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E-42 The devil throwed out a television yonder, and God worked it around to throw man on the television, and every drunkard in the barroom, or wherever he is will stand without an excuse. Yes, sir. The testing time has come.

What did I tell you from this pulpit? Last year America made her fatal mistake. I said, "Fatal mistake," sure did. And look what she's doing now. You see it in the government affairs. They're trying to go right over and hook up with the Arabs. Don't you know, God's Word said, "Ever who curses Israel, will be cursed?" Certainly.

I stand with Israel, take our ground or take it. Certainly. Arabs went in the wrong thing. Sure they are. Brother, look at every nation that turned against the Jew; they sunk. Look at--look at Germany, when she turned against the Jew, and they burnt the bodies in the incinerators, and look what it is today.

Look at Italy, that turned against the Jews, when Mussolini ousted them from Italy. Looked at her today. If we wasn't feeding them, they'd be starved to death.


E-33 The children of Israel on the road back, they had another conference with God, Moses did at the Red Sea. We'll call that the Red Sea conference. When right in the line of duty lay trouble. And listen Christians: There's where you'll make your fatal mistake. There's where Israel made her fatal mistake. When she asked for a law to serve God by. In Exodus 19, after grace had done provided a saviour, Moses, a prophet, done provided a lamb, done provided a covenant, done provided all these things and yet they wanted something to do themselves. They wanted some theology.

That's what's the matter today. If we'd have left Pentecost the way it was at the beginning.


E-10 Now, I'm going to teach on the subject of "Presuming." It's just "Presuming." Now, if we were... The Webster says to "presume" is to "venture without actual authority, or to take it for granted." That's what the word "presume" means: "go without authority, or just taking it for granted." Now, there's so many people does that: just take it for granted. "That's all right. Oh, it's all right to do that." Just take it for granted; now that's to presume.

Now, Israel made a fatal mistake when they did this. Not only Israel, but everybody else that does it. It will be a fatal mistake when you presume to walk with God, when God has not called you to walk with Him; or when you presume to venture out upon things that's not Scriptural, thinking it'll be all right. It's not all right.


61 And the laity has a choice to make. "I'll go down to this certain church. There's... Oh, everybody in town thinks this is the most... Why, the mayor of the city belongs to this church." Now, he could belong to a church that was really good, but still you have to judge that church and its people by the Scriptures. Sometimes they go because it's a popular way, the--the people dress better that go to certain places. And there's where we make a--a fatal mistake.


E-26 Now, notice, oh, just a little weight on the Gospel... What we want to do is place it where it belongs. And the church made its fatal mistake when it first made its first organization. What did you do? You say, "Well, they--they begin to make issues." Well, if you was a true believer in God, God has promised us that if He didn't plant it, it'll never go anywhere anyhow. Let it alone, it'll come to its end. "Every plant that My heavenly Father hasn't planted will be rooted up." Exactly right. But they just had to do it.


E-15 Oh, Christians, most all Christianity in the way we see it today is so shallow, it's like bubble dancing. You speak of Spirit and know very little of It. That's right. You don't get down and deal with the actual facts of it. You see? That's the reason the theo--theologians today just know from a Word standpoint; they approach it like that with a sense knowledge, and know nothing about the indwelling spirit and the power. See? They don't deal with spirit. They just look at it and say, "Well, I believe it's this." See, you draw your own conceptions. And that's the reason they make such fatal mistakes.


21-3 If a mule was--or a jack was a jack and jenny to begin with, let them stay that way. Don't mix them with horses. You make a renegade. Hybrid, oh it's such a curse. Go back to where God started. Let's go back to the beginning. Go back to where God brought us what we're supposed to be.

I say this with respects. I say this with honor. I'm going to Africa. But you know what? To my precious colored brethren and sisters, one of the greatest mistakes this nation made, it made it on November 11, this year. That's was its great fatal mistake.


21-5 One of the greatest mistakes that the colored race ever made was down in Louisiana and over in there when they voted for Kennedy the other night, and put him in. They actually spit on that dress of Abraham Lincoln where the blood of the Republican Party that freed them; and voted a Catholic--which Booth shot Lincoln and he died for the race of people to free them and make them not slaves, and then turn around and vote for a Democrat and a Catholic besides. They brought one of the greatest disgraces they ever brought. Because why? The white man with his scholarship has give them a lot of ballyhoo. That's exactly right.


11-4 And many times we call into the sessions for prayer when leagues of nations meet in there or to have discussions. And in one certain great time recently, there was not even one time called for prayer. How are we ever going to settle differences without prayer? How can we ever expect in all the world to ever do anything without the leadership of the Holy Spirit?

But let me say this with love and respects to our nation, and to its flag, and to the republic for which it stands: we have rejected our Leader the Holy Spirit, and through corrupt politics have brought in men of perversed mind. And if you don't watch, they're going to make one of the most fatal mistakes they've ever made right now: is because that the people are desiring man to rule.



Now, they made their fatal mistake when they begin to murmur against Moses and against God's servants and against God, and it bypassed them. And remember, every one of them that murmured never went over into the land. Jesus said when He was on earth, "Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, but they are every one dead. (Right) But I am the bread of Life that comes from God out of heaven that a man can eat thereof and not die." Oh, I like that. Pass from death unto life, become a new creature in Christ Jesus.



E-9 These people was only eight or ten days away from the full promise of God, if they would've followed the leading of the Holy Spirit. These people in this day, our fathers, was just a few days away from the fullness of God's promise, if they'd just went ahead and followed the leading of the Holy Spirit. But we had to do something like they did.

The most fatal mistake that Israel ever made was Exodus 19. After grace had provided them all these things and had given the revival, they still required a law. Though they could have schools, theological trained ministers, and well, just be like the rest of the people- something that they could fuss about, something they could separate one another, break up a fellowship or brotherhood. "We believe this," and "We believe that." If they'd just let it go on the way God had it going, it would have been all right.



I said, "Science will improve." I said, "Another thing, the nation has permitted women to vote, one of the most horrible disgraces they've done." And I said, "In voting they'll elect the wrong man." I'm neither Democrat nor Republican. I'm a Christian. Both sides is rotten. But they made their fatal mistake the other day. Women done the works.




So one time, Jehoshaphat, which was a son of a righteous man, and a righteous man himself, he came down to see Ahab. And there's where he made his fatal mistake.

Listen. Oil and water don't mix. And many time, a many a good life has been completely wrecked by your associates. Show me your company, I'll tell you who you are. See? That's right. It's an old proverb, but it's the truth. Associate with people who believe God.


E-48 But then, we find out then that because that Saul took upon himself... Samuel was a little late one day to offer the burnt offerings, which was only legal for him to do, under the inspiration of God. And Saul said, "Why do we have to wait on him?" He went and offered it hisself. He started leading the people himself instead of letting God lead the people. There's where he made his mistake. That's where every church that's ever been organized yet made their fatal mistake.


E-27 We find out that they made a fatal mistake. And they raise up a bunch of fighters. That's what we have, a big bunch of fighters. One saying, "Bless God, I'm the Assemblies. You are Oneness. Don't you have anything to do into it, You old Church of God, we got it." Church of God: "Bless God, we are the ones that's got it. We got the prophesied name."

The Oneness says, "We got it because we baptize right. Hallelujah!" You bunch of fighters. God just let you set right here till you die. That's exactly right.


88 See, he took the wrong choice in life. See? When he come to the end of the road to step out of life, he had been led by religion. He'd been led by education. He'd been led by the influence of his--of his success. But, you see, he had nothing to hold his hand; those things end there. You understand, little fellow? You adults do what I'm... See? He had nothing to hold him. His money couldn't hold him. His friends with the doctors couldn't hold him. Medicine couldn't hold him. His priest, his religion, couldn't hold him. So was only one thing for him to do. He'd--he had refused to accept Jesus, Eternal Life. So what did he have to do? Sink down into death, into hell. What a fatal mistake that young man had when he refused to walk with Jesus, be led by Jesus. He refused to do it.


37 And--and Uzziah held this standard. He was a great influence, as I've said, to Isaiah the prophet.

And then Uzziah made that fatal mistake, just like many other people does. When he got, felt secured, felt that he just had the whole thing in his hand, he got lifted up in his spirit. He got lifted up to pride. Now, there's a real example for us all.



Painted fire will not warm. What we need is an experience of the same Holy Ghost and fire, that warms the heart, and performs the Word, and does the things, because that same Spirit lives today in all of It's power, much as It ever had.

Where we've made a fatal mistake is not following this commission. "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel, or demonstrate the power of the Holy Ghost to every nation and every people." What have we done? We've went and made schools, organized people together, make them, "Well, they don't believe just like we do; don't associate with them. Don't go around their churches."


E-30 What about the Catholic? They want to unite the whole world under one: Catholicism. What about the Protestant? He wants to unite them all under one, under the federation of churches, just as wrong and black as the Catholics are. It's the same old lying Devil. It's true. That's a fatal mistake.

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