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RESURRECTION.OF.LAZARUS_ ERIE.PA SUNDAY_ 51-0729A, E-50 A long time ago when we used to run out of money, we'd go over to the neighbor and borrow fifty dollars to hold us over. Why, we didn't have to sign any notes. We trusted one another. You can't borrow five dollars now without a ten dollar security on top of it. That's right. No love...

The Bible said, "Because the love shall wax cold the--the love... Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

That's what the matter with the world. They're dying for love. We got plenty of teaching, plenty churches, but we need a love of God. Hallelujah. Know what's the matter with me today...

Look. I tell you, brother. There they were. I can see her happy, rejoicing. And she run, threw her arms around her, and oh how happy she was; because that--that she heard about it.

DIVINE.LOVE_ PHOENIX.AZ TUESDAY_ 57-0305, E-14 Do you remember my sermon Sunday? The little main spring in the middle of the watch times that watch to everything. And when God is love and love moves into our hearts, it times every emotion and everything right with God's Bible. You don't want to show the people what a fine crystal you got, what a fine face its got, what fine hands its got, what fine rubies its got, but what a wonderful time piece it is. And the world is sick and tired of looking at great big spires, looking at fine dressed people, and looking at a bunch of isms. It wants to see the genuine love of God projected in the hearts of His people. That's what the world is looking for.

The world is dying for love; the church is dying for love. Jesus said, "Ye are the salt of the earth." But if the salt has lost its savour, it is henceforth good for nothing, but to be trod under the feet of men. And if the church has lost its Divine revelation of the love of God, it becomes a mock, and a stalk, and a stumbling block to the world.

HEAR.YE.HIM_ OAKLAND.CA FRIDAY_ 57-0322, E-51 And, brethren, we have drawed little circles of laws and different things, and we're still never come to the real kernel. It's Jesus Christ the love of God, that God wants us to see. What a pity. Love is the greatest, most powerful weapon that this world has ever seen or knowed of. It's a dying for love. The church is perishing for love, the love of God's waters of grace to flow one to another. When confidence is restored, when justice is restored between us, the love of God that's shed abroad in our hearts by the denomination. Something sounded wrong there didn't it? The love of God is shed abroad in our heart by the Holy Spirit, God's love to us...?...

WHY.SOME.PEOPLE.CAN'T.KEEP.VICTORY_ OAKLAND.CA SUNDAY_ 57-0324, E-57 I believe the Pentecostal church has got the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I believe the rest of you do too, that claim it. I believe your speaking in tongues is right. I believe that your prophecy's right. I'd go with you on...?... being a Baptist. I believe it. Sure I do. But here's one thing, brother. It's not keeping the right kind of time. That's what I'm trying to say. So it takes the baptism of the Holy Ghost to come into that human heart there to make the thing run right.

The love of God, God is love. And unless each one of these gifts is put right in the center of love, it'll become selfish and indifferent, and pull itself off, and isolate itself, and cross over, and fuss and stew. But when it's anchored right into the middle of love, it'll fellowship everywhere. And that's right. That's exactly what we need. The church is dying for love, brother.

HEAR.YE.HIM_ SASKATOON.SASK SUNDAY_ 57-0519A, E-35 The world's dying for love. That's the fountain that God's got open. And look. I want to ask you something. The greatest of all the gifts that's in the local body... And we put so much emphasis on speaking with tongues or interpretations, and the first is wisdom. Is that right? The next is knowledge. How are you going to operate knowledge when you haven't got wisdom to operate it with? See? If you haven't got no wisdom, you can't operate your knowledge. If you haven't got knowledge, you won't know to--how--how to have peace. You've got to put first things first, not on evidences, upon the Spirit, God.

Notice now. When he come to the father, he said, "Your son is progressing."

The father says, "Yes, I'm so happy about that. I'm glad you're... Oh, he's my boy."

GREAT.COMMISSION_ CHATTANOOGA.TN SATURDAY_ 58-0301B, E-50 There's thousands times thousands and thousands of thousands of people, who's going to be the first in the prayer line, people that you can't even talk to? But then when the Holy Spirit begin to reveal to them, and begin to tell them, I'd see who--what there was, spell their name out, I couldn't even pronounce it. The place...

Then I could feel coming in by the Holy Spirit, that it was--they was thinking it was a telepathy. So I thought, "Lord, If You'll just give grace." About three or four had passed, a leper passed, had no arm, and--and I took him in my arms and begin to love him. He just wept when he seen that somebody cared for him. The world's dying for love, brothers. Now, you take your brother in your arms, see if it does not make things a little different. See? That same love that worked on a leper will work on your brother that you think is wrong. That's right, now.

IT.WASN'T.SO.FROM.THE.BEGINNING_ SHREVEPORT.LA SUNDAY_ 60-1127M, E-11 I said, "When you come home, buy her a box of candy. Give it to her when you come in at the door. Put your arms around her." I said, "That's the way you cast out a devil." Love casts out fear, doesn't it? Love...

Friends, the whole world is dying for love. That's one of the great things that we leave out of our Pentecostal blessing too much of it, is love that mixes it together, the mortar that makes gifts and all the things of God operate perfectly is love one for the other. "This will all men know that you're My disciples."

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