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E-11 Then we know that if we come in His Name, we will receive that what we ask for. For we're coming God's provided way, through Jesus Christ.

Therefore with perfect assurance, we believe that we will receive. And now, Lord, we ask Thee to give a special anointing to both speaker and hearer at this time, of Thy Word. And may the hearer receive, and may He open up a way and pull out, as it were, the roots and branches of unbelief. And may the bed of God's seed be sowed right into his heart and may it bring forth great results this very night. Have mercy, Lord


Well, that's the same way it is with the Word of God. If you'll take any Divine promise God made in His Bible, put it in your heart, and water it every day with praises of God, that's going to come to pass, it'll grow, if you don't quit fooling with it, if you'll just leave it alone. Don't say, "Let me see, can I move my finger any better today, do I feel any better, is my headache a little bit better? " Oh, no, it'll never be that, just commit it to God, and walk away, and leave it alone. That's God's seed. It'll grow.


E-56 "Now, My name is Elohim, and your name is Abram. And you'll not no longer be called Abram, but you shall be called Abraham." Now, is when we're going get down some real stiff teaching now. Abraham... Watch. From Elohim to Abraham. He give him part of His Own name, when He placed him.

Notice. Abraham and his seed... Now, when God got the Pentecostal church raised, He begin to place them, giving them gifts, and so forth, and placing them into the Kingdom. But everybody wanted to have the same gift. And oh, my. There we went. So that don't stop God's seed, just to...


51 That's when your name was put in the Lamb's Book of Life, when the Lamb was slain. God spoke the Word; It was in His thinking, in His thought, He spoke the Word and everything happened just at that time. This is just God's seed materializing; that's all. His Word's coming down. Now, when the Light of God flashes across that, quickly that Seed recognizes It, because It's borned of God. It's Abraham's Seed foreknowed by God. That's why the Light flashes is to catch that Seed. If it...


274-2 {325} She said, "If you don't believe it's so, you just come over here where the meeting's going on, and I'll show it to you." Yes, sir. And so the men went out there. And He didn't do it one more time, but they knowed something had happened to that woman. She was changed, so they believed Him. Yes, sir. They believed on Him. 'Cause "faith cometh by hearing, hearing the promise of God," the Word of God, and watch It being made real. Because it's a seed, and when it's sowed, it will take life. It'll produce just what it's talking about. If it doesn't, then it isn't God's seed, or the sower didn't know how to sow it. He wasn't sent of God to sow seed. He might be sowing them on top of a rock or something. (See?) So you--so you... See, the sower sowing the seed, God takes care of it; it falls in the right place. Oh, my.


73 Here He is today, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Here He is performing before the seed of Abraham that's been called out of Babylon, called out of Sodom, called out of the world and separated, showing His promise just exactly true. After two thousand years. Here He stands in the midst of us tonight that mighty Conqueror, the Word of God, Who can discern the thoughts that's in the heart and the intents thereof. What is it? God's seed shall possess the gates of its enemy. What is it? It's the seed of Abraham, the royal seed, believing the Word, and the Word is--the Word is God.


114 There is God's seed under innocence, not knowing at all they were naked, under a veil of the Holy Spirit, veiling them from sin.

And now, in the last church age we find here that they're naked again, and don't know it. But it's not the Holy Spirit veil. It's the veil that Satan slipped over Eve back there, a veil of lust, the lust veil. They are so filthy, till they don't know that they are naked, our women on the street with shorts on, sexy dress...


97 "Let it be just..." And that's the way it was, everything, of its seed bringing forth of its kind. Now, when everything looked so pretty, and everything coming to pass just to what God had said, now here comes that slimy, dirty deceiver.

Now, that's what I'm trying to warn you all here about. When you see God's Seed begin to take hold to grow, watch out for that fellow coming in just as slick as he can be, quote Scripture just to who wouldn't have it. See? Watch him, 'cause he is a deceiver.






That's the hungry heart of a many a millionaire tonight, wanting to find that real Holy Spirit that fell on the day of Pentecost and the real Gift of God. "We had read it in the Bible where Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Where is It? We have read that He is a great Healer. Where is It? We have read that 'the Holy Spirit is for you and for your children, and for them that's far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.' Where is It in our churches?" Where is that power that sets the Church afire, that makes them turn off the television on Wednesday night to go to church? Where is that power that makes our ladies dress like women? Where is that power that sets a soul so on fire, that he's out on the field constantly testifying to the glory of God?


We should be so on fire for God; we should be going day and night. Nothing should be able to stop us, and we should be so sweet, and so pleasant, and so kind, so Christ-like in our lives. It takes every day's life.


Now, we can ask for it, Lord, and believe it. Now, help us to work for that end. For it would be so unnecessary to ask You anything and not--not work for it, believe that You--that You'll do it. We'll wait with expectations that You will grant it to us. And when the services is closed on next Sunday afternoon, may there be a pile of wheelchairs laying in the corner here, cot, stretchers. May there be sinners washed in the Blood of the Lamb with their hands up in the air praising God. May the clergy, Your precious shepherds, who feed Your sheep, may their hearts be so on fire like a new ministry be given to them. Grant it, Lord. Bless every church and every minister throughout the country, every saint, and save the sinner.


May we have understanding today like we have never had before. May our hearts be so on fire after this day, that there will be a kindled fire in our souls that'll sweep through this country, Lord, and a living testimony wherever we are.


Then I want to ask something. What lazy preacher failed to take Paul's convert? If it's lazy preachers with their feet up on the desk, and don't go visit the people that they made their decision cards, is because... Paul took that decision and stayed there with it, until he cut it into the form of Jesus Christ by the baptism of the Holy Ghost. And it was so on fire it made itself then to be other... Not decisions, just go say, "I make a decision," go right on with the rest of the world...


Evangelism--it's a net that goes forth. Jesus said, "Cast into the sea." And when it brought forth, it had turtles, terrapins, snakes, frogs, and everything else in it. But remember, they was that from the start. There's fish in there too. Just our business to seine. God's business to say who's fish, and who's not. See? Why wouldn't them? If they was taken just as far into the Kingdom of God, them thirty thousand, as Paul's one was, when he come back he'd have 430,000, see, because their heart would be so on fire.



The Church throughout the world has recognized Its ministry, not mine, Its ministry, how It's done and what It's done, blessed of the thousands, and sent men out across the world today on fire for God. That's right. It has done it.


Now, Ahab in his lukewarm condition, died in that estate. And now, here come Jehoram around just like him, but the bad part is Jehoshaphat, a righteous man, on fire for God, gave...?... and joined up with this lukewarm man. There's where the trouble come. A lukewarm believer is worse than an infidel. That's right.


God bless you, my little brother. Want to see you over there really on fire for God.


Even in our own meetings, our own meetings has got too much to the place it's too much on Divine healing instead of healing of the soul. Brother, what we need today is a revival, a breaking up, souls on fire for God, what I mean, on fire and down at the altar, the tears running down their cheeks, not for five minutes and get up and forget it, but out trying to win the lost back to Christ again, a burden on their heart.

"God, take all the pleasures of the world and all of its frenzy, all of its frolic, and put a burden on my heart for the lost," would be my prayer.


Setting here looking this morning, and I was looking across to these young people, lovely... I asked about a young couple here, that's just been married recently, and Brother Sweet told me they're on fire for God.

I noticed an older man, some of you gray-headed, probably older than I, preaching the gospel when I was a boy. And I thought to myself, while I was eating listening to different ones talk, "Wonder if this is our last time to meet like this on earth." Could be, you know. Be it isn't out last time meeting.


No time, no time through any age has any man or woman rose up in Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, or anything else, that really loved God and on fire for God, but ca--but what he was called the ugly duckling amongst a bunch of chickens. And another thing, that little duck out in the barnyard couldn't stand to scratch on them manure piles like them chickens did. Ducks got duck food, you know. Chicken has chicken food. You could teach all the old dead theology you want to, but, brother, there's something on the inside of you is a beating for the true living God, there's nothing will satisfy you till that's filled up.

28 BE.CERTAIN.OF.GOD JEFF.IN V-5 N-12 59-0125

We might walk with our chest out, with our collars turned in the back, and walk down the street and desire to be called doctor or reverend. We might pastor the greatest churches there is in the land, and we might be as pious as we could be, that no man can put a finger on our lives. But until that soul that's on the inside of us is on fire for God, till something in there that's yearning after Him, "Like the hart panteth for the waterbrook, my soul thirst after Thee, oh God." Until we get to that type of an experience...


Well, that's a precious treasure in the mind of God, and in the heart of God, that He can use that person. Until we get to a place that we've--we do not rely upon these five senses (of contact to earthly home), and walk by faith... "for the just shall live by faith..."

Moses needed that touch. He tried to do it intellectually. That's what's the matter with the churches of our day. We're trying to do it through schools. We're trying to do it through denominations. We're trying to do it through education, and reformation. What the church needs is a--a new birth, a baptism of the Holy Spirit, the touch of the sixth sense that sets the soul on fire for God. That touch to bring him out of that rut...


All right, He wants you red hot or--or freezing: one or the other. Don't be lukewarm. Just don't pretend something that you haven't got; either be on fire for God or go on back into the--in the--in the organization. Don't--don't be lukewarm.

It's the same thing now. That's the same thing taken place in this churches here. He wants you either hot or cold. He don't want no lukewarm. That's what Pentecost has got to, a lukewarm condition. They get on a piano once in a while, and a few drums, and bang around a little bit; and get enough music, somebody get up and kind of, you know, kind of saying, "Praise the Lord. Hallelujah." Uh-huh. And the music goes down, "Uh, uh, uh," that's it. Oh, my, just makes God sick at His stomach. All right.


What's the use of being a halfway? What's the use of having a lukewarm church? Either be red-hot or--or ice cold. Don't claim Pentecost 'less you live Pentecost. Don't jump no higher than you live. That's right. It's a shame; it brings a disgrace upon the rest of them. It ain't the bootleg joints so much that's hurting the unbeliever; it's these people that claim to have something and acting like the world; that's what's the stumbling block. A church that's supposed to be on fire for God, and go around calling the very Spirit of God that comes, saying it's--it's mystic, it's telepathy, it's all this, that, or the other, because we don't belong to their organization. Shame on you. God have mercy on your sinful souls. You'll meet that at the day of judgment and perhaps before you get to judgment; that's right, 'cause God promised it.


After while there come a noise. Strange thing, everywhere Jesus is there's a lot of noise. I don't know why it is. But it's--it's a sign there's Life there.

You know when the priest went into the high--holy place he had a pomegranate and a bell. He had to make a noise so the people could understand he was still alive. I think some of these churches need to be buried...?... And they're dead a long time ago. You don't hear no noise at all. It's like a morgue instead of a--a lively place, a place on fire for God.


Your job will never get done when you tell people the Lord is a coming, and to evangelize, and to go out on the streets and testify, and do something for God. How can you do it when they're dead? You got to get somewhere where there's life. A man's got to be born again. The church has got to come back to the principles of Christ, back to new birth, back to the Holy Ghost, back to all night prayer meetings, places on fire for God...?...


We are a witness that the Word of God is fulfilled. The church is in that, every organization is in that same state right now. I'll--I'll challenge any man to show me any organization on fire for God, filled with the Holy Ghost, with signs following them. Rise and tell me one, any organization! There is no such a thing. It's not on the pages. That's right. They're all powerless and dead. Get it!


And now--and I'll try explaining the Scriptures, and reading, and everything, making it just as simple as I know how to--to make it. And then... Now, and follow it close in the Scriptures. And wouldn't it be wonderful if there would be right in this little city of Santa Maria a great revival break out and all the churches would be... And people would be flowing in across these mountains, and down across the hills, coming in to see the glory of God all the churches just on fire for God, and--and the little differences pushed away, and everybody one heart and one accord. Why, it would be wonderful.


What did we do? We sowed denominational seeds; we reaped the denominational harvest. Why, the church ought to be on fire for God right now, if there'd been a Word seed sowed back there, and there'd be signs, wonders, miracles, and that church would be together, one heart, one accord, and marching toward Zion for the rapture. That's right.


And when it's over, may there be an old-fashion revival break out throughout the country here, and the churches all be on fire for God, souls being saved, and people healed, and glory brought to the Kingdom of God. Over this prayer, with these others laying upon Your golden altar, we ask over them the Name of Jesus Christ, that You'll answer us according to Thy great mercy. Amen.


And then, when you raise up from there with a real confession, real cleansing, then when the call comes, "Who'll go for us?" then Isaiah, you can answer, "Here am I. Send me." Your life'll influence your family; it'll influence your neighbors; it'll influence your church; it'll... You just put one or two good members in a church that's really on fire for God, it'll do something for that church, more than forty revivals you could have. That's right.


Brother Boze and them was forming a church in Chicago. They just had to give up the Philadelphian church to that denomination. Now, they was talking about getting some guy with his coat back like this, some D.D. I said, "You're on your road out. If you want to find a real pastor for that church, get a little old humble guy can hardly read his name and his heart's on fire for God. Just take that guy; that's the one you want to get, somebody that don't know an these things, somebody that won't dictate, and drive, and throw you into all kinds of debts and everything else, and just feed you the Word of God. That's the kind of a person to get."


What was it? Paul taken him from a tradition, or signing a card, into the baptism of the Holy Ghost, when his soul was on fire for God. He had to testify and say things. His whole soul was burning with a flame of fire that God had put in there. What we need tonight is a sign that a man or woman is saved--watch them go after other souls as quick as they can.


We're a part of it. If you're a part of the Bride, you are, because the Bride is part of the Groom, you know. So we find out that it's the same thing, and She'll do just exactly what's predicted for Her to do in this day. She won't be a Laodicea, not by no means a lukewarm. But She'll be on fire for God, She'll be moving on in the Spirit of God.

177 LEADERSHIP COVINA.CA V-7 N-7 65-1207

Now, you're ordained to Life. You see It if you're ordained to see It. If you're not ordained to see It, you won't see It. Said, "They have eyes but they can't see, ears and can't hear." How thankful you should be, church! How you should straighten yourself up from these things! How you should be on fire for God! That your eyes beholds what you see, your ears hears the things you see. Leadership!

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