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E-28 See, so many a revivals are going across the country and people are claiming to be saved, and great evangelists saying they had so many thousands saved and so forth. I believe it's been... And then you go back and find out those people don't stay. They just... just an emotion in the meeting, and their worked away. Many people in the meeting raise up and claim healing and walk away, more by emotion or more by--more by psychic than they do by real Divine revelation of--of the Lord Jesus. And the first little pain strikes them, they give up and say, "Well, I didn't get my healing." Now, if you really believe that with your heart, ten thousand pains would never make you give it up. That's right, 'cause you, your faith is already went to motion. You--you, you're in action right then.


E-37 Jesus said, "This is My beloved Son, hear ye Him." He's the only One can save. He's the only One can heal. Why would you hear Him? He's the only One that has peace. "Come unto Me all ye that labor and heavy laden, I'll give you rest." He's the only One that has healing. "I'm the Lord that healeth all thy diseases."

He's the only One that can take away your iniquities. "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all of His benefits, Who forgiveth all of thine iniquity, Who healeth all thy diseases; hear ye Him." Not by emotion, not by worked up, not by denomination, not by laws, not by creeds, not by denominations, but hear ye Him. He is the only One Who has Eternal Life. He's the only One Who can save you. He's the only One who can beat you and stand between man and God and bridge the way and make a way for you. No law can do it; no judgment can do it; no works can do it, nothing but the love of Jesus.

The old Salvation Army song,

Oh, precious is the flow

That makes me white as snow.

No other fount I know,

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.

This is all my hope and plea,

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.

This is all my righteousness,

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.


E-60 There is hundreds of religions. And Brother Cook setting here, thank you for your book, Brother Cook. I was looking at it awhile ago. Was sent to my room. Thirty Seven Years In India. He could tell you something about false religions by the hundreds, denying Christ. But there's only one of them and that's the religion of Jesus Christ can prove that He is a living, not by psychology, not by emotion. We clap our hands and shout and so does the Mohammedans, so does the Buddhists.

The Mohammedans work themselves in such a frantic, till they can take splinters and run through their fingers, don't even feel it. Take a lance at the feast of the prophets, run through their nose, and up through their heads like this, and draw it back... Take a spear...

Standing right there and Lausanne, Switzerland, and took a spear--or a sword and run it through him like this, and had a doctor there to examine it, and poured water on this end and it run out the other end and pulled it back through his heart without bleeding a drop, frenzy, worked up. That's right. But they can't heal. They can't take away sin. They can't prove the resurrection. They can prove psychology, but not resurrection.


323-198 They try to make it so complicated, these things and them things, when it boils right down to one thing: your personal faith in God. That's it. That tells it. "For by faith, not by feeling, by faith, not by emotion, by faith, not by sensation, but by faith are you saved, and that by..." Because you sought the Lord, because you was a good person? Because God by grace foreknew you and ordained you to Eternal Life.


329-230 You now with your heads bowed, you who raised your hands to be remembered in prayer, do you feel like that God has spoke to you in such a way now, not by emotion, but just something way down in you? You feel like that God has give you Eternal Life? You feel like you're going out of the church tonight as a different person? Would you raise your hands back tonight? God bless you, son. God bless you, brother. God bless you, sister. God bless you. That's right. "I'll go from this church tonight a new person, newborn babes in the Kingdom of God."


E-11 So I think that's what pardon means: is completely erased, not just turn aside, and give something a try; but it's erased. It's gone, not turned aside, but it has been... We have... Through pardon, we are released, not by psychology. We're not released by a creed. We're not released by emotion. But we are released through the power of Calvary. We are pardoned, free. Oh, what it means to be free, a burden off your shoulders, out of your heart, a free person.


E-44 Did you know the sheep isn't asked to manufacture wool? No, he can't manufacture it. These gifts cannot be manufactured by emotion. This church cannot be manufactured by organization. A sheep bears wool because he is a sheep. He can't help bearing wool, for his whole system's made up to bear wool. We must be what we are inside, not something outside.

How can we know what's right and then speak something contrary? Did not Jesus say, "You hypocrites? How can you say good things, when out of the abundance of the heart speaketh the mouth." See? We must be sure that when we speak these things, that they're correct.


1131-314 Now, He changed that serpent in such a way (That had to be done.) that would confuse this generation, who's trying to find a bone that looks like some kind of an animal that was part man and part animal, to say there's where man... They've lost it from the chimpanzee; only the chimpanzee doesn't have an intelligence. The chimpanzee has not a soul; he cannot think. He just has... He--he can... Just a--a noise, and he can... A horse, "gee," "haw," or something like that... A dog, "Come here, Fido, do a trick. Jump over."... And setting blocks and things like that, they do that by emotion, by hearing, and things like that, and action; but to think and to understand, they can't. They don't know they're naked; they don't know the male and female, the difference, like that. They have no laws of such...?... See? They can't do it. The human being is the only one.

And the next one to the human being was the serpent. The Bible said he was the most subtle of all the beast of the field. Smarter, he--he--he'd almost had a soul. He had a place for a soul, but what did he do? He sold out to Satan to deceive God, try to. How many gets it now that far?


136 Then it was that the Cherubim took the tongs, and a coal of Fire from the altar, and touched them unclean lips, and turned him from a coward, or from a educated man, a teacher, to a prophet that the Word of God could speak through. Sure, while he was in the Presence of God, It was something different. That thirst that he'd had, had reached that place then, till he was filled with it.

And let me tell you, friend, I don't care how many churches you join, how many names you put on, which a way you go, and whether you're sprinkled, baptized, or whatever you are; until you meet that Person, Jesus Christ, that--that's the only thing that'll really satisfy.

Emotion won't do it; you might jump up-and-down and shout as long as you want to, or you might run up-and-down the floor, and you might speak in tongues as much as you want to. And them things are holy and good. I don't say--I don't say nothing against that. But until you meet that Person, that satisfying Portion, that Something that takes every fiber in your body, not by emotion, but by a satisfaction...


128 The Methodists thought when they shouted they had it, but they found out they were wrong. A lot of them shouted and didn't have it. The Pentecost come along; they spoke in tongues; they said "We got her," but they found out they were wrong. Many of them spoke in tongues had nothing. "Though I speak with tongue of men and Angels, and have not love, it profit me nothing." They didn't have It. That's right. That's the reason the whole world was deceived by it, and do the other thing. That isn't the answer. Not any fleshly demonstration or emotion, but something has happened in here that's changed your whole opinion, changed your whole nature. You are converted; not you, but Christ has come into you and converted you. Your nature's dead of the old man, and you're borned again, and you're a new man. Watch. Amen.


E-5 Listen. A few years ago some normal modern witch doctors said that, "Let that baby cry. Don't pick it up. That all... All things like that. Don't let grandma touch it." And you know what they hatched out? You see what it is? A juvenile delinquency, a bunch of neurotics. God made a baby to be loved. That's why He made a mother to love a baby. That's why we are--we're--we're supposed to be this a way. God made it that way. And any time that you upset God's program, you must remember, you're wrong and will be wrong, as long as, you're upsetting God's program. Follow God's program. Do it the way God said do it.

Now, the only way that that can be, just like you were born a sinner. And the only way that you can ever become anything else but a sinner; it's got to be another birth. You got to be born a Christian. If you were born a sinner, then you got to be born to be a Christian. And it's got to be something that takes place inside of you. And that's the same thing, has to take place in Divine healing. It has to be something take place, not just a work up or emotion; it's got to be something that actually happens, and you know it happens. See? It's not just, "Oh, well, I'll just think it this way and study it that way." That's doesn't do it. It's got to be something actually take place.


E-106 Friends, from that time, I've been a changed person. I don't know what you'll think about this, but with my hand on the Bible, that is true. That... Wherever it is... I don't know whether it was here, whether it was a vision. I never had one like it. And let's say it was a little translation. (I don't say it was.) Say my spirit went out and went there. I don't know what it was. If--if that's glorious under that first heaven, what must have Paul saw when he went to the third heaven and come back and said, "Eye has not seen; ear has not heard; neither has it entered the hearts of man what God has for them in store that love Him."

I've been more determined. I've... This is my second revival since then. I've been more determined to do everything that I can to persuade men and women--please be sure of this! If God's love doesn't anchor in your heart supremely, don't you take any sensation or emotion. You be sure that you--you can turn the other cheek, that it-- that God is--Christ is all in all to you. Don't you miss it, my brother.


E-43 Did you notice, they stayed with Him that night. And the next morning Andrew was so completely convinced till he wanted to find his brother. See? Now, that's the only way that I see for there to come a concern in the church, and back among the people, is to stay long enough until you're convinced that the program is right, and it's God, and not some mental illusion, or emotion, or--or psychology, or some workup. It's absolutely the baptism of the Holy Spirit that God promised to pour out in the last days.

That's the reason the seminaries are dropping off. They are seeing that all that they get, somehow or another it doesn't... It's always promising something that you never get to--something they promise, and just keep promising, and promising, and promising. You never get to it. "But the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to them that's far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call," Peter said on the day of Pentecost.

Now, it isn't just for a group way back in some other age; it's today. How far? As many as the Lord our God shall call. The signs was to follow the believer so that they'd know who they were--give an a-vindication of them that they were.


38-6 {241} Now, now, others go so far as to be fanatics. Now, they go on the other side. And they think just because that they jump up and down, or get some kind of a sensation or emotion, speak with tongues, or--or--or give a prophecy that happened to be right or something like that, they think that's it: that--they--they've got it, but it isn't.

Jesus said, "Many will come to Me in that day and say, 'Lord, have not I prophesied in Your Name; Your Name done many works and cast out devils?'" He say, "Depart, I never knew you." See? That isn't it. That isn't it, friends. That's the reason that tongues evidence... I believe in speaking in tongues, but I don't take it to be the only evidence of the Holy Spirit. No, sir. The fruit of the Spirit is the evidence. See? And now...


203 How on the day of Pentecost, they said, now like the Baptist today, the Presbyterian, and Methodist, I ask, "Do you believe you got the...?"

"Oh, yes, we accept it by faith." By faith, nothing. That isn't it. It's a sensation.

You like to see a sunset, and you stand and watch the sun go down, and cry, and tears run down. That ain't God. That's emotion from something that's in you. You hear of somebody being sick or someone dying, you scream out and cry, that's not God. That's human emotion. How God...


150 I used to say about, speaking down here, about an old spring I used to drink from. It was bubbling and jumping, and jumping and jumping, down around Milltown. I used to wonder why that spring jumped, so one day I set down there and was talking to it. Imagine a man talking to a spring? But I was talking to Nature Who made the spring. And I wondered, "What makes you so bubbly, so jumpy? Is it because that--that the children come here and drink from you, or I drink from you, or something?"

If the spring could've spoke back, he would say, "No, Billy, it isn't because that you drink from it. It isn't because anybody drinks from me. It's something down beneath me here, pushing me and making me bubble, and jump, and carry on like this."

And that's the way, every man or woman that's born of the Spirit of God. It's not you. It's not human emotion. It's because that the resurrection, or the power of God, is in that human life, and is pressing up into Everlasting Life, moving into Eternal Life. Something in here... You could not hold your peace if you had to. There's something within you.


E-33 Aaron when he went into the holiest of holies once a year, he had to wear a certain kind of a garment, and he had to be anointed, and he had to take blood with him. Is that right? And on the hem of his garment he had a pomegranate and a bell--a pomegranate and a bell; and as he walked he had to make that play "Holy, holy, holy unto the Lord."

And only way that they knowed that that man was still alive that God hadn't slayed him back there in behind the curtain is because that noise. They could hear the bell a ringing. I tell you; the only way I know there's any life in the church, when a little noise gets started somewhere, you know, just a little "amen" once in a while or a little something you know, make a little noise.

Some of them said, "Well, Brother Branham, it's emotional." Well, I can scientifically prove to you anything without emotion is dead. So if your religion hasn't got any emotion in it, bury the thing (That's right.) 'cause it's no good. It's dead.

So I can see now this Zacharias. Let's get a little drama here. He's down, him and his wife, they'd wanted a child for years and years, prayed, lived upright. Looked like the thing was just going to pass by; he wasn't going to get the baby. But it's just in the darkest of hour when Jesus comes, when God always answers.


E-63 O God, then let our hopes be built on nothing less than Jesus' Blood with righteousness; all around our soul gives way, then He's all of our hope and stay. For on Christ, the solid Rock, I stand; all other grounds is sinking sand. To know Him is Life, not to know the orders, to know Him, the Person.

I pray, Father, for ever sinner in the building today that You'll save them just now; and may they, without any emotion, without any contradiction from the devil, but may they with a true, unadulterated faith, believe what they've heard preached, and accept the Holy Spirit Who brought it. Grant it, Lord, for it's in His Name we ask it.


E-44 He has angels in charge. When He knew His Son was coming to the earth, He said, "Now look, there's a good man down there by the name of Zacharias. I want you to go down and stand by him, and I want you to speak to him." And I can see Zacharias go in now. He's down at--at the temple, and he's making his wave here before the altar, burning incense. The people in the congregation was praying. And as he turned, there stood Gabriel (Oh, my.) standing by his side, said, "Zacharias, fear not!" Hallelujah. That's the Word: "Fear not."

You got faith in God, stand pat, God will do it. Now, I'm not excited, I just feel a little good. See? Notice, I get a little noisy, but I don't mean nothing by it. If you felt like I did, you'd be noisy too maybe.

Look. All right. I can prove anything without emotion is dead. So your religion hasn't got any emotion about it, bury it somewhere and get one that's got some life in it. Amen. That's right.


E-70 Friends, only by the brooding or the cooing of the Holy Spirit can you ever do it. Will God ever promise to raise you up, as you listen to His Voice, that still small voice that speaks in the depths of your soul.

And, friend, in closing, just one moment longer, and I want you to be thinking deeply and sincerely. We're going to leave one day. And why, oh, please tell my why would you try to accept any counterfeit, any church theology, any intellectuals, any emotion, anything contrary, when the Pentecostal sky's are full of the genuine blessings?

The real Spirit of God that controls you and makes you a real Christian, you don't have to impersonate a thing, you just be a child of the living God. Why? Tell my why would you try to accept anything different, when God is willing, and waiting, and has brought you this far, and then trying to make love to you through the Holy Spirit, would you accept the declaration of creeds and so forth to try to get you to heaven, or some fantastic of mental emotion which is not even recognized in the Bible? Won't you receive it?

Oh, people of God, to your knees and to your God. May God have mercy is my prayer, while we pray.


33 And we people as we come on, we Lutheran want to walk by faith, we Methodists want to shout to get It, you Pentecostals want to speak with tongues to get It, but that's ten million miles from It.

It is a Divine revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Person of His Being made manifest in the heart, "Upon this rock I'll build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." It works perfect with Matthew 24--5:24--or St. John 5:24, "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life; and shall never come into condemnation, but has passed from death unto Life." Not because you had any move, any emotion; but because you have been the privilege of having Christ revealed to you from heaven, "Upon this rock I'll build My Church."

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