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EXPECTANCY_ OWENSBORO.KY SUNDAY_ 53-1108E, E-9 If you come here tonight saying, "I come for one sole purpose, that is to contact Christ for my body or my soul," you'll go home just as happy as you can be, for you'll contact Him.

Now, no matter what the opposition looks like, Christ is the answer. Faith brings Christ. Notice, could you remember? Eighty years old, white beard, white hair, and yet the old man went

around telling people that he wasn't going to die until he seen the Lord's Christ. What a beautiful picture of faith.

Faith knows no defeat. Faith is perfect. Faith brings things when there is no things to be brought. Faith creates. Faith takes doubt away, takes negative and makes positive. How beautiful.

GREATER.THAN.SOLOMON.IS.HERE_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 57-0228, E-33 Now, she could've been robbed. The children of Ishmael could've come down. She had frankincense, and gold, and myrrh, silver; the camels were laden. What a pocket, what a setup for those bandits of the desert; and a helpless little woman... But you know what? No matter what the opposition looks like, if you are determined to find out truth, God will lead you and protect you to that thing.

WORKS.I.DO.BEAR.WITNESS_ TALLAHASSEE.FL MONDAY_ 53-0216, E-17 If I found favor in Your sight, Lord... I've tried my best to serve You and all I know how, knowing that I made many mistakes and deserve to be cut off tonight, but it's through Your grace, Lord, that it--we're here.


135 I made many mistakes, still make them, will always make them. But when I make them, the Holy Spirit tells me that's wrong. Then I repent right there, "Lord, forgive me. Didn't mean to do it. You help me now." And I walk right on, the same thing. 'Cause, just no sooner than it goes from my lips, "If we confess our sins, He's just to forgive them." Is that right? Hallelujah.

The Devil say, "You know what? I'll tell you. You was supposed to go do a certain thing. You didn't do it. Uh-huh, you sinned, didn't you?"

I say, "I confessed it."

"Well, I tell you..."

"No, don't talk to me. No, sir. I have perfect faith in He Who told me. If I confess my wrongs, He'd forgive me. So I confessed it. Just go on away from me. I don't care nothing about you anyhow, so just keep moving on."

Walk boldly right on into it. If death lays there, that's all right; move right on into it with a perfect faith that God has promised that He'd raise you up at the last days. Yes, sir.

GODHEAD.EXPLAINED_ CHICAGO.IL V-2 N-24 TUESDAY_ 61-0425B, 42-1 In my life I made many mistakes. I've done lots of things that's wrong. I'll probably, if I live much longer, I'll do many more. Perhaps some of them will be stumbling blocks in your way. I hope that you forgive me.


31-5 A Levite was... Nothing but a Levite was supposed to touch that Ark, and here the Ark was coming right back for a revival, and one outside of that tried to handle the Word. That goes to show that only the anointed of God is to touch that Word. These creeds and denominations got no business tampering with It. Just the Holy Spirit is got a right to that Word; and it's death for any other to touch It. For to disbelieve any of It or teach It, the same will be taken, his part, out of the Book of Life. See? Don't put your hands on It; stay away from It. Listen; believe just what It said. Don't take nobody else's word; take what It says. Stay right with the Word. It's death to do anything else to It.


112 But Jesus lived in a world that no one knowed about; He was a odd Person. He lived in a world of perfect faith in the perfect God, in which He was. If we lived in a perfect faith of a Christian, to what we are, we'd be a mystic to the world; the people wouldn't understand you. You'd walk in the Spirit. What the Spirit said, you would do. What It forbid, you'd not do. Then the people begin to say... They... And you'd be a--a mystic person to them.

That's the way it is to all believers; they're a mystics. The people don't understand, because they live in a world to themselves. Jesus lived in a world that nobody else could touch. The disciples couldn't understand Him. When He spoke to them, they say this. And then they said, "Why, You--You talk in riddles. We--we don't understand this. How can this be?" See, they wasn't in the world that He lived in. See, they couldn't understand Him; nobody could understand Him.


123 Notice. Now, notice, perfect faith is a master of all circumstances. Perfect faith masters all circumstances. No matter what it is, it masters it. Now, just watch. When you believe anything, do anything, and you got faith in what you're doing; no matter what the circumstance is, that don't have one thing to do with it. See, it masters that circumstance. If it's in a--a room of sickness, and the Lord's revealed that this certain thing's going to happen, you just speak it and go on.


E-30 Some people has great big faith like this, anything can happen. The next has faith that deep, takes a little longer. Next has faith that deep, takes quite a little while. Some has faith like a mustard seed. But if it's mustard seed faith, genuine faith, hold on to it; just keep believing it; it'll become marble faith; then it'll become grapefruit faith; and then it'll become mountain faith. It'll bring you right out if you just stay with it. Hold on to it; it'll bring you right straight to the light, if you'll stay with it.


E-42 You know, some people has great big faith like that; they can be healed in a moment. Some has faith that much, can be healed in a week. Some has mustard seed faith; takes them a long time, but just follow it; it's genuine; it'll bring you to the Light; just hold on to it and keep moving. And it--it'll bring you out; you just keep holding on to that faith; it'll bring you through, if it's real mustard seed, you know...

And when real faith takes a hold in the heart, it's not intellectual; it's not reason no more; it's real. It's the Spirit of God witnessing through you, "God's Word is true." I stay right with it. Yes, sir. And that brings the result.

FAITH.ONCE.DELIVERED.TO.THE.SAINTS_ INDNPLS.IN MONDAY_ 57-0610, E-43 I believe today with all my heart that the messages and the things that God has did across the nation is only to bring condemnation. Do you realize that just across, the sea yonder, where a madman sets, that the only thing he'd have to do in ten minutes from now to wipe Indianapolis from the earth is to press a button. A rocket would fly through the air and a hydrogen bomb, and they said they had one that it would explode the whole ocean.


E-3 I said, "Brother Stonewell, don't never lose that wonderful something that--that... It's the cream off of the top of the milk." And I pray that God will keep that man that way, and--and will bless him, because he's a wonderful spirit, he has a... It's not 'cause he's setting here at the platform. But I... That's true.

And I said, "No matter what anyone says, what any groups of people says, just keep your mind set right on Him. See? And you--they may bank everything around you, it looks so black you can't hardly see over it; just don't worry, He--He can lift us up above the shadows and He--He takes us through." His power is a drawing. He said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me."


E-19, And you might not have faith enough to have a miracle performed on you, and if you just got mustard seed faith, stay with it. It'll lead you to the Light, and it won't mix with nothing else. No matter what anyone says, you still believe it. No matter what you symptoms say, you still believe it, because it's real faith, and won't mix with doubt anywhere--mustard seed faith. And

God recognizes that little faith that you got.


E-19 But being a rancher, myself, and studying agriculture, mustard seed is one seed that won't mix with no other seed. It's all mustard, and it's going to remain mustard.

And you might not have faith enough to have a miracle performed on you, and if you just got mustard seed faith, stay with it. It'll lead you to the Light, and it won't mix with nothing else. No matter what anyone says, you still believe it. No matter what you symptoms say, you still believe it, because it's real faith, and won't mix with doubt anywhere--mustard seed faith. And God recognizes that little faith that you got.


E-32 Now, I'm glad of this; "These stones are able to... God's able of these stones to raise children to Abraham." There's a few yet, left around it, in a shop and down at the works and so forth, that still love God. He's always had a remnant of people; He's got them tonight, that believe Him no matter what anyone says, they believe it to be the truth--an experience, knowing God, knowing His power, loving Him. Oh, after you've had an experience with God, what a different person it makes you. How it makes you know where you're standing.

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