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GETTING.IN.THE.SPIRIT_ CHICAGO.IL FRIDAY_ 61-0428, E-64 "Dig out all these ditches." He said, "Get down here in these valleys. You fellows that's been trying on live a housetop up there, all the time, up on the mountain, shouting, and jumping, and freezing, and frying, and everything else." Said, "Well, done--don't do that. Get down here and dig out these ditches down low here and get some fresh water." That's what we need.

Get down here and get a hold of the water. What we need tonight is the water of God. The vision absolutely interpreted God's will to that dying perishing people. The vision tonight of the Lord to clean out this thing and start anew... Clean out, not start a new organization, start a revival in the organization. Start a new meeting, start letting God come in. Dig out all your old fault finding, and back biting, and stiff necks, and all these superstitions, and unbelief. Throw the thing out.

"Well, I tell you... But Brother Branham, it--it would mean this..." I don't care what it means. You'll either dig or die. All you Chicago Methodists, get digging, Chicago Baptists, get digging or perish. Chicago Pentecostals, get digging or perish. Dig out the things. Throw it out. I'll tell you THUS SAITH THE LORD, unless you dig out this corruption that's in there, you'll perish and your fruit and church will dry up and die. Dig it out.

You won't hear another latter rain, or another former rain, or whatever it is, but there'll be water and peace like a river, flowing through every heart. Yes, sir. You'll see signs and wonders, and miracles, and powers of God returning back into the Church, in a real flowing Pentecost, just coming down. Yes, sir.

MINISTRY.EXPLAINED_ CHICAGO.IL MONDAY_ 56-1001, E-26 And this fellow, very staunch, and had been taught in the orthodox Jewish religion, he raised up and said, "Now, looky here, Philip, could there be any good thing come out of a city like Nazareth?"

And I think Philip give him the best answer that anybody can: "Come and see."

You hear people criticize this and criticize that. Go find out for yourself. That's the way. I'm going to speak on that in a few moments.

"Come find out for yourself."

So he said, "All right. I'll go with you."

And around the hill they come, and they walked up, Jesus praying for the sick. And the Jews all standing there condemning Him, finding fault with Him and... You know if you go to a meeting to find fault with it, the Devil will sure anoint you. You can sure find fault. If you go to get the good out of it, God will anoint you. You'll get the good out of it.

PLANTING.THE.VINE.AND.WHERE.TO.PLANT.IT_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 59-0920, E-25 Oh, go with me to Arizona. Let me take you to the desert, which I roamed so many years. Everything in the desert has a sticker on it. Any little plant you come to, don't get near it; it'll stick you. It's always got its stickers right out ready to stick anything that comes near it. What's the matter? What made it a sticker? Is because it had no water. That's what dried it up. That sticker is a leaf rolled up. For the lack of water, it becomes a sticker.

Thus it is with the church today. That when the church gets away from the fountain of Life, when it gets away from the joys of salvation, when it gets away from the Lord God, then that person becomes a sticker, always finding fault, sticking. Don't you...?... me come up. "I'm a Presbyterian, I'm a Methodist, I'm a So-and-so. Don't talk to me about that stuff." A sticker, it has no fruits.

You take that same plant, cactus, and put it into a land for a few generations where there's plenty of water, and that sticker will unfold, and will come a soft leaf bearing fruit.


87 Now, we find out that, along this road, after they got like this, they come to a place of Horeb. And H-o-r-e-b, Horeb, then we find out... Let's break that name down. That's where the--the name "Horeb" means, a "dry place" or a "desert."

And when we get out of fellowship with one another in the church, and out of fellowship with the Holy Spirit, it brings us to a dry place, a desert, nothing alive, everything got stickers on it. See, a--a desert, a little piece of cactus with that sticker on it. Did you know what that is? That's a precious little tender leaf that hasn't had no water; it's just wound itself up so tight till it's a sticker. And when you see somebody like that, maybe it's a precious soul that could been watered right, would've been a tender little leaf or something. But instead of that, it's wound itself up till it's a sticker, just punching at everything, you know, finding fault. Only thing it needs is just water. That's all. It just--it just needs a--a revival, or a breaking up, a refreshing from the Lord. It'll--it'll unfold its little self, if you'll just put it to the water.


771-128 Now, I'd like to speak just for a few minutes to you brethren, knowing that my little talk here (I don't know what will become of it.), trusting that God will use it in some way, and now in this, upon His Word. So I know that Brother Sink, Brother Neville, or one of you ministers usually preach. And just being here with you, I, if you'll pardon me, I'd just like to speak to you a little bit on this manner.

Now, I want to take a subject here of "Taking Sides With Jesus." The Pharisees and leaders of His day always tried to belittle Him before the people. That was just a way that the devil had of working. All the Pharisees and the teachers of His day constantly tried to belittle Jesus. They... All the throw-off that they could give to Him, they done it. They watched Him constantly to find where they could find a fault, and they never spoke of His good things; they were always finding something that they could belittle Him about and say, "You see, looky here. If he was a man of God, he wouldn't do it this a-way," or, "If he was a man of God, he wouldn't do it that way." They were trying to cast a shadow upon Him to get the people to disbelieve Him. That's the work of the devil, and that old scheme has never ceased.


8 For finding fault with them, he saith, Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah:


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1422 duskolos {doo'-kol-os} duvskolo▀ from 1418 and kolon (food); TDNT -- omitted,omitted; adj

AV -- hard (1)

1) hard to find agreeable food for, fastidious about food

2) difficult to please, always finding fault

3) difficult

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