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E-30 She made her decisions quick. Watch her real quick then in the meeting. Quickly, if they're ordained to Eternal Life, they'll know it. There's something in the message that stirs them.

That's what stirred Rebekah. The message stirred her, Angel was leading her. Oh, can't you see her picture? The Angel of the Lord leading her. Then she was stirred. And immediately when she watered the camel, the gift went on her. He begin to take out the earrings, which means faith cometh by hearing, (you see), put the bracelets on, the works of your hands. He got her ready. As soon as she begin to water, give the waters of Life, testify, tell others, get the message out. Tell them what has happened to you.


2-3 The boys here has got some of the tapes, and the books, and records, and so forth that they have a little business of their own that they take care of. We don't... For myself, I only have those books, and some of them I have to buy. There's some of them belongs to me: the sermons. The others are books that I buy from Brother Lindsay, called "My Life Story," and then there's the one called, "Prophet Visits Africa," and--and I believe three or four of the sermons belongs to me. They have them here, not for money, just so that the message gets out. That's the main thing: get the message out, for we're living in a hour later than we think. It's at the close of the age, and the church is in a terrible, terrible condition, and we're only trying to scatter sunshine among the peoples, not to try to convert them over to some of our beliefs, but to try to get them to live closer to the Lord Jesus and believe Him. Not to pull members from a church to another church, but to send more members to that church is our purpose.


E-23 And then we're not here for money. I want you to know that. We're not here for money. No, sir. I am fifty-one years old. I've been a minister for thirty-one years, and I have preached seventeen years at the--a Baptist Tabernacle at Jeffersonville, Indiana. Never took a offering in all my life. I've preached seventeen years without one penny of anything; any of the trustees could tell you that. Never took a penny, I worked for my living. I wouldn't even do it now if I could afford to pay these meetings off.

The only thing that I do is come out here and hold the meeting. And the only thing you have to do is pay the expense of the building, or whatever expenses goes with the meeting, is all I'm concerned about. Just pay the thing off and that--that settles it. Don't owe me nothing.

We got books. But them books... I buy those books at forty per cent less, not--not because it's a money making thing because I will lose in them, but get the message out to the people. The tapes are from the Audio Mission, another group that's not with us. It's... Well, they're making the tapes for the tabernacle, which they in some kind of collaboration there that they make the tapes by. But for myself, no.


E-4 We have literature, but I didn't think of bringing it. If you'd want any or anything, just write to us in Indiana, Jeffersonville, Indiana; we'd be glad to send it. And if any time you need a prayer cloth and want to carry it in your Bible, well, just write to me, just Jeffersonville, Indiana. We'll send it no charges. No charges on nothing, we do not charge for anything. Everything's free. Jesus said, "As freely as you receive, freely give." So we... No charges on any...

We do have books, but they're not mine. They're books that other men has wrote of the ministry. So we have to buy them. And we get a forty percent discount on them. Then we have to haul them to the meetings, and we always place them in the meetings and--and get somebody to sell them. We give a couple of young fellows that goes with us fifty dollars a week to sell the books at the beginning of the meeting. At the end of the meeting... We will not sell them on Sunday. And then we got orders, no matter who it is, if the person comes by and wants a book and hasn't got the money, give it to them anyhow. See? And never turn a person down, because it's not to sell the book (See?); it's always to get the message out.

And anyone knows, you brethren who sell books, there's no money in selling books 'less you... nothing... They won't even pay for themselves. Love offerings is what pays for the books to the people that...


50 And I believe somebody, the engineer, ever who it is on, it's getting a little rebound here on the acoustics. Now, can you hear in the back, all right? Raise up your hands if you can. Fine.

Now let us turn in the Bible, to two places in the Scripture, and I'll try to get the message out and get out on time, if the Lord willing. And now let's turn to Mark the 5th chapter, and to the I Kings the 10th chapter; Mark the 5th chapter, I Kings the 10th chapter.

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