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E-48 There's too many brought in just by a social act.

"Well, this is a good man. He's a fine fellow." We got good churches. We build good churches, and better churches than we used to have. That's all right. There's nothing against that. I like to see the church prosper. But, brother, I'd rather see it prosper in the power of the Lord than to prosper in the worldly things. Get back to the Gospel again. Get back to the power of God. Get back to Pentecost, the--like the original was.


153 Now, the Bible's predicted again that He'll--that we are in this Pentecostal age, is naked, miserable, blind, and don't know it. There's the condition of the church, Philadelphia. Oh, you formal Baptists, Presbyterians, and Pentecostals... See, there you are. Sometimes I don't mean that to you setting here; I'm on a tape (You see?), and I know where it's going. See? Repent. Get back to the Bible. Get back to Christ.


E-12 In the beginning He said to His disciples, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel. These signs shall follow them that believe." That was it. Get back to that same Word. It'll produce the same thing. They followed that Word, and It zeroed in and drove a tack. Every tack, every promise that God made was made manifest.

If we'll get back to that same Word, It'll drive the same tacks, do the same miracles, perform the same things, make the same light, make the same creature, raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out devils, see visions, prophesy. It's the same Gospel that drove the tacks then. If we'll get back to the same...


81-3 {88} Now, something's lost, and it's groaning. It's trying to get back to be back to its original condition. Would you imagine someone falling from the earth down into a deep pit somewhere, and was struggling, climbing, pulling... They must, by some means, get out of this pit. They're not in their original state, and frantically they're screaming; they're clawing the walls, making a noise or doing some way. They're--they're groaning because that they want to get back to their original state.


E-30 Well, the other day a certain organization, when I was in Beaumont, Texas, because I had setting on the platform, from (One church sponsored me) about forty two churches, and they were all fine people, and the district presbyter called me up and said, "I draw a line, from this on, Mr. Branham, I'll draw you out. You had a man setting on the platform was baptized wrong."

Well, I said, "I'm going to do something different from that. I'm going draw another line, take you in. You put me out on one, I'm going to draw another, take you back in." That's right.

So that's what it is; spread out our tents way out yonder, get other brothers. Yes, sir, that's what we got to do. And then when we do that, we can expect God to answer. But until we do that, He won't answer, because we got to separate ourselves from the things of the world. And as long as the Pentecostal church keeps lusting after the things of the world, this, that, and the other one, and--you just might as well quit. Until you get back to the real Gospel again, get back to God's Word, get back to THUS SAITH THE LORD, we'll never prosper till we do that. God will not hear, until we fully obey God. Yes, sir.

When Abraham fully obeyed God, then he knowed that when he fully done it, then right away three Angels come up and announced the birth of the baby, and he come along. But Abraham never give up, just kept expecting it, kept expecting it, and finally he got hisself all in the will of the Lord and then it happened. But until he does that, it just won't happen.


E-32 "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel." What is the Gospel? Not just the Word only, Paul said, but the manifestation of the Word. "The Gospel came to us not in word only, but through power and demonstrations of the Holy Ghost." In other words, "Go ye into all the world and demonstrate the power of the resurrection. These signs shall follow them that believe." Just teaching the Word won't do it; you've got to have the power of the Holy Ghost behind that Word to make it come to life again. Amen. It'll come to life.


E-33 You say, "Oh, Brother Branham, that was two thousand years ago." All right, critic, I want to shut you up right now. See? Here not long ago, as you look in the "Life" magazine, they went into the great garners of Egypt and got out some of that wheat that Joseph put in there, planted it in the ground, and it growed. They got a (What was it?) sunflower seed or something, four thousand years ago out of the--out of old King Tut's tomb: A sunflower seed, and planted it, and God had preserved that life. Absolutely. "Though the skin worms destroys this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God." God's Word will never be destroyed. God's Word, if you'll plant it in the right kind of conditions on God's Word, it'll do the same thing it did at the beginning. That's right. Correct.


E-44 I know you think I'm crazy. Maybe I act that way, but I feel different. Look, brother. Back to Pentecost. We've long gone too far now. We've took Pentecost and organized it, and organized it, and organized it, and organized it, made this denomination, split hairs on this, that and the other. Joining hands is all right. That ain't enough. Let's get back to the original. Get back to the beginning. Get back where we left it. Amen. Hear me. I speak in the Name of the Lord: Back to the beginning.


"He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches of each age." In every age it was the same cry. Hear what the Spirit says. If you are a Christian, you will get back to what the Spirit is teaching, that is, the Word of this age. Every messenger to every age will preach that Word. Every fresh and true revival will be because men have gotten back to the Word for their age. The cry of every age is the rebuke, "You have left the Word of God. Repent, and come back to the Word." From the first book in the Bible (Genesis) to the last book (Revelation) there is only one reason for God's displeasure--leaving the Word; and there is only one remedy to regain His favor--back to the Word.


55 Here the other day a famous denomination in the Full Gospel realm in Kansas City, or (I beg your pardon) in Denver at the convention, is building a million dollar church. And thousands of missionaries waiting for fifty cents from that same denomination to carry the Gospel into the heathen. What we need today is a missionary minded, God sent, Holy Ghost born revival that'll have the zeal of God to push on down through the jungles yonder and do something for God instead of building big fine churches and try to outshine the neighbor.

I'd rather worship in a mission where it'd been swept out, or a barroom, and have the freedom of the Holy Spirit and the love of God burning into the hearts, than set in the greatest cathedral that we got in the world and be cramped down with man's doctrines and dogmas. What we need today is a shaking revival, to get back to the Truth, get back to God's Word again.


E-31 Seven days. And it was... Remember, it was on that seventh day that they recognized what they had done.

And I think we've come down through Luther, Wesley, and--and Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, and on down like that; and now it's in this last age, that we've just recognized what we've done. I believe it's this time now, that the Pentecostal church has recognize what it's done. The real Spirit-filled leaders, the real Spirit-filled Christians of the Pentecostal move, they recognize that something's happened. They've cooled off.

Because everybody trying to live on the mountain top, gone off without God. What we need today is get back to God, get back to the experience, get back. Well, it's in the seventh hour that they recognized that they were out there without fruit: no love. Fussing one another. "You're Oneness. And you're Threeness. And--and you belong to Assemblies. And you're Church of God. And you're this, that or the other. We won't have nothing to do with you." Calling one another one bad name and one--the other--bad name.


E-66 Oh, I feel It. I'm tired; I'm weary; I'm wore out. Wife said, "You can't go another time, Honey, you're--you're about to fall. You've ministered all day; you've been week after week. You look awful. You're so nervous, you can't sit at the table. You--you're on the middle of the floor at night with a pillow in your arms, praying for the--for it." Said, "You're so nervous, stay home, honey, before you die."

I said, "But, sweetheart, them precious souls out there to which Christ died for, I must do it." And that's why I'm here. I love you. God, reveal that to the people is my prayer. I--I'm not here to be seen; I'm here because I love you and I'm trying to shake you with the Gospel out of that formal, modey condition that the people are in.

Get back to God: all night prayer meeting, revival in your home, revival in your soul. Get back to believing God, acting on His Word, taking His Word and believing It. You're the seed of Abraham. God's give you the promise. God showed you the sign. Watch that Spirit.


150 As the sun, s-u-n, so does the S-o-n remain just the same yesterday, today, and forever. That s-u-n that shines, is the same sun that shined in Genesis, the same sun that shined on Elijah on that mountain, the same sun that went down on the day of the crucifixion. Hallelujah. It remains the same. And the same Son of God, is the same yesterday, today, and forever, the same in power, the same in love, the same in signs.

What is today a sign of a Christian? Oh, he goes to church, puts his name on a book, he has a letter. That's not the sign Jesus said.

He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. In My Name they shall cast out devils, speak with new tongues. If they take up serpents, or drink deadly things, it'll not harm them. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."

If God be with us, where's His signs? Sure, get back to His Word; signs will take care of itself as soon as we get back to the Word.


E-48 I think we've come to that spot. We've come to a Kadesh-barnea, where we--when God's given the issue for the church to call a halt, and back to prayer life, back to a consecration, back to a spot that we consecrate ourselves away from the things of the world, and away from our little petty differences among us; and--and--and get back to God, and brotherly love, and humility, and back to the power of God again.

See, we're just we--we're just presuming that we're running all right because God is blessing. That--that... He was blessing Israel probably the same day that they refused to go up there and to take the promised land. The same day that they disbelieved the spies, the manna fell just the same that night. But they were altogether out of the will of the Lord. They could not win another battle until they come back and made things right with God. Now, it's--I think it's time for the church to get back to God again. Get back and get started like it should be going, so we can

continue on in our--our journey.


E-52 Hudson Taylor said one time, the great missionary to India... A young Indian boy got converted. He was filled with the Spirit of God. He said his face was shining like a--a light. And he come in, said, "Mr. Taylor, now I believe I will go to school, and take my four years that I missed in college." He said, "Then I think I'm going to study, and get my Bachelor of Art, and within a few years I'll be able to--to go out and preach the Gospel."

Mr. Taylor, the renowned Christian that he was, he said, "Son, go with what you got now." That's it. Said, "Start giving light when the candle is lit, not when it's half gone." That's right. Tell what you know. If you ain't got no experience, you can't tell nothing.

But what we need is to--is to get back to God. That's true. See, we must get back to that experience again, to the thing that cleans us up inside and outside. If the inside gets right, the outside will take care of theology, and things like that, I think it'd be better to take them in an upper room like they used to have a long time ago for an experience.


E-59 I got a little Bible when I first started out, I wrote a little book; there should be somebody say, "Is it wrong to smoke, is it wrong to drink, is it wrong to do so-and-so?"

I said, "Don't ask me foolish questions. Make this up in your mind. If you love the Lord with all your heart, you don't smoke, chew, or drink any shine." And that's... I still stand by that. When the love of God's in your heart, you have got no time for nothing else. You're sold out. The Bible says, "If you love the world or the things of the world, it's because the love of God's not even in you." And your own life tells about it. I hope that's plain enough, I won't have to get any plainer. See? But that's true. "By their fruits you know them."

So shake ourselves. Let's be Pentecostal or--or be something else. If we are not Pentecost, let's quit saying we are (See?), until we get back to the real Pentecostal experience, get back to faith, daring faith. Them disciples sealed their death with their faith. Oh, faith of out fathers living still in spite of dungeon, flame, or sword. That's what we want, real genuine faith.


E-53 Samson said, "Well, I'll just raise, and shake myself, just like I've always done. And then when I do it God will be there. I just presume He's there." But he found out He was gone.

You know what? I believe that the church ought to get back to holiness again. We ought to get back to the right way of living. See, we presume that because we receive the Spirit, because that we danced in the Spirit, because that we've done these things that we have done, and God's blessed us, and we seen the healing meetings, and we seen the revivals, and so forth, we just figure that that's all right.


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