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E-34 Not long ago, I was in a big meeting. And this some princess of some sort there. She set in the meeting, way back in the back. If I would've seen her setting back there, as almost as close to being naked as that woman was, I'd have took my coat off, and went, and put it around her, and told her to wear it, while I was preaching the Gospel.

I did that one time to a woman. She got angry, and got up, and stomped out of the building. But I got the privilege of telling her anyhow. That's right. That's right.

RESURRECTION.OF.LAZARUS_ CLEVELAND.OH SUNDAY_ 50-0813A, E-5 And now, on a service like this it just feels like you just... We call it a street expression, just let down your collar, and come in and talk, just... And you don't have to be looking at that; you're just going to talk on the Word.

And then sometimes when it gets in that subconscious position on the platform, goes to calling the people... Critics and things in the meeting, sets in the meeting, and that causes a disturbance. Sometimes they get angry and huff around about it. And I just try to hold it just exactly to one thing: that's on healing, is what I'm representing here on Divine healing, and so forth.

Now, if the patient's up here, and something in the patient, why, it's called out. But sometimes out in the audience, it just pulls right out, the critics and so forth setting there, hurt feelings. A discerning Spirit's an awful... It sometimes you have to speak very sharply. And you don't speak yourself; It speaks. You see?

GOD.REVEALING.HIMSELF.TO.HIS.PEOPLE_ CLEVELAND.OH SUNDAY_ 50-0813E, E-6 I've always had my opinion of a woman who'd smoke a cigarette, and I haven't changed it yet: The lowest immoralest thing that any woman ever done. That's right. That's exactly right. That's right. [Audience applauds--Ed.] Thank you. Thank you, friends. Thank you. I'm glad to hear that you believe that.

Now, ladies, don't be angry with me. Just correct yourself. That's right.

Listen. You talk about a fifth columnist, a cigarette smoking mother is the greatest fifth columnist America's got. Doctors claim that they can't even raise their babies like normal. It's nicotine poisoning will kill the baby 'fore it's eighteen months old. Eighty percent of them die. That's government statistics.

Now, listen. Don't be afraid of some other nation coming in and whipping us. It is no other nation. We're whipping ourself. It ain't the robin that pecks the apple that hurts it, it's the worm at the core that kills the apple. That's--that's all our own rottenness among us is what it is, what's killing us, the--the moral de--degrade--decline that we have.

ANGEL.AND.THE.COMMISSION_ CLEVELAND.OH MONDAY_ 50-0821, E-12 Remember Elisha? Young fellow went baldheaded, was young, when he was young man. Some little children begin to holler, said, "Old bald-head, old bald-head, why didn't you go up with Elijah?" Remember that?

That angered prophet now, turned around angry, and cursed those children in the Name of the Lord, and two she bears run out of the woods and killed forty-two little innocent children. Is that right? That's not the nature of the Holy Spirit. You know that. But that prophet was angry. See? You have to be careful what you do.

WORKS.THAT.I.DO.BEAR.WITNESS.OF.ME_ PHOENIX.AZ FRIDAY_ 51-0413, E-34 And watch. God trusted Moses, found favor with him, and made him a great prophet, and give him great powers. And Moses... God told Moses, after the Rock had been smitten once, He said, "Go out and speak to the Rock."

But Moses was angry. And he went out and said, "You rebels," to the children of God. "You rebels. Must we fetch you water out of this Rock?" And he smote the Rock, and he smote It again. And It brought Its waters.

But that broke the whole program of God, right there. Any Bible reader knows that. That that's the one place in the Bible where God's entire program was broken. For the Rock was Christ. Is that right? And the judgments of God only smote Christ one time. He was only smitten once. And from this on, you just speak to the Rock, and It brings Its Waters. You don't smite It. He don't have to die to save you. He don't have to die to heal you, or heal you. He's already died once to heal every one of you. And you just speak to the Rock, and It brings forth Its water. Amen. There you are. Speak to the Rock and It will bring forth Its Water.

Are you on speaking terms with Him tonight? Speak to Him; He will bring forth the Waters; the Waters of Life, Waters of healing. "Where The Healing Water Flow," you've heard it sung a many times. That's right. Just speak to Him and see if it isn't right.

WORKS.THAT.I.DO.BEAR.WITNESS.OF.ME_ PHOENIX.AZ FRIDAY_ 51-0413, E-36 Look at Elijah. He seen Elijah go up and asked for a double portion of his Spirit. He was a young fellow. He went baldheaded when he was young. And when he was on his road returning home, a bunch of children run out and said, "Bald-head, old bald-head, why didn't you go up with Elijah?"

And that angry prophet turned around there and cursed those little innocent children in the Name of the Lord. And two she bears come out of the woods and killed forty-two little innocent children. Is that right? It's the Bible.

You think that's the nature of the Holy Spirit? No, sir. No, sir. But that prophet was anger, and he had power to do that. He could curse those children if he wanted to. He could take it or leave it. Do you believe that's endued with people who are gifted from God? Sure it is.


And--and there, friends, is where my sorrows started. I listened to my mother-in-law in the stead of God. He was giving me the opportunity. And there this gift would've been manifested long time ago, if I'd just went ahead and done what God told me to do.

But instead of that, I didn't want her to be angry, and I didn't want to hurt nobody's feelings. And so I just--just let it go like that. Just walked... Just said, "All right, we won't go."

And right then, sorrows started. Immediately after that, my father died. My brother was killed a few nights later from that. Almost lost my own... I lost my father, my brother, my wife, my baby, and my sister-in-law, and almost my own life within about six month's time. And just started going down. My church, pretty near everything went down, down, down. Hope taken sick.


E-54 That's--that's... Is that the patient? Is that the--the patient, son? All right, you come right up, lady.

Now, every one be real reverent, just as reverent as you can. You don't have to bow your heads to pray. You... I just want you to... When I ask you to bow your heads... Sometimes a spirit gets real contrary, and they just don't want to come at all. And that's the time you have to have an authority. Do you believe in that? See?

Now, there's sometimes if a person's faith will come up, but maybe they don't have enough faith and it--it's just waving there, and there's a demon trying to hold a, maybe a little unbelief there, just kindly skeptical, sometimes you have to--to command it out. See? And if you do that, then they're angry. That's when they go from one to another. And when they come out... You know Jesus said to them demons, "Come out."

And they said, "Suffer us to go into them swine."

See, a devil is helpless if he isn't in a body somewhere. See? He's just a spirit in the world until he's in a body, and then he--he can torment us.


E-30 So he said... he wouldn't do it. So the moderator asked, and so he said, "All right, Mr. Best answer me this." He said, "Was the compound names of Jehovah, Jehovah's redemptive, compound names, were they applied to Jesus, yes, or no?"

Well, that like to shook me off of the seat up there. Well, Mr. Best thought he couldn't answer. If He was--if He was Jehovah-jireh, the Lord will provide His Sacrifice, if He was--if He wasn't Jehovah-jireh, He isn't the Saviour. And if He is Jehovah-jireh, He's Jehovah-rapha, the Healer. And if He is Jehovah-jireh, and Jehovah-rapha, He's "the same yesterday, today, and for ever," so He's just the same Healer. That settled it; nothing could be said no more.

So Mr. Best got real angry and begin to stomp up-and-down the floor, and said, "Bring that Divine healer out, let me see him."


E-30 Oh, Christian American, I wonder some times. Then them standing there, some of them Russians that could cross the line; when you're born in Russia you can only go forty miles from your birthplace or you have a visa. And some of those Russians stand there; they'd stand there, and they'd see the glory of God. And the tears just roll down their cheeks like that, and they'd run to those Finns, and those Finns would put their arms around the Russians and hug one another.

There's the answer. Any power of Almighty God that'll let a--a--a Russian hug a Finn, or a Finn hug a Russian... See, they wasn't angry at one another; they didn't have to... They wasn't angry; they loved one another.

And Christ is the answer now. Let people quit their meanness and serve Christ. But they'll never do it, as long as this kingdoms are the kingdoms of Satan. They'll never be; they'll fight until Jesus comes. Don't you believe that?

EARLY.SPIRITUAL.EXPERIENCES_ HAMMOND.IN SUNDAY_ 52-0713A, E-34 Best jumped up and down, and screamed, and stumped, and carried on, and snorted, and got angry, smacked the preacher, and so forth like that, preached a good Campbellite sermon there, and never said, talked about when... You...?... Divine healing? I Corinthians 15, when this mortal puts on immortality. Brother Bosworth said, "I believe that too, sir. But I'm talking about Divine healing now in the atonement."

Then he got all puffed up, and said, "Bring that Divine healer on."

Brother Bosworth said, "Ridiculous." Said, "Brother Branham don't claim to be a Divine healer; he only claims to--to be able to help the people by praying for them." Said, "Preaching Divine healing don't make him no more a Divine healer, than preaching salvation makes you a Divine Saviour." So he went on.

And after while he kept on. Brother Bosworth said, "I know Brother Branham is in the meeting." I was sitting twice the distance of this building, way back up. Said, "I know he's here. And if he wants to come and dismiss the audience, alone, let him come do it, but he is not necessary."

And the people begin to look around. I was setting there like that and listening to Brother Bosworth, and admiring him. And just as he said that, I felt the Holy Spirit move down. Oh, that same Wind that come, "Whew!" I looked around to my wife, looked back to my brother.

He said, "Set still, Bill."

I felt It again going, "Whew," Something moving. You can call me a fanatic if you want to, go ahead and you'll settle it at the judgment bar of God. I felt Something moving. I raised up.

Howard said, "Bill, set down."

I said, "Leave me alone, Howard, in the Name of the Lord. He's near."

EARLY.SPIRITUAL.EXPERIENCES_ HAMMOND.IN SUNDAY_ 52-0713A, E-65 There's things in your church that I don't endorse. There's things that you do that I don't endorse. Sometimes feel like I ought to give you a whipping for it and things like that. But all the time right down in the bottom of it, you're my brother and sister. You're my own. And I love you.

When there's a bunch of Branham's we get back in the back yard, and fight and smack one another, but don't let nobody else smack us. See what I mean? I'm with you. And you've got a truth, because sincerely, without knowledge maybe, you're all scrupled up in this, that, or the other; but you've come sincerely to God and believed on Him, and accepted Him, and believed it. And God, in return, has give you the Holy Ghost as a witness. And now, leaders has come in with denominations and broke you up in sectarianism, and caused you to hate your brother, and turn this way and that way. [Brother Branham hits something--Ed.] Don't want that thing anyhow.

Look, notice. But all the time, no matter if you belong to the Assembly of God, or the Church of God, or the Pilgrim Holiness, whatever it is, if you're born again, you're brothers and sisters in Christ. And as long as the Devil can keep you separated and angry at one another... [Portion of tape missing--Ed.]


E-10 Then let's just stop on that Scripture, which we could take it through the Bible, through the prophets, through the ages. And there never was any person did anything without God first showing. The prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel, looked like he just went up there and got angry with the people and called down fire. Oh, no. When he got it all laid in order, he said, "Lord, I've done this at Your Word." Is that right? Everywhere, it was something God showed. And it must be perfect, for God said so.

ISRAEL.AT.THE.RED.SEA.1_ JEFF.IN IC 35-64 THURSDAY_ 53-0326, 114 Then, the reason you curse, smoke, drink, get angry and fly off of the handle, and things like that, is because you are a sinner. That's not sin; it's because you're a sinner. Jesus said, the Scripture says this, "He that believeth not is condemned already." If you believe, you don't do those things, because the Life of Christ is in you. And if you do do them, it's because that you are a sinner and you're not a believer. Though you profess to be, yet you're not. The tree's knowed by its fruit. Now, that... Let that soak just a minute while I read. That's right. That's what Jesus said, "The tree's knowed by the fruit it bears. A corrupt tree does not bring forth good fruit." All right.


137 Someone said, "Brother Branham, do you believe this girl should come to the altar, looking like this?"

I said, "Brother, it's coming springtime. All those scrub oaks out here, every one of them has got the leaves right on them they had last fall. But we don't have to go pick the leaves off, to let new leaves come on. Just let the new life come up, and the old leaf drops off." That's right. Amen.

Listen. May I say this too. If the old leaf don't drop off, it shows the new Life hasn't come. Don't get angry with me now. I'm talking about Jesus. All right. That's it. All right.


E-33 Then the first thing you know, God begin to move on him. I like that. He begin to get angry. My, he looked around, he thought, "Oh, my. I'm an Israelite. I'm circumcised, and that's an uncircumcised Philistine coming up there. I'm not a soldier. I ain't got time to go out here and take some lessons and learn how to duel, and how to fight. But I tell you, God's my god. So he just reached up there and got an old ox-goad. You know what an ox-goad is? A little old thing had a brass knob on the end of it, you beat the cattle through the corral with. He reached up there and got that ox-goad. He didn't have time to train to be some kind of a fighter. The emergency was at hand; he had to do it then.


E-61 After a while, they was... You don't believe in getting angry, then let the righteous indignation rise. He begin to get--feel it coming up on him. He said, "Here, I'm a Jew. I'm circumcised. I've got a right, for this land belongs to us." And I tell you, he wasn't a warrior; he couldn't wait till he learned how to fight. He was a farmer, he wasn't a fighter. But he knowed that he had--the promise of God was with him. And he was circumcised.

And if every man here tonight would realize that the things that you got, divine health and everything else, God gave it to you at Calvary. Every borned-again man is circumcised by the Holy Ghost. You have a right for every redemptive blessing. Let the devil rob you out of none of it.

Shamgar didn't have no sword. He didn't know nothing about it if he had one. He didn't have a shield. But he--if he'd a shield, he wouldn't know how to use it. But he reached up and got a ox goad. That's an old stick that's got a brass lump on the end of it, they beat the ox through the corral with it. And he jumped out of that window out there in the middle of that road against six hundred armed Philistines, and killed every one of them. Hallelujah!


35-141 Now, let me show you. What does the word "sabbath" mean? Anybody know, would just raise your hand? Sabbath? [A sister says, "Rest."--Ed.] "Rest." Exactly. S-a-b-b-a-t-h, sabbath day, means "r-e-s-t," rest day. Get your marginal reading in the Bible and look, "Rest" day. Now, let's go to Hebrews the 4th chapter, right quick now. And we'll--we're...

This is my last question right here. And brother, see if Brother Neville has got them there. I know a couple of them is short ones, so we won't keep you too much longer. Now, excuse me till I get it.

Now, when you see the word here, "rest," then you know that means "sabbath."

Now, here's the New Testament. Jesus, in St. Matthew He begin at the 5th chapter of St. Matthew, and He begin like this: "You have heard them say, them of old time, 'Thou shalt not commit adultery.'" That, what was that? The law, commandments. "But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her..." Changed it, didn't He? "You've heard them say, them of old time, 'Thou shalt not kill,' but I say unto you..." Changed it, didn't He? (Thought He didn't change the law?) All right. He said, "But I say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause has killed already." That never was back under the Old Testament; that's New Testament. He just swept it on in yonder beyond that. See? He went ahead and give those commandments out. But He missed; He skipped the fourth one, which is the seventh day. Now, in the 7th chapter, here...


E-59 It's all right. I like that. How many believes there's power in music? There's some churches don't believe in having music in the church. Well, that's all right. That's... I won't argue with you that.

But look, my dear friend, one time there was a--some preachers or some kings that went out and made an alliance, and went out into the desert, and was going to do a great work out there, and kill some people, and they--they never sought God. So the first thing you know, they went down to Elijah the prophet to find out about it. And the prophet got all angry. He got angry.

Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are. Is that right? He had his ups-and-downs. He wasn't an angelic being. He was a man: Big old rough looking fellow, hairy body and his hair sticking out like one of these fuzzy worms and his--his beard out like that, and a piece of leather wrapped around his body. If you... If he come up to your house begging, you'd run away from the door perhaps. See?

But beneath that little old brown skin beat a heart that was true to God. That's right. And he looked at him. He said, "If it wasn't that I respected the presence of Jehoshaphat (the believer), I wouldn't even look at you." Is that right? But he said, "Nevertheless, bring me a minstrel."


E-48 Now, you're going to get angry with me. You just might as well get started, but you men that'll let your wives go out and act like that, and smoke cigarettes, and dance around, that shows how much man's in you. That's right. A real blue-blooded man won't permit such stuff as that. That's right. Brother, that may be hard to digest, but if it is, take it, 'cause it's good for you. Amen. That's exactly right. I tell you, a real red-blooded man...

My wife may do it sometime. When she does, that's the day she leaves the Branham home. That's exactly right. I wouldn't permit it. By the grace of God, I couldn't permit it. That's right. And when men will stand up...

Excuse me. That thing's got more voice than I have. But look. I'm not excited. I know where I am. I know what I'm talking about too. Now, look. That's right.


E-22 Mr. Best got up there and laughed two or three times and preached a very good Campbellite sermon. I'm a Baptist. I know what Baptist doctrine is. So he preached a Campbellite sermon on the resurrection. He didn't even believe the miracles of Jesus Christ did. Lazarus died again. He preached in all in the resurrection when this mortal puts on immortality. Of course, any Christian believes that, that there'd be a resurrection, but if there's no attributes of the resurrection, if there's no earnest of the resurrection, then there is no resurrection.

If there is no Divine healing, then there is no resurrection. Now, you couldn't disprove that if you could by the Scripture. See? I'm arguing the points of Christ. See? Because we have the earnest of our salvation, which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Is that right? That's the down payment, the earnest which holds it secure in heaven for us. And then if there is no Divine healing to make a cancer ridden body come normal and well again, there is no resurrection of the dead (That's right.); we have no earnest of it at all; there's no plan made for it. So that settled it. Mr. Best commence to going on, and the audience actually laughed at him.

And so he said, "Let me see that Divine healer come forth and perform." He got real angry, and he said, "Let me see that Divine healer come forth and perform."

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