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100 GOD.HAS.A.PROVIDED.WAY LVL.KY V-25 N-9 54-0404

Here it is. I want it to go way deep on the left side, under the fifth rib. Listen. He's still Jehovah-jireh, the Lord's provided Sacrifice. Accept it. Don't just try to reason it out. Don't try to reason; you can't reason. God's ways are a past finding out. You don't reason God. You don't know Him by knowledge. You don't know Him by education. You know Him by one thing only: faith. You can't reason. It's unreasonable to believe that you could reason it out. You can't. You just have to accept it.

101 GOD.HAS.A.PROVIDED.WAY LVL.KY V-25 N-9 54-0404

Notice, again in this great tremendous time. They run out of bread. "What are we going to do?" If God told them they was going to the promised land, it's up to God to take care of them till they get there. And the very Jehovah-jireh was right with them. And then when they run out of bread, Jehovah-jireh provided a way of bread. All the way through the wilderness manna rained out of heaven.

They run out of water. What's the use of worrying? Jehovah-jireh, the Lord's provided Sacrifice, was right with them. And he smote the rock. And they spake to it, from then on, and waters come abundantly, water all their cattle, thousands of gallons per second, pouring out of a rock in a dry desert. Unreasonable, isn't it? But God provided. You don't reason how He does do it. He just does it because He said He would.


Now, maybe your faith is not very much, but if you, what little faith you got, if you'll put it in His hands, it might cause a revival to break out in all Chicago here. See? You've got to have something to do something with. And what you've got in your hand, in your hand it's not much. But in God's hand, it's wonderful what He can do with such little.

One time an old sheepherder by the name of Moses, he was herding sheep one day, packing in his hand an old dry stick, and God spoke to him by the burning bush. And Moses turned away to see. And God got an audience with him and told him He was going to send him down in Egypt to take over Egypt, bring his people out.

Now, what a strange thing for God to take a man at eighty years old, backslidden, running from God, and at eighty years old, to send down into Egypt to overcome a big nation like that. It would be like sending one man into Russia now to take over. Egypt was the best fortified nation in the world. Their great units of chariots, and spearmen, and horsemen, and bowmen, and slingmen, it was--had the whole world shaking at its feet. And yet, God goes to this old man with long white beard and hair, and said, "Go down, Moses, and take over."

How ridiculous that would sound to reasons. You cannot reason God. You can't reason out God. God's not to be reasoned; He's to be obeyed. What God says do, don't reason with Him, just do it. Reason's to be nonsense in that state.


There's one thing about it. You can go refer to your reasons, and you can confine yourself to reason. Don't try to reason it. You say, "Now, let me see. Maybe I'd do this, and..." Don't reason it. Believe it. God doesn't come by reason. It's all, all unreasonable; no man can figure God out. You never did and they never will. You don't know God by reason.

You know God by simple childlike faith, to accept His Word. You say It's the Truth and believe It. That's how you know God is by faith, not by reason. Your reason power within yourself, but faith comes from God. Faith is something that's born in you, something that God gives you. "And it's the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not reasoned." Hallelujah.

That's where it comes from, through there, through the unadulterated power of the Lord Jesus Christ that makes a creature a new person, baptizes him anew in the Holy Spirit; washes him, hangs him up, and seals him into the Kingdom of God. Then he stands knowing where he's at. All the devils in hell couldn't shake him away from it.

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