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And remember, with the Bible here before me, is it true that this power is given only for healing. I pray for the people; they go away. And if they believe, they get well. If that feel, that faith, that prayer is said for that person, and if they believe it, the Angels of God will watch over that person. They have to get well, maybe not that hour, maybe not that week, maybe not that month. It may be six weeks before they're well. But they'll get well. They've got to get well.


May the Angels of God stand by every post, every seat, around the place, and take their seats. O God, may every person here that's in Your Divine Presence, may there be such a meeting that's never been known before in this country, may every minister be inspired, every member, every Christian, may sinners fall under conviction, and may there be a grace flowing on the people, and may they come to the knowledge of Christ being the same great Christ Jesus down through the ages that heals now, and will be forever...?... commit all to You. As I...?... send Your Angel, Lord, anoint Thy servant, and may the things that I have testified of, Lord, may You testify back tonight, and every night, with great signs and wonders. For we ask it in Jesus' Name, and Thy people will believe on You. Amen.


You'd never live any higher than you confess that you are. It's your confession that saves you. He that confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father and the holy Angels. When you say you're sick, you're sick. Now, that... I'm not preaching Christian Science now. I'm preaching the power of God, and the Holy Spirit bears record of it. See?

But here's what it is. You accept Him because that you feel that He saved you. And you go telling people, testifying of it, and believing your testimony, and it works righteousness. It'll do the same thing for healing.


And we're now engaging in the conflict against spiritual powers, and Satan's taken people. Stand by, find the home on the other side. But the battle is on, right against wrong, skepticism against the Word of God, faith against is unbelief. O Father, may the Angels of God wave a white flag, the banners of the cross, and may the Holy Spirit rise tonight. May signs and wonders be done. We give You all things, believing them.

Now, knowing that Your power is here, healing even now, I'm thanking You for it, Father. Today praying in the room, and You already promised that this would be here, and we see You already moving now. Grant it, Lord, that many things will be done in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus.

E-49 MY.COMMISSION -- LA.CA -- 51-0505

And if you will not look at the man, your brother, but if you will look to what I'm speaking about, the Lord Jesus, and His healing Angel at the platform...

Do you believe God has Angels of healing commissioned. What was it on the brass serpent then? What was it on the water of the pool of Bethesda if it wasn't an Angel came from heaven down. See, see? I'm not God's gift. The Angel is God's gift. It came out of heaven. I came from the earth, and He came from heaven down to enshroud, or inclothe an earthly vessel to speak to earthly people (You see?) that--that they--you would believe on Him; not on me, on Him what I'm talking of. And by doing so, God will heal you.

E-20 THE.ANGEL.OF.GOD -- TOLEDO.OH -- 51-0720

Now, sometimes maybe if you're prayed for, you hear the Angel of the Lord speak out and say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you'll be well." Don't you doubt that. Remember, if it's malignant, or cancer, or growth, in about seventy-two hours you'll get good and sick. Brother Baxter's probably explained all of that, which he does in a meeting, telling you what it all is. Cause without that, you'll sure miss your healing. You won't understand how to do it. If you don't know how to approach it, you're certainly out. So that's what the afternoon meetings are for, and so forth, is to explain that. Brother Baxter does it, for I don't have the time. And if I go into like that, then it sometimes takes the Spirit away from me, and I have quite a time getting It back.

Now, how many know, ever read in the Book about Angels ministering to people in the Old Testament and the New Testament? We all have. Sometimes when a blessing is pronounced, it's pronounced on you; it has to happen. We're the only one in a hurry; God is never in a hurry. He let the Hebrew children walk right into the fiery furnace before He done anything about it. He just set in the heavens and watched them till they went in.

E-18 THREE.WITNESSES -- ERIE.PA -- 51-0728

And if Your humble servant has found favor before You, then answer my prayer. And may this be a night of nights, Lord, this Saturday night just before the dawning of the Sabbath. God, grant that now, that tonight, that the angels, legions of them will come down into this building. May every unkind thought, everything that's not faith be pushed back. And may there be such a respond and a combustion of faith, until the cripples will raise up from the chairs, may every cancer be healed, every tubercular, every heart trouble. And may the glory of God so fill the building, that it'll be like the days of old, when Solomon dedicated the temple, and the Holy Ghost came in, or the fire and settled down over the altar. May the great Angel of God, Who has guided Thy servant, now spread forth His wings over this building here. And may the dew drops of the mercy and healing powers of God, drip upon each soul, until faith goes, surpasses all doubt, up into the realms beyond this...

God, wake us up from this sense bound dream that we're in; may we go beyond this sphere, up into this--the place where all things are possible, and there lay hold on Eternal Life and on Divine healing, and tonight walk out of here victorious in Christ Jesus. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-13 HEALING.LINE -- CHICAGO.IL -- 53-0907.2E

But our Lord Jesus knows you and He knows me.

And now, if you believe that He is here and His Presence is here... You believe that He is here? It's cancerous condition. And that man setting right there has the same thing.

Them demons are screaming one to another, you see, for pity, mercy. They're calling, and so's the Angels of God calling. The battle is here. Now, your faith will determine which way it goes.

201 GOD.HAS.A.PROVIDED.WAY -- LVL.KY -- V-25 N-9 -- 54-0404

Now you know, according to the Word of God, what's happened in Heaven at this time? Angels are rejoicing. The black flags of Satan has been defeated; they're down and chased out. And the angels and their white victory flags are flying through Heaven tonight, and the bells of Glory are ringing,just ringing melodies, as one sinner coming to Christ. The Lord be blessed and praised forever! Oh, my!


Let's say, "Praise the Lord," for... "Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, Praise Him, O creatures here below, Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts, Praise Father, Son, Holy Ghost." That's the praise of the Archangels and Angels tonight. That's the praise of His Church. His resurrected living power is living in this building tonight. Nothing can pass before Him but what He knows secret of everything. And in His Presence we stand now to condemn every sin and every sickness in this building. And in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I command every evil spirit in this building to depart from sinner, and depart from backslider, and to depart from the sick, to depart from the cripple, to depart from the blind.

119 WORD.BECAME.FLESH.INDIA.TRIP - JEFF.IN - V-26 N-5 - 54-1003.1M

I come back, and the first thing was placed in my hands was The Voice Of Healing, and I seen this A. A. Allen's meeting and seen how unscriptural that is. Then I criticize it, you see, "Oh, my," I think. But look at the poor people, lovely people, is out there following that, see, going with him, and honest-hearted people.

I look around and see these other things that goes on and in that I--I start criticizing in my heart, see. And I don't want to get that way. If I do that, I will lose favor with God. See? And the only thing...

And I look at the Americans and see the way; look at women, how they dress; and look at man; how they act; and how they drink, and cuss, and smoke, and chew, and claim to be Christians, till it just nauseates me. When I see what the other side is, and see this; then look between, think, "O God!" But hear this, whose battle is it? God said, "Let the weeds and the wheat grow together. The angels would come and separate them at the end of time." It's not me.

138 EVERLASTING.LIFE -- JEFF.IN -- V-26 N-12 -- 54-1231

And here is this centurion, the house of Cornelius. Look how God so arranged it. Now, Cornelius was a God-fearing man. He prayed always, and gives alms to the people. You never do nothing worthwhile but what God puts it to your record. That's right. And he prayed, and he gave alms to the people. And he was a great man.

And one day, while he was in prayer in the house, there came an Angel into the room where he was at. You believe in Angels? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] The Angel came into the room where he was at, and said, "Cornelius, raise up and go down to Joppa. And ask for one named Peter, who dwells in the house of one called Simon. And he will tell you what to do." Amen.

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