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22-71 But now notice, now that man when he come down here... Now, look, here... You say, "Now, what about it now, Brother Branham?"

Now, here you get God in just exactly, and between the oneness and trinity you'll get the thing just exactly right now. Now, look. When God dropped, unfolded Hisself, unfolded Hisself down till He come down to this man... Now, man sinned not in his spirit, but in his body: lust, passion. Then when he sinned, he separated hisself from his Maker. And then God, the Logos, the very Creator of him, came down and was made in the image of man. Man was made in the image of God, and then he was made in the image of beast, and he fell. And God came down in the image of man, in the Man Christ Jesus, to suffer pain. God could not suffer pain in the Spirit. How could He suffer physical pain in the Spirit? He couldn't do it. So God unfolded Himself and was made in the image of man, to redeem the man that was lost.


E-29 But now, that's his beginning. That shows what he is in his make up, he's nothing to begin with. His nature, his fallen condition, he is absolutely nothing. He is even lower moralled than the animal in his fallen nature. Say, that's a big thing to say, isn't it? But that's the truth, Christians. A man in his fallen nature is more de--demoralized than any animal in the world. There isn't a animal to his morals...

You know how the mother hog is, and the mother dog, and so forth, they raise their puppies and so forth, and that settles it. But a immoral woman or a man... A man would throw a baby out of a mother's arms to satisfy his--his beastly passion. That shows that he is--he has fallen. He's degraded; he's below the animal life. When he's in his... No matter how much of a gentleman he acts to be, without Jesus Christ he's lost and undone. That's right.


E-36 Then, when he was found in the temple rejoicing, the Jews questioned him. Now, this is Saint John, the 5th chapter, 19th verse. Listen closely. Now, the Jews questioned him. "Well, why didn't He heal all those people? If He was a great Healer? Why didn't He make all those crippled and people... He passed right through them. If He was full of love, why didn't He have compassion on them?"

People don't know what compassion is. Compassion and love is the will of God. And you can only exercise that as God gives it, not human, emotional passion, not emotional love, but Divine Love, which can only be rendered and given by God.


E-8 That was a sad sight, one of the saddest I ever seen. But I see a sight in Phoenix, and the world over, that's a much sadder sight than that: I see men and women who were born to be sons and daughters of God, and who are caged by the Devil. And to see them walking the streets in lust and passion, caged in by the Devil, when really they should be free sons and daughters of God...

Now, an eagle could fly higher than any other bird there is. There's no bird can climb where the eagle flies. And neither was there any man who, whether he was teacher, evangelist, pastor could climb to the spot where them prophets went. For they went way up, and higher you go, further you can see away.


52 She was the one in the garden of Eden that Satan chose for his tool. He didn't take the man; he took the woman. Why didn't he go to Adam and give him passion? He come to the woman and give her (See?), 'cause that was the one he chose. God took the man, and Satan took the woman.

And look right on down, and in the end... When Babylon was set up in the beginning, Hislop's "Two Babylons," a woman... When it come on down into the age, now it's ending up the Gentile age... Babylon started like that, and ends up with a woman-worship (Mary) in the church. What a day we're living in.


E-32 What ought all our conduct to be? Not like the world, but we should act like sons and daughters of God, conduct ourselves like King's children, not like slaves of fashions, and slaves of passion, and slaves of pride. And we--we should be sons and daughters of God, and act like it, and conduct ourselves that way. Let our conversations and everything be seasoned with God's Spirit.

The covenant was given to Abraham and to his seed. Now, notice. The covenant was absolutely grace completely. There was no, "if you will," or "if you won't," or "if you do this, I'll do this." He said, "I have already done it." Not if you'll do something.


24-2 Someday yonder at the judgment bar... I've tried to pour the medicine in and hold it with my hands, and you spit it right straight back out between your fingers. But God will judge them someday. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. It hasn't been a bunch of foolishness or some crazy old men all worked up. It isn't, because it's the Word of the Lord.

And a real genuine Christian will cope with that inside man; that Spirit that was back yonder at the beginning, which is the Word. As He was the Fullness of all of you, you were in Him back yonder at Calvary.

He foreknew you would be here. He only broadcast what would take place. And you were in Him. You died with Him. You died to your pride; you died to your passion; you died to the world. When He... You died with Him at Calvary and you rose with Him, when He rose again on the third day; and because that you accepted Him, now you're setting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah.


322 Now, let's pray for these handkerchiefs, while they're getting ready. Dear God, here's handkerchiefs laying here that comes from the sick and the afflicted. This faith that we just been talking about, Lord; I remember You saying in the Bible, in the Book of Jude, "Earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints." And of--from the body of the saints they took handkerchiefs, not because they were special people, but because they were believing people. They were men of like passion as we are. They said, "Elijah was like that and he prayed earnestly that it wouldn't rain." And, God, he prayed that so the people would repent. You revealed it to him to pray for them, to pray in that manner to fulfill Your Word. No doubt You showed the prophet a vision. And, Lord, tonight I'm praying for these people to be healed. I'm not Elijah; he was taken into heaven; but his Life and Spirit still lives on. So we pray, dear God, that You will honor the prayers of Your people. And honor all of us now as we'll pray for these handkerchiefs, that when they're laid on the sick they will recover.


The fervent desire to please God, the passion to know His Word, the cry for reaching out in the Spirit, all begins to fade and instead of that church being on fire with the fire of God it has cooled off and become a bit formal. That is what was happening back there to the Ephesians. They were getting a bit formal. The abandonment to God was dying out and the people weren't too careful about what God thought of them as they began to be careful about what the world thought of them. That second generation coming on was just like Israel. They demanded a king to be like the other nations. When they did that, they rejected God. But they did it anyway. That is the history of the church. When it thinks more of conforming to the world instead of conforming to God, it isn't long until you see them stop doing things they used to do, and start doing things they wouldn't do initially. They change their manner of dress, their attitudes and their behaviour. They get lax. That is what "Ephesus" means: relaxed--drifting.


Now Martin Luther, himself, was a sensitive Spirit-filled Christian. He was definitely a man of the Word for he not only had a profound passion to study it but to make it available to all in order that all might live by it. He translated the New Testament and gave it to the people. This laborious work he did himself, correcting a passage as much as twenty times. He gathered around him a group of Hebrew scholars amongst whom were Jews and translated the Old Testament.


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66 agrios {ag'-ree-os} a[grioß from 68; TDNT -- omitted,omitted; adj

AV -- wild (2)

-- raging (1) [3]

1) living or growing in the fields or woods

1a) of animals, wild, savage

1b) of countries, wild, uncultivated, unreclaimed

2) of men and animals in a moral sense, wild savage, fierce

2a) boorish, rude

2b) of any violent passion, vehement, furious

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