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E-8 008 Always remember this, church; God's Words are true. I believe the right mental attitude towards any Divine promise of God will bring it to pass, if you can look at it in the right way. But remember, here's been my--my standard in life. I have tried to do this. The first thing, I want to find out whether it's the will of God or not. That... Then I know it's God's will. The next thing, is my objective to it and my motive in doing it. Then if it's the will of God, and my objective is right, and my motive is right, I have faith that it'll be done. Because, first, it's the will of God and I have--and my objective is to glorify Him, and my motive is to give Him all the glory. See? So there's no selfish motives about it. If you have a selfish motive it won't work. If your objective is to make money for yourself or something, why, you'll never succeed. And then try to do something outside of the will of the Lord, then it won't work to begin with.

So there is genuine faith, but you must come into the real channel of God to have that genuine faith. There's human faith, then there's faith of God. And you must have a godly faith to believe. Now, then to have godly faith, you must have the mind of Christ in you. Then that's how God projects to you visions, revelations, and all these things comes by the mind of Christ being in you. You get it? "Let the mind that was in Christ be in you."


E-47 047 You say, "Oh, yes, I believe it." Oh, I've seen people say that, and if faith was ink, you couldn't dot an "i." They just--just simply--just worked up. It's hope instead of faith. Genuine faith don't take "no" for an answer. It's--it's got hairs on the chest; it's big and burly. It's speaks and everything else sets down. That's all.


E-3 003 There's some here that has been wounded, Lord. The enemy has shot darts of sickness into their body and afflictions. They're warriors laying here on the battlefield, that would be up and going if they could; but they are--must be taken to the inn where the caretaker is to take care.

Father, may the ambulance of God carry them to a real genuine faith this afternoon. Grant it, Lord. We pray that they'll be healed.

WHY.title BLOOMINGTON.IL 61-0413

E-59 059 I got a little Bible when I first started out, I wrote a little book; there should be somebody say, "Is it wrong to smoke, is it wrong to drink, is it wrong to do so-and-so?"

I said, "Don't ask me foolish questions. Make this up in your mind. If you love the Lord with all your heart, you don't smoke, chew, or drink any shine." And that's... I still stand by that. When the love of God's in your heart, you have got no time for nothing else. You're sold out. The Bible says, "If you love the world or the things of the world, it's because the love of God's not even in you." And your own life tells about it. I hope that's plain enough, I won't have to get any plainer. See? But that's true. "By their fruits you know them."

So shake ourselves. Let's be Pentecostal or--or be something else. If we are not Pentecost, let's quit saying we are (See?), until we get back to the real Pentecostal experience, get back to faith, daring faith. Them disciples sealed their death with their faith. Oh, faith of out fathers living still in spite of dungeon, flame, or sword. That's what we want, real genuine faith.


E-27 027 But you know, God's got a way of bringing that real genuine faith out in us. God has peculiar ways of doing it. And so, let's say, one night the little girl had come in, and she was... He had one little daughter about twelve years old, and he was getting aged. And that was the only child he and his wife had.


E-29 029 Now, we have... I've stood in the foreign fields with a Koran in one hand of the Mohammedan religion, which is one of the greatest in the world, and with the book of Buddha, and a Bible in each--in this hand, and say, "Somebody's got to be wrong. There's too much difference. Somebody's got to be right, if there is a God. Now, let's prove and see which one is right."

Don't never be afraid to bringing to the Word of God to a showdown. He will always be there. And so, just have faith and believe Him. Don't try to add something or take something from it, just believe It the way It's written and say, "It's that way." Then believe that without a shadow of doubt, and God's obligated, if you truly believe it, not make-belief. Now, he won't bluff. Satan's not a bluff. He is a bluff, but if he can bluff you, he will do it. But when you come with genuine faith, he knows whether you're bluffing or not.

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43 029 And when a man takes a Word of God, no matter how little that faith is, but if it won't mix with any unbelief, it'll bring him out to the Light. Some of us have great faith that'll just perform miracles. Some has faith just to hold on till it happens. But if it's genuine faith, once ahold of it, there's nothing going to shake you from it. It ain't going to mix. Then that person is persistent. He has perseverance. No matter how many people says the days of miracles is past, he doesn't believe it. He holds on, because he's met the conditions and sunk that Word into a heart of faith that believes It. There he stays.


E-65 065 Notice. She also admitted that what Jesus said was the truth. Whew. My. "I am a dog." Amen. Faith... Listen, Jesus was the Word. And if you've got genuine faith, a faith will always admit the Word is right. Faith will never argue against the Word. Amen. It'll stay with the Word. The way the Word said do it, that's the way faith will recognize it. I'm just going to let that soak a minute. Yes. Faith admits the truth.


18-6 049 I was... How many body ever hear Oral Roberts this morning, when he was preaching this morning, Oral Roberts? And--and I heard him say something another about that there was a faith that--of deliverance, praying the prayer of faith of deliverance. He said, "Make your contact by touching radio; make your contact by touching something in order..." The man was doing that so that it would give the people something that they could put their hands on, something to say, "I got it now, because he told me to touch my radio. I got it." See? Now, that's all right. But now real genuine faith doesn't have to touch none of that stuff. Now, I'm not condemning Brother Oral, not at all. He's doing a great work and a godly man, and I--I sure think a lot of Oral Roberts. Too bad we ain't got more of them. But what I'm trying to say: that--that faith doesn't need anything. See? Faith believes God's Word. For faith cometh by touching? No. "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing the Word of God." That anchors it. It's there. See? And faith, as I said, has no distance to it. Faith is right now. Faith is here.


35-5 095 Patience with what? What kind of patience? First thing is have patience with God. If you've got real genuine faith, you'll have real genuine patience, because faith worketh patience. When God says anything, you believe it. That's all. You got patience. Say, "Well, I asked Him last night to heal me, and I'm just as sick this morning." Oh, my. What patience. God told Abraham, and twenty-five years later there wasn't even one sign; he still believed it. He was patient with God.


43-4 116 But if you've got genuine faith, then put genuine virtue to it, then genuine knowledge, then genuine temperance, then genuine patience. See, you're moving right on up the line. All right.


49-5 134 Well, you take us, that's nothing but a wild gourd, a knothead (See?), and there's nothing to us, for we're all dead in sin and trespasses. We're all in these kind of conditions; and then we ourselves can prostrate ourselves, give ourselves up, until God takes His transfusion tube, the Name of Jesus Christ ('cause there's not another Name under heaven whereby man can be saved) and transfer the Life of Christ into us, then we have this kind of faith, the faith that Christ had. And Christ's faith was not based in those Pharisees or Sadducees, or in their pots, kettles, and pans, and their washings. It was based on the Word of God (Amen.), so much until Christ was the Word.

The Word was made flesh. And then when we can get so transfused by His power, that we die to our own thinking, and our faith becomes a genuine faith (Hallelujah.), then the Life of Christ is transfused into us; we become living creatures of God, a dwelling place where the Holy Spirit can send His radiant blessings down through there, and we're in the statue of Christ.


49-5 134 Well, you take us, that's nothing but a wild gourd, a knothead (See?), and there's nothing to us, for we're all dead in sin and trespasses. We're all in these kind of conditions; and then we ourselves can prostrate ourselves, give ourselves up, until God takes His transfusion tube, the Name of Jesus Christ ('cause there's not another Name under heaven whereby man can be saved) and transfer the Life of Christ into us, then we have this kind of faith, the faith that Christ had. And Christ's faith was not based in those Pharisees or Sadducees, or in their pots, kettles, and pans, and their washings. It was based on the Word of God (Amen.), so much until Christ was the Word.

The Word was made flesh. And then when we can get so transfused by His power, that we die to our own thinking, and our faith becomes a genuine faith (Hallelujah.), then the Life of Christ is transfused into us; we become living creatures of God, a dwelling place where the Holy Spirit can send His radiant blessings down through there, and we're in the statue of Christ.


E-51 051 The real genuine faith will always admit the Word of God is true, no matter what the circumstances is. She said, "It's the truth, Lord, You wasn't sent to us. It's truth, Lord, that I'm nothing but a dog. But let me give You my side of it. I'm not looking for the blessings that they got. I'm looking for crumbs."


E-63 063 I'm going to say a great big mouthful. Get ready. Every time genuine faith will admit the Word's right. And any time that something says that the days of miracles is past, or something against the Bible, it's not genuine faith. The faith will always admit truth. You must stay with the Word. No matter what anything else says, what anybody else says, it's the Word's right. "Let every man's word be a lie, and Mine true... Ever who'd add to or take away from the same will be taken his part out of the Book of Life."

DOOR.IN.A.DOOR.title TUCSON.AZ 63-0223

E-75 075 Now, the church spiritual was not in there in the beginning, Pentecostal type. Watch that messenger come to that church. He set and talked to Abraham. He said, "Where is your wife, Sarah?" and called him Abraham, which his name was Abram. Said, "Where is your wife Sarah?" Her name was S-a-r-r-a, now it's S-a-r-a-h. He called S-a-r-a-h.

Said, "She's in the tent behind you--behind you."

He said, "I (personal pronoun) am going to visit you according to the time of life." And Sarah... He said, "Why did Sarah laugh when I said that?" There He is.

Why would it be? We got to have a spirit like that visit the church--a spirit of prophetic, a spirit of discernment. And when it comes in, the people refuse it. Why? It's the Laodicea. We're so documated with creeds and things till we can't accept it. That's right. See? "I stand at the door and knock. If any man hears My voice..."

"Oh, my faith don't accept the--those things."

Then you've got the wrong faith. The faith... You know, the real genuine faith of God will punctuate every promise of God with an "Amen," a genuine Holy Spirit. Because why? The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible. It says so. Men of old, moved by the Holy Ghost, wrote the Bible. See?


E-50 050 I'm... My faith that I have in God, that's why I'm here tonight. That's why I canceled out something else and got in here. And I got to drive hundreds of miles tonight back to Tucson, Arizona, because I come to put my faith with yours. That's a man; it's a soul laying yonder; it's someone in need. And we Christians have got to wake up to a reality to real genuine faith. Tie it to the Word of God and plead that promise. Yes, sir. Oh, my. "If ye abide in Me and My Word in you, ask what you want." And then again, "If the people that's called by My name shall assemble themselves together and pray, then I'll hear from heaven." Prayer meeting, that's it.


E-51 051 I believe in talking to attorneys and talking to lawyers, or judges, or parole boards, or whatevermore. Now, that's all right. But, brother, if your hope isn't tied to something than just the carnal man of mind, mind of man, rather, you'll sure be sadly disappointed. But if you can tie your faith into such a place that you know, and stay there and pray until God answers back, and you know you've got it in your heart, something's going to happen.

I've seen the dead raised from the funeral home; I've seen the--the blind eyes come open, the deaf ears unstopped. I've seen cancer-ridden cases of sarcomas-cancer, leprosy, healed by the power of the almighty God, because they had faith to believe that that God Who made the promise would be able to keep His promise. That's real genuine faith like Abraham had.


59 027 If we are the children of Abraham, we believe those things. Abraham, against great circumstances, called the things that were not, as though they were, because he believed that God was able to keep His Word. And we call ourself the children of Abraham. Abraham waited twenty-five years for the promise. Instead of getting weaker, he grew stronger. And how different it seems to be today with His royal Seed.

Now, the real seed of Abraham is--was Isaac, we realize that, which come the Jew, which is outward.

But the Seed that God was giving the promise to, was the Seed of Abraham, the faith that he had in God. Which through Jesus Christ, Who is His Word, we become heirs with him. And this church tonight of the pilgrims of this day, is absolutely the royal Seed of Abraham, with genuine faith.


163 060 But here they was. The first thirty days or twenty-eight days passed. Mixed audience now, and you adults know what I'm speaking of. "Sarah, honey, how you feel?"

"No difference at all, Abraham."

"Glory to God, we're going to have it anyhow."

"How do you know?"

"God said so."

Ten years passed. "Keep them pins laying there and all the Birdeye."

Some of his friends come by, "Abraham, father of nations, how many children do you have?"

"Glory to God. At this time, none, but I'm going to have them."

"How do you... Why, you're ninety years old."

"Don't make a bit of difference. It'll be a greater miracle now than it was if it had happened back there twenty years ago."

But, today, "I was prayed for last night. I don't feel any better today." Abraham's Seed?

What's the matter? You've been stripped. Your fibers of church is still there; your organization is as great as the Methodist's or the Baptist's. You're building to this fiber all the time, but where is that genuine faith? Oh, you clap your hands; you shout and sing songs, and dance. My, I've seen that happen in many doctors'--witch doctors' meetings, see them clap their hands, and speak in tongues, and interpret, and jump up-and-down. Father Divine has the same thing. That ain't what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about a genuine faith that can unfold the promise of God, and stand there and make it live, a Scriptural thing.


100 045 We're always trying to look back and see, what Moody said, what Sankey said, what Finney said, what Wesley said, what Luther said. Them were men of that day.

Science don't look back and see what science said. Why, three hundred years ago, a French scientist proved that if a man would ever go the terrific speed of thirty miles an hour, gravitation would take him off the earth. Would you imagine the modern science saying that? Today he's going about two thousand miles an hour, trying to find something to keep from melting steel so he can go four thousand miles an hour. They don't look back and refer to him. They look forward.

But the church is always looking back. Let's look up. For their powers are limited. And we have unlimited power, "For all things are possible to them that believe in God." Real genuine faith will punctuate every Word that God give with a "amen." Not, "Well, it was for another generation." He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.

THIRD.EXODUS.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-21 63-0630M

32-2 093 Its resting place is in the sanctuary of God's Word, when faith, genuine faith sets itself there. Not make-belief now: faith; not hope: but faith. Hope's out here hoping it was in. Faith is already in, looking out and saying, "It's done." That's faith. There's where faith takes it's resting place, for it knows that God will never, never let the enemy ride over the top of Him. He never has. Faith knows that, so regardless of what the thing look...

PERFECT.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-11 63-0825E

48 021 Now, other words, I'm venturing out, "Well, I'll go. The Bible said, 'Call the elders, let them anoint with oil, and pray over him.' I know I'll go up." And you say, "Well, I'm going to be healed." See, you're making yourself; if you don't watch now, you're going to make yourself just--just worked up. And then when you pass through, you say, "Oh, I--I still don't see..." Well, see, there you was, you didn't have faith.

Your genuine faith will do it right there. Your--your genuine faith will make it so real to you that... Look at that little woman with the blood issue; she said, "If I can only touch the border of His garment, I'll be made well." And as soon as she did it, she said she felt within herself that her blood issue stopped. She actually believed it.

PERFECT.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-11 63-0825E

79 033 If--if you had cancer, and the doctor told you yesterday that you'd be dead before Monday morning, all of your heart, your respiration's gone, the cancer's eat you up, your bloodstream's become completely cancer, whatever it is, and Something come with this substance of this genuine faith, perfect faith was made a substance in you, you'd laugh in that doctor's face.

PERFECT.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-11 63-0825E

148 059 Look. He knew that He pleased God. He knew that there was nothing on His life. God had already testified, "This is My beloved Son in Whom I'm well pleased, hear Him. This is My beloved Son in Whom I'm pleased to dwell in," at the day of His baptism. "I'm pleased to make My abode in here; there's no condemnation to Him at all."

Now, when the same God comes to you, and is pleased to dwell in you, pleased to honor your word, what your decision is... What was Joshua's decision? "Stand still, sun." And it stood there. Amen. Sure. What was Moses' decision? Held his stick over the--a river like that, then called for it to open. And it opened. See, whatever you ask. "And if you say to this mountain, 'Be moved,' and don't doubt (see, in your heart), but believe that what you've said will come to pass, you can have what you say." That puts you back in the Word. Now, that's not skim milk. See? It puts you back. I know it's going to jump just over top of you maybe (See?), because It can't anchor; but real, genuine faith catches that right now.


53 026 Oh, Gentiles, as I have said, who'll pull that sword with me? He wants a fresh drink this morning, not this old stagnated church creeds and things we're fooling around with; He wants genuine faith in His Word who'll believe every Word of It. Let's go to the well and bring back a drink, a refreshment, a worship that's built upon, not creeds and denomination, but a genuine Spirit worship with Christ among us living His Life the way He wants to among us. That's--that's not with creeds and different things; let's just--just have Him that way.

PARADOX.title BAKERSFIELD.CA V-22 N-5 64-0206B

236 087 Then He had a bunch of preachers hanging around Him, borderline believers. He said, "Well, what are you going to say when you see Me ascend up from where I come from?"

"Come from? Well, we've seen the cradle You were born in, the city You were born in. We fished with You, out here on the hills. You, we walk with You, talk with You, and You come from... Oh, my, now we know You're crazy."

But real, genuine faith don't move. Them disciples couldn't explain it, but they knowed there it was. See? It has to be something that God planted, had to be His thoughts before the foundation of the world, when He planned the whole redeemed. Ephesians 1:1-5, He planned the whole thing before the foundation of the world, His thoughts, and this is the attributes of His thoughts.

PERSEVERANT.title DALLAS.TX V-19 N-9 64-0305

93 043 That woman wasn't that type. She wasn't no hybrid plant. She'd got ahold of something. You didn't have to baby her and spray her, and say, "Now, darling, please, now let me beg you. You should come down." No, sir. Nobody... Everything trying to hinder her.

A real Christian fights for his position. He has to stand alone, him and God, and he fights every inch of ground, so you don't have to baby them around.

That's what's the matter with the Pentecostal church today, we got Pentecostal babies that's just been sprinkled and sprayed with this, and that, and the other, till it's run out to a bunch of hybrids. What we need today is a housecleaning, from the pulpit all the way to the--to janitor, and a starting over again, and get some genuine faith born into people. Yeah.


E-10 010 Now that's the same faith, "If You'll come lay Your hands upon my child..." "If you'll speak the Word, my servant..." see. That's something that you have. It was--it wasn't putting on an act. The old fellow believed that. He'd got ahold of something. The woman that touched his garment, "If... I must just touch His garment," that's it. You must grasp ahold of that faith down in your heart.

It's just like, you say... You know, you men, if you're... If you're the right kind of a husband, there's no woman in world that you love like your wife. There might be other women might be more fair. There might be women that would--would be prettier women, and so forth. But something... If you really love your wife, there's something in there that you don't notice what she looks like. You love her. And you--you don't know why, but you love her; and women, you the same to your husbands you--you love, and you young girls to your boyfriends, boyfriends to girlfriends. If you've met that person that you know you love, there's something in there. You know you love them.

Well, that's the same thing it is about faith. You know it's going to happen. There's not a shadow, no matter how many would say contrary, you still believe the same thing because that's genuine, real genuine faith.


E-53 053 I see people come to the platform, they jump up and down, and scream and say, "Oh, Brother Branham, I got all the faith in the world." What are you doing up here then? That's--that's emotion, not faith. Genuine faith knows no defeat. It's already done. It's already over. God said so, and that finishes it. You see? God said so.


E-71 071 Now. Now, the rest of you that doesn't have a prayer card, raise up your hand, say, "I don't have a prayer card, but I'm sick." Raise up your hand, anywhere in the building. I don't care where you are, raise up your... Well, there's not too many people here then. No. According to that, it won't take very long to pray the prayer line out tomorrow. There's about twenty in here without what's standing here, that's sick. That's good. I'm glad to see you accept it like that. You had more faith than I thought you did, maybe. See, see?

If you accepted your healing, threw your card away, God bless you. That's real genuine faith. Nobody laid hands on you; you laid hands on Christ.


E-20 020 Notice. How that in doing this, He... Coming from Him was God, the Spirit. And that Spirit becomes upon the believer. Therefore, the Life that was in our Sacrifice, we are identified by that same Life. Then how can they see the Life of God moving amongst the people and call it an unclean thing, when that's our identification of our Sacrifice? "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he also," His Life returning upon the sacri--from the sacrifice as we lay our hands upon it, and identifying ourselves dead to our own thoughts.

Then how can we let denominations push us into creeds and things, and say we believe it? We are dead to those things. Paul said, "None of these things bother me," for he was tied to an Absolute, Christ. And every true achievement is tied to an absolute, and my Absolute is the Word. And everybody else that's really born of the Spirit, their Absolute is God's Word. I'm tied to It. I laid my hands upon It, and It took my place. I've identified myself with Him. We knew that He promised to identify Himself with us. That brings genuine faith, not your own faith, but His faith, something that you don't control. He does it. Now, notice. Then, and then only, when the--is the promise made to you.


E-32 032 Now, we're finite. We can say this is right today; tomorrow we can find something different. We can be better. We got a better--build better houses than we did a hundred years ago. We got better cars than we had twenty years ago. And we got better transportation, and whatevermore you want to go into. We're better because we're learning. But God hasn't, because He's perfect to begin with. Therefore, He and His Word is the same. So His Word is perfect.

If you don't believe that, don't never come in the prayer line, 'cause that's the only basis that you can accept anything. Faith can only take its rest upon something that it's sure of. And a real genuine faith rests itself on the eternal Rock of God's eternal Word. It doesn't shift. It stays right there, regardless. Talk about rock of Gibraltar, that's the Rock of Ages it stands on. The Word never can change, and faith rests upon that.


E-42 042 Notice, we find out, then there's another thought. Looky now. Ishmael's children was on the desert, and they were fleet riders. My. And robbers, why, she had all that money on there. What her little band of eunuchs, guards that she had, and a few maids, they'd just cut--chop them right down, take that treasure and go on like nothing.

But you know, there's something about when your heart begins to hunger to find the reality of God, there's no danger in the way. You don't see any danger. You don't see any failure. You say, "Well, will I get well?" There's no question in your mind. Genuine faith anchors itself. There's nothing going to move it. It stays right there. She never thought about the danger laid ahead.

There's one thing she had, one--one objective she had, one thing she wanted to achieve, and her motives was right. So she went to reach it, for her heart was hungering and thirsting. "Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled." That's right.


E-40 040 He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief. No matter how many scoffers said, "You're not. You can't be. It's impossible. Get next to yourself. You're crazy." He said he grew stronger and stronger all the time. That's what genuine faith does; it don't know no doubt. But if you don't know that, you'll give up right quick. So, well, Abraham, I--I think you would--you would make a very good witness.

"The Word doesn't say when I was going to have the baby--the first month--but it said we would have the baby."

TRIAL.A.title TUCSON.AZ 64-0427

E-32 032 And the defense Witness also wants to call to your attention here, this afternoon in this court, that the Word of God is said by Jesus Christ to be a Seed. And a seed can only grow when it falls into the fertile enough ground to quicken the seed. And if this Seed falls into a ground, and is fertile with faith, it's got to quicken It. But if there's nothing there... Just like if you wanted a blood transfusion, and you went to a turnip, stuck a tube in yourself and in a turnip, how you going to get any blood? There's no blood there. No more can the Word of God ever be quickened in an unbeliever's heart or a skeptic. It's got to fall into genuine faith that believes that heavens and earth will pass away, but that Word shall never fail, like Abraham, that called things which was not as though they were, hoped against hope. He believed God.


71 030 Now, when He's not recognized, His power is all--is always not revealed, when He's not recognized. No matter how much God's standing present, you've got to believe it. That's all.

Like the woman with the blood issue. All them people passing by, and all of them standing up, saying, "There goes the Rabbi. That's the guy that claims to be a prophet. This is the fanatic," and all such as that.

But what happened? This little woman had an issue of blood, and she had heard about Him. And when she come down there, regardless of what anybody said, she recognized Who He was. And she said, "If I can only touch His garment." See?

And when that genuine faith in God became a positive thing to her, what did it release? It released His power to heal her. It touched Him in such a way, He turned around and told her what was wrong with her, and said, "Your faith has saved you." What did? Faith.

PERSEVERANT.title TOPEKA.KS V-20 N-3 64-0619

108 047 Yeah, turned down, called a "dog," but still she held on. See, she had faith. She was disappointed with all of her friends, disappointed with her people, all kinds of things trying to hinder her. But everything's throwed that way. That shows Satan trying to--to push back genuine faith, but he can't do it. Care what anybody says; it's still there. She's persistent. She keeps moving on.

She got to Jesus, and Jesus said, "I'm not sent to your race. I'm not sent to your church. They're not cooperating. You're nothing but a bunch of dogs anyhow." Still she moved on. Says, "Me, I come to--to heal these, Mine, not to come to heal you. Not meat for Me to take the children's bread and hand it out to you bunch of dogs."

She said, "That's the truth, Lord." Amen.

Faith will always admit the Word is true. Amen. Now, if you want to hold onto a creed, go ahead; but the faith, real genuine faith admits the Word is the Truth.

PERSEVERANT.title TOPEKA.KS V-20 N-3 64-0619

111 048 She said, "Truth, Lord, but the dogs can eat the crumbs that's under the children's table." That got it. That got it. She was not a--a hothouse plant. She was not a--a hybrid bunch, so-called believers, that we have the crop of today. She had genuine faith. She admitted He was right. But she wasn't after even all the bread that the children could eat; she was just searching for crumbs.

TRIAL.THE.title TOPEKA.KS V-20 N-6 64-0621

77 029 He claims that in--that God claims in His Bible, that the church would get formal and get away from itself, that in Malachi 4 He would send again a prophet, which He has sent already, twice, Elijah and John the Baptist. He would send a prophet by the--and he would be in the power of Elijah. And his ministry, his actions, everything, would be Elijah. And then in his ministry, he would be calling the people from this formal condition, back to the real genuine faith of the apostolic fathers. And there's no such thing going on."

PROVING.HIS.WORD.title JEFF.IN V-9 N-6 64-0816

268 138 How do you do? I say that just to contact your spirit, lady. Just like Jesus did at the well, said, "Bring Me a drink." Now, I believe... I don't believe I ever seen you; I believe you're a stranger to me. Is that right? If that's right, raise up your hand so the audience can see. I don't know the lady.

Now, this is genuine healing; it's genuine faith, genuine Scripture, the unadulterated Word of God made manifest and proved that He's not dead. He's alive forevermore. "And he that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he also, and this believer will lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover." Oh, how can you doubt it? See? Now, He knowed who would and who would not; I don't. That's up to Him.


1002-44 021 Now, that's no evidence of the Holy Ghost. See? You can't rely upon that. You can't rely upon the fruit of the Spirit, because the first fruit of the Spirit is love. And the Christian Science exercise more love than anybody I know of, and they even deny Jesus Christ being Divine. See? There's only one evidence of the Holy Spirit that I know of, and that is a genuine faith in the promised Word of the hour.

Now, those Jews come; they had more religion than the disciples had. They were better trained men in the Scriptures than the disciples was, because they were fishermen, tax collectors, and so forth. And they had real faith and genuine faith in what they were doing. Now, listen closely now; don't miss this. See? When it come to being fruits of the Spirit, kind and gentle, I guess there wasn't a one of those priest but what could outshine Jesus Christ in it. He went to the temple, plaited ropes, looked upon them with anger, and turned over their tables, and run them out of the place. Is that right? The Bible said He looked upon them with anger. The Bible said that. That's exactly right.


37 019 And we know that Jesus was the Word; St. John 1, said, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt here among us." Then the Word is a Seed; then the Seed become flesh and dwelt among us.

If Judas was the seed of the enemy and the discrepancy, it also become flesh and dwelt among us in the person of Judas Iscariot. He never had no real, real faith. He had a--what he thought was a faith. There's such a thing as having faith, and a make-believe faith.

And a genuine faith of God will believe in God, and God is the Word; it'll never add nothing to It. The Bible tells us if we add one word or take one word away, our part will be taken from the Book of Life: Revelations 22:18, the last closing chapter.


29 012 Now, if many of you like to just mark down Scriptures that a minister reads... And I would like for you to tonight, if you would, to turn to Ephesians.

And I was speaking last Sunday on the Ephesians, how that the Book of Joshua was the Ephesians of the Old Testament, and how it was a Book of redemption. And redemption has two different parts: "come out of" and "entering into." First, you have to come out. Some people wants to bring the world in with them; but you got to come out of the world to enter into Christ. You have to come out of unbelief to enter into faith. There cannot be one thing in your way. To really have genuine faith, you must absolutely leave everything that's contrary to the Word of God behind to enter into faith.


81 038 But like faith in the Word brings more to the real image, like as the corn matures, or the wheat... It comes forth a stalk; then it comes forth the pollen; then it comes forth a shuck. But when... You think... That shuck, if you don't watch, it'll look just exactly like the real wheat. But when it's opened up, the real wheat's on the inside. It's only a carrier again.

So you see Mary, not through sex, but through faith, something exactly like it... Mary was not that Seed. Mary was a carrier of the Seed. He was the genuine faith Seed, because the Word of God is by faith that He give to Abraham. And only faith can produce what God said He'd do, faith in His Word.


68 031 But because of the selfishness got among it, the objectives was wrong, signing up a bunch of stuff "it would be this way," when they promised they would do it for the Kingdom of God, but looked like it's for themselves. See?

And it won't work; no selfish thing will work. Your motives and objectives has to be exactly, perfectly right, then you have faith there. "If our hearts condemn us not, then we have confidence." See, see? We've got to have confidence. "I want this to the honor and glory of God." Then faith has a--a channel to move into; if it doesn't, then you've got mental, intellectual faith, and not genuine faith from God. That intellectual faith will get you nowhere. Might get you emotional, but it won't get you the healing that you're looking for.


70 032 So Job, checking himself with the genuine faith that God had give to him that he was just, that he had done everything that God required him to do... Now, when we're going to be prayed for for our sickness, I wonder if we have done everything that God requires us to do. Have we followed every iota of the Scripture? Have we give Him our hearts and lives to service? What's the reason you want to be healed? That's the reason you can't get faith enough (See?), because you haven't maybe made this thing to God sincerely from your heart. Like Hezekiah did, give God the reason, he wanted to set his--his kingdom in order. And God sent His prophet back and told him, and he'd be healed. See? But you have to have those things made right first.

So then as soon as you get to these places and know that it's been revealed to you by the Word of God, by the revelation, by the Word that God requires you to do, then you have faith, genuine faith.


216 096 That man setting there with his hand up on his chin, with that high blood pressure. You believe God would make you well, sir? You do? Setting with your hand like this, you believe God will heal you of that high blood pressure? Raise up your hand, if you believe it. All right, He does it. See? I never seen the man in my life; I know nothing about him. But you heard that Jesus said here in the Bible that He would do these things; now you see it. You see what I mean? "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Only to them that believe, it takes real, genuine faith to do it. But if you can believe it, God will grant it.


227 100 Now, while I pray, you pray: Lord Jesus, in the Name of the Lord God of heaven, let Your Spirit drop into these peoples' heart; that genuine faith of God, that will confirm this promise to them, and may the God of heaven heal every one of them, as they obey Your commandments by laying hands on each other. Let it be so, Lord. In the Name of Jesus Christ, grant that it will be so, for Your glory.

ON.THE.WINGS.OF.A.DOVE.title SHP.LA V-7 N-5 65-1128E

237 082 Please, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I ask you as His servant. I know when you're dealing with congregations, you got everything mixed in there. But if you believe me as His servant, if there's one speck of doubt or (Sin is--is doubt, unbelief.), if there's one speck of it in your heart, ask Father to take it away right now. See? "Lord..." And then when you come with genuine faith... Now, my hands won't mean nothing unless That strikes you first; then when it comes, it'll light it off; you'll be healed. That's right, you'll know you'll be healed. See? You'll believe it. 

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