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E-11 And a minister in Houston, Texas, challenged me on the Scripturalness of Divine healing being in the Bible, taught for this day. I would not... I have nothing to say into it at all.

And there... They... Of course, they keep me away in the room, 'cause I must be by myself and pray through the day. If I don't, I don't' see visions. I don't see what's going to happen.

And then, that day, I'd been in prayer. The reporters, newspaper reporters... I do not talk to reporters; my managers talk to the reporters, newspaper reporters, and magazines, and so forth. And so... Not as I have anything against them, it's just that I must spend my time with Him if I must meet His people.


E-64 How beautiful that is of the Holy Spirit, our sustaining strength to carry the Church on. If they failed to eat manna, they died. And if we fail to eat on the Holy Ghost, we die. If we fail to pray through daily, all the time, keep under the Blood, you'll wither up and die in your Christian experience.

TESTIMONY.AND.INSIDE.LIFE_ CLEVELAND.OH WEDNESDAY_ 50-0823 E-32 And I knelt down in the room and had prayer in the room, and that broke up that sew-and-sew circle after that. That's right. And I asked God to save that bunch of sinners. That's--that's right. I don't know whether it had any effect or not; I may have to wait until eternity, but I did my part. Right.

Oh, my. "Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof, from such, turn away." Get away from it. Stay away from it. Get out to God, and pray through to God, and stay right with God. Live for God.


E-16 And when you see these crowds gathering, that doesn't mean revival; that's just a gathering. But a revival is when people get really right with God, and pray through, and starts a revival throughout the city, and everything. You see? They put away sin, put away their iniquity, and...?... turn to God, turn around and start back again (See?), the road. Now, I trust it'll be that way in this city.


E-5 I hear that some gallant men did something here about the expense on this auditorium. How I thank you, my brothers. God bless you.

We're never out to receive finance, never. If I ever get that in my--my mind, God help me to act gentlemen enough about me to walk off the field and pray through till God gets my heart right with Him, again. See? It's not that. But we are a little bit desperately needy now. It's true, 'cause I was out of the service for about seven months. Went several hundreds of dollars in debt, and I've got to get that up. And then I've got to make up my budget for overseas where I know a vision is calling me. And I believe when it's all made up, then God will let me go.


E-54 Heavenly Father, now may Your Holy Spirit move in a miraculous way. God knows there's people laying on the gift tonight. There's cots and wheelchairs coming in. O God, may they...?... and go home. May they go home walking, and leaping, praising God. And may, because of this peculiar situation just here, may there be something happen tonight, Lord, that will start this, a revival rolling in this city, that... It won't take Thy servant, dear Lord, or the Holy Spirit will be here. If they'll just pray through tonight, and get the victory, and tomorrow morning may they be on the street testifying, and walking up-and-down the street, glorifying God. And may there be an old fashion revival break out here that would save every bootleg joint. And God, close up these places that's open tonight, and make mother's daughters become Christians, and those daughters that's walking the streets, and the way they're doing; God, may there be something happen before judgment comes. Grant it, Lord.


50 Now, want you to watch. God's way led right up that gangplank. I can see Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, walking the death march. I can hear Shadrach say, "Abednego, did you pray through?"


"All right, then."

"Are you sure you're in God's way?"

"Yes, sir. And God said in His Word for us not to bow to idols, and we won't do it. God is able to deliver us from this fiery furnace. But if He don't, what of it. We're not going to bow down. We're going God's provided way."

I can hear somebody say, "Are you sure you got His provided way?"

"Yes." Hallelujah.

Some say, "Well, don't you think all them people possibly could be right, instead of you?"

"No, sir. The Bible said so, and we're staying with It." Right up that gangplank they go. I can... The heat just so... The intense heat was almost... It did kill the men that brought them up.


122 I like that. Go forward and don't stop. Just keep going. That's right.

The trouble of it is, we stop and talk to too many people. We stop for too many social parties. We have so much sew-and-sew, and organize a stitching party, you know, "Stitch-and-sew and talk about Miss So-and-so." You know how it is. All these different things come into the church, when you ought to throw all that gully-wash out, and have an old fashion, God-sent revival. Pray through, till you've bashed heavens down and the Holy Ghost comes like a rushing mighty wind and fills the place and the people. Amen. That's what we need.

She said, "Don't you stop."


54-264 Now, these had the Holy Ghost; and these were sanctified. These were sanctified plus the Holy Ghost, believing all the phenomenals and everything of God's power. Everything God spoke of here, they had it, believing it. These were taken out.

And these said, "Give us, to us, now..."

Said, "We just got enough to get in with," and away they went in the rapture.

And it said, "Go buy some from those who sell to you," they said. And they went to try to pray through then, to receive the Holy Ghost, but the Gentile dispensation had been finished and the persecution rose. And He said, "They were cast into outer darkness where there'll be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth." But in the second resurrection they'll be the sheep that's separated from the goats, but never the Bride, never the elect. That's the remnant of the seed of the woman.


82 Now, now we might as well get started right here, notice, a good place to start from.

When a little confusion comes in the church, you don't run over to one side and pout now. If you are, you sure ain't a priest. See, you pray through: spiritual sacrifice, the fruits of our lips giving praise to His Name. See what I mean?

"Well," you say, "I just don't feel like going to church." But you're a priest. It's your duty. You've got to be there.

"Well, I just don't feel like taking a part in the service." You're a priest, making a sacrifice, a spiritual sacrifice, not giving somebody some hand-me-down, as they call it today. That's all good, I have nothing against it. Not going to get somebody to come to church; that's all good; I have nothing against it. But it's you, you making the spiritual sacrifice, the fruits of your lips giving praise to His Name.

When you see the time coming that everybody blaspheming and saying these things, and doing things wrong, what do you do, walk away? You're supposed to stand there with a spiritual sacrifice, saying, "The Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin, makes me a new creature in Christ Jesus."

"You're crazy, fellow!"

"According to what you say. It's all right. But to me it's the power of God unto salvation. I believe It." See?

Now, you say you believe in Divine healing? "Oh, uh, I don't believe... Better ask our pastor."

What do you think about it? You're the priest now. You're the guy to say, "Yes, sir. I believe It, because God's Word says it's so."

"Do you believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

"Yes, sir!"

"How do you know?"

"I've received It." That's right. A spiritual blessing... The Holy Spirit that fell on the apostles, the same Holy Spirit falls now.

You say, "Just for the apostles?" We'll settle that in a little while, see whether it was or not.


E-68 Not when you're at church doing a novena, not when you're saying a hail Mary, but when Christ give you the baptism of the Holy Ghost and accepted you into the beloved, He sealed you there until the day of your redemption. If you're riding on a road, in a airplane, wherever it is, you are perfected, and until the day of your redemption. And every man and woman that's born of the Spirit of God has no more desire of sin. Sin has passed from him, and his whole motive is to do the will of God. If you have any more motive besides that, brother, it's time for you to find a place at the altar and pray through, 'cause you're only... The devil's a bluffing you.


E-70 And every man that's ever borned of the Spirit of God, takes on a nature that he can't digest the world no more. "For if you love the world, or the things of the world, the love of God's not even in you." And, brother, if you still love the world and professing to be God's child, for the sake of your own soul, find a place at the altar and pray through until God takes the world out of you. For He has perfected forever those that are sanctified or cleaned by the Holy Spirit, then we are in perfection.


E-57 Paul later on, how many we could call of the character and such things happening with the saints. Paul was out on a little old ship. He told them not to loose from Crete. But they went out there. And fourteen days and nights, every hope that they'd ever be saved was gone. The ship was water-logged. And there it was bouncing through the waters, the people screaming. They wouldn't eat. Knowing that they'd never see their wives and families again.

Paul, just as scared as the rest of them, walking about with chains on him. Any minute the old ship would capsize and go over. That'd be the end of it. No moon and stars, fourteen days and nights, her pitching back and forth in the storm, no way to hold it nor nothing...

Little old Paul thought perhaps he'd pray through, for he... All hopes was gone. He was a man. No matter how much he was acquainted with God, all hopes is gone.


And I said, "You get that bunch of lukewarm church members down to the altar and let them pray through, till the Holy Ghost sets their soul afire, there'll be no signing cards. God's in their heart, God goes to church. He loves to worship. Amen.


E-26 The same Light that made a path for Israel to walk in, blinded the eyes of Pharaoh. The very same waters of judgment that drowned the whole world, saved Noah the preacher of righteousness. The very Holy Ghost that you laugh at, and make fun of, and power of Divine healing, will take the Church in the rapture someday and leave you here to go through the judgment. Amen. Think of it. What a day it'll be when you spurn mercy. Jesus said, "They'll say, "Give us some of your oil."

Say, "Go buy."

And while they were gone, trying to pray through, the Bridegroom come. And there was weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Don't be in that crowd. Come, go along, walk in the Light, as He's in the Light. And you have fellowship one with another while the Blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, cleanses us from all unrighteousness, gives us fellowship one with another.


E-34 I think that's what's the matter with our church today. We got to many of those layovers. That's right. Some people just eat enough manna to make them right good and hungry for some more. Before one revival to another one, you have to go out and get renewed again.

Oh, brother, why don't you stop that nonsense and come into the holiest of holies by the Blood of the Lord Jesus. Every bit of manna outside of here just lets you last for tonight or tomorrow; next week it won't work. It dries up overnight. But if you'll ever consecrate yourself to come into where the manna stays fresh, day in and day out, year in and year out, in the holiest of holies...

You can meet that man that's ever walked in there... I don't care if he hasn't been in revival for six months; he's just as sweet as he was the day he was in the revival. That's right. You can meet him on a shouty day or a cloudy day, or whatever you want to; he's just the same, because he's living in the glory of God. He's living where the manna's fresh all the time, where it isn't a burden to get out and pray through today and pray through tomorrow.

Brother, stay with Him all the time in the holiest of holies. "Can a person live that way?" Absolutely. That's what Jesus died for. Amen.


E-24 So in that time of fellowship and communion, that's where God spoke to me. That's the way we want to just get into the spirit of it. You like to pray through and get in the Spirit? That's the only way you can do it. Shut yourself off from the rest of the world and get alone with God. And the reason that you like to do that, because when the first couple came on earth, Adam and Eve, that's what they did.

In the cool of the evening they come in from their vineyards and got down under the trees, the great cathedral as it was, and as the sun, perhaps, was setting streaking down through the bushes God came down in the cool of the evening and fellowshipped with Adam and Eve. Oh, my. That comes right on down. Knowing yet when you get in contact with God... And men when you come in contact with your friend, and God is your Friend. So you love to commune with Him and talk with Him.


160 That night he went home, said, "Oh, Jochebed, think of it, we're going to have a baby. Oh, and he's going to be the deliverer. God's going to send him. Oh, it's going to be wonderful.

"Oh, but I'm so..."

"Oh, quit worrying. Quit worrying. My, God's on the--God's on the hearing end now. God's got ears; God can hear. God has got hands; He can deliver." Said... Oh, he had a lot of faith.

You know when you pray through, you get an answer, you really get a lot of faith then. Oh. Did you ever pray for anything that you knowed God was going to do it for you? You little girls do that, and you little boys? Yeah, Sure. That's when you--that's when you know it's going to happen. All right.


E-48 Watch, it's a sign. The Pentecostal just lay...?... "Oh, isn't that wonderful? My, my. Oh, mother, we just can't have standing around here no more. We got to pray through." Everybody got to praying through. And the first thing you know, he watches for a while, then he said, "Oh, well, I guess it's all right." God performs something; you say, "Hum, yeah, we have a revival."

Oh, my. Then here comes the Baptists, and the Presbyterian, the Nazarenes, the Pilgrim Holiness, and they're coming along, seeing the baptism of the Holy Ghost. They're stepping, grabbing it, like that, as fast as they can. Sure. "God's able of the stones to rise children unto Abraham." You won't walk it, God will turn it over and give it to somebody else. It's exactly right. Great things are in the making right now. Amen.

Now, he said, "Now, I saw a vision. I see the way out. I know what to do."

And I tell you, brother, today the church hasn't got the vision, or they'd have more prayer, and they'd be more spiritual than what they are. Unless there is a vision, unless someone can see the vision, see the coming of the Lord, seeing the things that were going through with, see all these things that God predicted that would be in the last days, and here we are living in them...


E-21 And as they went out, He'd conquered the grave. And then there was a great mist hanging over the earth yet, so He had to conquer that mist of sin, that mist of stench of the sins of the people. And with His own Blood, His vesture dipped in Blood, He conquered the atmospheres above. Blessed be His holy Name.

He cut the fogs of hell from place to place, until He cut a hole through the sky that Adam's lost children could pray through to the victory. He conquered the atmospheres. He conquered sin. He conquered death. He conquered hell. And He rose triumphantly.

On beyond the moon and stars He went with the Old Testament saints. Oh, what a victorious march that must have been with the real Conqueror. After while they come in sight of that glorious city. Abraham says to Sarah, "Come here, honey." And she gets Isaac and comes along. Isaac gets Jacob. Jacob gets Joseph.

And he said, "That's that city that daddy saw, whose Builder and Maker is God. I walked about on the earth looking for a city to come, whose Builder and Maker was God, and now I'm coming near the gates." Although the great men that they were, they could not conquer it. It taken One to come down to do the conquering. Though Abraham conquered difficults, Isaac, and Jacob, and Joseph, but there was only One Who could conquer sin. That was Him, the Lord Jesus.


E-39 So, that's the way with preaching the Gospel. If it doesn't stir up your spiritual gastronomics, it isn't doing any good. What we need today is a big dose of the Gospel poured down us. Exactly right. Might make you sick and angry for a little while but you'll pray through maybe. See? Oh, what a need there is this day.

And a woman... You women go with men, go down the street worth eighty-four cents. And it used to be wrong for you people at the church to wear this manicure on your lips. Or that's not... What is that stuff? The--it's paint. I forget what... Lip--lipstick. Used to be wrong for you to do that. But you're doing it. "Oh, I just wear a little."


E-29 And as we can see Amram, on those wearying nights, back bleeding, climbing up the steps again, until two and three o'clock in the morning, praying, and seem like you just talking to the wind; but down in his Jewish heart there burned a faith, that no winds of doubt could ever blow out. That's the kind of men and women we need to rise on the scene today. If He doesn't answer tonight, He will tomorrow night. If He doesn't answer this year, He will next year, for He's a God--not "a" God--but "the" God.

And we see night after night, as Amram climbed the steps, and Jochebed would come up to him and say, "Amram, dear, you've been up here praying all night. Why don't you just tell some of the boys where you're working, and let them pray awhile."

"Well, honey, what if they don't do it? Somebody's got to do it. Somebody's got to pray through."

That's they way every Christian ought to feel tonight, not waiting for somebody else, but take the front ourselves and go through.


E-9 And so many places in the Bible, when they went up before the servants of the Lord to ask council. Well, now, I want to ask you. What about you, when you get all messed up and troubled, don't you go to your pastor? Is that right? You should do it. If you get in trouble, you should go to your brother, and tell him, say, "Brother, I--I did something wrong. I--I shouldn't have did that. I--I pray you to help me now to pray through till I--I get over this thing. Or help me in my troubles." Isn't that the Scriptural way to do it? Well, that's because he's your pastor; he's your shepherd; he's the one that gives the food out to you to--to eat. And he knows how to feed his sheep, that God has, the Holy Spirit has made him overseer over the flock to watch over them and take care of them... And that's what he's for.


34 Then if I should call it a text, I'd like to use this of strength, "Perfect Strength by Perfect Weakness." If we have weakness we have strength. It's unusual text on--in a Pentecostal assembly to make--take a text of weakness, because we're always testifying we're so strong.

And I've said before, that I only try to pray through the week and find out what would be good for me to bring before the congregation. If it was just coming here to be heard, I would much rather hear anyone else this morning stand here.


E-43 Now, uncertainty... The American home today is uncertain. A man marrying a wife, it--it sure is a problem, certainly is. Or a woman marrying a man, it's certainly an uncertain thing. They even got it in the--the marriage ceremony now, "I take him for better or worse." There's a question on it, uncertain. Be good to pray through on it, don't you think so? Think that would be better. Pray through. But it's uncertain.

Homes are broke up, remarriage, constantly all the time. Uncertainty of home life. America leads the world in divorce cases. All the rest of the world, America leads it.

Business, uncertainty in business. You don't know whether to start a business or not. There's so much competition; there's so much everything; you don't know whether to start or not. It's kind of questionable.

And another thing is national life. We don't know whether to build a home or not. Might be blowed up before morning. You can't tell. Russia's standing there. They got a--a--a bunch of missiles set. The only thing... They don't need a army. Just one man with a little too much vodka to pull a line, and we go to dust. No way... They got it set on everywhere. That's all.


E-49 And after this woman got to Jesus, look there. Here's what real faith does. When you find a jewel, when you find this policy, I don't care how many people try to discourage you, whether if they put you out of your church, whether if they do whatever they want to, you still are persistent. You want the policy.

That's the way Jacob was. It didn't make any difference what he had to do to get that birthright, he wanted it. And we get in that condition, we get desperate. Then we're persistent. "Well, I tell you. I, ahhh... Mama was Pentecostal. I'd pray through tonight, but I see, oh, so tired." Hmmph. You need some of the toxin, what you need--something to make you persistent.


E-25 It was astounding to find out that a great percent on the survey of the nation and in the... I believe it was in Ohio that a survey was taken of Christianity, and it was alarming what a percent that did not even go to church. And then, about eighty percent of those that went to church didn't know why they went. They don't know why they go. They just go to church.

"Why do you go?"

"Well, mother took us when we was a kid, and we just keep on going."

And--and then how another percent of that said that they went just for, oh, to meet their neighbors and talk awhile. See? Why, it's alarming. No wonder the home life is gone. See? Any home life that's not stable...

Any woman that's going to marry a man, and she's not certain of that man, she'd better leave him alone. And any man that's going to marry a woman, and not certain, you'd better leave her alone. You'd better pray through on it, until God gives you the answer. And then what God joins together let no man put asunder. But we--we... First we must pray through on that. Yes.


E-52 Tie to there, stay there and pray, not just get down and "God, deliver the poor little fellow and send him home." We'd all like that. But let's stay there until something happens. Oh, when something happens, then that assurance could fall amongst this little handful of people setting in this auditorium here tonight, could fall among us right here, enough faith and power of God... If we could pray through till we strike that home-line, till that Absolute comes down--that same Pillar of Fire that was taken here in Houston by Ted Kipperman's camera twelve years ago...

He's here tonight, just as great as He was then, to deliver that boy if we'll just believe it, because He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. I believe it with all my heart. That's why I'm here to offer my prayer with you all that God will spare their life. Then if you could pray through until you've got a answer back, got the assurance back, like Washington had, like John Mark had, like Daniel had, like Moses had, till you've got an absolute, something that you know that you can anchor to... "Then upon this absolute I'll build My church,"... and all the courts in the land cannot resist that. That's right.


46 After they lived together about two years, they said that this young lady said to her husband one day... She said, "Dear, I suppose that's kind of hard for you just a new Christian." I've been a Christian since a little girl." But said, "For you, to--a young Christian, to have to stand all the--the--the wiles and temptations that goes with it after you've--you've sinned so long."

And he said, "Well, it does become a battle."

She said, "I want you to remember one thing, that if the enemy does upset you somewhere, and you fall and you go back into sin, don't stay away from home. I want you come on home." Said, "You're going to find at home the same wife that you married." And said, "I'll help you to pray back, and pray through, and get back to God again." Said, "I--I--I--I--I don't want you to stay away." Said, "Look, I married you upon the basis not of what you were, but I married you because I loved you." And she said, "No matter what you do, I still love you. I married you because I love you."


27 They have never, in all the way, tried to find anything that's better than God's way of doing it. You know, they've never found a way better for a chicken to get born in this world than peck hisself out of his shell. Did you know that? They never have found a better way. The little fellow's born with a little snoot on the end of his--on the end his bill. And that little bill he got to go to work, and go to scratching, scratching back and forth till he gets his head started, gets his head out, picks His way free. It's God's provided way. You pull him out of the shell, it'll kill him. He won't live if you pull him out of the shell. He has to come God's way.

That's what's the matter with Christians today. We've so soft-soaped them, and shook their hands, and brought them in by secret, and joined them into the church. What they need is an old fashion prayer altar, where they pray through until losing themselves, coming God's provided way, till they free themselves from the world. Trouble of it is today, they put their name on the book, and join church, and that's all there is to it. But God's way, provided way, is to stay there and work your way through, until God gives you the new birth. That's exactly right. Pick him out, it'll kill him.


8-6 And if we would study what we were doing when we were going to get married, when we choose our wife or husband, if we'd study it over... A man should pray earnestly, for he could ruin his entire life. Remember the vow is "Until death do we part." And he could ruin his life by making the wrong choice. But if he knows what he's making the wrong choice and is marrying a woman that isn't fit to be his wife, and he does it anyhow, then it's his fault. If the woman takes a husband and knows that he's not fit to be a husband to you, then that's your own fault after you know what's right and wrong. So you shouldn't do it until you thoroughly pray through.

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