him fish; that's good for him. Go with him.

PERSEVERANCE_ S.PINES.NC FRIDAY_ 62-0608, E-49 So is a thoroughbred Christian that's borned of the Spirit of God. They don't go into any denominational arguments. They know Who their Father is. They know where they come from. They know where the Spirit come from. They know Who they're borned of. They don't argue your creeds. You can talk to them about love, about Divine healing, all these things 'cause they're borned of God. Persistent, I should say. You don't have to beat them. They'll pull the load anyhow. Right. Oh, my. How wonderful. Hybrid Christians, that's... got today.

JEHOVAH.JIREH.PT.1_ GRASS.VALLEY.CA JJ 37-72 THURSDAY_ 62-0705, 50 That's what's the matter with the church today. It's under emotion; it's under education; it's under creed. No wonder, it's smothered down. See? So we need a circumcision to cut the whole thing away. Come back to God and His Word, and believe It the way It's wrote there, and don't argue with It. Just stay with It. God made a promise; God keeps His promise. He can't do nothing else but keep His promise and remain God.

SEVENTH.SEAL.THE_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 63-0324E, 547-6 {168}

When It come to Peter, there was an elected seed laying there, see, and they saw it, "And all the Father has give... hath (past tense) given Me, they'll come. They'll come to Me." Oh, my, I love that. Yes, sir. Notice, the believers does believe it. The unbelievers can't believe it. So now, if anybody wants to argue about the serpent's seed and things and you try to show them, they won't listen to it, just walk away. Leave them alone. See, God don't argue, neither does His children. See, see?

GOD.HIDING.HIMSELF.IN.SIMPLICITY_ ALBQ.NM FRIDAY_ 63-0412E, E-4, And then--then, instead of coming in and joining either the--the Assemblies, or the United, or the Church of God, and all them very fine men, all the groups, I just stood between them and say, "We are brothers. Don't argue one with another." Now, if Satan can keep us fighting at one another, he don't have to fight. See? But when we train our guns on him and away from one another, go to loving one another and fellowshipping with one another, then the millennium will start.


1069-34 Notice, but I'm not a politician; I--I want to be a Christian. See? And this is not a place for politics. See? The whole thing's gone anyhow, that way, but this that we're talking about is eternal. Democrat or Republican... Oh, it's such a mess; it can never be redeemed. It's over, so don't argue about that. The thing to do is live for this Kingdom. "For here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come." Amen. That's right. Yes, sir.

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