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ADOPTION_ JEFF.IN AD.PT.4 SUNDAY_ 60-0522E, 15 We'll start at the 8th verse, to get a little background.

Wherein he has abounded towards us in all wisdom and prudence;

Having made known to us the mystery of his will...

"The mysteries of His will..." And remember how we hung on that? How many was here this morning? Let's see. How we stuck on that, "the mystery of His will." Now, it is not just a little thing; then it's a mystery. God's will is a mystery. And each man has to seek out the will of God for his or herself, God's mystery.

How do we find out? Paul, it was known to him. He said he didn't confer with any man, no flesh and blood. He went to no school, no seminary. He had nothing to do with it. But he... It was revealed to him by Jesus Christ, Who met him on the road to Damascus in a--a Light like a Pillar of Fire, and It called him. And he went to Arabia, and there dwelt three years. Oh, don't you imagine that was some time, Brother Egan? Three years Paul was down there in Arabia, rented him a little building somewhere, walking up and down the floor with all the old scrolls. They didn't have the new ones; Paul wrote them, mostly. Right in these old scrolls, how that God, at the beginning predestinated us unto Eternal Life, how that He would send Jesus, that through this Sacrifice we'd all have a right to the Tree of Life. "Those who He foreknew, He called; those who He called, He has already justified; those who He justified, He has already glorified."

God, since the beginning of the world, predestinated us to the adoption of sons. Now, the whole creation groaning, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Oh, I'd imagine Paul had a wonderful time. I'd like to have been there with him, wouldn't you?



E-4 Someone told me there'd been somebody here for many, many times in the other meetings, and had never been able to get into the prayer line. That's what I'm trying to get away from. Just as quick as possible get to a place to where we can get every one prayed for.

The signs and wonders are glorious. And I believe though, I tried it in Kuopio, and many of the different places. And it was just wonderful. But in America I have never seen the time just yet. I was trying to find the will of God, to find out what God wants me to do. And then I always want to walk in His perfect will if I possibly can. Everything that I--I know that it can be done to help.

GREATER.WITNESS.THAN.JOHN_ OWENSBORO.KY SATURDAY_ 53-1107, E-49 Now, you see what I mean? That's the reason I go easy, watch what I'm doing. Once God put something on somebody, if God didn't put it on there, He permitted Satan to do it, to put the curse on the person, because of something He was trying to do, and here I'd come around and take it off of them. See what kind of a condition, what God would do? So that's the reason that I go easy, watch what I'm doing. When I find the will of God, then I know where I'm setting my foot. But until I know the will of God, I... Now, I'm not condemning people who doesn't. That's... God don't hold them responsible if they don't know. That's exactly right. They're just doing what they can. But that's the reason I go very easy and watch what I'm doing. You understand, now?

And that's why I don't pray for no more that what I do. And if I see something, and I see that God, what He's done, and confession is made, and everything is clean and clear, then I ask the devil to leave the person. If I don't see it, then I don't understand it. And if you're on a platform, trying to get to another, just as soon as I see just about one thing, something wrong, I just say, "Is that right?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Will you accept Christ as you're Healer?"


"Well, God bless you. Go, and may the Lord make you well."

LOOKING.FOR.JESUS_ PHOENIX.AZ SUNDAY_ 54-0228E, E-63 How do you do, sir? Now, just have to talk to you, just a few moments, just in order to have a contact of your spirit. We're both men, both human. And if I could help you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute. I'd be heartless if I could do anything for you and not do it.

I don't know... I've never seen you in my life, is that right? We are perfectly strangers. Now, the audience can see this man, and you may know him. I don't--never seen him in my life. It's the first time we ever come in contact with one another. But God has knowed him since he was born, and before he was born. He's knowed me.

Now, if he is my brother, and we are brothers in Christ, then let the Holy Spirit, by a Divine gift, come and do something for him now. See? I don't know, he might be having domestic troubles. He might be sick; he--he might be... don't know what... He might be wanting to go somewhere and don't know whether he wants to... whatever. He might be trying to find the will of God. I--I couldn't tell you. God knows that. I couldn't tell you. But God does.

POSITION.IN.CHRIST_ CHICAGO.IL SUNDAY_ 55-0116A, E-6 The main thing is, if we can find where God's Word belongs in our life. God sets times, and time limits, and then it works all to that time. Many of them before the coming of the Lord Jesus, they was many false things raised up and said, "This is the Messiah, and this is..." Many false things taken place according to the Scriptures, just before the coming of the Lord Jesus.

And people try to do it within themselves; they try to make God's Word fit in their program. But that you got it vice versa. You've got to fit in God's program. That... We find that that's true.

Now, in the... Moses, when he was here knowing that God had made a promise that He was going to deliver the children of Israel. Why, Moses, knowing that he was called for that purpose... Now, when you have a call from God, that doesn't altogether mean that you just jump right out, and you're doing the will of God. You have to find the will of God, and the time of God to do it.

Moses thought, "Well, the children of Israel will understand, now that I'm to be their deliverer." So he starts out to do so and he killed a man. And he found out that it... The children of Israel did not understand.


E-31 Now, here they are, around a hundred years old. And one day, Abraham after Lot had chose to go down to have a big time in the city as... perhaps maybe he become down in Sodom there, the well-watered plains... You know, the easy road's not always the best road. The best road is find the will of God and then travel it. Amen. That's right. Find the will of God, no matter how hard it is, just raise up your hand, and say, "I'll take the way with the Lord's despised few, started in with Jesus, now Lord, I'm going through."

And Mrs. Lot went down there, and maybe become the president of many ladies clubs, and so forth, down there. And Lot became the mayor of the city, or whatever it was, backslidden, away from God, down there amongst those perverted people.

QUEEN.OF.SHEBA_ TULSA.OK FRIDAY_ 60-0401E, E-41 Now, some of them said, "This great big Goliath out here, medical science and all this fine cultured churches..."

I said, "I can't help how much Goliath it is; God's still God. The God of David still lives. The God of Abraham still lives. The God of Jacob lives. The God that was in Christ is living tonight. He's raised, and I know He's real."

There's something that, no matter what the difficulty is, you want to go anyhow, because there's a... You've got an objective. And if you'll take the right motive towards that objective, you'll get there. You've got to have the right motive towards your objective. That's the way I always find the will of God. First, think, "If it's the will of God, then my motive and my objective to it..." If it's the right motive, then the objective, I have.

BELIEVEST.THOU.THIS_ TULSA.OK SATURDAY_ 60-0402, E-7 Jesus said, "If you say to this mountain, be moved, and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you said will come to pass, you can have what you said. Isn't that lovely? Who'd that come from? The Son of God, Whose Words... Heavens and earth will pass away, but now--but His Word's won't.

Now, the only way that you can do that, you've got to have the right objective and the right motive. Now, if I went out here and said, "I'll show you I can move this mountain, 'Be moved, mountain.'" It would never move. Certainly not. No matter what I had. It's got to be... First you've got to find the will of God.

That's the reason, usually in the prayer lines, I--I get the very hardest, is because it's something that's went through lines and so forth, and that's where you get it back. But see, if you've got unconfessed sin... Did you ever notice on a case, before I ask the evil spirit to leave, I watch that case real sure to be certain that there's nothing in that life that would hinder anything (See?), because remember, on these gifts, you could get in trouble with them.

MESSIAH.THE_ SHREVEPORT.LA TUESDAY_ 61-0117, E-81 []... seen in the vision. How many heard me tell that before I even went to Finland? Look here at the hands. Brother Jack was standing right there when it happened--a little boy killed just exactly...?... just exactly the way we wrote down in the fly leaf of our Bible. There he come back to life, the little spirit gone out--the land of the dead; God called it back.

See, a mental power of a man can crack a glass, a sinner is made up to be that... Let God come in there, he can go back and bring the dead back. See, it's His promise. First you find the will of God; then do it.

But say, "It ain't God's will in every..." It is God's will. We done seen it done. I've seen it done about five different times, and I know it's true.

GODHEAD.EXPLAINED_ CHICAGO.IL V-2 N-24 TUESDAY_ 61-0425B, 12-5 And you--you must test your motive and objective first. First, find the will of God, and then find your objective, and then test your motive and see if your motive is right. Then as Jesus said in Mark 11:24, "If you say to this mountain, 'Be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart..." But as long as you got doubt in a heart whether it's the will of God, or your motive or objective is wrong, how is it going to move? But when you know that your motive is right, and it's the will of God, and your objective is right, it's got to move. That's all, or God told something wrong.

That is the very reason when I go to the platform in churches, no one has never heard me mention those things on platform, those issues; I just let them alone. See, that is up to you men. I'm here to help you win souls to Christ by a Divine gift. You see? See, it don't make any difference; you do your baptizing. But then when it come...


681-Q-163 163. How do you feel is the best way to find the Lord... How do you--how do you feel is the best way to find the Lord's will in some important matters?

Now, let... I don't believe I... Let me see if I can get the continuity to it. "How do you feel is the best way (I see it should be a comma there, I suppose.)... How do you feel is the best way to find the Lord's will in some important matters?"

I tell you, dear friend: the best way to find the will of God in some important matters is prayer. See?

Now, let me... Here's a wonderful little thing here. If you--if--if you have a matter that's very important... Now, here's the way I do it. I take it before the Lord. And it's always been my strength; I wait upon the Lord and see what He says. And I just let myself neutral to it, don't take either side, and say, "Now, heavenly Father, it--it can..."

CONVINCED.THEN.CONCERNED_ TEMPE.AZ THURSDAY_ 62-0118, E-32 Now, that's an important office. And my brethren, you know we got that same office? Right: truly introducing to the people the Messiah.

So he knowed that if he went down to the school that every man would have a different idea about it, and it would only cause confusion. But John at the age of nine years old went to the wilderness to be alone with God, so that he would not make a mistake. He wanted to know what this Messiah would be, how he'd find Him, what He would look like so that he could introduce Him.

And we find that instead of going to take all of his degrees and come up as a priest as his father was, and follow in the footsteps of his father, he went as far away from the school as he could go, plumb out into the wilderness, alone with God.

I have nothing against the schools. I have nothing against that at all. They're very fine. But sometimes after you have got your degree in school, you still have to go out in the wilderness somewhere to find the will of God. That's right. It is true.

PERSEVERANCE_ JEFF.IN V-10 N-3 SUNDAY_ 62-0218, 57 Now, persistent, trying to achieve something. All men through all ages has been that way. Now, we take, for instance, Noah. Noah was very persistent after he had found the will of God.

You've got to first find the will of God. Now, you've got to find the will of God this morning, as you're coming to be prayed for, you've got to find the will of God, whether it's God's will to heal you or not. And the next thing you have to do, if you're coming to get salvation, you've got to find out whether it's God's will to save you or not. The first thing you have to find out, what God's will is. And then, if you really have received the seed in your heart, then you can be persistent. There's nothing going to move you. No matter what wisdom man tries to say, "It's not so, and it's not this and that and the other," it doesn't move you one iota, because you know what the will of God is. He spoke it into your heart; your faith sets there, and it'll hold right on no matter if there's no more than like a grain of mustard seed. It'll bring you right out to the--to the place. The will of God... Yes.


732-232 I pray for you. You pray for me. Just don't--don't say, "Brother Branham, I will." You do it. See? I'm depending on that. I'm the one that needs prayer. If He can shove me somewhere... Remember, I'm a human being; I'm not God. I'm just a human being like you are, trying to find the will of God so I can walk in it. No one can know until... "And he that lacks wisdom let him ask of God." And that's what I'm doing, asking of God. And I'm just putting that to you as my church, a heart-to-heart talk. What, where are we at? Where we standing? What hour are we living in? We're at the end time; I believe. I believe we're right here at the end.

Now, it can turn one way or the other. So you... It's either that my work is finished, or I'm called to the fields over yonder, or either He'll make an evangelist or a seer. One of those things has to take place, 'cause I'm at the end. I don't know what to do. I don't know which way to go. Even these meetings, and I'm approaching them. I been praying; I said, "Lord, I'm not going to do as I have been. I'm going to approach it like I did back there; I will fall back to that evangelism just until You give me that call for what I'm supposed to do."

PERSEVERANCE_ S.PINES.NC FRIDAY_ 62-0608, E-23 That's what we do. You must first find the will of God before you can do the will of God. You must first know what His will is in the matter, and then don't turn it loose. And as the lady said today, she was trying to get beyond that sound barrier. Then the plane just picks up speed and goes on unlimited when it passes the sound barrier.

Well, when you can pray until you've passed the doubt barrier, then you're running free. You can go on. And then you're--there's nothing can bother you then, because you're running free. You're past the unbelief. It's done been settled. It's all over. When you get the assurance in your heart that it's going to be that way, you're just as happy as if it had already happened.

PAUL.A.PRISONER.OF.CHRIST_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-8 WEDNESDAY_ 63-0717, 23-5 Harnessed himself, and he went down. Finally God had a man that was subject to Him, harnessed to Him and could not move until the Word of God moved him. If people would just do that today...

Then he was His prisoner--a prisoner of love, yoked up in the bond of love with--with God, as Paul was yoked up in the bond of love to God, just like Paul. Both of them trained the same way... Moses trained, you know, to deliver the children of Israel by military might. Paul, trained to take it out of the hands of the Romans and put them free by great ecclesiastical force in the world that day. Great schools of training come under Gamaliel, and both of them went to the desert; come back different men.

Both of them saw the Pillar of Fire, and both of them was prophets. Is that right? Both of them prophets, and they both was talked to by the Pillar of Fire. That's exactly right, coming for deliverance... There they was; went to a desert. Left their homes and went to the desert to find out--left their people and everything to find the will of God. See?

They were trained in one way: God changed them to another. And they had become a complete prisoner to not act in the way that they wanted to act, but act in the way that God wanted them to act. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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