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E-6 Well, that's the way it is with faith. You've got to get it anchored in the people. They'll run in here one Sunday, just a few moments, they're restless, "I'm a going to get prayed for?" They'll rush through a prayer line, not even knowing what they're coming through about. The next week, get around some critics, say, "Aw, there's nothing to that. I know Jim Jones' wife was prayed for. Didn't help her a bit." That's right. It wasn't for Jim Jones' wife. It's for you who believes. That's for believers. It's only for believers. And remember, if you do not have faith, it will not do you any good.

Now, in the first place, this gift was not given to do the work that I'm doing with it now in these auditorium meetings. That's not God's Divine plan for doing it. The Divine plan for God is if I had the opportunity to stay just a few weeks here to explain it all. It comes by revelation.

At nighttime, in daytime, when I meet this Angel, He will send me to a place. He will say, "You go to a place." I've never seen it before.


E-7 Even I believe in hell, there was a remembrance, Jesus said. He said, to the rich man, "Remember, son, in thy lifetime." about Lazarus and so forth. So if there is a remembrance in hell, surely there is in heaven. So, I--I believe that God will--will let us remember.

As Fanny Crosby, when she was... Some critics come in, told her how--criticizing her singing Christian songs and so forth... Many of you know Fanny Crosby, know of her, rather, that she was the blind poet: give the world some of it's best songs. Most touching altar calls that's ever been sang, nearly, was Fanny Crosby's, "Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour," and all those heart warming songs.

And sometime... One time there was someone passing, said, "How would you ever know Him? What if you're over on the other side and you... there is such a place... and you'll be blind over there?"

She said, "I'd know Him anyhow."

Said, "How do you think you'd know Him?"

Said, "I'd feeled His hands." See? And then she turned and started walking back to her chair and that song came:

I shall know, yes, I shall know Him, (You've heard it.)

Redeemed by His side I shall stand;

I shall know, yes, I shall know Him

By the prints of the nail in His hand.


E-18 And so, she come to the meeting, both of them, and come to the meeting where we were at. And she said to my brother, asked about it, and wrote a note to me; she wanted to get up us, so the manager, he come and ask me. Well, I said, "See, when a blessing is pronounced of God, just like God's Word about the millennium, and everything else, it's got to come to pass. See?

Now, what happened... God maybe not answer spontaneously. I believe Daniel prayed, and it was about twenty-one days before the Angel... Wasn't that right? Twenty-one days later, the Angel got to him? But what it was, when the Angel of the Lord had pronounced that, it was weeks later, two or three weeks, it was Him passing through that neighborhood confirming the Word (See?) that had already been spoken by God. See? Just...

Not what if the woman during this time, would've got to--with some critics and unbelievers, say, "See, there ain't nothing to it."

Well, there'd been so much unbelief built up there... See what I mean? Just like anything else in God's Word, it takes the same thing. So have faith in God. May the Lord bless you now.


E-52 []... morning, I want to be more truer than ever. Knowing this, that I don't know what time You're going to call me, and I'll have to answer You.

Now, Father God, by a Divine gift that has been made manifest world over, I've done the very best that I knowed how. And now, Thou hast promised that it would grow greater. I'm so glad that You're manifesting that to us, as we'll see at the end of the week.

Now, Father, I pray tonight that You'll grant salvation to every sinner that's here. Grant Divine healing to every person that's here that's sick. Give each one that's seeking the Holy Spirit the baptism tonight. Bless every minister, every denomination, every organization, every church, every one that breathes Your Name. Lord, may they receive blessings from God.

Even if there be some critics here, we pray for them, that they'll not be critics. They don't mean to be that way, Father. Forgive them for being critical; they don't mean to be that way. I pray that You'll fill them so with the Holy Ghost, that they too will be partners with us in the ministry of this coming of the Lord Jesus. Grant it, Father.


E-80 And Mary knew surely--or Martha, rather, if God was in Elijah, surely He was in His Son. Oh, my. She knowed if she could get to Him, she could find why her brother died.

Right out of the city. I can hear some of them saying, "Now, look, where you going now." She pushed on by them old critics, went right on out. Jesus hadn't got in town yet, and she got to where He was.

Now, watch. Looked like she had a right to upbraid Him. Looked like she had a right to scold Him, and say, "Why didn't You come? Oh, I thought You could heal." If she would, the miracle would have never taken place.

It's your approach to a Divine gift what brings the results. It's the way you come to it. Isn't that right? The way you approach anything...


E-55 Now, in that lay great multitudes. A multitude, takes two thousand to make a multitude, I'm told. And there's multitudes. Well, now, you remember the old critics just like they'd be here or somewhere else. "Why didn't You heal that one? Let Him heal this one, and I'll--I'll believe it." Why, when He come to His own town, many mighty works He could not do. Is that right? Could not do, the Bible said, because of what? [Congregation says, "Unbelief."--Ed.] Their unbelief. That's right. So but He knew what they were doing, and what was wrong with them. Is that right?

Now, when Philip come, brought Nathanael, He said He knew where he was at before he come.


E-84 And here he went up there just a dancing in the Spirit as hard as he could. Why? By faith he saw the victory. Amen. He saw the victory.

He took his little old sling in there, one of these stones, and he give a dance and here he comes, coming around. Oh, I see Goliath saying, "Ho, ho, ho, ho."

What was it? He had five stones: F-a-i-t-h in five fingers wrapped, this string around J-e-s-u-s. Here he comes. Oh, brother. Look out, Goliath. You got to fall.

And when he set that loose, the Holy Ghost got a hold of that little old stone and picked up a speed about a thousand miles per second, struck that giant between the face and he fell forward. Hallelujah. Oh, my.

Like a little Jim Crow, danced up there, jumped up on him, pulled his sword out, chopped his head off like that. Said, "How do you like that, boy?" Reached down and got him by the hair of his head. Said, "Come on, boys, let's preach Divine healing." Way they went. Hallelujah.

And you know what they done? The rest of them seen it could be done, and they cut Philistines plumb to the wall. Glory. Down there the old critics has got their mouths shut now.


E-52 And the next morning, the--God moved in and filled all the ditches, and they each one got water. And the other alien army was pursued, and run down, and they took a--rocks in their hands, and went over to their enemies and stopped up all their wells. Wasn't that a wonderful victory? Not only won all the victory, but stopped up their wells (Amen.), that old stagnated ponds they was drinking anyhow.

What we need tonight, is the people that'll dig down and get a little salvation in their soul, get the victory in there, get healed, saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, and stop the mouths of some of these old critics saying the days of miracles is passed. Throw the stone of faith into it, like that, and stop the thing up. Amen. That's what we need tonight, is a revival like that. Don't you believe it? You can, if you believe. Amen. Shall we pray.


E-32 I watched him. He wasn't scared of me, but he wasn't scared of that little, old chipmunk, little squirrel, switching that little tail and barking. After while he just got enough of it. He made a great big jump, flopped his wings about twice, and he was beyond the timberline. And then I watched him. He didn't keep flopping; he just knowed how to set his wings. And every time the wind would come up that canyon, he'd go higher, higher, higher, until he become just a little spot. I stood there weeping like a baby.

I said, "That's it, Lord." It's not jump from Methodist to Baptist, from Presbyterian to Lutheran. It's not from one healing service to another; it's just setting your wings in the--your faith wings, in the power of the Holy Ghost, and when a wave comes in, just ride on up, on up, on up, until you get sick and tired of hearing this chatter, chatter here, chatter, chatter there. "The days of miracles is past. They're a bunch of holy-rollers. Nothing to them." Just set your wings in His power and ride out of here on them great wings of the Holy Spirit. Oh, that faith wing, just to know how to set them, and when the Holy Spirit begins to ride in, ride with It. The tide comes again, mount up.

The first thing, you won't know that neighbor saying, "Oh, you're going to be a holy-roller. You never got healed." You'll just ride on a passed all those old critics. "Chatter, chatter here. Chatter, chatter there. No such thing as divine healing. None of... Nobody ever got healed. Give a thousand dollars to anybody shows such." Just turn your head from it and ride away.


185-6 {62} Show me one piece of literature that can--that can write a verse hardly without contradicting itself, or write a verse or two. And the Bible does not contradict Itself anywhere. I've heard the old critics say that, but I have had an offer for him for a long time to show me where it's at. It isn't in here. It's just because the human mind is confused. God's not confused. He knowed what He's doing. He knows...

And look, if God's going to judge the world by a church (as the Catholic church says it is), all right, then what church is that? Just look at the churches we got. We got nine hundred and something different organization of churches. Now, how... One teaches this way and one that way. What a confusion. Then anybody just do anything they want to; you go on in anyhow. God's got to have some standard, and that's His Word.


215 God is here. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His power is just the same today as it ever was. He does not fail. He cannot fail. He's God. He has to remain God. Right. "Sirs, we would see Jesus," not hear the mechanics, see the dynamics of Him. Do you believe that? Now, this week we're going to look for Him; we're going to look for Him to walk among us and show us that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Look when He was crucified, the old critics, them drunken Roman soldiers come out there and put a rag around His face, and hit Him on the head, said, "Now, if you're a prophet, prophesy and tell us who hit you." See? He didn't clown for the Devil. He never opened His mouth and said a word. 'Course He knew. They passed the stick one to another, said, "You tell us who hit you now, and we'll believe you." See, that's the critics; they didn't believe it. He was a prophet, but He don't clown for people.


E-5 Know at one time the Full Gospel people were considered a bunch of fanatics. We lived in--in the alley, anywhere that we could get a place to preach. And... But now, the Samson's hair's growed out, and it's become united together. When they were broken up in different denominations and had a religious prejudice, well, God could not deal with the people. But now when that middle wall is broken down, and we've come together as one unit, it's most mighty church on the face the earth.

And you know, most all famous pictures, before they're hung in a hall of fame, they have to go through the hall of critics first, and have to pass the critics. Then when it passes the critics, then it can be hung in a hall of fame.

Now, I think that's our little church. It's past through ever criticism, been called every black and ugly name. But I think God's going to hang it in the hall of fame one of these mornings and going to take it up, and I--I want to be with them when they go.


E-42 Now, I do realize there is fanatics. Certainly there is. There's plenty of them. But a little Church that's tried to struggle, not be any certain denomination or any certain name, but I mean peoples who love God, and has held out for the supernatural, and for God being living in our midst today as He promised He would by the Holy Spirit... And they've been called holy roller, fanatics, and Divine healers, and they've been pushed back in the alleys and been called everything.

But every great picture, before it can be hung in a hall of fame, it has to go through the hall of critics. And I believe the little Church has went through the hall of critics. And now soon, there'll come a scream from the heavens, and God is going to hang It in the hall of fame, to take It out by the rapture, to take It up into glory. And we're seeing signs and wonders, like we are today, to stimulate the faith, to believe that when He comes, that we'll be raptured and caught up together to meet Him in the air with those who've went on before.


E-12 That's why... I remember one time down in a museum. I'm a great lover of art and nature. I saw a picture, and I was wondering how much that picture cost. And it had a value on it, the original picture... Today I seen a picture in the city here. "Christ, The Unseen Guest at the House." I went in and was pricing it. And it was just a photograph... All of the original masterpiece... And the masterpiece was valued way in the thousands and thousands of dollars. The artist said, "Why, the man who..."

So I said, "It taken a man his lifetime to paint that picture."

And before any picture can be painted, before it's painted, any masterpiece, first it has to go through the hall of critics, pass all these critics. And then if it passes those critics, then it's hung in a hall of fame.


172 Every famous picture that's ever painted, first had to go through the hall of critics. But when they painted the Last Supper there, it went through the hall of critics. Why, they criticized. It cost him his lifetime, but now it hangs in the hall of fame. It has to go through the hall of critics.

Brother, sister, when we started in this, what they call this Holy Ghost religion, way back yonder years ago, we had to get in little old stables, somebody's house, a little store front somewhere. And they stood on the outside, the sinners, chewed chewing gum, laughed and made fun, called us holy-rollers. And we slept in jail and everything else. That's right. They've been beat; they've been made fun of.


E-49 Every famous picture must first go through the hall of critics before it can be hung in a hall of fame. And I tell you that's what the Church has done today. It's went through the critics. But one of these mornings God's going to hang her in a hall of fame out here, just sure as the world.

That great redeemed Church sprinkled by the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, symbol of the dove that was turned loose with blood upon her wings that cried, "Holy, holy, holy unto the Lord."... When she passed across, that symbol of leprosy which was a type of sin... That same Church is going to be caught up one of these mornings, hung in the hall of fame, as she cuts through the air yonder. Hallelujah. God keeps His Word.


E-10 When the great artist (I can't call his name just at this time.) painted the picture of Jesus knocking at the door... Any picture before it can become a famous picture, it has to go through the hall of critics, the--the people who are famous artists who criticize the picture. They find all the flaws that's in it.

So after this famous picture had went through practically the hall of critics, it was asked the man who give the painting... A critic said, "There's just one thing that I can find wrong with your picture." He said, "You have forgotten to put the latch on the door."

And the painter said, "Oh, no. You misunderstand. If the latch was on the outside, He'd raise the latch and go in. But the latch is on the inside. The person inside must lift the latch."

That's the way it is. Jesus with all of His mercy and all of His compassion, yet, you are the person that'll let Him in or keep Him out. You have the latch on your side.


E-16 And I found a picture once, that was striking that... Just can't think of the artist who--who painted the picture, but it was of Christ knocking at the door. And he was, I think, a Grecian artist. And while He was knocking at the door... All famous pictures, first, has to go through what's called the hall of critics, before it can go to the hall of fame.

That's a beautiful thought. Did you know, all great things has to pass through the critics. God's blessed Church has to go through the critics and stand the criticism before it could be took to the hall of God's immortal fame. The Scripture says, "All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecutions." So if you're not persecuted for righteousness sake--not something you brought on yourself--but for righteousness sake, there's something wrong somewhere.


E-11 I wish to read from Revelations tonight, the 3rd chapter and the 20th verse. And this is addressed to the church age that we are now living, the Laodicean church age. And if many of you who... When you go home, I wished you'd just read that chapter through. But I wish to read for a text the 20th verse.

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: and if any man will hear my voice, and will open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

This is an unusual text. It gives us a picture of someone knocking at a door. I can't think just now who the artist was, that spent a lifetime painting that picture of Christ knocking at the door. But after the picture was painted... You know, any famous picture has to go through the hall of critics before it can go in the hall of fame.

That's the way the church is. The church, first, has to go through the hall of critics, before it can be taken in the rapture and put in the hall of God's fame. All that lives godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. So you see, you've got to be criticized; you've got to be made fun of. There's no other way around it.


E-16 This is a very strange thing to see a Man knocking on a door to be in a Scriptures. I just forget the artist--or the name--who painted the famous picture of Jesus knocking at the door. I can't call his name. He's a Grecian artist, I believe. And when... All great pictures, before they can be hung in the hall of fame, they have to go through the hall of critics first.

And then, it just reminds me of the church. Before the church can ever be taken to glory, it has to go through the--this world of criticism. And sometimes we try to shirk, pull back from criticism. Well, that's only testing. It's--it's golden nuggets to you. It's something that God has permitted to you to try you and to bring you through a hundred percent, pure gold that's shining. "All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution," says the Scripture. So the criticism, we welcome that, because that's what we have to have to put us through the fiery trials.


E-13 But, however, when a picture is painted, it must first go through the hall of critics before it can go in the hall of fame. And what a beautiful picture that is of the Church. Before the Church can ever be raptured and taken through the hall of fame, it goes here through the hall of critics. "All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecutions." It must go through the criticism; no criticism, no glory.

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