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E-57 Every one be real reverent. And now, there might be some strangers that has not heard as yet the operation of the Spirit of God that was delivered this ministry to me. It was given by an Angel when I was borned. It manifested Itself three years ago. It always followed me, made me know that It was near. Then It came to me, It was a man. He's been seen in the meetings many times. Big, large man, weigh about two hundred pounds, has dark hair to His shoulder. Testifying when He come, He said, "I'm sent from the Presence of God to tell you your peculiar birth and life is to indicate that you're take a gift of healing to the peoples of the world." And begin to tell me different things would happen.

I told Him that I was uneducated and wasn't able to go. He told me I'd be given two signs.

I said, "The people will not believe me, because I'm not educated sufficient to speak to people."

He said, "You'll be given two signs, as was the prophet Moses." He said, "One sign will be that you're to--you'll detect diseases through your hand. When the people contact you, well you'll be able to tell them what diseases they have through a supernatural discernment." And then said, "If you'll be sincere, then it will come to pass that you'll tell the people the secrets of their hearts, and the things that they've done in life that might've hindered their healing, and so forth."


E-64 Good evening, lady. You believe with all your heart? You're trying to, aren't you, sister? Yes. Yes, ma'am. Well, do not fear. You're surprising yourself. There's been a time in your life lady, where you've been hindered. There's been many things that's bothered you. You're a tubercular case, aren't you? You suffer with tubercular. And you've had lots of trouble. You have. And you've--you've tried to have faith. Say, you--you belong to the Holiness people, the Pentecostal people, or something. Isn't that right? I seen you in the services where you're rejoicing.


E-52 Now, if I wanted my hand to receive life again, is to loose this transparent band here, circulation. If nature's not hindered, why, it'll function all right. Is that right? Well, that transparent band has got everything cut off and so nature can't function. Move the band, it won't... Might not be well right then, but it'll get well; give it a chance. And if the devil is gone out, the man can hear. That nerve becomes active again. See? And the Bible said it was a spirit. When the deaf and dumb spirit went out of the man, he could speak and hear. Is that right? All right.


E-26 I'm going to try tonight, even though if I see visions, I'm going to try kept it to my... close my eyes, or do something, until I absolutely bring the person up here, and pray for them, and let them go off the platform. See? I'm going to try to do that tonight, and pray for everybody as long as I can stand here to do so--to pray for everybody.

Now, if... now, if He speaks it right out to me, I--I can't help it. You see? If it's something I believe in the person's life that that absolutely... If a sinner would happen to get in that line or something, I believe God would speak that sinner out. Uh-huh. If I'd see that, I'd probably call it out (See?), or something that I thought that would hindered you some way, I'd call that.

Otherwise I'm going to try, if God will help me. See, if God will help me, just to not saying nothing about the vision, but pray for the person.

And I want everyone that comes in this line, to do me this one favor, if you will. I want you to just be truthful before God. And if there is a change in your conditions within the next twenty-four hours...


E-2 And before we go any farther, we are not people of form, we just do as the Spirit leads. And it's yet early yet, and maybe people yet gathering; the storm, of course, has probably hindered some of our people tonight. But I would like to introduce to this audience, to have just a word or two for us, if he would, one of my close bosom friends, a second father to me on this earth. My father died when I was young. And Brother Bosworth has been like another father to me. He's been lovely; he's been a help to me. And he's... A many, a many meeting have we stood side by side. And I seen this patriarch of the faith stand at the post of duty.


E-17 So then we believe that we are... This is the confidence we have in God that we get what we ask for, for He's God, and cannot take back His Word. He's got to stay with His Word.

So then, "If ye abide in Me and My Words abide in you, ask what you will, and it'll be given unto you." Isn't that simple? Faith created. We was made for that purpose. Then through the fall, why, we was taken away from that, and then in redemption we was brought back to it again.

And the only thing that hindered the human race today from being superior and controlling like they did in the beginning is because that the power lines of the outlet of God made in the human being has been clogged up.


E-18 Oh, see what I mean? The Holy Ghost. Remember the story about the opossum last night? Praying for the sick, how it has an affect. Prayer of faith shall save the sick. And many times through vision, He'd come and have me to pray for people. And that's the reason I think by not giving the people a chance to come through, be prayed for, well, it's--it hindered a whole lot. And so I'm going to try start doing that, if I have to use certain nights in the meeting for that purpose.


E-13 Many times that we let the world slip in. That's what's the matter with our churches today; we kindy let down a little bit here and there. The devil has come in from one place to the other, taking a little bit, slip in here, just a little of this place here and a little place here. And the first thing you know, it's got the whole thing in a confusion. But what I pray to God, that during the time of this old fashion rally, that we're having here, that men will forget all their traditions, all the things that has hindered, and lay aside every weight, and come back to an old fashion meeting, where people will be born again. I pray that God will give us hundreds of Spirit filled people at the altar there praying through to God over sinners and things that comes in during this meeting. Oh, what a difference.


E-37 And my brother, don't you be afraid to ask God anything. You must demand God, or ask God for anything that He has promised. For if I am introducing a God that's omnipotent and all powerful, and if I be a servant of God, I must do the works of God. And if I do the works of God, I must be man of God to bring these things to pass, because He's demanding of me to produce the impossible. I have to ask Him. I have to call upon Him and stand there and say, "God, You promised it"; so do you, every person.

"You shall receive power (Acts 1:8) after the Holy Spirit is come upon you." After the Holy Spirit is come upon you, after you're robed as a Christian, after your faith is set in Christ, then you shall receive power. There you are. Yes.

And, brother, sister, every one at that morning... May I say this before praying for the sick, may I say this, by God's help, you pray for me as I stood ten years ago at this platform preaching on David and Goliath. Now, it isn't that Goliath that's hindered me. God has slayed him before me. But the thing that's hindering me is the lack of faith, the lack of something that I knowed was around. And this morning before this little tabernacle again, I'm screaming, "Where is the God Who gave this promise? Where is the God Who met with us yonder? Come forward, God, and give me a courage, give me a strength, and give me a determined mind, regardless of what comes or goes, whether it looks dark, or whether it looks, whatever it looks like, move on; the promise is true."

GOD.MAKING.HIS.PROMISE_ BROOKLYN.NY SUNDAY_ 56-1209A E-5 Now, this afternoon, I have... It's a... We're don't have much speaking time left, and it's late, and it's not only late, but it's bad outside. It's hindered us a whole lot today, I'm sure.


E-101 Now, what it is, the Bible said that it's a blind spirit. How many knows that? The Bible said, "It's a deaf spirit, a dumb spirit." Is that right? Why, the spirit has cut off the circulation. Now, remove that, 'course it'll be sore a little bit, but circulation starts back. If nature's not hindered, it'll work perfect. The devil hinders nature. And when it does, there it is. Then move the cause; the cure is sure. Is that right?

Now, when the blind spirit went out, she could see; that's all. If she'll keep believing... Now, in about twenty-four hours, she'll be seeing better all the time. Then about seventy-two hours, she may go totally blind again. Then after that, if she'll just keep on believing, then it'll start coming back and be normal again. All right, if she'd just believe, don't doubt, but have faith.


E-65 And how He made Hisself manifested there to the Jews, and they with the spiritual revelation. And Nathanael saw it. Peter saw it. The apostles saw it. They said, "That's the Son of God." But what did the educated Pharisees and Sadducees say?

Now, I'm not trying to make crutches for my ignorance, but speaking... Education is a wonderful thing, but it's been the greatest hindrance the Gospel's ever had. There'd never been a barroom that hindered the Gospel like a somebody that's got more education than they got common gumption to know how to control it. That's right. You get so educated, you know more than God knows about it. Just take it the way it's written and believe it. That's the way God wants you to do it.


E-37 By the way, speaking of that paint on the face, you Pentecostal women used to not do that. What happened? I'm just asking you. What happened? You did run well, what hindered you? Did your pulpit get weak? Then put him out and get a pastor will preach the truth. If your denomination let--lets you down, get to another denomination. Certainly.

Listen, sister, I don't meant to hurt you. I just come back from Africa and in the heathen land. It's--that is a heathen trait. The Hottentots in--of Africa, that's where painting come from: heathens. It's a sign of heathenism. And it's condemned by God. A pretty face ain't what God looks for; it's a pretty soul that He looks for.


E-51 What about you Church of God? What about you Assemblies of God? Why, you stood on the corner, a little tambourines and everything else, and would've died for the cause. And now you won't walk across the street for the cause. Amen. What's happened? You did run well, what hindered you? It's become so common to you. You believe it all, sure, but it doesn't thrill you any more. It's so common. God's so good to you, and you don't realize it.


E-12 That is the great need the world is dying for, and God is love. Now, you find in the church that what hindered the church has been the wrong conception of love.

Now, love... There is two different types of love that's real love. One of them in the Greek word is called "Agapao." That's God's love. And then a perverted love from that is "Phileo" love, which means "human love."

"Phileo" comes from the word "fellowship." The Phileo love is what you have for your wife. And a man might flirt with her or insult her and you'd shot his brains out over it. That's what Phileo love will do. It accompanies jealousy. And many other things goes with it.

But Agapao love would make you pray for his sinful soul. That's the difference between the two loves. God's love is the beginning of love. It's the fountain of love. And the church today is lacking in that, that real Agapao love that makes you have love for your enemy.


E-31 And then there was another great decision had to be made. Then after she was given, then the parents said, "Well, I would... Just let her stay around about ten days." Let her hang around the revival to really feel whether she has decided to do it or not. I haven't got much confidence in a person make a decision to wait even until tomorrow.

But the message had stirred Rebekah. She was satisfied the message was from God.

So the parents said, "Oh, let her stick around awhile. She'll get over it. It's just a little excitement. She was over to that revival, you know, and..."

But, oh, Then the--the true servant said, "Don't--don't weary us. Don't hinder me." A lot of the servants of God has been hindered by put-off decisions. "Don't hinder me, seeing that the Lord has sent me, seeing that he's been good to me. Don't hinder me."

Then they said, "Let her make her own decision." That's where you stand tonight. Make your own decision.

Then they called Rebekah and said, "Will you go with this man, or do you want to stay around a little while to see whether you really want to do it."

She said, "I will go." She was ready. Her decision was quickly made. She knowed there'd Something been leading her. She knowed something had happened to her. And she knew that It was God, and she was satisfied. She wanted to go quickly.

So she put on her garment. And she got all the gifts that was sent to her by the father to meet the son. Oh, God, if the Church could only make that decision right quick. Put on all of her gifts, and she climbed up on the camel and took out.


E-14 "Oh," I said, "the welfare of your wife."

And he said, "Brother Branham..." Told me the story. Said, "She's real bad with TB."

I said, "Why did she doubt it?"

He said, "Well, Brother Branham, it lingered so long; she begin to doubt."

I said, "I don't care how much she doubts. I saw that vision. She was holding a great big plumpy baby boy. And it shall come to pass regardless of what she says or what she thinks, because God's already said so. A vision cannot be hindered."


E-75 A lady had a spastic baby over there, the other night, in emergency room. And I prayed for the little fellow; I told her; I said, "Like a stalk of corn coming up, if nothing bothers it, it'll produce a stalk of corn, good and straight, and a good ear. If a vine wraps around it, a clog lays over it, sticks, it'll crook. Well, that's the way spastic or anything else is. There's something hindered it. Well, if you can move the hindrance, the thing will grow straight."

Now, a lot of people say, "Well, I don't see any difference now." That don't have anything to do with it, not a thing. Pull the clod off the corn, it don't straighten up, right now. Just give it a chance. Laying in the warm sun, rain, watch it come right out straight. So will you do the same thing. You just believe it. It's God. One, all life but that life, is botany life which comes forth by the S-U-N, but Eternal Life come through the S-O-N (Is that right?), Son of God.


135 Now, what a great leader Joshua became, never losing a battle 'less something went wrong in the church. When Achan took a wedge, it wasn't Joshua's shape or faith that did it. It was he took a Babylonian garment and a wedge of gold out of the camp. And when he did, it--it hindered the whole battle.

When one member suffers, all members suffers. What God's coming to one of these days, brother, is a church without spot or wrinkle, coming to a Spirit-filled church that's Divinely love of God, so welded their heart together, that they'll walk as one.


16-6 Here, see what it's covered over with? You say, "Well now, uh..." You say, "Well, these conscience, and senses, and so forth don't have anything to do with it, Brother Branham?" Certainly it does. But if you let the Word come in and cover it over with conscience, then it can't grow; it'll be a deformed word. Did you ever see a good grain of corn planted in the ground and let a stick fall over it, it'll grow crooked. Anybody, anything that grows up will, because something has hindered it.

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