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From Ghana, West Africa,

Precious Brother Paul Smarse,

Thank you most sincerely for your parcel of Quotes Books and your recent letter. Sorry, I could not reply early at that time. I got the Quotes books with these titles: (1). IT IS ALSO WRITTEN (2). COURTSHIP, CONDUCT, & CHRACTER.

The Quotes have been of great help to me. I much enjoy it. Even my pastor has taken the second one for his studies. So it has been a good help to us...

I enjoy reading your letters, but sorry you don't write much. I love it so kindly write lengthy next time.

I am praying for you, so for the propgress of your divine obligation, that God will see you through.

(From Bro. Joseph R. Botchey, Gnana, West Africa)

From Delaware, USA,

A Water Testimony

On Monday, Labor Day, I gathered the dirty clothes together to take downstairs to the washing machine. I returned upstairs after adding the clothes to the washer. I ran some water in the bathroom while the washer was trying to fill. As I was running the faucet in the sink, I noticed that the water pressure waxed lower and lower until it trickled out. For the past three weeks, we had been experiencing a problem with our water pressure due to the severe drought in our area. Some people living in our county and in our area were having new wells dug. I requested prayer concerning the problem at one of our Wednesday night services. I felt that we just needed to turn the water pump off for an hour or so like we had to do at times for the past 3 weeks.

Not being able to finish the wash, I joined my husband on a trip to K-Mart. Leaving K-Mart, and being pleased with our purchase, we visited a Mennonite-owned store called, Bylers. It was so refreshing to hear hymns being played. We also had a pleasant visit with my family for a few hours on the way home from Bylers.

On arriving home, I discovered that the water situation had not improved. I expected the water in the faucets to run freely like it generally does after the pump's respite. Instead the water trickled out while the pump continued to run. The pump ran for over an hour and the water continued to trickle when opening any faucet. In two hours I was able to get that small load of laundry finished, with barely enough water to rinse, through turning the pump off and on again. Finally, I turned the running pump off again, fearing that it would overheat.

Later on that evening, I tried turning the pump on again. I let the pump run for about 10 to 15 minutes to see if the cold water storage tank would fill and that the faucets would run. I tried the bathroom faucet and nothing came out. I tried the kitchen faucet and it too was dry. I thought that maybe by allowing the pump to rest overnight, Sunday's good soaking rain would seep farther into the ground.

The next morning, I turned the water pump on and let it run for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, I again turned on the kitchen faucet and received nothing not even a trickle. Charles used heated store bought distilled water to shave and get ready for work and I used it to wash dishes and fix breakfast with.

Around 10 o'clock in the morning, I went back downstairs to turn the pump back on. As I flicked the switch, I said out loud, "In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!" The pump ran as usual. I climbed upstairs and let the pump again run for about 15 minutes before I flushed the toilet. When I flushed the toilet, water filled the tank. A few minutes later I turned the bathroom sink faucet on and water gushed out. I went into the dining room and screamed and cried and thanked the Lord Jesus Christ for all of his goodness to us. I washed two small loads of clothes without any problems.

We could never afford to have a new well dug. Praise God for His Goodness and Mercy toward us sinners saved by Grace! He's the ever-present Water from the Rock. All is Well!

(From Sister Diana Stein, Delaware, USA)

From Ghana,

Dear Bro. Paul, The last Quotes Book I received from you was THE WORD IS A SEED. I found the Quotes quite helpful. Please ignore my shortcomings and help pray with me.

I love and appreciate you for the way you've been helping the Bride of Christ all across the land with Quotes and other materials. Thank you and God bless you.

(From Bro. David Acquah, Ghana, West Africa)

Another testimony from Ghana,

Brother Paul, Long time we heard from each other. I always pray for you, and the prayer topics you gave me...

Brother, I know the Lord is in contrrol, no fears. My main aim is to serve the purpose of God in my life, for I know everytyinbg that serves God's purpose has a resurrection. May He help us to serve His purpose.

May the Lord help you to continue to make you a channel of blessing to the Bride of Christ. I hope to hear from you. Thanks

(From Bro. Fred Agozo, Ghana, West Africa)

Also from Ghana,

Dear Bro. Smarse, You've done another master piece, "HINDERED FROM FOLLOWING THE LORD." Oh! What an enterprising work! God bless you for this.

Your introduction clearly shows the hinderance (you called them attacks) against these Hindered Quotes. But thanks be to Jesus Christ, you over come it all. Sure, overcoming, that's what He died for. Amen!

(From Bro. Ian Otoo, Ghana, West Africa)


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