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E-37 Oh, if we just had time to lean on that just a little bit now, but our time's getting away. God in His Son, God in His Universe. God is in His--in His Word. God in His Son, now God in His people for a few moments. Notice, friend, was God in His people. Do you believe that God is in His people? He certainly is. Oh, my. Notice, there was a hundred and twenty, those cowardly people, that dared go up to Jerusalem to take God at His Word, to stay there a little while. And all of a sudden, while they were up there, God came down to dwell among His people. And when He did, they went through windows, doors, and everything else, and out into the streets; they wasn't scared anymore. Our God came down, that third person yonder into the flesh again and lives tonight in His people. Hallelujah. God Himself, God the Holy Ghost, living in His people.


E-15 I'm going to take about four ways to see God. Then we'll come down and make it, in the last part of it, a way where you'll be--have to see God. I'm going to show Him to you, if I can, by the help of the Spirit tonight in four different manners.

Now first, we want to speak of God in His universe, and God in His Word, God in His Son, then God here in His people. I want to show you God in His universe, show you God in His Word, show you God in His Son, then see God here in His people. Then that ought to satisfy any of us, surely.


E-25 Job, being a prophet, caught the vision. He stood up. Lightnings begin to flash; thunders begin to roar. The prophet

+ had come in contact with his Father, God. He turns, said, "I know my Redeemer liveth. At the last days, He'll stand upon the earth. Though the skin worms destroys this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God, Whom I shall see for myself. My eyes shall behold, and not another." Soul calling out for God, God in His universe...


E-28 Notice closely now. But the old mother eagle setting up there begin to watch. I thought, "How glorious that Jesus came, taking us out of the things of the world, put us out in this glorious freedom out here." Them little eagles, running carefree, eating grass and so forth, just like glorious old time Holy Ghost meeting, when the saints of God have come out of the things of the world, down on the green carpet of God's blessings, carefree. Our Saviour has climbed the ramparts of glory. His eye's on the sparrow, and I know He watches me. He knows everything. All times, He knows what's wrong with you.

There, she was watching. I noticed her. I picked her up through my binoculars. And I seen her turn that big head sideways and look. I thought, "What's the matter?" She's setting. She watches over those little eagles.

There's God in His creation again, God in His universe. There I thought, "What would happen if a coyote would happen to run in towards those little eagle, what would take place?" Why, that old mother would be there after them in a moment.


E-30 Not long ago, there was an infidel passed through the lands making infidels out of supposingly to be Christians. He was so educated, till the ministers was afraid to attacked him. And then he went to Europe. On his road back he got broke down. He went out into the west to make him a rest.

And one day while he walked out from his camp, oh, he swelled himself out. He begin to look. Down there come that whispering of the wind, down through the pines, and he begin to look up. He looked at those rocks hanging in the mountain. He said, "O rocks, Who put you in the mountains? Have I been wrong about the chronology of this world?"

All of a sudden God begin to speak. The Bible said, "If they hold their peace, the rocks will cry out." God in His universe, speaking from His rock.

Well, that infidel knelt down by the side of a tree, said, "O God, have mercy on my soul."

There you are. Their pastors were afraid to attack him. God could let the rocks speak out. God's in His universe, speaking to His people.


E-39 Why, sure. There was so much God on the inside, he could see Him on the outside. If you want to see God in His universe, get Him on the inside. Watch how the birds sing different in the trees. Even your enemy looks different when God comes on the inside. He's in His universe. He's in you looking out, showing you the magnificent part of His universe. (Quickly, we'll hurry.)

God in His universe, you believe He is? Did you ever see Him in a sunset? Did you ever see Him in a sunrise? Ever see Him in a beautiful mountains? Oh, my. Sometimes I get there and look down upon the scene and just scream to the top of my voice. I can't help it. There's a deep calling to the deep out there. God in His universe... How we could stand here for hours and speak of Him, how God speaks out of His universe.


E-49 Then to confirm the Word, He sends His prophets; He sends His signs; He sends His wonders. And even and over that, when God will move down into an audience and reveal the very secrets of a man's heart, tell him the things to do after the Word saying it first, which is the foundation, then the prophet comes and reveals the secrets of his heart and telling what to do, then you mean to tell me you'd be afraid? Why, my. I'm saying now that God has double confirmed it. That's right. God in His universe, God in His Word...

Now, quickly, let's take God in His Son. You believe God was in Christ? I believe it with all my heart. The Bible said that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. He was Emmanuel. In other words, He was the expressed image of Jehovah here on earth, as Jehovah inveiled in flesh, living here on the earth, the only begotten of the Father, from His bosom.


E-71 While we bow our heads, every Christian in the building everywhere, every Christian bow your head everywhere. And when the little prayer line starts, move right down this line. I'm going to stand here and ask God to heal every one of you. Grant it, God, now while we pray. Bow your heads.

Our heavenly Father, we've gathered here in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus. O eternal God, Author of Life, people are passing down these lines, men and women. O Father, Your servants are standing there, believers, laying their hands on the sick in the Name of Thy Son, knowing that God in His universe, God's in His Word, God's in His Son, God's in His people. God's here now speaking out His glorious manifestations of His truth, making everything real. O eternal God, send Your blessings upon this group of people just now, and bless them, and give them every one, perfect healing of their body.

SHOW.US.THE.FATHER.IT'LL.SATISFY_ CONNERSVILLE.IN WEDNESDAY_ 53-0610, E-15 God made angels. Mama used to tell me I'd be an angel when I died. I found out God never made me an angel. He made me a man, and I will always be a man. I will never be an angel. God made Angels, and He made Seraphims, and He made--He made trees, and He made man, and we're... It's just resurrection. That's what it is, what Jesus Christ proved.

Now, to the Mohammedan and their superstitions, and whatever it is, yet God in His universe proves to us that the Christian religion is right, because it's based on resurrection. Watch everything else how it resurrects, His whole creation.

SHOW.US.THE.FATHER.IT'LL.SATISFY_ CONNERSVILLE.IN WEDNESDAY_ 53-0610, E-31 God is in His universe. He certainly is. I watched him till he got plumb out of sight, and I thought, "O, God, I... It's just good to be here. Let's build three tabernacles." Watching God in His universe, watch Him among His nature, seeing what He's doing. God's moving in His treetops.

David said one time, he was laying there, he was waiting. And he said he heard the wind blowing between the mulberry limbs, and he was ready to go on. I tell you: if there ever was a time we need a moving in nature and moving in men, is today. That's right.

SHOW.US.THE.FATHER.IT'LL.SATISFY_ CONNERSVILLE.IN WEDNESDAY_ 53-0610, E-36 God's in His universe. Why not? He said, "God is able of these stones to bring children unto Abraham." God in His universe... How He moves amongst His fishes. How He moves amongst His trees, among His birds. How He moves in His sunsets. How He moves in His sunrises. How He moves in all nature. Do you believe God is in His universe? Yes, sir. Then look out there at that tree. Look at anywhere you want to. There's God. Amen. You couldn't keep from believing but what God is in His universe. Certainly He is.

SHOW.US.THE.FATHER.IT'LL.SATISFY_ CONNERSVILLE.IN WEDNESDAY_ 53-0610, E-37 Look at the world, how it folds around. Every twenty-four hours it turns like this. And every three hundred and sixty-five days is goes around the equator. What in the world hold it up there? What is it? What keeps it there? Because God said so.

He set the moon yonder and said, "Moon, I want you to watch over..." I've seen them big sea waves when I've been out in them till they be almost high as this building here, beating against the ships and so forth. And I've seen them how angry, they'd fly against that bank and say, "I will come on across." And remember two-thirds of the world or better's in water. How easy it could sweep over the land. But you know why it don't? God said, "Moon, you watch. And I set it's boundaries and it can't pass." Amen. God sets His boundaries.

How do you know your boundary line's not set tonight to make your decision for Christ or turn Him away for your last time? There's a line drawn, a plumb line. God sets His boundaries. God is in His nature. God in His universe moving among His people. God moves out. We look at it, and see and behold how great His handiwork is, what He does, how He works in His nature to bring mankind to Him. I've seen Him in tornadoes, seen Him in great things, how that God moves.

SHOW.US.THE.FATHER.IT'LL.SATISFY_ CONNERSVILLE.IN WEDNESDAY_ 53-0610, E-38 Well, we all know now that God is in His nature. I will have to hurry. I could put about a hour and a half on that: God in His universe, how great He is.

Now, let's take God in His Word. We all agree that God is in His universe. All right, let's put God in His Word. Is God in His Word? Yes, sir. God is in His Word. He will perform His Word every time, every place. Anyhow He says it, He will take care of His Word.


E-12 Cancer is a... Well, it would be called every thing of the natural. Now, that's how I study God first, was from His trees and plants and so forth, and I, God willing, Sunday I want to preach on "God In His Universe, God In His Son, God In His Word, God In His People," and just show you how close God is here to us. He's right around us all the time. He's with us, even in us to the end of the world, and you can see Him operating through His nature, through the solar system, through everything, through... He's just--He's just God in the universe; that's all.

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