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E-5 Now, that's what's the matter with the Pentecostal church tonight (See?), too much differences. As soon as you get saved, you start this way, and a little trial comes along, and you fall off, and you go this way, and this way, and ups-and-downs, and fusses and fights, and carries on until... How could God trust you with those things? To adopt you into the Kingdom of God, into His possession, give you heir to all the spiritual benefits of...

If the church would only held together and quit fussing, and splitting up, and arguing over little baptisms, and things like that, you'd been a lot better off. And one church against the other (See?); that isn't sons. God can't trust you.

CHILDREN.IN.THE.WILDERNESS_ PHOENIX.AZ SUNDAY_ 47-1123, E-37 And the very same thing, only in another form, after you begin the bad luck, and break up, and get into hundreds of different of churches, and the organizations, and denominations, and fussing among one another, sickness. There's more sickness in the land today than it's ever been known of. That great plague of cancer sweeping the nations, and Christians are dying by the thousands with it. And then to think at that very hour that the Angel of God came down and even specified cancer.

RESURRECTION.OF.LAZARUS_ CLEVELAND.OH SUNDAY_ 50-0813A, E-32 Notice, but this little woman... Zacharias back there, he had much Scriptures behind him to believe where miracles had happened on the same order. But Mary, there had never been a baby born like that. But notice, instead of fussing at the Angel like Zacharias did, she said, "Behold the handsmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to Your Word." Oh, I love that.


E-48 And just like in the realms of the Pentecostal church... Oh, I don't want to say this or not, you might not love me so much. But if you had kept fanaticism down, and kept it running clean and clear, this world out here is a hungering for what you got. That's right. If you'd a let--add to the church daily such as be saved, and not broke off your little denominations and fussing with one another, the Church had been gone on in glory long ago. That's right. Amen. That's right. Amen. Thank you.

GOD.TESTIFYING.OF.HIS.GIFTS_ HAMMOND.IN SUNDAY_ 52-0713E, E-29 The faith that taken away unbelief, will resurrect it again. When you take your stand for Jesus Christ, stay there and die by it. What God says is the truth, and don't you fear what... Satan hasn't got anything to do about it. Don't argue with him; don't fuss with him. Just ignore him and walk away. If you fuss with him, he will keep you fussing day and night. See? "Well," he will say, "You know you're not healed."

You'll say, "Well, now, look, Satan, I want to tell you something." Don't say it. Just say, "Get away, I don't want to hear nothing about you." And walk on, and say, "Thank You, Lord." Go on. See? Don't pay any attention to it.

EXPERIENCES_ ZION.IL SATURDAY_ 52-0726, E-19 And I thought, "That man, just out of a seminary, there with all of his degrees and things, and this old man, seventy-something years old, standing there, wanting to challenge that young man to a debate; or the young man challenging him, and him wanting to take up the Sword against him."

I said, "No, Brother Bosworth, I will not give you privilege to doing it." I said, "Because it would just cause a fuss, and you never get nothing by fussing. You're just like the Irishman's owl, all fuss and feathers." I said, "You don't get nowhere, and no owl to it." And I said, "The..."

He said, "Well, if you will just give me the privilege, Brother Branham, I will promise you that I won't fuss." He said, "I won't say one word back; I will be a Christian gentleman." And I looked at him. His poor little eyes sparkling, and just--he just wanted to get into it so bad. And I said, "Well, I looked around to my wife, and--and that's when I... He'd brought me in the challenge to come to south--Durban, South Africa and pray for Florence Nightingale who was dying with cancer, the granddaughter of the late Florence Nightingale, the founder of the Red Cross in England.

And I said, "Brother Bosworth, give me just a little bit of time to pray."


132 You know the day today. I went here not long ago to a place. And said, "We're going to have communion." And they took an old piece of loaf bread, and cut it up like this, in pieces, and passed it out amongst a bunch of people there, and everybody in the church taking communion. Brother, that's not right. Your heart's got to be right with God before you take communion.

Isaiah prophesied of it in the 28th chapter and the 8th verse, if you want to look it up. He said, "The tables are full of vomit, all filthiness and uncleanliness everywhere." He said, "Who can I teach doctrine? Who can I give understanding? Those that are weaned from the breast." Our little old baby's back here playing along. When we ought to be teaching somebody else the powers of God, we're still fussing about whether it's right to do this or that. "Tables full of vomit."

GOD.COMMISSIONING.MOSES.THE.PROPHET_ JONESBORO.AR FRIDAY_ 53-0508, E-50 Walked out on that stage that day, where a hundred thousand people had gathered. And a great dramatic thing taken place. The first come forward was a Mohammedan woman. I told the missionaries, "Just go pick you out about five out of each tribe, 'cause you can't give cards, or nothing, in there and line them up. And there's a law, and they're fussing between. Here's the Indians over here, about thirty thousand. Here was the Shangai's, the Basothu, and the Zulu, and all different kinds, about fifteen different interpreters. You speak one word and wait five or ten minutes till they got through them, all through the interpreters.


E-26 Now, I want you to notice. Then, coming along, I was in Texas. And there was a man by the name of Mr. Best, Dr. Best. I was having a nice revival. About eight thousand people attended. And Dr. Best put a piece in the paper and said, "That religious fanatic, William Branham, imposing hisself as a man of God, ought to be run out of this city and I ought to be the guy to do it."

Well, Brother Bosworth come to me, one of the managers, and said, "Looky here, Brother Branham." And he dared me and challenged me and everything, to debate the subject. Well, I wasn't going to fuss with him. I don't believe in fussing. God sent me to pray for the sick, to preach the Gospel. There's thousands that will believe it. Why spend it with one fanatic who don't believe it? That's right. Let him alone. They say they be blind leaders of the blind. Let them go on. See?

INNER.MAN_ CHICAGO.IL SATURDAY_ 53-1212, E-28 And as I read it, now keep these things on mind what I've told you. See? Keep them on mind (See?), that if you... Jesus passed by a tree. He looked on it. There was no fruit on it, and He said, "No man eat off of you from henceforth." Went on up to Jerusalem, of course they was fussing at Him up there, and He couldn't stand that. That was the wrong kind of atmosphere for Him, so He moved out, went on back down, come off the mountain the next morning.

And as they passed by, about eleven o'clock in the day I suppose, Peter looked at that tree. He said, "Say, notice," said, "You just said that yesterday, and that tree is dead from the roots." See? It dried up.

HIDDEN.LIFE_ CHICAGO.IL THURSDAY_ 55-1006A, E-44 Now, notice, the first thing was a refreshment. What makes the seed grow? Did you ever get up of the morning and find the dew that fell down from heaven and refreshes the earth? How does it refresh it? When it's at peace. The dew don't fall in day time. The dew falls in the night time, when everything is at peace. The dew can never fall on you, my brother, as long as you're fussing, and arguing, and stewing about the things here on this earth. Get alone with God and let the dewdrops of mercy fall upon you in the stillness. Precious memories, how they linger, how they ever fill my soul; in the stillness of the midnight secrets unfold. How that God can get His believer with the curtains dropped around him alone to himself, He will bring down a refreshing from heaven, that there's no other person, or no other way in the world ever know it, only he that's laying there.

WHY.ARE.PEOPLE.SO.TOSSED.ABOUT_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-14 SUNDAY_ 56-0101, 32-3 See, if you jumped out there and started fussing at her, and telling her you did have a right and so forth, and you...?... See what you'd have done? Just a few words of love go on down to the heart. Brother, let's get people inside the veil. That's right.

You want to know a little secret? That's how I conquer wild animals. That's how I conquer diseases, is by love. The love of God constrains us to do such a thing. Come in the veil.

STAND.STILL.AND.SEE.THE.SALVATION_ CHICAGO.IL SATURDAY_ 57-0629, E-9 So in that great day of--hour of a flusteration, the Lord spoke. And He spoke through a little prophet standing near, who said, "Stand still, and see the salvation of God. You'll not have to fight this battle." But as long as they were together and praying, it was God's battle.

And I think the same thing applies tonight. In this great hour where the great church people, and the great churches are stewing and--and fussing with each other, and denominational barriers are breaking us apart, and we battle from this side and that side, it's time to stand still. It's God's battle. It's not ours to begin with. God wants us to stand still. And when God gets ready to do anything, usually He commands His people to stand still.


362-10 Now, in this I didn't get... I thought it would be very strong, but I got just a very few questions. So it won't take us long to answer them. I was thinking I'd get a whole tray full, but just a very few and very simple. But some of them pertain to doctrine.

And in this doctrine I'll have to answer the question of the people not knowing who they were (because many didn't put their names on the question); and therefore, I'll have to answer it according to the doctrine that we stand for at the Tabernacle. And by doing that... And if it happens to kinda cross up a little wire on some of our visiting brethren or sisters, we wouldn't have that done for nothing. We don't believe in anyone fussing over just little Scriptural points. We believe that Christ died to save us all, and we're all saved through His Blood.


E-26 Carnality had cut off their spiritual supply. Carnality had cut off all their joy, all... They begin murmuring and fussing; they took them off in the desert. If anything I hate is a desert. It's hot; there's nobody hardly can live there, and everything you get against in the desert's got stickers on it. Every kind of little old vine's got stickers on it. You know why? It's because there's no water there. Now, if that same little plant growed up in my country, or up in a country that's got rain on it, that little plant would not be a sticker. That little sticker would unfold, and it would be a nice tender leaf when it comes into a watered place.

That's what's the matter with the churches, the reason they fuss, and quarrel, and stew, and so called Christians, because they've been bypassed from the land of blessing, from the fountain that never runs dry, from the Rock in the weary land. And they have become dry and carnal. They want to stick and say, "The days of miracles is past. That's a bunch of holy-rollers. No such a thing as that." Oh, just let them come to the water one time. It is to unfold and get tender and sweet, and kind and humble. Something takes place when you put him in water. I don't know why, but it happens that way. Oh, carnality had cut them off.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 29-6 Come away from that hybrid tree. Get over here to the original fruit that's got life in it. Eat of Him. Jesus said, "I'm the Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven. Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness (not being mixed with faith. See?)--eat manna in the wilderness and they're all dead. But I'm the Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven. He that eats this Bread has Eternal Life. I'll raise him up at the last days. He shall never perish; he's got Everlasting Life." Let's come back to the Tree this morning. Let's get away from what man says. Let's get away from what the--the--the churches say. Let's come back and take the Bible, and believe the Bible. We're--we're too late now to go to fussing. See?


105 That trumpet of digging down and going into caves. Now, I hear they're moving all the government and things out here around Fort Knox, and down around Mammoth Cave, and got a place down there they're fixing up, that when the... If it comes something like a little fussing of a war or something, they're going to take the government inside of these caves. Don't the Bible plainly say that they'd hide themselves in caves and things, and do it? Exactly. See, they don't have the answer. So our great regime of military strength doesn't have the answer.

IT.WASN'T.SO.FROM.THE.BEGINNING_ BLOOMINGTON.IL TUESDAY_ 61-0411, E-50 In the Old Testament a child that was hybrid, borned out of holy wedlock could not even come in the congregation of the Lord for ten generations: took ten generations to breed it out. That's four hundred years to breed out a illegitimate child; could not even come into the congregation of the Lord; hybreeding: a woman vowed to her husband and live with another man and have a baby by him: a horrible thing.

Today, we have so much fussing and stewing about this segregation of white and colored and everything. Why don't they leave it alone? Let it the way God made it. Tell me what real good, smart, intelligent, beautiful, colored woman would want to have a baby by a white man to make it a mulatto? Not sense. Many thing the colored people has is far beyond the white man.


E-25 They found out then, at seven day's journey, finally brought them to a desert. And we found out the same thing. We've had seven church ages. We're living now in the seven church ages. What have we done when--broke out a revival? We fixed up a system and made us a little group over here that, "We believe this. And we won't have nothing to do with this group."

And this group fix them up a little group. They won't have nothing to do with this group here. And they just start fussing, stewing, back and forth. And now, we find out in the midst of all of it, that we've gone about seven days and not having God in our midst. That's right.


89 But that's where them who live in that place has to suffer with the conditions of that place. And those who desire to live in that kind of an atmosphere of where everything's just punching and fussing, and quarreling and stewing like that, well, you'll just live under that atmosphere; that's all. But we don't have to live there; it's not necessary for us to stay there.

PARDONED_ TUCSON.AZ MONDAY_ 63-1028, E-55 Yes, sir, God has a pardon and that pardon's only through Jesus Christ. Education, tradition, denominational, scientific, nothing will ever take its place. It's under that Blood. It's under the tradition--not the tradition, but under the Blood of Jesus Christ, God's provided way for sinners, the only way that we can ever meet. Now, I tell you, you take a Methodist, take a Baptist, and a Presbyterian, and a Lutheran, and a Pentecostal, and let each one come under that Blood. They're brothers. There's no fussing about them then. No, sir, they are brothers. They see everything alike.

But you let a Methodist get to fussing with a Baptist on the order of baptism. Let a Oneness fuss with a Trinity, a Trinity with a Oneness, and whatevermore. Watch the fuss and hair raise. But let them both come under the cross and watch what takes place.

WE.HAVE.SEEN.HIS.STAR_ TUCSON.AZ V-13 N-8 MONDAY_ 63-1216, 174 After they got out of that mess, then the supernatural appeared again. There it is. After they got cut loose from those things, after they got out of all that conglomeration up there, fussing, arguing, and everything, down there where all the big headquarters was, and all the big high priest, and doctors of Divinity, all of them walking around with their Ph.D., and their great, big, high turban hat on, they couldn't seen the Star, for that. Walking that... Such things as that blinds a lot of people: big names, and big people walking around.

IDENTIFIED.CHRIST.OF.ALL.AGES_ BIRMINGHAM.AL THURSDAY_ 64-0409, E-6 I come over into Pentecostal when I went to praying for the sick, and was commissioned to do so. I come over among the Pentecostal and I find out... Thought there was just one group of them. I find out there's as many groups there as there is in the Baptist, different ones. So I--I seen they were fussing. And they were fussing in the Baptists, about this, that, and the other. So I just let them fuss. And I try to put our arms around everybody, and say, "We're all brethren. Let's just serve the Lord." And what little influence I can have, I don't place it upon any certain denomination, just on Christ. And there we... And we try to serve Him that way.

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