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E-11 Now, I notice you've preached of fanaticism. God bless your heart, brother, I'm finding plenty of it (That's right.), of pure fanaticism. And it's only the works of the devil to hinder everything he can against God. That's right.


E-45 And there may be the man setting in this building right now that's Divine prophet is coming. He may raise; he may claim things. There's lots of fanaticism usually follows these things. Beware of it. I'm warning you before it comes. But God will testify of His gift. Is that right? He will testify of it.


E-26 And today, if Jesus had've never been thought of in the world, He had never been here, and would come on the scene today, they would probably class it right down with a bunch of fanaticism. Is that right?


122 Heavenly Father, O Jesus, I'm looking forward for a great hour. I see it coming. I see there's no hope nowhere else. I see the age a-moving up. I see the great red lights of communism, swaying around over the earth. I see the formal churches taking their stands against Your Church, trying to condemn them, saying, "Divine healing's wrong. It's a bunch of fanaticism." A bill in our own White House to close It down...

Oh, but, God, the other day, setting there and seeing those saintly people, all illuminated with the power of God; looking upon their faces and seeing the glory of God they could be like the Hebrew children at the fiery furnace. "We'll never bow down. No. Our God's able to deliver us. You'll come quickly, Lord Jesus."


E-31 Now, oh, I just love Him. One of these days when I come back from overseas, if God permits, I just want to cross across the country holding revivals somewhere, just taking the Word, and--and preaching the Word, and calling for sinners; where we just have to talk on Jesus, simple as--as rough as corn bread and molasses, but it--it--it'll... It's good. Am... It's--it's right. What you know, tell what you know anyhow.

Now. Now, remember, I say this, I ha... Remember, no difference with the denominations. Whether you belong to the one church or the other church, that's just organizations that's got together to keep out a lot of fanaticism and things, which is a very good thing. I'm not against the organization. No, sir. But I'm against them barriers that keeps the organization away from somebody else. That's--that's the thing it is. See? It's to keep you from having fellowship one with another.


26 We find out that Judas Iscariot come right down, and went out and rejoiced and preached the Gospel, come back, hollering and shouting, and having a big time with the rest the disciples. Saint Matthew, the 10th chapter. But he followed the disciples right along, yet the incarnated devil, and come right along; as Jesus was the incarnated God; the Cain and the Abel from the garden of Eden. But when it come time for him to go up to Pentecost and get the blessing, he showed his color.

And when you go to talking about being born again, receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost, nine times out of every ten, them spirits will show their colors, what they are. They'll say, "That's a bunch of fanaticism. Leave it away." Brother, it's God's provided way for man today. Hallelujah.


102 And today, the Methodists, the Baptists, the Lutheran, the Pentecostals, everywhere around, if you don't watch out, friends; the real Cornerstone, you're rejecting It, and the Cornerstone in the building of this spiritual house is the Holy Spirit. You're afraid of It. You're afraid of fanaticism. I know we got a lot of old scarecrows and mockery. Why, if there wasn't that, there wouldn't be a real One. But there's a genuine article of the Holy Spirit in the baptism. That's true. All right. And now they've rejected It, say, "Oh, we can't do that. Oh, well, we can't have That, Brother Branham."


54 Them same demons live today. So there is a lot of fanaticism. This is the church this evening. There's a lot of fanaticism in the land today, called Divine healing, that ought to be shut up. That's what brings reproach upon the real cause. That's why you have such a hard struggle. There's a lot of stuff called religion today that ought to be shut up: nothing but cults. That's what makes the true church of God have such a hard struggle with it. But we're America (See?), and that's the way it'll be. God says the wheat and creepers and briars grow together. Don't try to pluck them up. Let them grow together, but by their fruits you know them. There's no fruits, why, there's no life, there's nothing there.


E-36 Now, notice this. When Moses said... They told him to speak to the rock and it would bring forth the waters. Now, the carnal mind looked at that rock, and it was the driest place in the desert, just about like the Holy Ghost Church today. "Why," they said, "if God would ever do any gifts, He sure wouldn't send them


E-52 But looky here. That man said that... 'cause he was trying to bypass the Divine healing program that was on the air... I know there is a lot of fanaticism in it, and I know there's a lot of fanaticism in the other. So it's just six of one and a half a dozen of the other. That's right.

They said, "Brother Branham, since you got started, they have campaigns, everybody's a Divine healer." That's all right. Look at Billy Graham. Look at the Billy Grahams that run across the country too. Look at the rest of them. Brother, they've got it too, so don't you worry. That's right.


E-27 Listen, there's been many false impersonations of that. I'll admit that. There's been many fanatics went out, but it's only the devil trying to put a blinder. There's a real genuine Holy Spirit to perform signs and wonders, and it's the day and the hour has arrived. It's the devil's business to put out those things. He did it in--before the coming of Jesus. Don't you remember the great talk of Gamaliel, when there was one raised up named Justus or Jesus, that led four hundred people out into the wilderness and they all perished?

But there was coming a real Jesus. And the real Jesus arrived on the scene. No matter how many fanatics come in the first place and trying to do this and do that to impersonate, it only was a signpost that the real genuine Jesus was coming. Then when He come, they recognized Him. Many of them who were waiting, they recognized him. And today, we've had a lot of fanaticism out under the name of this, that, and the other, but it's only been a signpost to point that the real Lord Jesus and the real Holy Ghost revival would be here soon. And we've lived in it. We're in it now. You're setting in it this afternoon. It's all around you.


163 I stand up and see a lot of fanaticism raise up, and acts like, and mock, and make fun like that. Not making fun, but they go out and bring reproach, actually a reproach: stand in the church and speak in tongues, and go out, and pout and fuss, and go away, for the next revival, and come back in. That's not God. That's right. No, sir. By your fruits you're known.

I don't care. Then you can present the truth to them, and say, "Here It is, THUS SAITH THE LORD."

And a man looks at That; he's afraid of It. He walks away and say, "Oh, I don't believe it anyhow." Brother, you've sinned against the Holy Ghost. You've done something that you'll never be forgiven for, till you come make that thing right.


196 Look at them same old devils live today. Why, sure. They live today. "Well, my mother was Catholic. And my mother was Presbyterian. And I'll tell you; if was good for mother..."

Mother walked in what light she had, but the day has come when the Gospel Light is shining. Theology of Christian churches is dying. It's failed. God's taking you now to reveal Himself again through His Church, the resurrected Body of the Lord Jesus Christ: resurrected out of church-anity; resurrected out of cold formal churches; resurrected out of fanaticism. God's bringing forth a bunch of bones and putting skin on it in the power of the Holy Ghost that'll bring the Gospel in this last days with signs and wonders to the end of the world. They'll teach the Bible. They'll stand by It. They'll live by It. They'll not compromise right or left. That's right. They'll stand right on the Word and move on. And God will be with them daily, confirming the Word, with signs and wonders following. Hallelujah. All you morning stars, rise and shine. Hallelujah.


E-30 I know it sounds rough, and sounds like fanaticism, but so many people's so afraid of fanaticism you miss the real thing. Did you always realize that scarecrows are put up around the good apple tree? There ain't a lot of scarecrows... What's a scarecrow is for is to scare you away from the real thing. Move on around them. Way on back there, there's a right genuine Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost filled believers. Signs and wonders and vindications of a supernatural God, a King in the camp, that's what made the difference between Israel and Moab. That was the difference.


E-13 Just like in the healing services, when the people come to the platform, maybe sometime prostitutes, drunkards, and so forth... It's hard, when you see that woman's life out yonder, in ill-fame and so forth, I have to speak that right out before her friends. But what's truth is truth. We've... Truth either binds or sets free. That's right. And so, we must know the truth, and it is the truth.

We can bring... God can do something in America, and I--and the first thing you know, there's so much false impersonation over it... They can start a move of God; and I tell you: it becomes after while, runs into a bunch of fanaticism. That's the truth, friends, if I ever told it.


E-93 But if It would just tell her what she's here for. Would the whole group of you believe that I've told the truth. That would be God saying it's the truth. Now, a man can come by here and tell you anything in the world, make up some kind of fanaticism, do anything he wants to, that... He could do that, tell you that. That don't make it so. But when God comes back around and says that's the truth, then you'd better believe it. 'Cause that--not to believe that is sin.


E-81 Oh, we got a lot of fanaticism. I'll admit that, friend. But we have to have that. Remember, scarecrows is around the best apple tree. So now just remember, Jesus Christ is still the Son of God, and those things has to happen. The Gospel cannot be preached without observation; we know that. The Bible said so. So don't look at that; look at Jesus. It's Light; the evening time's here now.


E-45 Jesus' death only... If it only took away part sin, if it ever taken away... Some people say, "Well, you should live a better life, turn a new page, this is New Years." Oh, how many resolutions did you make, and all of you broke them? It'll never work. It's a dying out and a rebirth, a regeneration, a new--new creature in Christ Jesus. That's what the world needs today. That's what the Church needs today, is an old-time, apostolic, God-shaken, Holy Ghost revival. That's right. I don't mean in a bunch of fanaticism. I don't believe in a bunch of emotional, worked-up, but I mean a real, true, Blood born salvation that sets men free from sin, and makes him a new creature in Christ. Amen. You know that's the truth.


E-51 God's always had a provided way of escape for those who want to escape. And this Angel came down and troubled the water. You think people believed that? Why, no. The big high-ups said, "That's a bunch of fanaticism; that's just the wind blowing." What is a troubled water? You people ought to know, these, all these lakes here. It's a wind blowing one way, a current coming, and the wind blowing it back this way troubles it. It's a dangerous water. But the Lord sent an Angel down and did that.

Now, here comes Jesus, garments full of virtue, walking right down through all those people. And many of you people who read history, it said by some to the writers, that when that Angel would trouble that water, then the first one stepping in, what happened? Listen close now. All the virtue of the Angel went off the water, the first one got healed. Think of it, they waited month after month, waiting for it to return.

But the first one getting in the water with faith, got healed. And the rest... The Angel's virtue left the water. That's the reason Jesus said, "I got weak." People don't understand. No need of trying to understand it; you can't; you got to believe it. Wish we had time to go into it; we haven't. But that's the []... will come again.


69 Like the great water lily. The little, tiny seed born way down in the bottom of a miry, mucky, dirty, frog-scummy pond, and it winds its way up through the muck, through all the mud and all the scum, and becomes the finest thing that you ever looked into the face of, with a radiance like the sunshine.

So is the Church of the living God, that's been born down in the mud of fanaticism and chaos. But she's wound her way through the grime until she's on top of the thing, just waiting for her wings for the flight. "Many shall run to and fro; and the people that know their God shall do exploits in that day." God's revelations to His Church... Set still, little Flock, positionally stay where you are. As Sister Gertie and Sister Angie used to sing here, "Keep holding on." Don't worry. God is waiting, and trying, and pressing to get at the mystery of God revealed to His Church. That's what's a-holding back the coming of Christ now and the great Millennium, is this great supernatural power that really lays dormant in the Church.


E-44 You know, when you go to choose your pastor, usually the people choosing their pastor, they want to choose a good mixer. "Oh, we want a fellow that's sociable, that can do this and do that." God don't call for that kind of man. God calls for separators. Separate, come out from among them; separate yourself.

You take a lot of times people choosing their pastor. I know you do it here. Done it in America they got a lot of Hollywood evangelism, little sissified boys that's ashamed to say what truth is. And a lot of pastors are afraid to tell people where they're standing on account of their meal ticket.

Brother, what we need today is to take off your coat, roll up your sleeves and preach the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit. I don't need a bunch of fanaticism. I need an old fashion Holy Ghost, God-sent revival. That's what the world needs, not so much of this Hollywood carry-on. Call God's Word right and devil's wrong. Make it right and wrong.

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