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Jesus prayed that prayer that we might love one another as He loved us--as He loved us! And He loved us so much that He died for us. No one could love like that unless they--with the natural love, because it would not hold out. It won't express itself. It'll do as long as there's friendship connected with it. But when the friendships turn, then people begin to say, "Well, he did so-and-so. She did so-and-so. They backslid, they..." Real godly love goes after that backslider till it finds him. Godly love goes and stoops to the lowest of hell to pick up a man or a woman that's fallen.

That's what we're lacking today. We have a fine cultured church, educated, fine dressed, fine buildings, nice choirs, beautiful music, some of the best the world's ever had. But we are dying for some of that godly love.


Many times I say, Jesus Christ when He was taken up Calvary. I see the artist paint His picture with a bunch of clothes wrapped around Him. Brother, they did every disgraceful thing they could do to Him. I believe they stripped Him off, and beat Him, and just done everything to Him they could.

Why? He had to pay the full penalty for your sins. He had to pay the very penalty for my sins. But there's where He conquered death. There's where He conquered hell. There's where He conquered the grave. There's where He conquered for your...?... Hallelujah! There's where He conquered your feelings. There's where He paid the price. That's what God's requirement was. How He taken the blister and stain out of sin. It's often said, "I sin not today."

126 REDEMPTION.BY.POWER -- LVL.KY -- V-25 N-7 -- 54-0329

How people paint His picture, sometime, with a robe around Him, or something another, on the cross. That is not so. They disposed that Man, of every foul, vulgar thing that they could; but He had to be. There He was, the highest and loyalest of all the world, that ever was or will be. And then exposed, naked, on the cross; wounded, smitten, bleeding; gobs of mockery spit hanging from His face; a mocking crown of thorns on His head. But there is when He conquered death, hell, sin, sickness, and the grave, and paid the price for us all...

Death had a sting in it, one time; but Christ, on Calvary, took the stinger out of death. Hallelujah! Oh, when I think of it! There He pulled the stinger out of death, for me and you, all the sting of death.



Friend, I'm not no little boy no more. I've seen a many test, but I've never seen nothing yet could override love. It just takes everything out of the way. Love conquers wild animals. Love conquers. It's just the most conquering force there is, because it's God.

You know why I can help you? It's because you love me and you believe me. If you didn't believe me, no matter what kind of works God would do by me, you still wouldn't get any benefit.

Do you know that? That's my success with the Lord: the people love me, and I love them. And that's where the success comes from. Otherwise, if it wasn't...

Look at Jesus. He said, "If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not. But if I do the works of my Father, then believe for the work's sake." See?

Now there's a woman, touched His garment, got healed. A blind man screamed to Him and got healed. But...


How wonderful He works. How He can do those things. Here some time ago, last year your Christian Businessmen packed it all over the place; it's on my mind. I might as well tell it. Mr. Mercier, Mr. Goad is setting here this morning, was up on the...?... showing in nature. God moves in nature. Love conquers everything. And when love is projected, grace comes in to help it. That's real conquering love.

Then standing on the porch about ten o'clock one morning, down on the lane, came an old opossum walking. Many of you has heard this story. Here he come, walking in there, and his--her arm, or leg was all chewed by dogs or something, and blowflies all over it, and maggots, where that it had been bloated for so many days. I thought it had rabies. I said to the boys... A young colored girl, we was reading it in the paper, had taken her baby and wrapped it up and drowned it in the river.


That's right, love conquers everything, just--just love. You can have all your signs and evidences, but just give me love, that settles it for me. Oh my! "Dear dying Lamb, Thy precious blood shall never lose its power, till all the ransomed church of God be saved, to sin no more." See? "Ever since by faith I saw that stream Thy flowing wounds supply, redeeming love has been my theme, and shall be till I die." That's right. Oh, wonderful.


Let's bow our heads, just a moment while we think of this. What is it? Love conquered that hunter. And God's love conquers. Would you love, tonight, in this building, which I know you do... All in here, would love to have Christ so real in their heart, just Christ would be just as real to you, as the love was of that mother for her baby. Would you just raise your hands, quietly, while we are waiting? No matter how long you've been a Christian, I just want to ask you. God bless you. God bless you. That's fine. Hundreds of hands, all around.

"Lord, make in me... Let me rise, Lord, as a woman or as a man, let me rise a saint. Let me rise from my seat to be something real. And, God, let me display Your love so in my heart, that cruel hearted sinners might follow, and watch me for an example, and follow me to Calvary.

E-19 MARY'S.BELIEF -- BEAUMONT.TX -- 61-0121

And I don't know why, but something happened. Always when a healing takes place, or anything, there's something happens. A love comes in, that... and it just takes everything else out of the way. Oh, I tell you, brethren, you can have all the theology you want to, but give me love every time. "Ever since by faith I was that stream thy flowing wounds supplied, redeeming love has been my theme and shall be till I die." Love. Oh, if I could only live in that atmosphere all the time.

And as that struck me, I said, "Creature of God, I am the servant of God. I'm on my way over to pray for one of His sick children. Now, I'm in your territory, I'm in your field here. I didn't mean to disturb you. But in the name of Jesus Christ go back and lay down. I will not bother you." And he looked like he was coming on. Here he come, just as hard as he could. I just stood still, no more afraid than I am right now. And when he got about three foot from me, he stopped. He looked at me. He looked so depleted, one way and then the other, turned around, walked over, laid down. I passed by him within two feet, walked right on by him. Love conquers. Something happens, something takes place.



And remember, little children, I don't care what church you belong to, or what you have done, how well you've done this, that, or the other, how much you've put into the collection plates, or if you're a deacon, preacher, pastor, or--or be a lay member, or whatever it is; you'll never come into the Kingdom of God until the Holy Spirit has sealed you in the Kingdom by His Divine love, that the whole Christian world is your brother and sister. That's right. The world's sealed out, and the God sealed in. When you love one another truly with Divine Christian love (That's right.), then you know the Holy Spirit really is working through you then. That's right. Then by their fruits you shall know them.


So friends, find Divine love and favor with God. Then God, if He finds favor with you, will give gifts into you. But first, find the Giver. Seek the Giver, then the gifts will come as God sees fit to give it to you. Do you believe that?

So now, when you go around like this, and different people seeking all night for gifts and things like that, go back till you find love, till you shake hands with your brother across the street then. Then you talking about getting the gifts then. That's right. When you get the love of God in your heart, then you talk about the gifts.


Shall we just bow our heads for a moment.

Our heavenly Father, it thrills our hearts tonight to know that You're still Jehovah, the same heavenly Father that was in the beginning; You're here at the end. And You will always be the same Christ. And we thank Thee for Thy Divine love, to mankind.


People don't know what compassion is. Compassion and love is the will of God. And you can only exercise that as God gives it, not human, emotional passion, not emotional love, but Divine Love, which can only be rendered and given by God.


Here comes the patient walking up. Now, the healer's standing. He's watching the patient as he comes. His heart must be for the patient. He must love the patient. He must be willing to do anything to see that patient get well. His whole human soul has to go to that patient in Divine love, because he's knowing he's standing in the stead of the Lord Jesus Christ. And knowing at the day of judgment, he will have to answer for every word. You must realize what you're doing.

The patient walks up. The first thing you know, that cancer in that patient begins to move. What's the matter? It's recognizing, not that man; it's recognizing that Spirit on the man. I've had them to come when they be in straight jackets, and holler, screaming, didn't even know their own name, say, "William Branham, you've got nothing to do with me."

And the people say, "Why, they don't even know their own name."

It wasn't them, it was that devil that had them so controlled like that, that he knowed it was. "You have nothing to do with me."

And here they come up now, there you see your patient. It's moving up. What are you going to do? You're helpless. You turn to the audience. A critic spirit come in here; one coming from here; one coming from up here. You're anointed; you can feel it. Like--just like going whew, whew, whew. [Brother Branham makes a noise like wind blowing--Ed.] You can feel that. Then, you can feel and know that this spirit here... If you'll watch your anointing, feel for the Holy Spirit, you'll hear another one over here crying. It's this one here, crying to that one there for help, to try to create an unbelief amongst the people, anything that he can do.

Here's an old demon possessed person setting there, saying, "Now, look, he's just reading their mind." If he can get that same spirit on the next to him, the one next to him, the one next to him, they build up a chain. You see?

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